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50ft of Low Voltage Wire Q&A

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black, red, green, yellow wire already installed

im trying to install a central vac. there are 4 low voltage wire. black, red, green, yellow. which wires do i connect together (eg red and black)

Choose to keep two pairs using the same colors at every connection in the entire system. So black and red together everywhere and green with yellow. But note that if they spliced the wires together anywhere in the system then you need to find that splice and change the wires or keep the same pattern that they are already using. If the same pattern is not keep then you will have a short and the vacuum will always run. It is possible they are ignoring two of the wires and only using the other two. It is unfortunate they used the high gauge, thin wire. It should be the 20 gauge two wire to ensure there is enough bandwidth for the low voltage to travel through. Be sure the connection at the vacuum unit also follows the pattern.

Unit Not Working, Exposed Wire

Bill-Lake Tahoe. I have Filtex model TC 600L serial 11=11983. It was fine but after workmen were nearby it failed and now won't start as usual but has to be manually turned on at toggle switch. I notice there are now two bare wires (blue and red) hanging out of bottom of box on front (through a round opening in bottom of box). If I touch these wires the machine can be started. I assume these wires are supposed to be attached somewhere but I don't see where they go.Please advise. Thanks.

Hi, sounds like you need to find the wire that goes into your home and connect it to the exposed wire. Look near the piping near the unit, the wire should be near it, or behind it. It should have two sides. It doesn't matter which is connected to which exposed wire. Use a wire nut or black tape to hold them firmly together. If you have multiple wires just keep pairs apart and connect them all the exposed wires. If you have a single wire with four leads then you will need to remove a faceplate from inside your home and see which wires where used and do the same on the exposed wire. If you have any questions please let us know.

Connecting Wire

On the Low Voltage Wires, mine has a Black & White wire. I have been told that it does not make any difference as to which wire I connect to the Low Voltage Screws, is this true? Also, say I put the Black on the Right side & the White on the Left side & then do the reverse on another inlet, that this is not a problem, as this is only a Low Voltage Line, is this true? Thank You for your time :-)

It does not matter which screw either wire goes on. Just be sure the wires from the same pair never touch. Real simple stuff, thanks for asking.