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EBK340L Circuit Board Replacement Options

circuit boards for ebk340l


We do not carry replacement boards for the EBK340L electric power head. If you are unable to located the replacement board, please note that we carry the replacement power head for the EBK340L which is the EBK360 Power Head #486 manufactured by the same company. Please note that if you upgrade to the EBK360, you will also need to replace your wand with the Integrated Telescopic EBK360 Wand #406TBWI.

AirVac Model 850 Replacement

I need to replace an AirVac 850 (unless a board is available). I you would be so kind, please recommend a replacement power unit...


The SilentMaster Model S2 240-volt would be the best replacement for the AirVac 850. Please take a look here and use the dealer locator to find a sales office.

Replacement Circuit Board Option For ZX7000

Art in Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Have an AirVac ZX7000 that continues to run after being turned off. Continues to run with two low voltage connections removed. Must pull ac plug and reinsert to turn off motor. Is there a replacement circuit board for this unit? And how much?

We carry a generic board replacement (Item #235S18) that can be used on AirVac ZX7000 systems. Please note that modificatiosn to the canister (such as drilling an additional hole) may be required for proper mounting.

AirVav AV3500 Issue With Transformer

I need the transformer for the low voltage.side of the av3500. I know it's all combined now. The old part number is 563097.can anyone help or should I go to RadioShack?

We have a replacement circuit board for the AV3500 Central Vacuum System that contains the relay, transformer, mini breakers, and low voltage wire connections. Please note this is a universal board and may require modifications to the can (such as drilling and additional hole) for proper mounting.

EBK340L Replacement Wand?

I have an Air Vac 2500 with a Type EBK340L electric powered carpet tool/beater bar. I am in need of the replacement wand because the latch that controls the length has broken. The wand is of course one that has the cord attached and electrical connection on both ends. I would also be interested in a replacement wand for the regular floor tool as well. The extension latch has broken on this one too. Thank you.

Unfortunately, we do not carry a replacement wand for the EBK340L.

Handle Switch Replacement

I have an Air Vac 3500. It has a toggle switch on the hose handle to either turn on suction only for floor tools or suction and power to the floor brush. The switch will turn on suction for the floor tool, but only power to the floor brush with no suction. Do I need a new hose? And, if so, which one?


You can probably replace the switch assembly in the handle and be good to go. We see this often. Here is the part you need /retail/shopretail.php?part_no=352GS,352GH

Chamberlain Air Vac Red Not Working

I recently purchased a home with a Chamberlain Air Vac Red Series. It worked at the house inspection. But I requested that they clean out the attic and I believe they made a big mess and then tried to vacuum it up. After closing, I tried to use the floor brush, but it is no longer working. There is suction through the hose, but the brushes don't spin and it doesn't light up. In trying to get it to work, I pulled out huge chunks of debris that I know was from the attic. I'm thinking they blew a fuse? So my questions are 1.) Where do I find the model number? 2.) Does the floor brush have fuses? 3.) Once I have a model number, can I get manuals?

Model number is near the reset on the main tank. The electric hose has a diode fuse molded into the wall end cord or two pin plug, both can be replaced. Manuals are not available through us and we don't think they are around any longer. Take a moment to use the troubleshooting guide to help too.

Adding Electricity to the Carpet Brush

I have an Air Vac 525 and it is 20 years old. I would like to convert it to electric with a pigtail hose. What would you recommend and will it provide more power to the powerhead for carpet cleaning? Or is a new unit a better way to go?

As long as your main vacuum tank is providing suction then the best possible upgrade is providing electricity to your vacuum carpet nozzle. As you recognized, the way that is done is through a new hose and tool kit with includes the "corded" version of the electric hose. That means the wall end of the hose has a pigtail cord, 8-feet long, that plugs into a nearby electrical outlet. The hose plugs into the vac inlet as usual. The difference between the compatible kits can be found here Let us know if you have any questions.

