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Beam 192 No Suction, Breaker Pops.

I have a Beam model 192 that was working great until today. Today as soon as I turned the system on via a switch on the hose, it immediately turned off. I disconnected the hose and went to look at the unit. The small breaker at the top was switched off. I reset the breaker and tried turning the unit on via the switch at the top of the unit. Again the breaker immediately turned off. Any ideas?

This is an indication of a bad motor. The bad motor may have taken out the reset as well. We recommend replacing the motor first since it is what usually goes bad.

Bag Removal Trick, Secondary Filter.

Simon in Boca Raton, Florida. I have a 20 year old Beam 100 that has poor suction at the auxilary intake on the powerhead. Reading your posts I wondered if there is a secondary filter above the cloth bag that I can clean. I have tried to remove the cloth bag as per the instructions above: To remove the bag grab up top near a side and pull hard directly inward. The stiff outer lip bends in and the entire thing falls out immediately. I have pulled very hard but it doesn't show any sign of budging and I don't want to rip it. Is there a seconday filter and do you sell a replacement cloth bag if I rip the old one out? Lastly do you have a replacement powerhead that would switch out easily and would I be assured of much better suction. Thank you

The trick is you can start the bend of the outer rim with a screw driver. Makes it a lot easier to get the bag out. There is only a screen as a secondary filter. We have 14" and 11" filter replacements. Yes, we do have power heads but needs to know what model yours is before we know for sure we have a match. We look forward to hearing back from you.

Cloth Filter Removal

I have a whole house vacuum Beam model 153 with the cloth bag..for the life of me I cannot figure out how to remove it for cleaning... Please help!......Terry from Daytona Beach

To remove the bag grab up top near a side and pull hard directly inward. The stiff outer lip bends in and the entire thing falls out immediately. You don't have to take it out to clean it. Use a shop vac to clean it, you are looking at the dirty side of it. The other side is "clean".

Beam Electric Hose

I have a Beam Serenity Plus Powerbrush and was wondering if you have/make a twenty foot hose with the two small 120 volt pins to run the power brush? Bill, Derby, KS


We only stock the electric hose in 15', 20', 25', 30', and 35' lengths.

Carpet Brush Not Rotating Properly

Steve in Winnipeg. My Beam central vac is about 6 years old. Lately the beater brush only works intermittantly. If I pick it up off the floor it starts rotating again but when I put back onto the carpets it stops and starts regularly?


You may be having issues with debris wrapped around the brush axle. Remove the brush roller and carefully inspect the ends for string, carpet fiber and hair. If that is clear of debris, you may need replace the brush. We offer several replacements that you can view on our website.

Beam Rugmaster Issues

Have a Beam Rugmaster Powerhead. Purchased 1998. The "beater, rollers" won't turn when turn on switch, unless I give it a "little nudge". Then works fine. Thanks much Joyce Ankeny, Iowa

There may be debris wrapped around the brush axle that is preventing the roller from turning. Remove the brush roller and carefully inspect the ends for string, carpet fiber and hair. If they are clear, then it may be time to just replace the brush with a new one.

Beam Unit Will Not Turn On, Green Light On

My beam won't come on even with on/off switch on the canister but the green light is on,older model and don't see a reset button.Is my motor done or what else could it be?Jo Oshawa

You may have a bad circuit board or a bad motor. Follow our troubleshooting guide to narrow down the issue at

Odor Removal

How do I get the oily, wet dog smell out of the hose. Two large dogs used to live here. I'd like to remove it if possible, not just add a new odour to cover it. Thanks, Valerie, from Oshawa

You can try spraying a paper towel with an odor removal detergent and sucking it down the hose all the way to the unit. Done many times it can help reduce the smell.

How to Change and Clean Filter

I have a beam 192, and i have emptied the canister and cleaned it, but there is very bad smell like wet dog comming from it. It gets worse when i vacuum. Could it be the filter? how do i clean that? Thank you, Sarah

To change the filter, remove the bottom bucket, grab a top edge of the filter and pull inward until the filter edge flexes and the filter falls down. Wash it and replace it when it is completely dry.

