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7-inch Adapter Cord to Lengthen Power Brush Cord Q&A

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Kenmore Compatible

I have vacuflo 1.5" valves and want to connect your electric hose to my kenmore canister power head. It's a whisper belt model #116.57120102c. Which hose, wand attachment and adapter cord do I need in order to do this? Thanks, Greg from Calgary, Canada.

You will need a different set of wands found here,,406su

Hayden Cord Extension?

Just purchased from you the Hayden Model HAY 20-202 SuperPack. We want to use the Upper Wand from our older M&S in house vacuum system, but the cord on the lower wand is too short (and the Hose/Handle will not reach the plug with the shorter upper wand). Will this adapter cord fit the lower wand w/ cord? Will the adapter cord then fit the Hose/Handle? Thanks.

It will extend the cord but the new extension end will not fit into the upper wand you have. Call us and we'll make you a deal on the upper wand you need that is a little shorter.

Kenmore 3-pin Brush Adapter

I received our new Kenmore hose but there are two holes for two prongs. Our older powerhead has three prongs. I am looking at your adapters, and unsure about the AC adapter 480 AC. I can I remove the ground prong on the powerhead cord to make the connection? Al, at Parksville, B.C.

We carry an adapter for the 3-pin brush cord. We don't recommend cutting the prongs on any electrical cord. The adapter can be forund here,

Save Prong Style as Others?

Are these the same two prongs as on my non-central vacuum cleaner? I have just purchased a Simplicity which I love, but I miss the sidekick I had on my Electrolux, and the Kenmore Power Mate Jr. for the Kenmore that died, and would love love love to adapt the sidekick or the power mate jr to my new simplicity S24. Otherwise I'll have to return it, or add a third, Eureka handheld vac 71B for stairs to the Simplicity and the Sebo I bought for the hardwoods and dusting, and three vacuum cleaners just seems stupid. Is it possible? The house I am renting supposedly had central vac, which was a big deal to me, and then the owner said, "oh, that never worked anyway" when I mentioned the parts were missing - after we moved in. - Dusty

The central vacuum industry, apart from some Vacuflo and Electrolux, have the same prong styles. They are about 5/8" apart from each other and longer then non-standard ones. If you speaking about that kind then you are in luck.

Need Longer Cord

i have afrigidare gallery power head with two prongs the 1 prong broke. i need a cord from the power head motor to theplug in to the female hjose

The only replacement cords we sell are here. The main issue is the shape of the end with the two pins. You most likely need one that matches. Take a look at what we have here and let us know what you think.,480CI

Eureka Compatible?

Will this fit a Eureka Central Vac Model CV1820F. Lake Ariel, PA

Yes, this will fit a Eureka Hose.

Replace Fasco Cord?

Will this replace our 2 prong adapter which has the following hose # Cat. # 4/E-60464 for our 20 year old Fasco Central Vac system? Joanne Clinton, SC

Most likely not. It has pin connections 3/8 inch apart. A new Electric Hose is many times what Fasco owners need, sometimes a new kit if any of the connections are regular slat style to the power nozzle.

AirVac V510 Hose and Stealth?

I have a Lindhaus power brush and just purchased an Air Vac V510PS hose. However, I need an adapter to connect the power brush electric cord to the hose handle. Can you recommend the specific adapter? Thanks you, Bob Orlando, FL

Bob, that is a tough one as AirVac often changes their hose styles. We've avoided their hoses for this reason and stuck with the industry standard. Do the two pins from the Stealth fit the holes on the hose? You may have to rig it so that the connection is manual. Sorry, can you return the hose and get the compatible one through us?

Longer Replacement Cord

we have a Nutone (Model 599) whole house canister vaccuum cleaner(12 years old). The electric cord that connects from the power source (elect.outlet)to the head recepacle-two prong female connecter- this connecter has broken and we need a replacement cord...please advise....thanks bunches...joep

Hello, we have it several feet long and really long. A regular electrical wall connection and then 2 holes on the other side.,320

Electric Brush Replacement for Nutone

I have NuTone CV-353 with Power Brush model 598. The hose is I believe model 572 - it is current-carrying, has two female electric connectors at the ends and the brush is locked with button (not friction). I'd like to replace the Power Brush with a new one. Which model would fit my system and what fitting (other than the brush itself) do I need? Thank you! Konstantin

Hello, we highly recommend the Stealth Brush. Many of the Nutone owners have bought it and loved it. It cleans like no other and has a lifetime belt warranty because it automatically shuts down if anything gets caught in it. The BlackHawk is another choice but not near the quality.

116.5419081 Hose?

I have a kenmore vac, model # 116 then there are numbers that are smaller after that 5419081. It is a Kenmore Powermate....I just need a hose, do you have one that will work? If so, which one & do I need an adapter? Thanks!

Hello, you have a canister? Our hoses will not work, sorry. A central built-in vac? Yes we have the hose you need. See our options on the Kenmore page.

New Lower Wand and Cord Too Short

I just received a lower wand replacement for my Air Vac (AV3500)and the new cord is 3 or 4 inches too short. Also, the prongs on my original wand are a little shorter and not even (one is shorter than the other)compared to the new cord. Should this adapter fix my problem, or should I just start looking for a new wand? becky

Hello Becky, actually it is best to replace the upper wand. It will be shorter but then it will all work together. They shortened it over the years.

Square Prongs Needed

I need a 6 in cord for my nutone hose with female end and square prongs. Do you have one ?

Sorry, the square prong version is no longer available. When you tools need replacing we suggest a new electric kit such as the Stealth II.

BEAM Model B1500

My BEAM Model B1500 shorts out because the top male connector prongs are not quite long enough to make a good electrical connection 100% of the time. Will this extension work to solve my problem? The male connector on the BEAM fits into a channel and has side stops built into the connector...this one doesn't look like it has those side stops.

It may work. We have not seen it in this application ourselves though former customers may have tried it.

Smaller Adaptor

Is there an adapter a little over an inch that extends the prongs eliminated the use fo rreplacing the top wand? I thought I saw one a few years ago. Thank you, Rob

Yes, it lengths 2 and 3 pin cords from the top of the wand to the hose handle.

Two Female Ends?

Do you have a similar cord but with female connections at each end? Thanks.

Sorry, we don't.

Fit All Nutone Hoses?

will this fit my nutone ch310 hose ? thank you Filip

If your Nutone hose is wire reinforced (it doesn't crush down like the model CH310 hose) then no, it will not fit it. If it is a bounce-back crushable hose then it will fit. We suggest replacing the older wire hose with a new hose or upgrade to a new electric attachment kit such as the Stealth.