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ActiVac II Compatible With Filtex?

Can I use the ActiVac II with a Filtex Power Cleaning System model; TSP300L ? Hector Brunswick, GA

You can use the ActiVac II if your Filtex TSP300L has an exhaust port.

Central Master Brand

The unit in my home is Central Master, you do not list this particular Vacuum

The ActiVac may fit it, we have not heard of that brand. If the exhaust is coming out a round hole that has a two inch outer diameter then it fits it.

Instead of Exhausting Outdoors

You say ActiVac will not work with units exhausted out doors. What if it is disconnected from the outdoor exhaust pipe and the ActiVac placed there instead, they way it looks in your pictures. My unit smells so bad and the smell enters the house from the garage when I use it.

The ActiVac Exhaust Filter may be used instead of the exhaust run out doors IF the central vacuum unit has a filter in it. Either paper bag or cloth or thick foam or pleated cartridge. Some vacuums have only a thin foam filter or just a screen and they let too much dust into the exhaust. This would quickly clog the exhaust filter causing secondary issues to the unit.

Length & Diameter?

can you please provide me the dimensions of this filter, Length x Diameter? What is the mounting thread type and size?

The filter dimensions are 9" x 5" and what appears to be threading in the photo is actually a gasket. The filter mounts with an elbow connector fitted to the exhaust port and the opposite end of the elbow connector to the filter.

MD ModernDay Compatible? Which Ones?

Are "MD ModernDay" vacuums compatible or not?

Sorry for the confusion but only the "MD ModernDay" Model J is compatible because it has an exhaust port. The B2, E2, and others that have lots of louvers in the front and back at the bottom are not compatible.

NuTone CV450

Can I use this on my NuTone model CV450?

Yes, you can use the Activac with Nutone model CV450.

Reduce Suction?

Thanks for your early response, Please advise if your ActiVac ll Exhaust HEPA Filter reduces the suction, and if so, to what extent. Seymour Kahn

The ActiVac II does not reduce the suction of the vacuum. Vacuflo True Cyclonic (no filter) units should not use the ActiVac because lots of dust goes out the exhaust and it would clog the ActiVac and slow the suction. All other vacuums do not have that issue.

Two Port Connections on Silentmaster S5

Chris, Troy NY I have the MD Silentmaster S5 - two ports, so I understand two units are needed. You mention "more adapters" are needed - what are these?

You will need some fittings and short length of central vacuum pipe to set the filters in a way that works best for where the vacuum sits. The top exhaust port can have the filter fitted on using a single 90 spigot turn (included with the filter). The lower filter will need a connection that comes straight out and then turns up or immediately turns at an angle using the 90 sweep which will connect to a pipe and then a 45 spigot to the filter, or to regular 45 and another pipe which the filter will go on. It depends on the space you have to work with. Here are the parts you can choose from Use PVC glue but do not glue it to the vacuum tank.


Can you wash and reuse this filter?

This filter is made to capture very fine particulates so it is not washable.

When to Replace Filter

How often do these filters need to be changed?

The ActiVac Exhaust Filter is unique. It is completely sealed so all the exhaust is filtered. Not only does that mean clean air, it also means any dust in the exhaust will be trapped and will build up over time. Seeing that every central vacuum has somewhat different filtering, the lifespan of the ActiVac will also vary. Units will excellent filtration may never need a replacement. Units will no filtration should probably not use the product at all (such as Vacuflo True Cyclonic). We suggest removing the filter from the unit yearly to look inside for dirt build up much like you would evaluate a return air filter.