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80ft PVC Central Vac Pipe (ten 8' tubes) Q&A

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Hide-A-Hose Compatible Pipe

Does this pipe work with the Hide-a-Hose system? Thanks, Katy in Arkansas.

Yes, this is the pipe used in all HAH systems. The connections are different though. They are longer for a more gradual turn. You can find them here

Replacing Old Pipe

Tom - Manchester, MD I have a very old installation - circa mid 1950's. The main unit is a Vacujet and after replacing motor bearings, works perfectly. The 1 3/4" OD pipe however is extremly brittle and broken or cracked in a number of places. I presume this is because of age. I need to replace the piping. The pipe is marked "Flo-Lite, 1 3/4 Diameter". Are 1 3/4" pipe and fittings available and are they as brittle as what I have? If not, are there 2" to 1 3/4"reducers available that will fit my central unit and wall plates?

The older diameter of 1 3/4" pipe has not been produced for central vacuum systems for several decades. Current pipe has an industry standard diameter of 2". We do carry a 1.75" adapter. You can find the adapter and all parts needed to update your pipe line here,

Run Wire Inside?

is the pipe allowed for electrical wire runs inside of it?

Hi, please to not run any wire inside central vacuum piping. When used for central vacuums the wire is usually strapped to the pipe every 5 feet or so.

Available in Metal?

My name is Rick Briggs; I work for CMTA Engineers in Lexington Kentucky. I am working on designs for a new commercial building in Lexington KY. The building will have an above ceiling plenum, so I can not use PVC piping. Are there any other types of pipes you would recommend for vacuum piping in an above ceiling plenum area?

Hi, all central vacuum piping and elbows are available in steel. The steel fits the PVC fittings and pipe as well. Please call for pricing.

Connect to Grey Pipe? Flex for Joists?

My house had the rough in done for a central vac when it was built. I am now finishing the basement and have run into a couple problems. I see that white PVC or white vacuum pipe is recommended, but I currently have a thin wall gray pipe. Not sure where it came from. What are my options for this. Second, can I use a flexible hose to go between floor joists? Kind of difficult to run solid pipe between joists. Thanks in advance for your help. Nathan Campbell Lynchburg, VA

Hi Nathan, the grey central vacuum pipe (2-inch outer diameter) will work perfectly with the white central vacuum pipe and fittings. You can connect flex hose directly over the central vacuum pipe but when it connects back to pipe it has a lip that will catch debris and can cause a clog. Whenever possible use central vacuum PVC. If you need any more help please let us know.

Buy 5 Eight Footers?

Question: I need a smaller qty. of 8' legnths than you offer - can I buy 5 legnths?

Hi, we only sell the central vacuum pipe in the quantities seen online. Sorry.

Use Regular PVC Cement?

Can you use regular pvc cement?

Hi, yes, regular PVC Cement is all that is needed for all the PVC central vacuum pipe connections. Don't glue the pipe to the vacuum unit. If you have any metal in the system for fire codes or whatever then use rubber cement on that PVC to metal connection.

Vaculine Compatible?

I am working on a job that has Vaculine piping and I need backing plates and connectors. Will your parts work or do I have to go out and measure the pipe?

Hi, yes, our pipe, fittings, and inlets are all compatible with all Vaculine parts.

Use Regular PVC?

Can you use regular PVC piping and if not why?

Hi, the reason not to use regular PVC such as schedule 40 (SCH40) is foremost that it is a different measurement. Regular is measured 2 ID and central vac pipe is measured 2 OD. The two and all their connections in a system are not compatible. Just as important are these reasons. 1) It is designed for water flow not air flow which means it is not as smooth and creates tremendous friction loss. That means less effective vacuuming. 2) The regular PVC is not created for seamless junctions with its turns and elbows. That means the chances of clogging sky rocket. 3) It will not fit into the backing plate for the wall inlet ports. 4) It is substantially heavier and will put undesired stress on the backing plate as the pipe hangs on it from below or pushes down on it from above. The backing plate was not intended for that stress and is not thick like the 3/16 regular PVC. Central vacuum tubing is 1/16 thick. 5) From an installers perspective it is expensive, harder to cut and burr, and is less flexible which means more elbows and even more friction loss. (Friction loss with central vacuum pipe is just a few percent.) We hope that helps you understand why so few promote regular PVC. It is good for them because they don't have to hassle with pipe while selling units to customers who will ultimately have a less then perfect installation. Let us know if you have any more questions.

Grey Pipe the Same?

A friend gave me 160 ft of gray thin wall PVC vacuum pipe 2inch OD. Will your white fittings work with this pipe?

Hi, if the pipe is indeed 2-inch OD and 1/16 thick then you are good to go with all the standard central vacuum fittings and backing plates for inlets found on MD's website.

Bad Installation - Air Leaks

If the pipe have already been glued but there is a leak- space between the pipes can I touch up or fill with more pvc glue? will that fill the gap? if not what else can be used to stop found leaks? Thanks,Jennifer NYC

Hello Jennifer, sorry to here the installation didn't go well. If at all possible those joints should be cut out and redone using some coupling, elbow, and central vacuum pipe. Stopping the leak is just as important as preventing clogs which means the interior of the pipe needs to be fitting together to remove an ridges or seams.

Same as SCH40?

Is the size and thickness of the 2" PVC piping the same as the regular 2" sch 40 PVC piping used for plumbing..?

Completely different. Central Vac pipe is just the right size for get a ridgeless interior to prevent clogs. It fits that perfectly into the central vacuum PVC connector elbows and wall inlet backing plates. Central vacuum PVC is 1/16th inch thick (quite thin) and its outer diameter is 2 inches, not its inner diameter as SCH40 is measured. Be sure to use Central Vacuum PVC.

ASTM F2158

Does your pipe meet the ASTM F2158 standard and labeled that way? Mike in Tempe.

Hello Mike, yes and yes on our pipe and fittings. Thanks for asking. Our manager was part of the committee writing the standard.

Wall Thickness

What is the wall thickness and weight of your pipe?

The pipe is a thin 1/16 wall. OD is 2 , ID is 1-7/8 .

Come in Longer Lengths?

Does your pipe come in longer lengths?

Hello, we don't ship the 10ft lengths because of costs. If you want more information please call us.

Gate Valve for Pipe

Do you have, or do you know anybody who makes a "blast Gate" that will fit your pipe, (2" OD 1 7/8 ID)? I am assuming this size pipe if standard for central vac applications. The reason I would like to have these blast gates is because I have both house and garage applications, and I would like to block off the house when using the garage part of the central vac, and visa versa. Thanks in advance for your prompt reply. (by the by, just bought an Air Force Central vac, love it!

Try using a gate valve (found at RV supply stores for the waste water).

Need Connectors?

do I need to purchace Coupling PVC Vacuum Connector Part#507 with this item?

Yes, couplings connect these pipes together, as well as 90's, 45's, etc. They don't have a bell end as some pipes do that allow them to go into each other. In fact, the bell end pipes will clog because the connection is not smooth, but stepped, unlike a coupling connection would be.

Use Other PVC Instead?

can we use highpressure p v c water or electrical pipes

Not recommended because the connection to the inlet backing plate will not be smooth.