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Replacement liners?

I have a AstroVac SR-40 and need a plastic liner for dirt can. Don't see it listed.


We carry replacement liners for your system. Please click on the following link to view/purchase our 4-pack of liners: Vacumaid Plastic Liner Bag - 4 Pack

Low Voltage Hose Switch Replacement

I have an Astrovac SR64 with a low voltage switch in the hose handle. The switch was removed and was found to be defective. I would like to replace the switch and hose contact circuit board. Is this available?

You are most likely looking for these parts,382H. Let us know if that helps.

Astro-vac Star 42 Power Head

I have an old Astro-vac(Star 42)system purchased in 1989. The power head beater bar stopped working the other day, the little motor inside the head hums but does not turn the brush roll now. There is air going through. Can this be repaired or will the whole power head need to be replaced. If so what is the cost for a new electric power head and also a 30 ft hose. Also new belts for the beater bar if the old one can be repaired. Thank you for your assistance.

Replacing the brush is better than repairing as the costs are so high to repair. We don't know which brush you have as there are many brushes used with that system. Please reply with a photo.

AstroVac MK-1

Is MK-1 the same as Mark-1, which I have? My AstroVac just quit working and the clicking sound described by another inquiry is present, so seems a new motor is in order. Nancy from Mequon, WI

Yes, the MK in the model number is short for Mark, they are the same unit model. The clicking sound from your vacuum is the relay trying to turn on the motor normally, time to replace the motor.

AstroVac Replacement Parts

Hi.Just purchased a hm w/an AstroVac Central vac VM1375BB (?66), E10071, SweepNGroomII Model MK-x, 120v 11.5amp. Missing handle for hoses. What do you carry as replacement parts for this product? Could you direct me to a website that has a diagram and/or manual for replacement parts numbers and/or generic cross reference parts? Thank you.

For a handle replacement you will need to contact the manufacturer at They might also have the diagrams still available for your model of hose and brush. If the parts are no longer available we have replacements for the hose and brush.

No Suction at Machine

We recently purchased a house that has an Astro Vac SR-40. I don't have any information about this system and can't find contact info for the company. There is no suction from either of my units. There are no bags in either of them so I am assuming this is issue number one. Can you tell me what kind of bags to purchase and if you think this is the only thing I need to replace? Thank you! Erica NY

Emptying is a dirty job even with bag liners because you have to reach up and clean off the junk stuck to the screen. Check the screens and that may be your issue.

AstroVac 10 Filter and Accessories

Hi I have an Astro 110 (old central system), motor runs perfectly however I need to change hose, brushes and filter. What kit and filter do you recommend ? My plugs diameter is 1 1/2". Thank you

We have compatible attachment kits for your system that will clean your home excellently. If you have wall to wall carpet buy an electric kit but if you have minimal carpet buy an air powered kit. If you get the electric be sure to choose the one with the pigtail 8ft cord to plug into a nearby electrical outlet after you plug the vacuum hose into the inlet. It is a short cord connected to the end of the hose, you are not dragging around a cord and hose, thankfully. For the filter, we don't have a cross reference. AstroVac's many times didn't have a filter, just a screen up inside the tank that needs to be brushed clean.

Installing Used System

I have purchased a used central vacuum with all the necessary accessories from a garage sale, the unit is an Astro-Vac SR60 and it's in very good condition. I have tested the unit for an hour and it runs fine, no rattling sounds, no excessive sparks at the brushes and the suction appears to be fine with the 30' hose. I'd like to know if I should change the foam filter or if I can clean it and reuse it, I would also like to know if there are other types of filters that I can use. I know that the SR-60 is a cyclonic unit that doesn't require a bag but I'd like to know if it's possible to use one to prevent filter clogging. Finally I'd like to know if I can send the exhaust outside the house and if the exhaust filter is required when doing so. Thank you J-P Laplante

Sounds like a good bargain! You can wash the filter and dry it completely. The foam is what we beleive is the only filter available. You may be able to add a bag. Take a look at the filtrations notes under Vacumaid (same manufacturer) here for ideas If there is an exhaust port you can exhaust it to the outdoors. Use central vacuum pipe and the exhaust vent found here

Single Trigger Inlets

Hi, Larry in Waterford Ca. I have a Astro-Vac system that I need to replace the hose on, on the replacement hoses you sell it appears to have a contact ring that makes the connection at the wall outlet. My existing hose has no such contact ring, the wall outlet has @ the top a small spring loaded (I\'m assuming)conductive ball bearing that when you insert the hose it pushes this ball bearing up to make contact on the low voltage pins. Any answers would be appreciated.