Beam 353 With No Debris In Bag

I have a Beam model 353. I went to empty the vacuum, which I haven't done since I moved into my house almost 2 years ago, and there was virtually no dirt in it. I know that there should be a ton of dirt to get rid of, but there is nothing. Could it be stuck in the pipes? I have good suction though. What should I do???

If you have good suction at the inlets, then the pipes are fine. You may have a tear in the cloth bag that is allowing all the debris to go through the motor and not be deposited in the collection bin.

Beam Floor Brush Will Not Stay On

I have an older model beam vac. The power head only stays on by pressing hard on the on/off switch. There is no problem with the hard floor tool and the suction part on both is fine.


It sounds like your brush has a bad switch that cannot maintain its on position. You can contact Beam at (800) 369-2326 for parts, but older Beam brushes can be hard to find. It may be easier to replace the brush entirely.

Low Suction Old Filter

Our Beam central vac model #284 does not have good suction, the machine was in the house when we moved in 13 years ago. We have only used a shop vac to clean the filter, should or can the filter be replaced? The power head is good, the suction problems seems to be from the machine itself.

You can replace the center-weighted bag and it really should be done. But first test the suction by removing the bag and starting the vacuum. To remove, grab a top side and pull inward with strength. The outer rim flexes allowing the filter to fall out. Put the bottom back on the unit and test the suction without the hose. If better, then buy a new filter, it not then look for blockage in the hose or pipes. Replacement filters are available and we offer ones with an 11.5 or 14 inch diameter.

Power Brush Spins Only when Lifted off Carpet

I have a RugMaster Powerhead BM1386. The brush stalls/does not spin when vaccuming carpet. If I turn the powerhead over, the brush spins fine and seems to have a lot of power. Seems like it wants to be lifted off the carpet to be able to spin. Any idea how to fix this?

Most likely the gear on the motor shaft is sheered so it only spins without resistance. You'd be best off replacing the entire brush with a new one here

Switch Not Working

I have a Beam Solaire Power team that seems to have a problem in the switch that allows you to turn on the power brush. It won't turn it on. I have access to two, so I know it's not in the power brush itself, because I can make it work with the one hose switch, but not the other one. How can I fix it?

You should seek to get that fixed under warranty from the retailer, if it is not too old. Or contact them for a switch if you know electricity is getting to the switch.

Will Not Shut Off

I have a Beam System model 189F. The vacuum system is working great except for one won't shut off. I have to unplug the motor to get it to turn off. The green indicator light tells me that the power unit is functioning properly.

Hi, please use this guide to easily find the problem Let us know what you find.

Beam 2250 Hose Needed

We have a Beam 2250 Central Vac System and are in need of a 35' hose but do not know what hose to order. Darlene, Coppell, TX 75019


We have the Electric Hose used for the Beam 2250 model and the hose connection variations it included. The Electric Hose here includes adaptors to make today's standard hose fit the outdated hoses used before (This is assuming you have an electric cord coming out the back of the power nozzle used for carpet grooming. Otherwise you can use the Low Voltage Hose without any compatibility issues.) We actually suggest upgrading the hose, power nozzle and attachments at this time for a smoother transition. All the Electric Kits here fit right into your Beam Model and work flawlessly If you need more help please contact us again.

How to Clean the Weighted Cloth Filter

I have a Beam central Vacuum system model 189F. It works well but I don't have the operator's manual and I don't know how to clean its self cleaning filter that seems to be rather full. Can you help? Hector

Hi Hector, The filter is two ply with a weighted center. To clean put a trash bag around the unit from the bottom, grab that filter and shake. If you want to remove it, grab a top side and pull directly inward. The stiff outer rim flexes and the bag drops out.

