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90 Short PVC Vacuum Connector Q&A

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What is the dimension of this short elbow...from the back of the elbow to the front of the female fitting? (~3.5-4").

That dimension is only 2-3/4"; from the front of the female fitting to the very back of the fitting.

Connect to Older Kenmore Pipe

I have a Kenmore 1-3/4" system. I need to cut out a section and re-attach with a 90 to move it in the wall. It is for an outlet that is no longer used but I would like to keep it attached in case we need to use it in the future. I realize that a 90 inside the wall is not a good idea, but I have no choice. Will these 90s work with the old Kenmore 1-3/4" OD pipe? If not can you recommend a fix? "Good Ole Sears does it again with their special crap and then discontinues it!" Thanks, Don...Eolia, MO

Hello, you can use this adaptor on both sides of the pipe Then use regular 2 OD central vacuum pipe between them.

Fit 2x4 Wall?

Are these 90's "short" enough to connect to the inlet inside a 2x4 stud wall? Regular 90's exceed the wall depth and therefore don't work.

Yes, they are made for the 2x4 wall and fit just right. They look straight into the middle of the upper or lower 3.5 wide 2x4.

Going Around SuperValve's Electric

Will this inlet valve be able to reach out past the box part of the valve that the elec. gets hooked up to with that 90 degree fitting.

You will have to go out at a 45 or 90 degree angle if the electric box is the same direction as where the pipe is coming from.

Diameter Size

If the 90 is 2" OD, how does it fit into the backing plate , which is 1-13/16" ID? Thanks........

The fittings, such as the 90 are 2-inch ID. The standard backing plate is 2-inch OD. A perfect match.

Older 1-3/4

What are the dimensions of this fitting (90 Short PVC Vacuum Connector)? I am changing out the outlets to accommodate an updated new hose and power nozzle system. The existing tubing size is 1-3/4" OD. The current elbow is undersized, and will need to be cut off and the new elbow re-cemented. How does this connect to the new cover?

This connects to a new backing plate such our #517. A new faceplate attaches to the backing plate. You have older style pipe at will not fit this 90. But you can make it fit by cutting just below the colar of the old 90 where it is glued on the old pipe. The old pipe width plus the colar of the old 90 fit perfectly in the new 90 which has a 2 OD.