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Hose Cuff with Metal End for Basic Vacuum Hose Q&A

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Questions & Answers

Damage or Danger?

The size of this cuff is the same as our old one, which is all rubber (plastic?). Will inserting the metal end of your cuff damage the vacuum or present any danger?

Not sure what the situation is here. The cuff end goes into all 1-1/2" diameter wall inlets for central vacs. It does not damage the valve, connections, triggers, or anything in this application.

What Diameter? Fit Older Hose?

Installed a Nutone central vacuum in the basement with a 1.5 inch inlet on the motor housing. My old hoses go into 1.25 inch inlets installed in the walls throughout the house. What is the right product to buy so that I can use my old hoses directly into the new Nutone in my basement? David Heller

Hi David, this is the correct hose end. You can attach it to your hose and it will fit the new inlet. It will reverse thread on to the bare hose.

Plastic Outer Diameter

What is the outside diameter of the plastic end? What size hose threads in? (mine is 1 5/8)

The plastic end's outer diameter is 1-3/4 inches. Your hose is too big for it.

Fit My Vacuum?

Will this fit a Hayden super vac 6000?

Hi, this fits all hoses that do not have an on/off switch on the hose end.

Fit Electrolux?

I just installed a new Electrolux central vac with an outlet in the basement and I want to use my old electrolux hose in the basement. Will this fit my hose and activate the vacuum?

Yes, this part will fit on your old hose, fit in the 1.5 diameter hole, and activate the suction.


What diameter is the metal portion? Thanks

The non-tapered metal ring is a hair under 1.5 inches in diameter.