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Central Vacuum Inc, Chicago - Help with Air Flo Units

We recently bought a house that has an Air Flo Systems central vacuum (located in garage). The company "Central Vacuum Inc," Chicago, is cited and the serial number is 64583. I am sure this thing is pretty there any product info available on this system?

MD Manufacturing built these units decades ago for CV Inc who labeled them "Air Flo". They are identical to our Modern Day vacuum line. All the helps, troubleshooting, parts, etc. on our website are compatible and we and our dealers are here to help you any time.

Wiring New Motor

I need to replace 2 motors on my 1995 Air Flow System model CFM2. One of the motor wire is connected to a circuit breaker terminal lug. How to connect new motor wire to existing circuit breaker? (existing motor wire is pressed fit to a circuit breaker terminal lug) Ravi

Simply leave a long enough lead on that wire to wire nut it to either wire from the new motor.

Airflo Accessory Kit

I have an AIRFLO central vacuum system with no accessories at all. My house is almost entirely hardwood floors. What accessory kit is recommended for cleaning of these "bare" floors along with accessories for brick, a carpet also....Thanks,Chris

For your combination of floor surfaces we recommend the Deluxe Turbocat Kit. This will provide you with the hose, hard surface attachment, cleaning tools, and carpet brush. Take a look at the kit here,

New to Central Vac

Good Evening Cleaning Friends, We've inherited an Air Flo central Vac system which I've grown to adore...however, previous owners left a solitary bag floating around in the garage. I'd love to replace them properly...and what about filters or anything else I should be aware of? Can't read the modle number, but the unit measures 27" H x 15.75 in dia.....S/N is 29324. Works really well....really want to get it up to snuff. Thanks for any help you can provide. Happy Autum, thanks, Vicki


Hi Vicki, we are so glad you found us. We built the AirFlo vacuum systems years ago. We have everything you need to maintain it and upgrade / accessorize it. The manual for it is here The bags you need are the HyperFlow bags. Just shake out the filters under it. Be sure to check out all the kits, hoses, and accessories that all fit right into your central vacuum. For more information or products for your AirFlo system, visit our AirFlow Parts and Support section. If you ever need help with anything in the system please let us know.

What is Needed to Maintain?

I need new bags for the Air Flo Model 102 CF, manufactured in 2003, Chicago. I can't find this model anywhere. Please help. Also, are there other items I need for this unit? I have owned my home for 2 years, and this is the first time I've ordered parts for it. We've been using a Kirby vacuum cleaner since the central vac is full.

Hi, you need the bags that are given in the first line of the chart on this page That is all you need to keep it clean and running. Of course you can upgrade to a new hose or complete kit or buy new accessories. They all fit your system

Manual Needed, Filtration

I've got the CFM2. It's blue, less than 30 inches high, made in 1991. (but no manual!) came with two cloth & one paper bag inside, above the mesh filter- is that correct? It appears to be the 720H paper inside the 710 cloth inside the larger 710B cloth. thanks, RV


Hi RV, we made the Air-Flo units where where sold under this name. Your MD made unit can use our manual. There should be 3 or 1 mesh/foam filters, a single cloth bag with metal ring top and then one elastic paper bag. All the filtration you need is right here,720HF-5,740

CFM-2 Bags

I have a air-flo vacuum made in 1989. Model #CFM-2. Which bags will fit this unit. Thanks, Paul


Hi Paul, replacement parts for your CFM-2 can be found on our Air-Flo Motors, Filters, and Parts page. We made these units right here in California years ago.

Flo-Max Central Vacuum Help

We recently bought a house with a flo max central vacuum that has a Hayden power head to vacuum with. It has power but does not seem to have any suction. Unfortunately, the previous owner did not leave the user's manual. Any suggestions about getting the suction to work? Thanks, Linda, Glenville NY

Hi, you can troubleshoot the problem and most likely fix it by using this guide

Air-Flo Filter Bags

The tag on our system says Air-flo, product of Central Vacuum, Inc. Amps: 22, Model: CFM3, Date: 5089. There is another number: 57975. It is a triple-motor unit. The unit is on anytime an inlet is open, with no additional power cord. The power head is operated by the air flow. What replacement bags do I need? The one I removed was pretty much destroyed.


Hello and thank you for contacting MD Manufacturing! Please see our Motors, Filters, and Parts page for Air-Flo central vacuums to find the correct products you need for your model.

Troubleshooting and Replacement Parts

The tag on my central vac. says Air-Flo Mod. C. 2 SN #48286. The paperwork says Air-Flo CFM-2. I can't find the exact replacement machine and parts on your site. The unit is making a loud noise and I noticed a spark near the bottom yesterday. Is there a troubleshooting document for this? Also could you let me know which part numbers are the correct replacement ones for this machine.

Hello, we made that machine for a company in your area years ago. They have gone out of business. It is the exact machine to our MD (Modern Day) B2. Here is the parts page What is happening on your machine is one of the motors is going bad creating the extra sparks. We recommend replacing both motors and it is not difficult to do.
Let us know if you have any more questions.

AirFlo Replacement Hose


Hello B. Brown, all our hoses fit the AirFlo system. What power nozzle are you using on the carpet? If it has a cord coming out the back please call us, but you may want to call us to be sure you get the right hose for your attachments anyways.

Replace AirFlo Unit

I have a Air flo System with a power head Ultra tp210. I need to replace the unit. It was installed in 2000 by our builder. Do you sell just the vacuum unit / Cost 4000 sq ft home Thanks Phil

MD made the AirFlo years ago, so our units will fit right in as a perfect replacement. Please use our dealer locator to find our unit and price.

On/Off Hose Please

we have airflo central air. Came with hose and wood floor cleaner. hose is always on once plugged in. Would like to order other attachments such as carpet sweeper and hose that can turn on and off. Do you have anything to fit this system. Lois

Your AirFlo system has standard inlet valves so you can use any electric and non-electric hose or attachment kit on this website. If you have carpet we suggest the electric Stealth Kit (buy a corded one). If only a bit of carpet the Deluxe kit.