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Basic Floor and Carpet Tool Q&A

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Re: Basic Floor and Carpet Tool #401. How wide is this?

This tool is 10 inches wide.

Filtex - Older System, Need Carpet Tool

I have an older Filtex FX 675A canister unit (complete with original metal parts)and looking for a replacemnt head for 'carpets' only. My current one is all metal, in the shape of the above product and smooth underneath except for a row of fine bristles that move back and forth for carpeted rooms. Do you sell anything similar to what I have? TIA, Lisa

Hi Lisa, actually you can quickly move to a more techincal age using the system as is. All you need is a TurboCat brush head. The air will come into it, spin a turbine, move a belt, spin a roller brush, and pick up embedded dirt while grooming your carpet. You can find the TurboCat sold alone here Other than that, the replacement you are looking for is #401 here You can use any of the accessories found on the website. They fit your hose and system. Lastly, we highly suggest a new hose. For help with that visit here or call us.

Replace Button Hole Model?

Since you have replied that there are no floor attachments with the small hole, can you recommend a new handle unit and a new floor attachment that use the newer friction fit? Please advise model numbers and prices. Thank you. Bob Laytonsville, MD

Hello Bob, before recommending product we need to make sure the hose handle connection will fit a new stub tube. Does your hose handle snap into the long metal tubes that go down to the floor brush? Here is a link for a yes answer and a no, plus brush options that all fit and will clean your home well. If you ever want to go electric then a new electric kit will fit right into your existing system. Electric hoses and beater nozzles clean the best! Here is the link for what we've discussed,406TB,409,401,455

Come with Button Hole?

I am looking for a rug attachment similar to this except that it needs to have the small hole to lock the attachment on to the metal wand of my central vacuum system.Do you have an accessory like that? Bob Laytonsville, Maryland

Hello Bob, sorry that is not available. We'd love to tell you where to get that but the industry has pretty much gone to friction fit for all non-electric accessories.

Friction Fit

thank you for your quick reply and the carpet tool went on the metal wand upside down and then I turned it around and that is the way it stayed while vacuuming. If that is friction, then that is the one I need. Please advise so we can purchase the proper tool, thank you again. Betty Koehler

Yes, the tool attaches to a straight vacuum tube via friction.

Replace CV170

We have a CV-30 central vacuum and have had it since 1991, and our delux carpet tool (CV170) has worn out and does not stay on the metal wand, which makes vacuuming impossible. Please inform us as to which is the proper replacement. We would like to order the replacement asap, and hope we hear from you quickly. Thank You Betty Koehler

Hello Betty, hopefully the metal wands are in good shape too. Did the accessory stay on by friction or by a button lock? If friction then these two products are really great.,402D

Fit Shop Vacs?

Does this fit the Shop-Vac Quiet Deluxe Series, Catalog Number: 586-06-0?

All the tools here have an interior 1.25 diameter opening. Usually they do not fit Shop Vacs.

Fit My System?

Does this fit the AirVac 2500 Red Series S from Newnan

Hello, yes it fits all systems except Electrolux and some Hoover.

No Hole for Nipple

my broan 2.25 inch diameter chrome tube has a button or nipple, how does this attach to my tube or wand if there is no hole for the nipple to go into?

That is a huge diameter. Don't think we have ever heard of that size before! This tool fits on diameter of 1-1/8 to 1-1/4 . If there is a nipple on yours then press it in and slide it under. This is typical.

Hole? Swivel? Detach?

does this tool have a hole for the button and does the head swivel and detach from the metal angle wand?

Sorry, no hole, but works with wands that have nipple. Yes it swivels. No the neck doesn't detach, only older ones did that.

GE Central Vacuum Hose and Tools

Is this compatible with my General Electric central vacuum which is about 38 years old? The inlet diameter measures 1 1/2 inches. I need the hose too that is compatible with my General Electric? Please respond and let me know. Thank you.

The tool fits on metal wands that are 1.25 inches in diameter. I suggest a Basic Hose or Low Voltage hose for your GE Central Vacuum with 1-1/2 inch diameter inlets.