Upgrade Beam Unit and Accessories

Lori - Eads, CO I have a Beam 2250D - had it for 6 years. I had the brushes replaced in the motor when it quit working. It emits lots of black (carbon dust?) all over the wall next to the vacuum. If I were to buy a bigger and newer unit, would everything work with my existing pipe? Also, if I were not to replace the unit, and purchase a new corded hose and a new power head, which would be compatible with my existing unit? Or, which one is the best? Thank you!

Hello Lori, it is not uncommon for well used motors to shred the new carbon brushes. That motor is really powerful but may have been hindered by the build up of dirt in the permanent filter. Try a central vacuum with a disposable filter (costs less than $20/yr in bags). And yes a new unit will fit right into your existing system. You may need a bit of pipe and an elbow to make the simple connection though. There are some more powerful units that run on a regular home breakers. The SilentMaster S44, ModernDay K, and FloMaster M85. For the accessory kit there is the Stealth and EdgeLift. They are electric and our top sellers. They clean great. Let us know how we can help you futher. Here is a link to information about upgrading your Beam

Carpet Brush Spitting Debris/ Dirt

I have the Beam Advocate motorised carpet brush.Every thing works, but will not pick up any thing. It just throws it.It seems to me that I am losing all or most of my vacuum around the extension handle and swivel handle. Are there like O rings or seals that need replaced. Dan C. Holts Summit, Mo. Unit was in the house when purchased, Aprox- 2yr.old


The brush and/or wand is clogged or possibly, your suction is not functioning even though it sounds like it is on. Check for clogs and physically see if the main power unit is functioning as normal. If it is not, then your Hose Switch Assembly needs to be replaced.

Suction Not Coming On

Marie, Auburn, CA We just moved into a house with a beam Central Vac. It has the Beam Butler Floor Attachment which works on the carpet switch, but does not work on the bare floor switch. We bought a hard wood floor attachment, but the tube it uses has no electric connection, and just pushing the hose into the wall connection does not turn the unit on. What do I need to do?

Hello, sounds like the suction never comes on but you think it does with the carpet brush sound. Use this trouble guide to find the exact issue

Suction Starts and Stops in Loop

I have a Beam 2250D with Inteliwatch (which does not light up). For some time now, when in use, it startsfine, then stops and starts over and over again. This happens even when its turned on manually. Any ideas?

Hello, it sounds like you need an new circuit board. Please call us for direction.

Electric Hose Extension?

I currently have a 30ft pig-tail corded hose (Beam) but need a little length for one room. I don't really want to carry around a lot of extra hose when not needed in most rooms. Do you have an extension that would work with a powerhead? If not could you tell me if I add an extension plug the pigtail into the wall with an extension cord would I still be able to get electricity to the power head?


You can use a 12' Hose Extension with your 30' pigtail hose. Simply, add an extension cord in order to use this extension with your existing powerhead.

Need Long Hose

I need an extension hose(powered)approximately 20t long. I have a 35ft hose now with pigtail for 110 volt outlet. I added a outdoor room addition and my present hose isn't long enough.I als have a 30'powered hose for the basement. Is there a connector for putting to hoses together or is there another solution like a 50'+ powered hose available? I have a Bam serenity unit. Jo Ann Taylorsville,KY

Hello Jo Ann, the modular Quick Click hose is perfect for your needs. It comes in 30 or 35 foot, separates at 20 feet and you can attach 10 or 15 foot extensions. Here is the hose If you are using a Beam nozzle you will have to also buy these adaptors,480AC. Or you can purchase a new more durable kit such as Stealth and get the Quick Click with it,426Q35

Choosing a Brand for Unit and Accessories

we have the inlets already installed in our 2,000 sq.ft. home. What power unit and power brush would you recommend for our home? Also, what do we need to connect the inlets to the power unit? Thank you- Nicole from Lachine,MI

Hello Nicole, you have all your options. You can use a Beam, SilentMaster, or whatever brand you want. We recommend reading about the main differences here The inlets are connected to the unit through the wire you see along the pipe stubbed out into the vacuum area. The wire is really easy to connect. For inside the home you have all your options as well. In fact the vacuum and the accessories don't have to be the same brand. We highly recommend the Stealth Kit for total cleaning and it fits all the other cool accessories you see on our website. Use the accessory page for a starting point - everything there is compatible Let us know if you have more questions.

