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OEM Bag 5-Pack HyperFlow 8-gallon Bags Q&A

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34 Inch Vacuum Unit Height

I just purchased a home and it has a MD vacuum and it's just 34" from top to bottom,what size filter does it take? I just ordered the 8gal size but I'm not sure if its right.Thanks; Ken, Middleboro, Ma.

The eight gallon bags will work perfectly fine with any MD manufactured unit that is around 34 inches, give or take a bit. There will be no issues putting the bag into this unit.

AirFlo Bag?

We have an Air-Flo CRM3 Central vacuum unit 64 quart dirt capacity. What bag should we order. Thanks.


AirFlo CFM-2

Is this the right bag for an 8 gallon Air Flo? I think the model is CF2 (foil label hard to read). Please suggest the correct bag if this is not the right one. Mark Des Moines

Hello Mark, yes this is the correct bag. The AirFlo was produced by us.

AirStream with Bag?

Marilyn, Canada Thanks for the answer re my airstream vacuum, I have a sponge filter in the machine, which was with the machine, there is not a paper bag in it, but it says on the machine that it should have a paper filter.

That is probably a paper pleated filter, not a bag. We have not seen a bag in AirStream system but then again we have not seen every single unit out there. Is there an obvious pipe inside that a bag would slip on to?

Bags Seem Too Big

I have an Modern Day J model and just bought some 8 gallon replacement bags. When I put the paper bag inside the support bag, there is a ton of excess paper bag bunched up. Is this normal? Do I need a larger support bag?

Hi, that is completely normal and intended. The bag has a lot of surface area to draw in air. Thanks for asking.

Beam 2875 Bags?

Do you carry disposable bags to fit a 7 gal. dirt receptacle for a Beam Serenity Plus 2875? Unit was purchased new in 02/05. Thanks for any help. Bill ... Medford, OR.

Hi, we show the bag as this one If that doesn't look right please let us know.

Case Of Bags

what is the price and item number for a case (26) of 8 gallon paper bags? Dave----Chicago

Good Morning Dave, the item number for the 8-gallon bags is #720-5 and the cost for each package of 5 is $17.29. If you buy a case of 26 packages, you will receive 130 bags and the total cost will be $449.54.

Chamberlain Air Vac Blue Series FX3000 Bag?

Hi, I have a Chamberlain Air Vac blue series, model fx3000 serial AO31164, which replacement bags I need. Thanks, Maria, Marengo, IL

Hi Maria, actually you take this replacement vacuum bag

Easier Way to Change Bag?

I was wondering if there was a bag that made it easier on me when I change it out? I have been using these paper bags for years now on my silent master, and they work great. But as I'm getting older, the dirt from the bag has not been good for my health. Any suggestions would be very helpful.

Hi, yes you can buy a different bag and the adapter that goes along with it. The price is just a couple dollars more and the bag makes changing it a lot easier. Take a look at it here Note that if you want to use the inlet on the front of the unit then you can't make this conversion.

Filtex TSP 300L Bag?

We have a Filtex TSP 300L. The bag is 22 inches tall. Which replacement bag should I order? Thanks, Kathleen, New Orleans, LA

Hi Kathleen, the bag you are looking for is right here Let us know if you have any more questions and be sure to remember our awesome electric hose and tool kits that fit into your system and work wonders!

FloMaster M32 Filter?

Hi my name is Pat I have a M32or M35 flo Master the number is very hard to read. I would like to order bags, but not sure witch one I should order. Please advise and I live in Ranch Murieta Ca 95683. Also the bags I have look like 8 gals. Thank You Pat

Hi Pat, correct you have the M32 and it takes the 720H-5 bag. You can see the unit and motor and filter here .

FX3000 Grommet

I have a FX 3000 and all I need is the cord grommet that wraps around the power cord going into the body of the vac. I was hoping to get a parts break down, but can't find any. Can you help me? Thanks in advance. Bailey Rochester,NY

This is not a part that we carry. As this is only a rubber grommet to prevent vibration damage on the cord, you can use any fitting part that is available from your local hardware or electronics store.


