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5-Pack Microfilter Bag Small Q&A

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What is the gallon capacity of the small bag?

This bags holds around three gallons.

D&R PowerMaster P200 Bags

I have a Powermaster P200. I need 7 gal capacity bags that look alot like these shown. will these fit. Joe -Temecula, CA

These bags will work with your vacuum but may be too small gallon wise. The larger version is propably the bag you'd want to go with here

AstroVac SR38 Bag?

I have an Astrovac SR38. I'm not sure if I need a short or regular bag?? What's the best fit? John in Monitor, Oregon

According to the cross reference chart here you use the small one

Astro-Vac Sr-36 Replacement Bags

I have an Astro-vac Model# SR-36. What closed bag filter will fit in this unit? Thanks, Mark

Hi Mark, the filter bag replacement you need is here

Signature 427 TDSAC20 Bag

I have a Signature 427 in-house vacuum. The bag is blue and labeled: TDSAC20. Do you have replacement bags? Charlie - South Portland, Maine

Hi, our selection here covers nearly all the central vacuum bags If yours looks close to it then you are good to go with that one.

Star A4 Vacuum Bag Filter

I have a Star central vacuum system model A4. I need to order replacement bags but am having trouble locating what I need. The bag I will be replacing has a number (TDSAC20) on and is blue. Can you help me locate the bags I need. Thank you Janet,Dade City,FL

Hi, the Star Vacuum Model A4 (small condo central vac) takes this replacement bag

AstroVac SR-52 Bags

I own an Astro Vac SR-52. Which bags fit that model? Pete - San Antonio

Hello Pete, in our industry many of the bags are used in many models. So if any of these bags closely match yours then it is the one you need.