Stinky Pipes

Hello, I need help with our new home vacuum system (Serenity Plus, Model#2775). Someone must have vacuumed up something damp/bad smell and would like to know if I an can somehow clean the system out?, if so how? Thanks Perry, Moncton N.B

Hello. The best way to clean and sanitize stinky hoses and pipes is to wad up a paper towel, or few, and spray them with Lysol (don't soak). Suction them through the hose and pipe and into your vacuum where you can leave them. This works wonders!

Filter Instructions for 167

Randy in Nanaimo asks: How do you install the filter bag in a Beam model 167?

Hello Randy, that model used a disposable paper bag that slides on and off the intake pipe. Unlatch the bottom and you see it. Here is the bag

Solaire Vacuum Seems Cheap

I had a Beam Advocate less then a year old and the power would go on and off all the time. The local store replaced it with a Solaire that they said replaces the Advocate. This new one seems cheap (mostly plastic not metal like the Advocate and the accessories don't have the lights on them like the other accessories did and aren't hard rubber. Also the Advocate power team had an extra metal pole. Was this a good trade or did I get down graded? Oh, they also said they had these problems with this batch of Advocates. Did all the Advocates have this problem? Thanks! Dee

Hello Dee, one of the reasons we don't carry Beam is because they don't offer a high end brush like the Stealth. Doubtful that a batch of Advocates had issues like that, but not entirely unreasonable. You can upgrade when the Solaire expires. We have excellent products and our customers give you their frank opinions in the product reviews.

One Inlet Not Working

I recently purchased a home with the Beam system in it. One of the inlet plates does not work. When I plug the hose into it, nothing happens. All of the other inlets work fine. A very good system! Can you give me suggestions on what to check? Thanks Madra Thomas

Hello Madra, see if there is a click at the Beam when you try to start it. If so then it will not work so you will have to insert the hose 90-degrees to the right or left. Also, use some foil to test the two metal contacts inside the 1.5 diameter hole. If putting the foil on the contacts makes the vacuum start then it is the problem just discussed but if it doesn't start then it is the inlet that is the problem and needs to be replaced. We have Inlet Valves under Browse Products.

Beam 353 Motor

replacement motor for beam model 353 central vacuum motor?

Hello, we don't have a cross reference for that model. However, if you click the motor that looks most like yours you will be able to use the measurements to verify it for sure.

Good and Bad Suction

I have a Beam central vac with a pistol style electric hose for a power brush. It starts up when turned on with good suction but it loses suction very quickly. Is this a filter issue or could it be a switch that is failing. When you turn off the switch, as it shuts down the suction picks up for a second before the power shuts down completely. Thanks, Ellen, Simsbury, CT

Hello Ellen, please empty your unit and reach up to clean the filter, or remove it completely. Test the suction now and see what happens.

Change Filter? Fuller Suction?

Name:Peggy City: Eden Prairie, MN. We have a Beam Model 294. The suction from the unit is minimal. How do we change the filter? Notation on unit states "Self Cleaning Filter". Hose is clear as are pipes. Cannot find manual. How can we get full suction? Thanks

Peggy, try vacuuming off the inverted filter bag in your unit.

Need Lamp Relay / Fuse

ie. Beam Central Vacuum What is the P/N and where can I order the relay(looks like a little lamp bulb)that turns the flourescent lamp on.? Thanks,

Hello, please try another online search for Beam Central Vacuum. Sorry, but we don't have that.

