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8ft Cord for Electric Hose (cuff and plug cord) Q&A

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Replace Rectangular End Cord Alone

Need cord only for Star Power Systems Model 99026, will this cord fit? The end that plugs into end cuff is rectangular.

The cord replacement alone and that fits the rectangular connection, as well as others, is

How to Identify Compatible Hose

Will this cord work with a NuTone CH510? Tim, Washington, MI

If on the hose end cuff you see a circle with a "P" and a wiggle line through it then yes this is the correct part for the hose. It fits the correct manufacturer's hose.

Cord For Electric Hose

I have a dust care power nozzle pb11 I need the electric 8'plug in the wall cord on the 30' hose Thank You

Compare your hose end with our electric hose. If the ends look the same, then this replacement will work for you. The wire connections are one male, and one female. Depending on the brand of hose you have, it may connect different.

Hose Conversion From Direct Connect To Corded

I have a quiet drive direct connect hose with a silent master MD unit from a previous house. I want to install plumbing and wiring into an existing construction home. Will this convert my 2 prong direct connect quiet drive hose to a pig tail wall plugin? I don't want to run electric inlets or buy another hose if there is a way to convert my existing hose. If not, could you point me in the right direction? All I need is a little advice/direction and I'll order all the parts. Please contact me or answer my questions and I'll buy from you. Thanks, Kenny

Yes, this part will allow you to convert your hose from Direct Connect to Corded as long as the wall-end cuff has the number AB27 on it.

Vacumaid Hose Compatible?

Will this cord work on vacumaid hoses? Nate, Independence

As long as the female end of the cord looks the same as your old cord, it will work fine. The internal wiring is all the same, just be sure of the connection.

Eureka Brush Cord

I have a Eureka central vac system. I need to replace the 2- pronged cord that travels from the power brush attactment (Model #E1383)to the handle of the hose. What do you suggest?

We don't stock the power cords for Eureka power brushes. You will need to contact Eureaka at 800-282-2886.

Plastiflex Hose Compatible

Will this power cord work to replace a broken one on a plaster flex hose? My unit is a stealth and the repair shop said the hose is a plaster flex. He also told me he couldn't find one to replace the broken one. Think he just wanted to sell me a new hose. Thanks Andy Westport Ma.

Yes, this cord will work with Plastiflex electric hoses. The replacement cord comes with instructions and pictures to swap out the cord.

Eureka Compatible?

Question: I have a Eureka (E1383) power brush vacuum-not direct connect. The hose has a pigtail connection. The electrical cord near the hose inlet is broken so when I plug in the electrical cord it gives sporadic power. Is there a solution or do I need to buy a new hose with the electrical cord to power the brush? How due you get off the old cuff that is molder to the end of the hose to attach your replacement cuff. I assume there are instructions with the new cuff, but I need to make sure it will work. Part#352CO Thanks, Bill

Bill, if the wall end looks the same as our corded electric hose here then the 352CO will work and it comes with instructions. You will have to do some work on really small parts so beware.

Need Cord from Brush to Handle

Sue from Yorktown VA - I have Nutone CV353 (20 yrs old) and need a replacement pigtail cord for the motorized nozzle. The cord is about 4 ft long, 2 pin male plug on one end, wired into the nozzle on the other. Power runs through the hose but requires a separate elec outlet beside inlet cover - I do not need cord from electrical outlet to hose. I also need one axle bearing set for nozzle rollers. I cannot find neither part #s nor help at local vac repair store

We have a cord that will work fine, but the bearing will not be available? The cord is here The replacement, complete, vacuum heads are here,491,482,466

Nutone Detachable Cord Replacement?

I have a Nutone current carrying hose (#348N), purchased in 1988. The (6') pigtail end that is detachable & connects the hose to the outlet doesn't work (can't get power to transmit - bare wire is exposed). Would you have a plug cord that would work for this unit? (I do NOT need a cuff.)

Yes, the cord you need is here It fits the two pins and then plugs into the wall.

Nutone Hose Compatible?

Will This work on a CH520 Nutone electric hose

Yes, this will work on Nutone Hoses.

Replace Cord in Older Hose?

Hi. I would like to buy 8 ft cord/pigtail for electric hose of MD Modern Day. Is it possible to buy it separately from the electric hose? Thank you very much, Irina, Easton, MA

Hi, you have a corded pigtail cord, right? The replacement cord is here but it may not fit as the older style was just discontinued FEB2008 The electrical connection is different but you can work around that and the cuff it comes with has a rounded side where it is tall. But if your cuff is good then you are okay.

Hayden Cord Replacement

My name is Karen and I have a Hayden power brush vacuum-not direct connect. I have to put the hose into the inlet and then plug in the cord in the electrical outlet. The electrical cord near the hose inlet is crimped so when I plug in the electrical cord it gives sporadic power. Is there a solution or do I need to buy a new hose with the electrical cord to power the brush? Thanks. Karen San Luis Obispo CA

Hi Karen, here is the cord you can buy and replace your's with quite easily. Remove the hose cuff on the end and you'll see how it all connects.

Torn Hose

Help? I broke the hose next to the wand end of my 17 year old MD hose. It is a powered with 8' cord (not direct connect.) The connector on the wand is a two prong male. Can I repair this or do I need to buy a new hose? Thank You Scott Montgomery - Boise ID.

Hello Scott, you'll have to buy a new hose. A torn hose cannot be fixed. A new electric hose will really benefit you. We can't wait to see what you think. Buy a new hose here

Converts to Pigtail?

I have a brand new electric hose with direct-connect on the wall end. But my wall outlets are only the standard low-voltage type. Will this kit convert my direct connect hose to a pigtail hose? Thanks. - James, Titusville, FL

Hello James, correct it converts hoses that look like the ones on this page to pigtail corded hoses.

Instructions for Removing Cuff

Does this kit include instructions detailing how to remove the old cuff? -Gary, Oakdale MN

Gary, this kit comes with complete instructions for repairing or converting the cuff end of the hose.

Electric Hose End Repair Kit?

Do you have a repair kit for the other end of an electric hose? I have 2 older eletric hoses, both with the same problem. There is a short pigtail with a 2 pin female plug at the non-wall end. The power carpet brush has a cord with a 2 pin male plug that plugs into the short pigtail. The wire in the short pigtail seems to have broken internally as the power brush only works if you wiggle the pigtail wires just right. Alternatively, can I cut the nozzle off and attach a new nozzle with a 2 pin female plug? The power carpet brush was made by Mastercraft Industries. Not sure who made the hoses.

Sorry, there are not kits to rebuild the guts of electric hoses, especially older ones like yours. Sorry.

Replace Cord on Electric Hose?

My dog chewed the cord on my stealth electric hose pig tail is this the replacement part I need?

Yes, this replaces the electrical cord on the wall end of the Stealth, and other, hoses. When you get it this product, take a look at the corners of the packaging for small connector parts.