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Airvac AV425A Compatible

All we need is your Basic 30 ft. hose and minimal attachments. Will this work for Marble floors and very low pile carpet. We have the Airvac Model AV425A

Yes, this hose and tool kit will work with your system.

AirVac Compatible?

Will Kit #416B fit my Air Vac Model 525A? Also, do you ship to Canada and if so how long does it take? Thank you, Suzanne, South Lancaster.

Yes, our Basic Kit will fit your AirVac Model and all AirVac Models. In fact, all our air driven kits and corded electric kits fit all AirVac Models. We ship to Canada and it will take about three days.

AirVac Compatible?

I have an AirVac model 110 will this kit work with this. I just need the basic as we have tile, wood, or berber carpet.

Yes, the Basic Kit is compatible with all AirVac Systems. All our Air Kits are compatible. We suggest the Deluxe Kit since you have carpet. It will spin and groom your carpet.

Black & Decker Compatible?

Will this work with a Black & Decker central vacuum system?

Yes, this will fit your system, if not we will provide the adaptors.

Broan Compatible?

will this work for a standard Broan system?

Yes, this will work with your Broan system but if you have inlets that are wider then tall you'll need a different hose. So you'd kit the kit without hose and the separate hose - all here,302NM,303NM.

Budd Vacuum Compatible?

Is this kit work on hose operated type of Budd-model no 7811?

Yes, this works with Budd but you will need to buy this adapter to permantently put into the wall end of the new hose

Button Lock Hose Compatible?

I wanted to buy the Basic Kit but also want to get a hose that has button locking and an on/off switch (low voltage) for my Air-Powered unit. How would I do that? With the Add-A-Hose choice? If so, will any Air-Powered hose work with any Air-Powered kit? For example, will the button lock require special accessories or extension tubes that have a hole for the button lock? Thank you for any assistance.

Great question. The parts in the Basic Kit will work fine with the vacuum system allowing you to turn the suction on and off. You don't need the button locking hose, the wands in the Basic Kit are friction fit. But if you want to get an additional wand with button locking then buy this one and it will work with everything the kit and the locking hose.

Central Vac International Accessory?

Will this work with a Central Vac International CV-7 unit?

Hello, yes this will work perfectly with your system just as they both are. Happy cleaning!

Electrolux Compatible?

will this work for electrolux centralux e130f

Hello, yes the Basic Kit will fit right into all the vacuum wall inlets you have and work with your Electrolux Central Vacuum.

Fasco Compatible?


Hello, yes, these kits and the hose connection to the vacuum receptacle will fit all Fasco Vacuum Systems.

Filtex Compatible

I have a Filtex NTC600, i think it is about 10 years old. The hose and wand are worn out, is this the correct one to replace it with? I have mainly hard floors in my home. Thanks Claire, Orlando

Hello Claire, great question. If you have the older Filtex metal door faceplates on your wall you need a large 'tapered cuff' hose end. Go here and look down a bit to basic hoses. If you have the metal inlets then load that hose into your cart and then built the entire kit a-la-cart using the accessories link on the left side navigation. The link in the answer also informs how to upgrade the older inlets for those who need to vacuum carpet.

Fit My System?

Will it work with Filtex central vacuum systems?

Hello, yes, this will fit your system. Filtex metal inlets, though, are a big larger so you also need 302CT. Put it on the end of your hose instead of the end it comes with.

Hoover Compatible?

Will this fit a hoover central vac model 5620 120V?

Yes, this and all air kits will fit all Hoover models because Hoover was installed with universal wall inlets and these kits engage the system the same way as the installation intended. In fact, the electric kits also fit all Hoover central vacuums and work with all Hoover tanks.

Hoover S5639 Replacement Hose And Tools

I wanted to purchase the Basic Accessory kit,but needto know if this will fit my Hoover Central vacuum, model number S5639. Edna

The basic hose that comes with the kit will fit any standard inlet with a round 1.5 inch opening.

Hoover Vac Outlet Compatible?

Will this kit plug into Hoover outlets? Craig - Ottawa

Yes, this and the other kits work with all Hoover Central Vacuum Systems.

Hose Ends Alone

What is the product code for : 1) Hose end 2) Wand

Kenmore Compatible?

will this work with a Sears Kenmore vacuum Julie cincinnati

Hello Julie, this will work with a Kenmore Central Vacuum. The wall plates you have may be smaller than 1.5 diameter in which case you need the metal adaptor found on our Kenmore page.

Kenmore Hose and Tools Needed

I have an almost 40 yr-old Kenmore Central Vac with inlet-door-operated switch. I need a 30 foot hose with hard-floor and carpet tools. What do you suggest? I believe the in-wall piping is 1.75 inch OD.with 1.25 inch hose fitting ends. Thanks. Gene, Willoughby, Ohio

We have a wide variety of vacuum hoses and tools all in money saving accessory kits. We also have the adapter you'll need for any of these kits that will fit the hose to the 1-1/4" diameter wall plate. What kit should you get? If you have carpet we recommend the Stealth or Ace "corded kit". If you have minimal carpet we recommend the Deluxe or Axis Kit. Take a look here

Kenmore System - Will this fit?

I have an old system that has a kenmore power unit but has 1.5 inch inlet fittings with two electric buttons to turn on the unit. The present system has a end on the hose that is 1.480 inches in diameter and and insert length of 1.125 inches. Would like to order a basic hose kit with accessories. Please advise what I should order Bill Miller

Hi Bill! Great News...if the inner diameter of your inlet valves measure 1.5" you can use ANY kit from our website The basic kit will be compatible.

Need Electric Kit

I have a master vac II by fasco, and need a accessory kit for it. The hose has a plug in for electrical outlet on the end. Which kit do I need to buy for my system?

Hi, an electric kit is much better at cleaning than the Basic Kit which depends on air only to move material into the vacuum. An electric kit uses air and a dependable rotating brush. For your system, or any system, any of our electric attachment kits will work. When an option, get the 8ft cord or corded version of the kit. Start here to find which kit goes well with your budget. All of them work very well.

Need Floor and Carpet Brush

I have a nutone cv-450 with a "model 360" wall inlet. i need a brush for carpet and tile. what do you suggest? thnks,martha mississippi

Martha we suggest two different brushes. There is not one brush that does a good job on both. Here are the products, a good floor brush and a rotating beater brush (entry level). We also included the step up brush from the entry level one. The air will spin the brush and groom your carpet very well.,440,455

Need Some of the Kit Only

Hi, all I need is the hose, wand and brush is that possible, because I dont need all the accessories you offer. Thank you Felicia

Hello, you can order them separately here:,303,406,402W. There are two sizes of the hose here and there are others too if you need them at Buy two of the wands or one telescoping one here

Nutone Compatible?

William, Mount Juliet Tn. Will this unit fit a Nutone central system with low voltage wiring.

Nutone has two different wall inlets. If yours is a bit wider then tall then you need to buy a low voltage hose, some wands, and some accessories (basically make your own kit). If your inlets are taller then wide then the Basic Kit will fit right in.

Nutone Compatible?

will this work with nutone central vac Izzy watchung nj

Hello Izzy, yes, the Basic Kit is compatible with Nutone. Older Nutones had a slightly smaller vacuum port hole in the wall though so you may want to also get this hose end to use if the included on doesn't.

Nutone CV353 Compatible?

Will this system work with model# CV353W?

Yes, this one and all of our air kits will work with your particular system.