VM458 Power Head and Hose Troubleshooting

I have an AIRVAC VM458 powerhead and it stopped working. The suction is there but it's not turning on. What can I do? Do I need to replace it or can this be fixed? Nancy from Chicago

The vacuum head may be fine but just not receiving power. The hose may be bad and should be checked first. If you have a continuity tester you can troubleshoot the hose using our help videos here.

CT18DX Belt Replacement

looking to replace the belt on my Air Vac Gold Series. Model number on head is CT18DX. Thanks for your help

Yes, we have the correct replacement belt for CT18DX Vacuums no matter the name on the top of the vacuum brush. It is our part 48045 and is sold under many names.

New to Central Vac - Manual and Tools Needed

I just purchased a house with a VM212A Airvac system. We need a manual and new hoses and accessories. With no docs, not sure what to order. Can you help. Thanks. Bob, Princeton, NJ

Congradulations on the home and central vac. Your system requires very little maintenance - only cleaning the main unit. You can get all the information you need on the right side of this page. Also on that page is a link to all the accessories and complete kits compatible with your system. Let us know if you have any questions.

Power Head Wiring Issues

John jacksons gap, al The wires inside the power head keep breaking after monthes of use. I have soldered them time and again. Can I get these pigtails ( 2 wires ) already made up.

What model is the power head? Would you please reply with a photograph of the complete head?

Only Turns On With Unit Switch

Unit does not come on with hose or shorting across the low voltage wires on the machine but comes on with manual switch on the unit. Unit model FX 3000.

Sounds like the unit's on/off switch may be a 110 volt switch, not a low voltage switch that uses the relay. Or, it could be that it turning on at the unit was a fluke, which can happen. We recommend turning the unit on at the switch for a week or two to see if that stays consistent. If it eventually doesn't turn it on then it is the motor. Or if the unit shuts off while vacuuming it is the motor. But if it keeps working then it is the circuit board (or relay/transformer - which would be replaced by a single circuit board). Let us know how it goes.

TurboCat Compatible with All Hoses?

I have an AirVac power head that has no power. The brushes don't rotate any longer. Will the TurboCat power head fit my hose?

The Turbocat fits all AirVac Hoses and will work really well. Thanks for asking.

Stays On - Also Need Hose

AV 625 runs continuously even after disconnecting the low voltage wires from the unit. What could be the problem? Also what would be a replacement hose for this system?

Usually that means the relay or circuit board is bad. Our #235S would be a good replacement. We have hoses for the system and many different hoses were used and are compatible. Take some time to discover what you need or give us a call for help.

Air Vac AV3500 Unit Replacement

I have a chamberlain air vac Model AV3500 red series filter system that needs replaced. What model should it be replaced with?

Take a look at our Silent Master line here, Each unit is built with silencing material around the motors to greatly reduce noise and uses a huge 12-gallon bag for debris collection! Speak to a local dealer to decide which model will suit your unique home here

Airvac VM454 Replacement Brush And Belt

I have a Airvac VM454 powerhead that is 8 years old, I need to replace the brush and belt. Are these parts still available? If so, where can I find them? If not, what is a comparable replacement that will work with my system?

For your brush you can use the parts found here,,48045

AirVac Replacement Hose

I have a "Chamberlain AirVac Blue Series Disposable System" central vac and I need a new hose. Can you tell me which hoses you sell would be compatible including with all the accessories that came with the original system? If there are multiple, I'm interested in which ones are most light weight as well. Thanks, Chris

You can find AirVac compatible hoses here, Which hose you choose will depend on what the need is. If you need electric power for an electric carpet brush, you will need the electric hose. The Low Voltage and Basic hoses are for air-only needs.

