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How to Put Screw In

I have purchased a new inlet and taken the old one off-the speaker wires released a spring and has what looks like a screw top on them. The new one has the spaces but has screws in them. What do I do with this? Thanks Cathy From St Louis

The screw part was not meant to be take out completely, just backed off enough to put the wires in. If it comes out then put the metal in first, then spring, then screw.

Replace Metal with Plastic?

We Have a Pullman Built In Vac. House was probably built in the 70's. All of the covers are the Bronze Metal Inlet Valve. Two of the four doors have broken springs that do not allow the round door to close. Can I replace the bronze with one of the plastic inlets?

Hi, you very likely can replace the metal inlets with plastic. The majority of them have the same two screw holes and backside diameter. Please read the text above the Basic Inlets page to determine if you have the standard metal inlets.

Floor Mounted Inlet?

We have a Beam Central Vac System. An inlet valve was in a wall we removed. We will need to relocate this inlet valve and we would like to know if something is available to locate it in the floor instead of a different wall. Thanks Dale

Hi, yes, floor mounted inlets are not uncommon. Use a metal basic inlet, a #517 backing plate, and reroute the pipe and wire. Here are some instructions

Metal Inlet Valve

I need to replace my PVC inlet doors (651HI). My existing doors all have an extender and a trim strip. Will this metal inlet door be compatible with my existing inlet setup? Thank you! Steve in Las Vegas

Steve if you are referring to the 651BMW metal inlet valve this valve would work with your existing setup for the plastic 651HI and trim plate.


I have a Black and Decker central Vacuum from 1971. When you open the door to plug in the hose, a low voltage contact is made whioch turns the vacuum on. Does this door do that. Also the pipre is 1 1/;2 inches. Will this work?

Yes, there are two contacts inside each inlet. When a hose end goes in, the metal from the end shorts the contacts and the vacuum starts. Some hoses have a switch on the end. They all work with these inlets too. The inlets fit into backing plate holes with a diameter of 1-5/8 .

Replace circa 1970 Inlets?

The house I just bought has a pullman BIV vacuum system but no hose. The wall hose opening looks just like this one. What size hose works and does the age of the system come into play. House was built in 1973. Thanks, Shelly

Hi Shelly, these inlets are really timeless. The industry standard inlet is this shape, size, and bolt pattern. The diameter of the inlet hole is 1-1/2 inches.

Include Mounting Bracket?

Hi. I want to add an outlet to our current Electrolux central vacuum system. Does this cover come with the mounting bracket? Can I use regular schedule 40 2" pipes? Steve from Phoenix, AZ

Hi Steve, are your other inlets connected to low voltage and 110 volt romex? This inlet doesn't come with a backing plate and is no compatible with 110 volt connections. That would be a SuperValve you'd need and they do come with the backing plate. If you do want this low voltage metal inlet then use the #517 backing plate and always use central vacuum PVC and fittings for the perfect fit. It is a lot different then SCH40.

Broken Spring

I have a Hoover central Vac and broke one of the spring loaded doors off one of the outlets.My vacuum is ten years old Model S5673.I also have a corded hose and the metal pieces(they look copper) are now falling out.Does that mean I have to buy a new hose? Rose

Hi, you need to replace the entire inlet faceplate. There are two screws four inches apart. Remove them and pull the valve off the wall. Remove the speaker wire (it will not shock you) and put the new valve in after putting the wire on it. For the hose, it sounds like you need a new one. See if this is the one you need: Choose the 30ft Electric Hose, 8ft Pigtail Cord

Outside Vacuum Vents, Ports

I need 2 Beam inlet covers for my outside vents?

Hi, the inlet you have is probably one of these You can use any of the taller ones and the metal one here is probably the best of the outdoors.

Replace Vacuflo Inlet?

is this item to replace vacuflo brand outlet?

Hi, our Basic Inlets and Metal Inlets will replace the Vacuflo inlets that do NOT have two holes for the hose connection above the intake port hole. For those ones that don't, these will fit right in.

Non-Electric Metal Valves

Do you have this cover without electric? Thanks

For Beam Central Vacuum

I have a Beam 2100A central vac. I need a low voltage inlet plate (metal) for the garage. Which one will fit?

Hello, all our Basic Inlets will fit your backing plate. You can see them here. Read the text at the top of the page.

Metal Inlet for Vacuflo

I have 1961 vacuflo metal covers with two round brass on/off switches. The switches are bad. Do you have these switches or can I replace the whole inlet/cover that wires to a different switch? Thanks Gary Maxwell.

Hello Gary, usually these are the only replacements for any all metal inlets. Please call us to make sure because there may be other issues here that are easier handle that way.

Replace Springs?

Do you carry, or have a source for the inlet cover springs. This is the weak link in these covers and the springs break quite frequently. Best regards, Alan J. Zulberti

Sorry Alan, they are not supplied to use or available to us. We will ask for better product, thanks!

Made Where?

Are they made in USA ?

Hello, yes they are made in the USA.

Electric Connections?

the spring in the door is broken. I guess this is the part I need? Are there any electric connections I need to make or does it just snap in place? Evan

Hello Evan, the Metal Inlets have two low voltage connections on the back of them that will not shock you. Other than that they fit right into place.

What Size PVC?


Actually, all vacuum inlet faceplates fit a central vacuum backing plate such as part number 517 on this website. The backing plate fits into central vacuum PVC pipe that is 2 OD and 1/16 thick.

All Metal?

The brass inlet - is it just a brass coating over the standard plastic inlet fitting, or is it solid brass? Thanks Jon

Hello Jon, yes, it is solid brass/metal, not coated, it will not chip.

Inlets, Outlets for MagiVac

I have a MacicVac system (low voltage outlets) & would like to know if this cover/outlet is compatible with my system. Thank You! M. J. Ausanka

Yes, they should fit. Please read the text at the top of this page (99% of all central vacs use types of inlets).