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Low Voltage Wire Not Connected to Wire at Unit

We have the AV2500 Airvac central vac system. The low voltage wire is still connected/plugged/snapped into the unit at the top. However, the bare wire ends don't go anywhere and look like they were pulled out and are live (we shut the breaker off). We discovered this when we could not get our in house system to turn on but the unit works when turned on manually with the on/off switch (breaker on). Where are these wires supposed to go? Thank you.


There should be a wire following the plastic PVC pipe coming from the house to carry the debris to the unit. Find the wire and attach either end of the wire to the bare wire and the same for the other end. There is no polarity. Use small wire nuts to attach the wires together.

FX3000 Continuously Trips Breaker

I have a FX3000 home vac system. I have already replaced the motor, but it continually trips the microswitch breaker when we use it. Should I replace the breaker, as it may have become weak or is something else possible more likely to be the problem? Joe from Huntsville AL.

Yes, you should replace the breaker as it may have been compromised when your motor previously failed. Please compare your breaker with our Mini Breaker Options on our website.

Filter Not Staying In Place

I have an AV625 with the weighted cloth filter. The filter will not stay in place long despite my many efforts to clean and re-insert it. Can you advise if there is a trick to this, it seems pretty straight forward.

The original filter should stay in place between two ridges. If it is not then the filter is bend, or something, and needs to be reshaped or replaced.

Red Light on AirVac Regarding Motor

just moved in to place with air vac. when hose is plugged in to outlet red led light comes on saying that further operation could damage motor . what could be problem. tim. thanks

To our understanding those are "idiot" lights that come on after so many hours. It may mean to change the bag, clean the filter, or check the carbon brushes on the motor. It is most likely the later. At about half life or 400-500 hours the motor brushes can be checked and replaced if needed. Most motors are never checked and they last a very long time. Sometimes it is a benefit to check the brushes. We have an article on changing the brushes here We also suggest you ask AirVac what they know about this light.

AirVac Platinum Burn Smell

Jody - Marion IA - 6 mos ago we moved into our house that has a AirVac Platinum Series Central Vacuum System. I was using the carpet attachment when there started being a burning smell, it also smells that way in the garage where the unit is located. What caused that? We are trying to clean out the carpet head and take it apart, but there is no easy way to do that and the only instruction manual we have show how to install the unit. Any suggestions?

Congratulations on the new home. Sounds like a couple of issues with vacuum system. Do you want to contact a local dealer for help? The smell at the main unit is probably a bad motor. The smell at the vacuum is probably a belt. Where do you want to take it from here?

Nortek FX100 Vacuum Parts

I have a Nortek model FX100. The fuse ( 15A 32V 311 ) is blown where can I get a replacement Walter East Meadow NY

That is an oldie! We don't know where to get a fuse but do know that others have replaced ALL the electronics with one circuit board here Use the large photo for a wiring diagram (yes, that is all there is to it). The only creative part is having to use or drill another hole for the minibreaker and black tower to stick through. An electrician can do this in under an hour.

AirVac AV425A Relay Replacement?

I have an M&S Systems Air Vac Model # AV425A. The problem is the motor runs continuously when the unit is plugged in. I can turn it on and off with the rocker switch. The motor continues to run when the hose is plugged into the wall unit and when turning the unit to off at the hose handle. Is this a relay problem. The unit has a separate transformer and relay. Can I get parts for this unit? Thanks! Lance

Original parts are no longer available. It sounds like the tank's on/off switch is 110 volt, not low voltage, and acts like a kill switch. The relay is bad but all the electronics should be replaced with a new circuit board and low voltage on/off switch. An electrician will be able to handle all this easily using the simple connection diagram on the enlarged photo of the board. The hardest part is adding an additional hole, if needed to the tank for the board to pop through into two places. Here is what you need:,251

Motor Brush Replacement Instructions

Don in Sanibel, FL. AV3500 installed a few years ago, not many hours on it. Stopped working. How do I REMOVE the brushes to replace them? (purchased brushes a couple of days ago, can't get the existing ones out). Thanks


You will find instructions on how to replace the motor brushes by clicking on the following link:

Replace AV550 Unit with Newer Vacuum

Hello: Our house came with an AirVac AV550 (or 220, hard to read the label); i recently purchased an AirVac Deluxe kit from you guys to use with the CV. Now I am thinking of replacing this old unit because (1) it is noisy, (2) there seems to be no exhaust tube, so the fine dust is probably being vented into the garage, and (3) i am not sure if this CV is powereful enough. Qustions I have is, (1) do i have to buy an AirVac replacement because I already purchased the AirVac Delux attachment kit, (2) what is the corresponding AirVac new model to replace my old AV550, (3) i am reading multiple reviews about type of CVs, tornado, bag, bagless, etc., what in your opinion is the best option (I can add a vent to funnel the dust outside the garage if needed). Thx

Your vacuum can be replaced and used with all the existing pipe, wire, hose and tools you have. Today's basic vacuums are 50% more powerful than the 550. We suggest the M85 Flo-Master or S44 SilentMaster. Our opinion is a top emptying vacuum with a disposable bag is best. The trash compacts at the bottom of the bag instead of swireling around and embedding itself on a permanent filter or screen. The suggested vacuums are sold by dealers near you that you can find on our dealer locator.

Remote Key Fob For Central Vacuum Systems

I lost my remote fob (transmitter) for my airvac wireless (model VMRC2). Is there any place I can buy a replacement remote fob? Thx N, San Jose, CA


We carry a replacement kit (receiver and transmitter) which you can view here: Please note that this will only work on central vacuum systems that have a low voltage wire coming from the home to the system itself.

Wiring Diagram or Relace with Circuit Board?

I have an AirVac 425A and I'm trying to locate a wiring diagram (Separate relay and transformer). Can you provide / help me to find? Thanks you. Chris, NJ

That is no longer available. These days it is always recommended to replace all the electronics with a single circuit board from this page They are something you can do yourself you using the large photo as the wiring guide and the questions and answers for particular information.

AirVac Red Series and Blue Series Fitration Removal and Cleaning

hi there, we bought an existing house with the red airvac series probably the vr3000, or w.e. the person before us had dogs and everytime we run the vaccum we better have the garage door open because it stinks, we dump the bucket atleast once a month-6weeks and im wondering if theres any way to clean that top filter or w.e it might be. my husband is tempted to just stick a hose up there to push everything down haha. please help. ali in jacksonvile

This is for all AirVac Blue Series and Red Series for Fitration Removal and Cleaning. You can remove and wash your filter or replace it with this one To remove the center-weighted filter you have to grab near the side and pull inward horzontally to the center really hard. Or use a screw driver to lift and flex the rim in one spot. The rim flexes and the filter falls out. Be sure to replace the filter only after it is completely dry. There is another thin filter above main filter at the air intake that can be cleaned as well.

Switch on Tank Keeps Vacuum On?

I have an Airvac AVR 7500 central vacuum system. If I turn the unit switch on, it runs all the time with or without plugging in the hose. If I turn switch to off position, the unit runs only if I plug hose into the wall connection. Is this related to the low suction. Thanks. Yu

This is the correct operation of any central vacuum unit. The switch is to remain in the off position on the unit tank.

AV625 Replace Motors or the Loud Unit?

AirVac AV625 My AV625 is approx. 18 yrs old. It appears the motors need to be replaced. We have been happy with performance but the vacuum has always been uncomfortably loud. (located in the garage) Assuming it will cost approx. $400 to replace two motors and filter would I be better off buying a new, hopefully a much quieter unit. I have seen mufflers for vac units. Can I put one on this vac? Also, it is not exhausted outside. Should it be? Thank you, Phil Rock Hill, SC

You have a powerful and durable two motor 240 volt machine. To replace it with a quieter one (SilentMaster S5 or FloMaster M92 which is not as quiet as the S5) the cost would be double that of the motors. If you can afford it the difference is amazing. Mufflers on your particular system will not help and yes, it can be vented as yours is with TWO lines and vents to the outside to avoid any dust and vacuum smell in the garage. The replacement units can be vented outside as well if you desire. The replacement units are available through local dealers. Please use our locator to find one near you or if you have questions we can help you further.