Low Voltage vs. Electric

We recently purchased a ten year old home with an AirVac Red Series (4500?) central vacuum system. There are no hoses or power brush, and I am trying to figure out what to do to take full advantage of the AirVac's capabilities and suction power, so I would appreciate your help... One wall outlet is marked 'Electra Valve', while all others are just marked 'M&S'. Do these operate differently? All outlets have the two small metal pins/buttons. What is the difference between 'low voltage' and 'electric'? Does one get better suction than the other? Can I use either or both of these with the AirVac system and outlets that I have? How much should suction improve for carpets and floors with low voltage or electric over air? What parts do I need to buy? Thank you! Jahn

Electravalve and M&S are just two different manufacturers for the same parts. As long as each inlet has the main hole for the hose, and two small holes right next to it, then you have full electric inlets. A low voltage hose only turns suction on and off. An electric hose operates the suction and provides power for an electric carpet brush. All electric brushes have more cleaning power than air-only systems. When using an air-turbine carpet brush, you are trading off some of your suction to turn the brush roller. Using an electric system utilizes the full power of your central vacuum system. You can view your complete kit options here,

Airvac Compatible Tools

Hi, We just bought a house with an Airvac system. It has a very basic friction type hose connection, and unfortunately the outlets are not powered, and need a pigtail for the carpeted areas. I would like to get a new hose, preferable with a button connection rather than friction, and I don't mind also getting new wands/floor attachment, carpet attachment, etc. I would also prefer a 40' hose for the bare floor areas if possible, as the living room is huge, and the two outlets provided do not let the vacuum quite reach to all corners. What brands will work with the Airvac outlets, and which do you recommend? Kathryn Paradise Valley

All of our tool kits will work with your Airvac system. For the electric kit we recommend the Stealth or Ace kits. For an electric hose, the maximum length offered is 35 feet. For non-electric hoses, we offer 40 and 50 foot lengths. You can view all your options for Kits and Hoses here,

Replace CT18DX with Stealth or Ace?

I have a power head that is broken. I have repaired the wires twice and now it is just preety much done. Will the Stealth Power head work as a direct replacement. I have a CT18DXQD currently. We have intergrated power with the two pronges above the port. I have attached a photo if it will let me. Thank you.

Actually the Stealth will not be compatible. You'd need a new hose wands. We offer another excellent brush called the Ace, here, there fits right in: The Ace is a very good brush, second to the Stealth in durability, but exceeds in features such as higher heights, a light, and foot release.

Adjustable Height Brush

We recently replace our carpeting with one that has a longer nap and find that the Air Vac head does not work well on the longer carpet. Do they make a head that is adjustable for various levels of carpet as most vacuums are designed.

All air-driven brushes do not come with adjustable height. Some electrical powered brushes did not either. The brushes we offer with adjustable height are the Stealth and Ace brushes. They require their compatible wand and should fit on the hose you have. Please call for details.

AirVac 525 No Suction At One Inlet

I have a air vac 525. It has been working great until now. The upstairs plug in have hardly any power to vacuum anything. THe downstairs are fine. What can I do to troubleshoot this problem? The tank is empty by the way. Is there a blockage somewhere? How to unplug it?

Something is clogging the line. Try putting your hand over the air intake on the hose with the vacuum on to build up pressure, then remove your hand. This will create a short controlled burst of air to help free the obstruction.

Hose Needed

I need a replacement hose for the Air Vac AV425A unit. Can I find it in Phoenix Arizona? Gary

Several hoses were used with AirVac Systems. Use the Yellow Pages and look for Vacuum Systems. Any vendor of central vacuum products may have your hose because they are all pretty much universal. Be sure you talk with a live person and see the hose yourself. We can actually do that over the phone with you if you want. Just let us know and give us a call.

Electric Hose and Brush Wanted

I have an AirVac 2500 Red Series. Will the electric carpet brushes work with this model? Currently, it just has the standard accessories, all of which only rely on air. Would really love an electric carpet brush for a better clean. Thanks! Becky - Nashville

Becky, all of the Electric Kits will fit right into your AirVac system. You can buy any one of them and experience really good cleaning. Buy the "8ft Cord Pigtail" style in 30ft or 35ft. Start with our comparison chart so you can see what your options are and if you have any questions please let me know.