Turns On By Itself

I have a Beam model 697C serial # 950426862 240 volt unit, we have several long lines. The unit will turn itself on at times, not everyday but often. Can you tell me what kind of filter I can put on the system to dampen noise if this is the problem? Steffen Thomas Buckhead, Ga.

Hello Stephen, central vacs turn on and off with a control wire to every inlet valve (99.9% of the time). We have seen this wire compromised before as a result of construction or rodents. Try disconnecting the wire from the unit and see if it still does this.

Old System Needs New Kit

We have beam central vacuum system which is very old, probably about 36 years old. Could we replace power kit, system including basic hose? from kie j Park,Mt.Top,pa

Hello Kie, yes, your older Beam is still industry standard to you can buy and attachment kit from basic to corded electric. It will really be a boost to your system.

Pipes in Wall Clogged

My daughter was being helpful and vacuuming her bedroom ... we don't know what she sucked into the system, but the something is stuck in the pipes (the hose is not plugged). What are your suggestions for figuring out what is in there, where it is, and how to get it out? Thanks.

Hello, we have a list of helpful ideas for this found at Click on solution #3.

Replacing Unit Only

I need to replace my unit have beam 2500 is the unit ALL i HAVE TO REPLACE WILL the outlets work with a new system

Hello, yes, that is all you need to replace. Any built-in vacuum system can have any new vacuum unit and it will work just fine. They all have low voltage connections and an intake from the home. A larger unit that would take a 30 amp circuit would need new wiring and socket but you can use any unit that goes up to 20 amps because you are most likely on a 20 amp circuit. Also consider the way the new unit empties. Some empty from the top and some the bottom. Buy one that is best for your space and then best in performance, filtration, and quietness.

Power Nozzle Older Model

We have an older model (18 or so years) beam and the power head is no longer working. The head does not plug into the hose. Do you still make replacements for this?

Hello, it sounds like you have a carpet brush without an electric cord? If so search for TurboCat on the website and it will replace it perfectly. If it did have a cord you should consider replacing the hose and tool kit with a new electric kit such as Stealth II or EdgeLift.

Replace Motor in Beam Power Brush

My beam 190 power brush is getting slow. I think the motor may be failing. The motor numbers are E51550 26159-7 5403-12 I took the cover off and it looks easy to replace.

Sorry, we do not have these motors.

Very Noisy

Excessive Noise From BEAM RUGMASTER PLUS ELECTRIC POWERHEAD Hello ,I have two Beam Rugmaster Plus Central Vacuming Units and both powerheads are making excessive noise. Do I need to replace the agitator or any of the parts or should I just replace the whole assembly on both? My model number is BM1393, thanks

Hello, both heads should be replaced and you have options besides the Beam products. Our products use the new version of the same hose you have but allows 27% more airflow through it. Our vacuum head Stealth from Italy is the best on the market. Stealth will not fit on your older hoses so you'd need an entire Stealth Kit ( and only we offer the preferred Stealth II version. If you still want to replace the Beam Rugmaster Powerheads then you'll have to find a dealer who stocks that product. Have a great day and thanks for writing.

Rough Sound, Burning Smell

I have a Beam 2100 that the motor has been sounding very rough. Tonight it had a burning smell and sounded as if it had a broken bearing. it tripped the breaker. It would restart but sounded so rough we had to turn it off. Any Ideas? Thanks, Mike Thomas Greenwood ,S.C.

Hello Mike, these are classic signs of one thing...the motor is dead. It is not hard to replace the motor and here it is with instructions,221,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Beam

Shorts Out with Any Attachment

When I use my power brush (model B1500), it shorts in and out. This happens occasionally when I'm using my hardwood floor brush attachment too. Thanks, Kirstin Georgia

Hello Kirstin, sounds like you have a hose with a switch on the handle. Somewhere in all the connections in the hose there is a problem. You can replace the switch on the hose, but that is about it. If you don't want to buy another hose you may be able to insert the hose into the vacuum inlet 90-degrees left or right from the way you are used to inserting it. That will override the switch and turn the vacuum on upon insertion.

