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5.7 Inch Motor Gasket Q&A

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Does This Have A Mesh Wire Screen?

My gasket is 5 3/4 OD, 2 3/4 ID with a fine mesh wire screen in the middle. Is this the right replacement gasket?

Unfortunately, we do not carry replacement gaskets with a fine mesh wire screen in the middle.

Width Matter?

My gasket for a Eureka Boss 1800, 116765 Lamb motor, is 5.5" OD and 4.5" ID. It is only .25" thick, and it appears to be glued down. Is your replacement part #221 the the correct gasket?

Yes, this is the correct gasket to replace yours with the new motor.

Thicker Gasket?

I have a fasco 851DM the gasket on one of the motors is about 3/4 of an inch thick, and is glued down. When I went to remove it, it ripped. Is there a replacement for this one?

There is not a replacement. Reglue it on or improvise. We do not suggest using multiple gaskets we sell.

Leaking Motor Gasket?

Will a damaged or partially missing gasket cause low suction (i.e. is the motor pulling air from the outside rather than through the filter?) I have low suction at all outlets but the exit port (outside) seems to be blowing pretty strong. I found a piece of gasket (assume it is the motor gasket) inside the plastic piece which the filter slides over. My unit is the Electrolux Model 1590.

Yes, that could be a problem. Be sure to go through the troubleshooting guide to eliminate other possibilities.