Hose for CT14DX

Good day, I have the red series AIRVAC central vacuum system model AV 2500. The hose has developed a large hole and I need to replace the hose. The power brush info is as follows:mod CT14DX. thanks

Hi, the CT14DX usually took one of these hoses here,342G,343,343G,342C,343C,342GC,343GC. If not then please call us and we can help you find the right one. Thank you.

CT14DX Belt Change

I am have a Model CT14DX and need to replace the belt. Can you please tell me how to do it?

Hi, to get to the screws to take the upper and lower halves apart you first push in the sides off the upper section and lift it off. This is the section with the headlight. Here is the belt

Fix Unit, Buy Kit

We're not sure if we need a new unit or just a carpet nozzle. There isn't much power. Is there a way we can test the power unit? Bev Sun Prairie, WI

Yes, please first test the power unit using Fix any issues and consider a new electric kit such as Stealth, BlackHawk, or EdgeLift. They work with all vacuum systems and do a fantastic job.

Need Strong Power Nozzle for Carpets!

I'm looking to find a strong power nozzle to effectively clean my carpets!

Hi, we have several kits to choose from that would be a pleasure to use. The best is Stealth and then EdgeLift and BlackHawk. They all fit right into your system and you probably need the 8ft Cord version of kits when their is that option. Check out this comparison and also read with customers have written.

Replacement Hoses

We are selling our house and would like to replace some of the hoses for the central vac system that is currently installed in our home. We bought this house 5 years ago but the house itself is over 30 years old. The system works fine and I hope that I can get replacement hoses and possibly electric attachment set. I need to purchase this within 2 weeks. The Model # on the canister is 210. Also could you help me locate a dealer nearby so that I could just pick up the parts.

Please go the following link to find the dealer near you. Type in your zip code and search 15 and 50 miles. If you desire you can also contact us direct and we can ship from stock. Delivery would be 5 - 7 days.

Vacuum Hose for AV3500

I have an air vac model av3500. what replacement hose do I need I also need a new wand. Something is burning don't know if it's the hose handle or the wand. Not sure what parts numbers would fit this unit.

Hello, regardless of the model number of the vacuum collector, any tool set on the market could have been used with the system since the ports are universal. To get the correct hose and wand please send the number on the bottom of the vacuum unit used for the carpeting. Thanks.

Replacing AirVac 525

We are deciding whether we should keep our old AV 525 H by M&S Systems or replace it. I have three questions for you and any other suggestions are welcome! 1. Will the 50 ft. basic hose work with my old AV 525 H? From the description on website I think it will. 2. Is there a disposable bag, preferably HEPA type, that will work with this unit? My bag is cloth with a weight. 3. If there isn't a disposable bag to work with this unit can we change the motor to accommodate a disposable bag?

A 50ft hose has a lot of restriction. A single motor power unit with over 130 inches of waterlift power would be a lot better. There is not a bag to fit your unit. There are vacuums such as the SilentMaster that have truly awesome filtering in a disposable bag. The SilentMaster can we swapped with the 525. You many need a little more pipe to make the connection. It uses the same low voltage wire connected now to the 525. The popular models are S4 and S2 and available through dealers at

TurboCat - Air Driven Brushes - Replace with Stealth?

I have a turbo cat system with hose which is broke. Would this stealth be okay to replace with my Beam system as long as I buy the pigtail. We have a 3600 square-foot house 3 rooms upstairs are carpeted (bedrooms) and then our finished downstairs with 2 bedrooms and a large family room or can the turbo cat really clean just as well. Thanks

Yes, the corded Stealth kit with either 30 or 35-foot hose will be a tremendous improvement over the TurboCat - guaranteed. The Stealth will fit right into your existing central vacuum system without any modifications. Here is a page on upgrading any system to electric tools You never have to change anything in your system.