What is the filtration capability of this bag...HEPA?

It is nearly HEPA. It is .3 microns at 99.7% effiency with the vacuum motors at full speed. Remember, that few HEPA filters are doing HEPA filtration once the air moves too fast through them. There are not a lot of standards in this realm so buyer beware. Most filters are tested with very little airflow which is not the case once in the vacuum itself. Once in, it is a different story!

How Often to Change?

Simple question I hope. What is the best indicator for changing a bag? We vacuum the entire 2200 ft2 house twice each week. Just two of us, no pets--- house mostly closed up depending on season. In about two months use, I have about 3 inches of debris in the bag. Time to change? Gary Ziols Park Ridge, illinois

It sounds like you should change your bag about once a year, unless you feel more comfortable with doing it more frequently. The only real issue is the weight of the dirt, so that you can lift it out, and if it is causing too much loss of suction. We have serviced homes that have had no bag changes or emptying in 10 years, are totally full, enormously heavy, and still have decent suction!

How Often?

How often should you change the bag...Sue...Falmouth, MA

Hello Sue, we recommend changing the bag every 4 months or so. If you have shedding pets it may be sooner than that.

Husky Wet/Dry Vac Bags

We have the orange and stainless steel husky central vac unit, wet and dry, from 2005. Could we use the bags you sell? Rhonda, Holyoke Colorado

All of our replacement bags are for dry-only applications. For water enviroment use, please consult the manufacturer.

MD Bags? New to Central Vac

We just moved in to a home that has an MD J 114 central vac. So - do I turn it on at the switch at the bottom of the unit? Then when I insert the hose in one of the wall outlets in the house, it starts to vacuum? I notice that the wires that go from the unit into the house are connected (spliced?) with those twist-on connectors electricians use. Is that ok? Would another type of splice be safer?

Hi, congratulations on your home and the central vac. We made that vacuum and would love to assist you. When the hose is inserted into a wall inlet, and the switch on the hose handle is activated, the suction starts - if no switch then the suction starts upon insertion. The wire nuts you see on the low voltage wire is fine. It will not shock you. The on/off switch on the unit can be used when you insert a hose into the utility valve on the front. The manual you need is here and the parts and accessories here Oh, and yes, these are the bags you need.

MD E2 Bag

I have a Model E2. It is a bit less than 34 inches tall - please let me know which filter I need. I think it is the 720 H-5 (8 gal.) but I want to be sure before I order them. Paul

We recommend the larger 12 gallon bag sold here

MD QE3 Bags?

Have a MD Mgf QE3 or OE3 #53837 need bags - they were large ones not sure if this one is right, also need two switches on hoses that our broken.

You have our QE3 and the link for the correct bags is here Also take a look around at all the compatible accessories and kits, they all fit your system. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask or to call.

Modern Day Model J Bags?

I'm looking for 12 replacement bags for a Modern Day J model, serial # 183127. How much are they and how do I order them? Is there a dealer in the US that sells them or do I have to get them from Canada? How long does it take once I place my order. Thank you, Michele in Idaho

Michele, we are based out of California. Please let us know what led you to think Canada! Yikes! You can order them from our website for immediate shipping or see if a dealer has some. Use the dealer button at the top of the page and type in your zip code. The bags in question are the right ones.

Modern Day Replacement Bag Size

Hello, I just bought a home with a Modern day vacuum system installed and I can't find a model number on it. I need filter bags and the rubber gasket. Can you tll me how to figure out the parts needed in order to get this operational. The movot seems to work great.

If your unit is under 34 inches, then you need the 8-gallon replacement bags. If over 34 inches, then you have the 12-gallon size. The rubber gasket will be the same for both size bags.

Modernaire Filter Bag Needed

Our unit is Modernaire with "Red Carpet" printed in large letters on the front and the manufacturer is MD with a Hollywood, Calif. address. My problem is that the last few batches of paper filters I have purchased are all 13.5" in diameter and they are just a bit small and fall into the fabric liner every time.

