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Where is it? What Should I Install?

I plan to install an MD system in my house later this year. I have two basic questions: (1) I have a 1250 square foot house, and I will have one hose outlet. I will need a 30 foot or 35 foot hose. Which of your highest end units will give me the best suction with such a long hose? (2) Your AirForce unit is conspicuously absent from your website. I recall it being touted as a unit which can be placed in a closed cabinet without concern about overheating. I would like to place my unit in a dedicated cabinet in my garage, which I built with an electical outlet and the ability to have an exhaust vent to the outside. Will this arrangement be satisfactory for the unit you will recommend pursuant to question (1) or will I need to put it in an open area? Thank you very much.

Hi, we have suspended our AirForce line for the foreseeable future due to costs. We recommend the SilentMaster line instead and the Model S44 in particular for its incredible performance at 650 AirWatts. That is 50% more then the AF2 and AF4. It will not miss a beat with the longest hose used in your home. You can put it in a closet that has vents in the door top and bottom; and you'll have to vent it out from the closet with the two exhaust ports (not combining them into one line). Enjoy the new vacuum it will do awesome.

8,000 Square Feet

we are building a house of 8,000.00 Sq. after reviweing your info, I think we need an MD Airforce AF5. WE R GOING TO HAVE HARD wOOD FLOORS AND PECIES OF RUGS. is that the right selection? and how much the cost of the unit and the hose will be? Taks.

Hello, the AirForce is an excellent choice and it is sold with the Stealth Kit Accessory package. These will work fine with the floors and rug. The AirForce is sold through dealers ( and if you are not planning on using the home automation features then the SilentMaster S5 is just as powerful and quiet - and will save you money.

Unit Size for Square Footage

Hi we are going to build our home in Jefferson County Montana, 59721, is the closest zip code I have found. This will be a spec home for Grace Builders Inc Mt, we used MD products in AZ for 17 years. This house will be 2000 up and 1000 in the walk out basement what size unit would I need? I am going to rough it myself. Thank You John Regnier Grace Builders Inc 307-248-1055

Hello John, you should go with the AF2 or AF4. The AF4 will give you more suction and the AF2 more air movement. If you are going to use an air driven carpet brush you have to use the AF4, otherwise both are real winners.

Replace Central Vacuum with Bad Low Voltage Wiring?

Can the MD Air Force replace an existing central vac system that has bad low voltage wiring? There is no way to re wire the existing system. If so what is needed and what would be the approximate cost? Roger, Lihue Hawaii

Hello Roger, yes the AirForce is ideal for many reasons and in your case particularly for it UPB communication - it doesn't need low voltage wires. You'd have to buy a unit and the AirForce Hose/Kit for it to work. You are looking at over $1000.00. Call us for more information please.

4.0 to 5.0

I have a p3 hose that is not turning on the vacuum. The green light comes on but will not start the unit. Its a 4.0v. Also if I want to upgrade to a 5.0v what do I need and how do I program it?

Please call the factory toll free M-Th 7-5 PST and we'll be glad to get you up and running.

Install Airforce in Pre-Piped Home?

Just bought a newly built home. The builder had the central vac roughing installed. I would like to finish the job myself. The MD Airforce AF5 is what I selected in your Adviser area along with the electric power brush. The home has wood floors, but there will be numerous area rugs, and we have a dog. My question is, will I be able to use your finishing products to complete the job with those that were roughed in? Are the roughed in wall outlets compatable with your product? Each outlet has it's own low voltage wiring to the basement where the unit is to be installed. Thank You, Gregory Kemp

The AirForce is a great selection. The AF5 requires 30 amp Nema 5-30 plug or 6-20 if 240 volt. The AirForce model 5 versions, at this time in early 2007 are actually SilentMasters with the automation technology. If you don't need the automation than the SilentMaster S5 is all you need (and you save money). The Stealth is the best for your dog hair on carpets, good selection. You will be able to use all the accessories on our website as well.

Blockage in Hose

something is stuck in our hose and it will not push out. any suggestions on what we can do to remove it?

Try a garden hose (no water flowing through it though), a butter knife, paper towels suctioned through. In very rare circumstances the hose itself may fall apart from the inside.

AirForce Vacuum Bag

I have a MD Air Force central vacuum system. My present bag has elastic band around the edge and is 18 inches deep. Unfortunately, the elastic band is stretched out and measures 18" wide. There is also a rubber ring I am assuming holds the bag in place on the system. Please advise which bag the system requires.


It takes the 720HF-5. Please use one bag and dispose of it after one use. The gasket directs the dirt into the bag and overlaps the bag a bit. When putting the bag into the support cloth bag, pull the elastic down eight inches or so. There will be loose bag material which is good because that is more area to pull air in through.

Cost for Do-it-Yourself

need to know the cost of the unit for under 5000 sq ft house. will do the work myself.

We'd love to work up an quote that includes everything you'd need to install the system. Please send your zip code and we can get started.