Power Head Not Working

I have a electric powerhead model # BM1393.When I turn on the toggle switch to have the brush work for vacuuming a rug it works sometimes and sometimes it does not start the brush spinning. Thank you, Harold Franze

Hello Harold, we can walk you through troubleshooting it if you call us toll free. It is easier than spelling it all out here. Looking forward to your call.

Beam 167 Bag Options

This is Steve in Racine, WI. I am trying to find a replacement HEPA bag or bags for a Beam Model 167C, III Classic central vacuum system. The bag capacity is 5 gallons and the hose mount is pretty common. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello Steve, there are two options and amazingly the better bag is a lot less expensive and is a microfilter. Our purchasing department has done a great job getting these bags at a great price.,723MF-5

Belt for 379A Beam

I need a new belt for my model 397A. How do I go about ordering one and how much will it cost. Do they ever change the belts - I would like to know if I should get a supply of belts now. I just moved in and the house is only 5 years old. I don't know how often I should expect to replace them.

Sorry, we don't have the belt for that, please search for a Beam Dealer online.

Upgrade 189, Lots of Hair

I believe I have a Model 189. I am going by the picture in the brochure that I have. There was no model number given on the receipt I have. We purchased it in April of 1999 for a total cost of 942.85 BEFORE tax. What would be the least expensive way to upgrade and get better suction? We have 5 dogs that live in doors, all who shed. Thank you Elaine L. Lawrenceville, GA. 30043

The best thing to do is keep your expensive Beam unit and buy the best attachment kit in the industry - the Stealth Kit. It is electric and customers rave about its ability to pick up hair, especially the 12 Stealth for those with really bad hair issues. The suction from the vacuum you have is plenty to pick up everything the Stealth grooms out of your carpet. Also, if you need a new motor for the Beam, we have the motors. Call us if you don't know the exact motor you need, but the Beam page will help you if you know the model number. Here is the Stealth Page

Prong Broke on Hose

one of the prongs on the hose broke off. can I just replace the prongs? or do I have to replace the entire hose?

You can replace the prongs on the wall end of the use using this It is a little tricky because they changed the wire connection type. The parts are small but you can do it.

BEAM Model BM 1372 Belt

The belt for our BEAM Model BM 1372 Type AA was replaced by a (authorized?) serviceman - which cost $100.00. Do you have a belt that will fit this central vac? It is a flat belt, not cogged, 5/8" wide, 7 1/2" diameter.

Sorry, we don't have that belt. Sorry it cost so much money last time! Doesn't seem right but we want to make sure you know that if the brush is tired you should consider a replacement hose and tool kit like our 5-star rated Stealth Kit at

New Hose and Attachments

I have Beam 189D model (serial # 9852179484) for about 6 years. I have universal inlets and I need new hose and appropriate tools. What types of hoses could I buy?

You have universal inlets so you can buy any hose and any hose/tool kit you want. We highly recommend the Stealth Kit. It is quiet and electric and has excellent customer reviews.

Unclogging the Hose

We have a Beam model 189D that is 9 years old. We think we have something stuck in the hose that is inhibiting proper suction. We have tried to blow it out and suck it out and we cannot gain the usual suction. Is there any special way that we can unclog our 30 foot hose, or do we need to purchase a new hose. If you have any suggestions for us we would appreciate. We use this vaccuum almost daily and we love it. Thank you. Susan Harrin

Try putting the hose backwards into an inlet or into the Beam Central Vacuum itself. Have someone on the other end put their had over the end to build up suction and let go, doing it repeatedly.