Water Damage to Motors

The reset buttons on my airvac 525a will not go in. The unit has no power at all. Outlet works just fine. I reset the breaker anyway. A water line had a pinhole leak and water sprayed down over the unit. I unplugged it and let it dry out for 6 days before trying to start it. Nothing happened at all. The reset buttons just won't go in. The unit is 18 years old. Is there a fuse inside the unit? How do I determine if I need to put in a new motor, or should I just get a new unit at this point? Mary Warrensburg

Motors rust out and will not work. You can replace the two motors and circuit board or buy a new unit for twice as much money. The motors are here and the circuit board here Let us know if you need any help.

Will Not Shut Off

I have an AirVac AV3500. The unit will run fine, but will not stop running unless I flip the breaker. Any suggestions?

Please use this guide to help you find the issue and solution

Wiring Diagram

I have an AirVac 425A and I'm trying to locate a wiring diagram. Can you provide / help me to find? Thanks you. Chris, NJ

Does that unit have a circuit board or a separate relay and transformer?

Filtration Different Than Expected, Low Suction

Hi I have moved into a house with a gold airvac 3500 system. Manual says use disposable paper bags over filter but ours looks different to diagram in manual? Also suction is terrible. I've removed filter bag & washed it, what else can I do please? Jan, Rochester, NY

What does your filtration look like? To check more suction issues see solution #3 here

Low Voltage Connections

Hi, I bought a house which has an M&S Filtex FX 3000 model central vac. installed. The low voltage wires are not connected to the unit and I can't figure out where to connect them. The wire strands are crimped into the slip-on connectors and I do not know where to connect these. Any help is greatly apprecited. Thanks. Boby, Germantown, MD

They will connect to the back of the unit to two small metal plates near the power cord.

Airvac Replacement Relay

Have a airvac central vacuum system. System put in 21 yrs. ago. Vac. would not turn on, thought it was the motor, put new motor in and still did not come on. I overrode the relay and motor turn on. So I am looking for a Potter & Brumfield relay, #s87r1a2b1d1-24 volt. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Bob

You can use our generic relay for your system found here, Wiring diagrams can be found in blue letters in the description of the part. Just click on the appropiate one for your system.

AV 410 Electronics, Relay

I have an AirVac 410 system with a Lamb 116207 motor. After a recent power outage the relay maybe the transformer are not working. I have tested the motor and it works great. Is there a new board with a relay and transformer on it I can replace my old one with or should I just replace the transformer and relay separately? If separately what parts should I use?

Your electrician can use this one relay and install it under an hour, easily. Use the large photo online as the wiring guide.

AirVac Gold Series Turns On and Off

I have a gold series AirVac 6 years old that runs then cuts off for a few seconds, back on, off again. Never more than a few seconds. May run for a extended amount of time without shutting off. Never shuts off when connected directly in garage. Thinking maybe problem with wiring in hose. Thank you, Tom in Aiken, SC

This could be a problem with the hose, the inlet, or the relay in the vacuum unit itself. Follow our troubleshooting guide to narrow down the issue.

AirVac AV5500 With No Power

i have av5500- does not have power, and can't find reset swich

Follow our troubleshooting flow chart to locate the issue,

AirVac AVR2400 Trips The Reset Button

AirVac AVR24000 runs for couple of minutes then reset switch kicks out. My AirVac is about 2 years old, but only installed for 1 year, and only been used for 6 months. All of the sudden it will only run for a minute to 5 minutes then the reset trips. I have cleaned the filter bag and even the Hepa filter over the motor (do I need this? it is very hokey)? San Francisco - Brian

Could be a couple of different issues, follow our troubleshooting flowchart to locate the issue.

AV850 Electronic Replacements, Relay, Fuse, etc.

I have an Air Vac 850B, 19 years old that does not run. The local dealer said one fuse was blown but when replaced the unit still did not run. M & S no longer has parts for this model. Do you know where I could get parts? If parts are not available what would be the easiest fix for my 4000 ft2 three level house?

Have an electrician replace everthing except the motors with one of these boards Use the large photo of it as the instructions. The retrofit of this board should take less than an hour.