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90 Sweep Tee PVC Vacuum 3-way Connector Q&A

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Questions & Answers

How Much Connection Room Coming out of a Wall?

I don't have much exposed 2" pipe near the Unit. How long is the sweep valve? How much exposed pipe will I need to install this?

The pipe can be within the wall about one inch or more and still work. So if the pipe is actually exposed, you'll have no problems.

Back-to-Back with Tee?

Can I use the 3-way connector to install back-to-back inlets on either side of a common wall and use one pipe that goes up to my attic, instead of running two pipes down the same wall?

Hi, you can but the heavier debris will pile up against the inlet across from the one being used. It is much better to put one inlet on each of the studs in the bay and connect them with a 45-Wye or Sweep 90 Tee.

How to Add to Existing Pipe

How do I hook a tee in to a system to add a new outlet? How do i wire in to the wire that is already there.

First be sure you pipe is two inch outer diameter. To insert you will cut a length of pipe out that you measure from the Tee itself. You will then insert the Tee glueing it with regulare PVC glue. For the wire, you will have to cut the wire that is there and add an extension to one side. Then simply tie in the extension, the other cut wire and the new wire all together using wire nuts.

Use to Create Utility Valve?

I would like to have a utility valve at my Vacu Flo unit. If I break the main line as it comes into the main unit and install the 90 sweep tee, can I then install the utility valve in the sweep portion?

Yes, that is a great plan. You will also run wire to the wire coming from the home. Splice it in or connect it to the Vacuflo directly if there is room next to the wires coming from the home.

Four Way Tee?

do you carry a four way "t"? .......pipe coming up through floor joists from basement, as it breaks through bottom plate of wall into the second floor, splits 3 ways to outlets on either side of wall and continues up to attic space and power unit.

Sorry, but no. You'll have to use spigots to get the tight turns.