Resetting Beam IntelliWatch

Have a Beam Serenity Model 2250D central vac with an IntelliWatch system. The LED light is light solid red indicating that the motor brushes need to be replaced. When I do so, I will need to reset the led back to its normally off state. How do I do this? Thanks, Harry


To reset the motorbrush timer on the Beam IntelliWatch we have been told that you use the following sequence. This has not been verified by Beam but we believe it is the correct procedure:

  1. Unplug Power Unit
  2. Plug in hose
  3. Turn hose low voltage switch to the “on” position
  4. Turn switch on power unit to the “on” position (It won’t turn on because it is not plugged in.)
  5. Plug in power unit to electrical source.
  6. By starting up the power unit with the low voltage switches in the “on” position it supposedly overrides the computer board set-up and resets the computer.

Beam RugMaster Issues

I have a Beam system with powered outlets and we use the RugMaster Plus electric power heads for our hardwood and carpets. All of our carpets are low, dense weaves, but the carpet mode seems to have too much suction! Either that, or the brushes are too long and when you let the head all the way down and flat onto the carpet, the powerful suction causes the brushes to grind to a halt. I have to continually lift the head off the carpet and try to keep it in constant motion in order to keep the brush moving. The belt is fine. What am I doing wrong? Thanks alot, Carlos

Sounds like you need a brush with infinite adjustments, not 2 or 3 height settings. That way you can get the right depth and clean efficiently. Our Stealth Hose and Attachment Kit is the only infinite adjusting brush on the market...and that is just the beginning of all it's great features. Please check it out and read what customers are saying about it at

TurboCat Zoom and Hair

On a weekly basis (as expected) hair keeps winding up on the outside of our Turbo Cat Zoom brush. However, the brush slows or slops completely because hair also gets tightly coiled onto the metal rod inside the brush head. I am able to pop the roller out to clean the outside but it is increasingly difficult to remove the rod from the roller to clean because of how tightly coiled the hair debris is on the inside. Is there an improved brush head which won't allow hair inside it? I don't like having to struggle with cleaning the brush each week. Thanks for your help.

We highly recommend upgrading to an electric attachment kit. It cleans much better and has a lot less problems. Worth the money. An electric kit with corded hose will fit right into your existing wall valves and work with your system. The Stealth Kit is the best and most popular. There is no improvement you can make on the TurboCat itself. If you want to check out the Stealth please go here

Need Relay / Circuit Board

I have a Beam m/n 297 s/n 79405. When plugged in the motor runs all the time, even when I disconnect the low voltage leads from the house. I believe the relay is bad. My relay is an Essex relay with '8933' printed on it; it has 4 leads, but 3 of the leads have two wires on each lead. What is the correct relay for this machine? Thanks!

We have circuit boards that Beam owners have successfully used without our suggesting so, and we usually just suggest they find a Beam dealer for the board. We sell upgrades and replacements if you need other things though like a great Stealth Attachment Kit.

Where is the MiniBreaker?

where would the mini breaker be?

On the Beam canister it is located near where the wire from the vacuum pipe is connected. MiniBreakers have a white button that pops out when over heated (usually because the motor is going bad).

Click but No Suction

I have a Beam Model 381 all of a sudden will not start when the hose is plugged into a wall outlet. The unit was installed when the house was built about 15 years ago. I checked out the unit, the green light is on so its getting power. The circuit breaker does not appear to have popped out. The manual switch does not start the unit. If I lay a screwdriver across the low-voltage terminals I can hear a click. Does this sound like a burned out motor?

You are experiencing a dead motor, exactly. Good job narrowing it down!

Power Brush Not Spinning

I have a Beam power rug master. model BM1372 aa. I turn it on and the brushes are not it doesn't sound like the motor is running. I removed the motor and check to see if the motor work, put power to it and it does.Put the motor back in. I can hear the vaccum sucking but brushes will not turn. Vaccum works fine with other attachments just when I attach the power head,brushes will not turn. Any suggestions?

Since your motor does run when connected to 110 volts it has to be the rollor brush bushing are clogged with hair and stuff. Clean them out and it should work. Also look for a minibreaker on the unit that may have popped. (You probably already looked for one.)

