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Low Voltage Connections?

Nick, from Toronto Canada. Where do I connect the low voltage wires to?

The wires connect to the two metal contacts on the back left of the Vacusweep.

Generic for All Brands

Tracy Yrkki from Calgary, I have an Astro Vac system and the kick has cracked all the way accross. I just want to know if this part is interchangeable with my system? It keeps poping up on its own.. I have taped it down for now, until I can find the right part.

Hi, yes, this is the generic part for all central vacuum systems no matter the brand. Thanks for asking.

Leaking Air?

Had a Beam Central vac installed in new construction. Have 7 vac sweeps and 5 outlets - ? is - when in use - I can hear suction from other vac sweeps - I am sure this reduces the amount of suction over all - how can we make sure the others are sealed. I was wondering if perhaps they werent installed correctly or close enough to the floor.

Hi, there are two types, the Vacpan and Vacusweep and you can see them here https://builtinvacuum.com/inlets/vacpan.html. If you have really powerful suction you will hear a little leaking and that will be okay if you have plenty of suction for vacuuming with the hose. When a Vacpan goes bad you will know because it open all the up when it should be closed.

VacuSweep or VacPan

We are doing a kitchen remodel. I am looking at your vacusweep and your Vac Pan. This is going under a new island. Which one should I use? (I noticed that your answer to someone's question, said that the Vac Pan is eaiser to engage due to a toggle left and right.) Thank You, Kathi from Mountville, PA

Hi Kathi, you can use either, they work great. Your decision will probably be based on the easier to connect from behind. VacPan needs a couple of elbows where as VacuSweep only needs a pipe with a coupling on it. Other than that it is a preference on looks and function.

On or In Moulding?

When doing an istallation in a wall (non-cabinet toekick) are these supposed to mount against the sheetrock and the base mould cut completely out around it, or are they suppose to screw into and mount right up against the base mould with only a small portion of the base mould cut out. In other words does the unit sit directly against the sheetrock, or sit up against the base mould? Thanks

Hi, it screws into the moulding. See the photo here https://builtinvacuum.com/vacpan.html (it is a VacPan, but the same goes for VacuSweep).

Use as Replacement?

Can this unit replace the sweep pan that I currently have in my kitchen? Can I also use the existing wiring and tubes and just replace the head?

Yes, use this or the VacPan depending on what yours looks like. It will be the exact replacement. You will use the existing wire and tubes. The connection to it should not have been glued.


we have an electrolux central vac system, and have several of these sweep in type inlets. Two are broken as the pin in the hinge must have gone out and the part that moves has since been lost. what do we need to look for in a replacement to make sure we get one that fits? Patricia in Seattle

Hello Patricia, there is the VacuSweep which you lift up to operate. And there is the VacPan which toggles to the side to operate. Both can be replaced with a complete new unit. Parts are not available. There are screws in the front and a connection the back that should not be glued.

Closes Under Suction

I have one of these but a few seconds after opening it, I guess the suction is so strong from my central vac that it gets sucked closed. Is there an easy way to adjust this so it stays open while in use?

Hello, there is not a way to adjust it at this time. If over the years it gets weaker, then replace it with a new one. The fresh spring will help it stay open.

Use with Shop Vac?

Mike - Philadelphia I don't have a central vac but want to install this to a shop vac. Can I use this with a shopvac since the VacuSweep is low voltage and the shopvac is not? Thank you

Hello Mike, the on/off ability is via low voltage. If you wanted to used it by simply turning your shop vac on and off manually that would be fine.

Parallel with Floor?

For the VacuSweep, is the unit front flush with the floor - so that sweeping naturally goes right in it? The picture almost suggests the opening is raised a half centimeter. Herman

Hello Herman, the VacuSweep, when mounted at floor level, as a small slope up into the intake just like the VacPan does. Debris will go right into it and not get stuck on a step up.

Large Shoe Operation Okay?

Canplas video shows open/close operation with narrow pointed shoe. Does the open/close operation work with a man's large blunt toe shoe or do you wind up having to stoop over and operate by hand?

We have not heard complaints about someone not being able to lift the lever. The VacPan is a bit easier to engage since it is a toggle left and right. You may want to use that instead.