Hi Larry, you can use any of our hoses and kits. The suction will start when you insert the hose. The on/off switch on the hose will not work but you will still enjoy the benefits of a very good hose all around. You can get started here or contact us with more questions

116.57184 Power-Mate Compatible?

Does this replace the Kenmore Power-Mate #116.57184? Also, looks like the motor unit was replaced in '98 with an Astro-Vac #SR-38. It has bags in it (HPB-) ... does it have to have bags and if so - where do I get them? And while I have your attention: HELP! This unit was installed under the house... not exactly my idea of fun. I would like to have it moved to either outside under a covered porch or into the back bedroom closet. Does it need to be vented outside or anything? It seems to work fine - so am hoping it is worth potentially putting all of this money into it... is this replacement power unit (the Astro-Vac) a good one? Even though it is 10 years old - I doubt if it was used much. Thanks, Rita in Portland Oregon.

Hello, we have the nozzle and the kits that replace the Kenmore model you have here but you are not stuck with that hose and nozzle. You can use any of these complete sets here For the bags they are found here Regarding moving the unit, it sounds like a great idea. We have "central vacuum" piping here (not available at hardware stores). If you need anything give us a call.

Sweep n Groom Replacement Hose or Complete Kit

Hi, I have an old Astro Vac model MK-X. Installed around 1984, it still runs fine. However, the long vacuum hose (that contains the built in electrical connection for the 'Sweep n Groom' power head) is breaking (duct tape is working for now). I assume that replacement hoses are available. Can I purchase one through you? Or is there a newer model hose and power head available that will still work with my old wall connections? If I can't purchase through you, can you refer me to a dealer? Thanks, Sean Murphy

Hi, that is interesting that you have two different brands. Not uncommon, as everything is pretty much universal, but we don't run across that too much. Anyhow, you have the option of replacing just the hose now, which will work with newer vacuum nozzles when needed, or buy a complete new kit. The hoses here have the hose alone with the adaptor you'll need for the older vacuum nozzle (called Beam),353GB,352GCB,353GCB. Or you can buy any new electric kit and it will fit right into your existing ports and system. Start looking here:


Dan from Unity Saskatchewan Canada. I have an old astro vac in my house when we moved here. It says model C Mk-X on the side. I need a power nozzle for it and any other accessories. I think it may need a bag in the motor portion as well. Don't know much about them. What can you tell me about this Central vac model? Thanks. dan

Hi Dan, we have complete accessory kits such as the Deluxe that fit right into your system. We can't sell the Stealth Kit into Canada. For the unit, the only maintenance is emptying the lower bucket and reaching up to remove the mesh filter (or fixed screen) and cleaning them off. Here is our help page for AstroVac

Upgrade from Non-electric?

I have an old (Astro vac) turbocat and i need an new air turbine ( my Dad calls it an impeller), as it has many fins broken on it. Where would I get this part and how much would it cost plus shipping an handling? We are very anxious to get this fixed and we have a new turbocat which does not work at all on our dog hair'd-carpets. The Rug Rat does, but it takes forever to vacuum a carpet in 3 inch strips! :) Thanks!!!

Hi, the turbine we sell is only for the latest models manufacturered in China. But since our issue is pet hair we highly suggest moving up from the TurboCat products and into the electric powered. These kits are made for pet hair and fit your system! Get started here

Electric Kit Wanted!

Hi There, I have a astro vac MK-X central vac system. The outlets do not have electric power outlets. I want a whole accessory kit: hose, powerbrush and basic attachments. I will need a power brush with a cord that can plug into a regular electrical outlet. Do you have what I need? Lisa Simsbury, CT

Hello Lisa, we have awesome electrical kits, especially the Stealth and BlackHawk. Stealth and BlackHawk are available with 8ft cord already attached. Electric kits sold here will fit right into your system and bring cleaning to a whole new level, guaranteed.

Clicking at Motor

I have a Astro Vac Model Mark -1 and it stopped working. I unplugged the hose and tried it on all wall outlets but it's not working. After further investigation, I found there actually is a clicking sound down at the unit in the garage when the connection is being made at a nearby outlet. Could this be a motor condenser issue? If so, would I be able to get a new one Or is the motor completely gone? If this were the case, were would I go from here? We live in Toronto, is there a dealer / authorized repair center where I could get a new one or these parts if needed.