The unit is made by MD and should be using the following bags that have an elastic top that wraps around the metal circle of the cloth support bag. So you should have these two things in your unit. We are MD and all of our units use these filters.,710

Never Changed Filter Bag?

I have an older MD built-in vac system. We have never changed the bag and I intend to start doing so. It is a model B2. Which bags do I need, and how are they installed? I opened the top of the unit but can't quite see how they attach. Also, do you have a list of available attachments and options? I would like to get full use out of the system. It seems to work great.


Thankfully, you have our signature top-emptying vacuum tank that will never be damaged when the filtration is not maintained. For your information, here is the Owner's Manual for Modern Day. You will find bag changing, replacing, and buying information there too. If your bag is full of dirt it can weight as much as 50lbs so you'll have to scoop out a lot of it to begin with. Getting new attachments will take your cleaning to the next level as well. Your system is universal so it can use any of the tools, kits and hoses for Modern Day. If you have a carpet consider an electric kit. Simply changing the bag and buying a new kit will take you to a whole new level in CLEAN.

Newtone Bags?

I have a CV-350 or CV 450 Newtone Built in. Which bags do I order and do you have the replacement for the secondary filter?

Hi, the bags you take are here,740 and the secondary filter too.

Pick Up Drywall Dust?

Hi, I was wondering if MD central vacuums are meant to pick up drywall dust, or if it will damage the system. Thanks, Andrew

Hi Andrew, dry wall dust is the most corrosive for all vacuum motors. At MD we are not worried about it though because we filter all if it out using our high quality filter bags. Great question, thanks.

SB300LR Bag Replacement

we have a Filtex SB-300-LR central vac - I think we need a 7 gallon bag, but I don't find one - the specs that came with it say 28 quarts. will any of your bags fit? thanks, Barb (Columbia, MO)

Hello Barb, your vacuum takes this bag instead

Shipping to Canada

hi, how much would it cost to ship one pack (5pcs)or 2 pks to BC Canada and how long will it take. Thanks a lot. Allene

Hi, the cost for Canada is a dynamically generated figure given in UPS, and Postal Standard and Priority. Please put the item in the shopping cart and click Canada checkout. Put in your address and you will have the figures and estimated days to delivery.

Silent Master Model S1 Bags?

What bags do I need for a Silent Master Model S1? Thank you. Mary New Albany OH

These 8 gallon open top bags are correct. Some units had a closed bag so they would take 723MF-5.

SilentMaster Bags?

We are the second owners of a home with a Silent Master Central Vacuum system in it. Unfortunately, the previous owner did not leave the manual for the system. The metal cylinder is approximately 14" x 36". The paper bag, which fits into a blue cloth bag, is approximately 24" long. What bag do I need to order as a replacement? Bill Mitchell, 2059 June Ct.,Castle Rock, CO

Congratulations on the home and central vac. The manual is here and the bags are there too. You take the 12 gallon 721H-5 bags. Here is a page full of products and help as well

SilentMaster S2 Bags?

We have the silent master S2. Our local dealer is out of the bags. what Bags would we need for replacement?

Hello, you need these bags here Please bookmark us, we manufactured your vacuum and can help you with anything you need. Glad you found us!

Thermo-Matic CFM-3 Central Vacuum Bag?

I have a CFM-3 Thero-matic central vacuum system I need replacement bags. Do you have the bag to fit this vacuum system? Thank you, Susan Blake

Hello Suzan, the CFM-3 was made by us and use this bag,740,711.

Thoro-Matic TM2 Bags?

I own a rental home with a Thoro-Matic TM2 Hayden Superpack. Do you have the bags I need?

These are the correct bags for your vacuum. If they don't look right please let us know.

Thoromatic Bags?

We have a whole house vacuum - a Thor0-matic (I believe the model is TM-1) it was installed in 1987. I am in need of replacement bag filters. Do you have something that would work?

Hi, this is the bag cross referenced for your model as seen on this page

Writing In or Out

should the writing face out or in? should I put the bag in inside out?

Hi, the writing will be on the outside, but it really doesn't matter.