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Beam Q Compatible? Electrolux? Hoover?

Does it fit Beam Q?

The Axis fits 99% of all systems but 100% if an adaptor is used. These brands need the following adaptor Beam Q, Beam Solair, Hoover and Electrolux with snap-in plastic wands. Use this adapter with any of our accessories:

Best for Hardwood Floors?

What is the best attachment for vacuuming hardwood floors? Emmy, Palisades Park, NJ

Using the customer reviews will help you understand the tools and homeowner's opinions of them. We recommend a brush and then a secondary tool such as the Manta or CentraMop. The Axis is brand new and has few reviews, but we believe it will get a lot of praise for its benefits.

Better than Combo Tool?

I have hardwood floors and have been using an attachment similar to your Rug and Floor Central Vacuum Combo Tool Part#409, which allows me to vacuum the floors and then retract the brushes to clean the door mats. My question is, would the Axis floor brush do a better job on the hardwood floors that the combo tool I am using now? Thanks, Emmy Palisades Park, NJ

Great question Emmy. Yes the Axis will clean better then the Combo Tool. The Combo has stiff plastic brushes and not many of them touch the floor. Axis, and the other hard floor brushes have softer hair in combination with softer plastics. The increased amount of agitation on the floor picks up more embedded debris, giving you a smoother, cleaner floor. These brushes will fit where the Combo Tool fit before.

Button Lock Wand Compatible?

Will this fit the Metal vacuum tubes with the button that depress that normally holds tools?

Yes, the Axis fits on wands with a button lock. The button tucks under and stays depressed. This is the way nearly all accessories work now. They fit on friction fit and button lock wands even without having a button lock hole on the tool.

Carpet Cleaning?

I have the rug and floor combo tool, which I use on both hard floors and low pile carpet (with the brushes down). Will the Axis also work on my low pile carpeting?

The Axis would not be good for carpet cleaning. It glides easily on the floor but on the rug the dynamics of that much resistance would not make for comfortable cleaning.

Center Opening?

The actual opening underneath - does it run the length of the brush? My current brush only has an opening around the hose connection. It is not very effective in sucking up any debris outside that opening. Agnes, DE

The neck of the Axis spreads out so the suction is directed in from the length of the tool. The only opening is in the neck but the vacuum picks up debris towards the middle where it gets picked up. Lighter objects will float up quickly and heavier objects will move toward the center then get picked up.

Compare to Manta Mop

How is the Axis different from the attachment for hardwood floor which has the mop-like cover.

The Axis is really different from the Manta. The Manta is larger and full of yarn like material whereas Axis is more of a traditional horse hair floor brush. Using the Axis and then the Manta would be a great combination for anyone who is a "clean freak" like us!

Compatible With Brush Bumpers?

Will this brush work with any of the bumper covers you offer? I am interested in getting a cover for the new Axis tool I purchased.

Yes, the small brush bumper will work with the Axis brush.


Need to know if most of your attachments will work on a Heatilator/Beam system.

Our tools will work with any tube or hose with 1.25" diameter, which is virtually all Beam systems. Heatilator is associated with fireplaces and is not compatible with our products, none of the plastic components are heat resistant.

Dirt Devil Compatible?

Can I use the Axis Floor Brush on my Dirt Devil central vac

Yes, the Axis is compatible with nearly all central vacs and all Dirt Devil Central Vacs.

Good for a Universal Floor Cleaning Tool?

I HATE to vacuum and hate even more having many vac attachments to carry around. Is there a great universal one? All my floors are hardwood but have large area rug in living room and 2 bedrooms have small accent rugs. Thx again Jeanne, Lillian

Axis is certainly not in the universal tool category. The neck swivels too much up and down to be any good on any carpet or rug. What most homeowners use as a universal tool is the wheeled 12" floor brush. Then for deeper carpet cleaning use a central vacuum head with a beater nozzle as needed. Here is the more universal tool:

Height of Axis

What is the height of the brush? I need to know if it will go under some of my furniture that is less than 2" from the floor.

The sides are five inches long and 1-1/2" tall. The rounded part for the swivel neck is 3-1/2" tall at the top of it. Hopefully you'll be able to use the sides to go as far under the furniture as you need.

Hoover Compatible

Sharon in Delaware. Will this fit my Hoover Central Vacuum Model S5673 without using an adapter? The floor brush that came with my vacuum has male end with a plastic knob that fits into the female end of the tube and is secured in place by a rotating plastic cuff.

You'd need the adapter for this brush to work with your male/female connection system.

Hoover with Metal Wand

Would this work well for the Hoover Platinum Central Vac System? (Model S5629). I have hardwood and ceramic tile flooring. The plastic on the floor brush that came with my vacuum has split and now the floor brush won't stay on the metal hose. I need a new brush for my hard floors and am wondering what would be the best option. Thanks!

This is a really great tool and will work with your Hoover with metal wands. Thank you for asking.

Make Up and Comparisons

Can you please tell me what the bristles are made of -- synthetic or natural? Also, I am currently using the 14-inch floor brush with wheels. Am I correct that the only differences between that one and this new is the swiveling action, the lack of wheels, and the shape of the bristles? Will I find it any harder to use because it does not have wheels? Thanks so much.

The bristles are a combination of horse hair (for smooth cleaning) and synthetic (for strength and longevity). The other difference between the 14" wheeled brush is the size. At 13", the Axis has better suction and fits into more areas (and even more so with the swivel ability). Even though it is not as wide, you will actually clean faster because of its versatility and ease of use. It glides as smooth as the 14" brush, if not better, even without wheels. The Axis is not as easy to lift up and set on to a larger piece of trash, however, since it swivels up and down. You'll have to raise it higher and set it down on larger trash with a little more effort then typical brushes.

Nutone Compatibility

Will the Axis fit the Nutone central vac wand?

Our tools will fit any standard wand with a 1.25" outside diameter.

Pet Hair

I have four dogs and three boys. My floors are tile and wood laminate. I can't decide between this model vs the 14-inch Deluxe Floor Brush with wheels Part#402WX vs the 12in Deluxe Central Vacuum Accessory Floor Brush Part#402D. I like the idea of the swivel, but I'm concerned about suction power of the Axis. Short dog hair in the corners and along baseboards is my pet peeve. Pardon the pun. :)

With pet hair being an issue, go with the 402wx. There are no bristles on the sides that help draw the hair up the line. This feature also increases edge cleaning for the baseboards.

Size and Wheel-less Questions for Ease-of-Use

Hi, I have an MD vacuum system. Most of the floors in my home are hardwood or stone so I usually use the 14" brush. However, since being diagnosed with fibromyalgia it's becoming more difficult for me to vacuum. I'm wondering if the brush with wheels will be easier for me to use. I also like the Axis brush in that it swivels, which may be easier for my physical challenges. Which do you suggest for easier use? In addition, is it true that the larger the brush, the less suction? If that's the case, would I be better off with a 12" brush? Please advise. Thanks!

Yes, the larger the area of a brush the less suction per square inch, but today's central vacuums are strong enough to use a 12-14" floor brush. The majority are 12" and few are 13", as the Axis is. A wheeled brush is tradionally easier to use then non-wheeled one. The Axis is non-wheeled, but glides as easy as a wheeled one. That, combined with how easily is stays on the ground and moves around, would be a great option for your needs.

Small Area Rugs?

Will this brush also clean area rugs and small carpets so that I don't have to change brushes while cleaning my hardwood floors? Thanks, Donna , VA

The Axis would not be good for carpet cleaning. It glides easily on the floor but on the rug the dynamics of that much resistance would not make for comfortable cleaning.