Hello, indeed your motor needs to be replaced. If you slap the unit you may get it to work for a bit more. We ship to Canada and we have the replacement motor.

New to Central Vac

I never used the central vacuum. Recently, I move in to a house with a Astro Central vacuum installed in the garage. I notice there are many inlets around the house but all accessories were missing. I cannot find out the model name nor number in the body part. I can only tell you the color is yellowish gold. We have tested this machine is working. However we do not have the manual and have no idea what accessories should get replaced. Any suggestions? Grace Toronto

Hello Grace, any hose and tool set will work with your central vacuum and there are a lot places near you that sell them and can help you understand the system. We also have many kits and accessories that you can purchase as well from us. Basically the system only needs one thing to be maintained....emptying the bottom of the collection unit every couple months and reaching up to clean the filter.

Need Accessory Kit

we have an old MARK V and are in need of replacement hose and some you still have these in stock and where can we go to look at the items on the web. Also, is there a distributor in are area (Denison, Texas - Grayson County - USA)! THanks Mark J. Ewig

Hello Mark, though we have no one in the area we'd be glad to carefully walk you through your options and provide free shipping on any kit over $300 and a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee. Please call us at your convenience.

Replacement Suction Regulator?

I'm looking for a replacement suction regulator (plastic bracelet-type fitting) for my late 80's model MK X Astrovac system. Thanks, Kathy, Finksburg,MD

Hello Kathy, these fit over metail tubes that are around 1.25 in diameter.,352BV

Click but No Suction

Our Astro Vac Mark - I Model # 1181F6107 just stopped working. I unplugged it at the wall one minute and about 10 min. later when I plug it into the wall outlet, nothing happened. After further investigation, I found there actually is a clicking sound down at the unit in the basement when the connection is being made at a wall outlet. Could this be a solenoid issue? If so, would I be able to get a new one. Or is the motor completely gone? If this were the case, were would I go from here? We live in Canada near Toronto, is there a dealer where we could get these parts if needed.

The motor is gone and you need to replace it completely. You can look around your area or order from our website.

Need Relay

I need a relay for my ~20 year old AstroVac model MK-X, SN 37040287P. Would you have one? How soon after I order it will I receive it. Thanks Bob

You may be able to us our #241 Relay that ships from California the day or day after you order it. You can use one of the posts in each corner even though there are two. See photo on bottom of this page for wiring

Inlet, Hose

I have a Astro-Vac Model #MK III installed in 1991. I need a replacement for the wall inlet. We were having our kitchen remodeled and the contractor broke it. We also have a beater bar that we need a new belt for. We could also use a new hose. We love our vacuum. Thanks for your help.

Any of the Basic Inlets will work. We highly suggest a attachment kit if you need a hose and roller bar. You will be amazed at the electric Stealth kit . It works with your inlets and vacuum and has a 5-Star rating.

Parts Available for Mark X?

I have an Astro-Vac Mark X. Are parts for it still available? I recently had the belt break in the 'power head' assembly. When I took it apart, I noticed a tag that stated that a replacement belt was a Geniuine Eureka belt No. 52201 which I have found on the internet and ordered. I assume that this is Ok But since the unit unit is so old (around 1984), I want to make sure that other parts can still be found, including hoses and accessories. Thanks.

Yes, motors, hoses, accessories, wall faceplates, are all available for your older model and will be for a very long time.

AstroVac Relay & Transformer

I need the transformer and relay for model SR-36 manufactured by Lindsay Manufacturing Inc. and marketed under the name AstroVac. Is this 110 volt transformer the proper transformer and is the relay included with the transformer and if not does your company have it available, and if so, what is the price of the relay? Thank you.

Yes you can use this as the replacement. Here are both parts.

Replace Motor and Attachments

we have an older Astro-Vac system (SR 36) and were looking to replace the hoses that came with it and possibly the motor. What would the cost for this be? Assuming the 30ft Deluxe Kit at 199 and the motor at around 199. Please let me know greg

The motor is $133.00 and the Deluxe Kit is $251 (as of 9/7/06), there may or may not be refurbished kits. Free shipping for both together, and no tax in CA.