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Low Sealed Suction

I have an astro-vac S3200 @ 20 years old. it runs well and sounds like it is running fine but the suction is @ 60Lbs at each outlet on the main floor. our repair person said it needed double that and recommended we replace it with a new unit of a different brand. i would like to know if there is a repair/rebuild kit and seales etc. that will correct the problem? it does not seem like we need a new product. Thank you william in Franklin

Hi William, you will first need to test it at the unit where the debris enters. Remove the pipe and check it there. Then check it there with the hose, then check the inlets without the hose. There is a leak somewhere.

Chattering, Used Power Nozzle

the power head sounds like it is about to disintegrate. Chatters and just sounds like it has been used 50 years. Purchases in late o4. We have cleaned out the long strands of carpet wound around roller.

Hello, try replacing the belt and taking the roller out to clean the side bushings. If that doesn't help give us a call for your options.

Breaker Trips Quickly

i have a sr72. my motor breaker trips. had an elec. check can not come with solution. suggest chang motor breaker to 20 amps from 15 amps. is this the solution, if so where can i purchase. thank you

Hello, the breaker will trip because is it failing or the motor is expiring. Did you see excessive blue sparking in the motor? Then change the motor. It is rare for minibreakers to go bad but they can. We sell minibreakers at

Rebuilt Motor Going Bad

Jocelyn, Calgary have a MK-X model, replace motor with rebuilt one last year. since then breaker button keeps popping-out after 10 minutes or so. brought it back to local vacuum dealer, worked fine there. once home worked fine the first few times but start doing the same again. Originally brought the unit to the shop for a transformer replacement, figured the motor bearing was on its last leg, thought might as well...then hum!

Hello Jocelyn, our opinion is to get new motors not rebuild. The most likely reason for the inconsistent breaker issues it the fact you moved the machine around. Many times that repositions the motor brush just a bit and it runs fine. If you go shake and bump the machine it may work better for awhile again, but you will have to replace the motor eventually.