Beam 361 with Low Suction

I have a beam 361 model that I purchased in 1997 and it does not seem to have the suction power it used to have. I have checked for clogged pipes, exhaust,washed out the filter,tried a brand new hose on it and even took apart the motor but everything checks out okay. I remember that when I purchased it I was told there was a lifetime warranty on the unit but now the dealer says there is not. Can you shed some light on this and also the approx. cost of a new motor. I am located in Canada so I dont know if this changes warranty.

If it has two minibreakers then it has two motors and one motor could be down. Search for Beam Canada regarding the warranty. If you need a motor, find the Lamb Ametek number you need and give us a call.

Cloth vs Gortex

Is there a performance difference between a replacement bag made of cloth or gortex? Thanks

We think there is not a difference. Dirt you vacuum this week will still be stuck to the bag next year.

Replacing Inverted Weighted Cloth

I have a Beam 199D model. It still works well, but do I need to replace the bag which is inside the canister or is this a lifelong bag? It has the weighted material inside the bag which is some type of cleaner or filters in themselves.

It should be replaced every few years. Here are the ones we sell. Measure diameter to know the correct one to buy. Pull yours out buy grabbing the top side and pulling inward.

Debris Inside Cloth Filter

I have debris on the inside of the invertible bag on the new Beam 750A I have just purchased. Is this normal?

All inverted cloth filters have a weighted center that feels like debris but isn't.

New Higher Rated Carpet Brush

I have a Beam model 361. I need a replacement carpet brush. It is in series with the power and seperate from the transformer (pushes into the side of the can) could you advise me of the model no. that I need for this higher rated carpet brush?

Sure, the Stealth Kit is the best kit bar-none. Many Beam dealers even use it! The hose will fit right into your inlets on the wall. If you inlets state they have 110 volts you will need a 'direct connect' kit. If not you need a 'corded' kit. The kits come with a 30 or 35 foot hose as well. Please see our Stealth Page or give us a call toll free.

Unit Shuts On and Off

My Beam Central Vac is model 284 and runs good for about 15 minutes and then shuts down. I reset it and it will run again for a short time. Can you suggest what the problem and remedy may be?

Your motor needs to be replaced. This is the motor we show for your model.

Replace Motor on Old Unit

I have a Beam that is 29 years old. It has given me great service up until now. I think that the motor is shot. It would not come on, then it did come on. Well now it is not working at all. How do I find out what replacement motor to buy? Do you still have parts for such an old motor? If not how do I find out what vacuum is the best to replace this one. Thank you for your on line help. I will wait to hear from you.

You can by a new central vacuum - any brand you want, or you can replace the motor. It is still available for replacement but don't know which one exactly. It is easy for us to figure out which motor it is if you have in front of you with a ruler and you call us.

Carpet Brush Broken

My main unit on my Serenity is working fine, but my rug unit when turned on does not turn or go forward to vacuum. Is this a belt and if so, how would I fix this problem?

Sounds like a belt or motor issue. Taking it to a regular vacuum store may be a solution.

House Keeper Destroys Vacuum

I have a Beam 19; my house cleaner has destroyed the power head with on/off switch by dropping it too many times. It is currently held together for suction by duct tape. The hose is fine, but I need a whole new handle with electronic on/off. Is this available? If so, what is the part number?

We highly suggest a long term solution to the abuse issue. Our Stealth Kit i s commercial grade. It holds up to wear and tear. It has a lifetime belt warranty, much stronger material, all for your ease of mind. It fits right into your system without changing one thing.

Burn Smell at Unit

I have a Beam model 190 that will start both at the hose or the base unit and will shut off 5 seconds later with a burn smell in the air. The reset button can be used to get the vacuum to work again but after 5 seconds it shuts off again. Any answers? Thank you, Chris Gunn


The electrical or burning smell coming from the unit is caused by a faulty motor. As it heats up it may also pop your minibreaker. Please take a look at our Beam 190 Motor Replacement and Motor Replacement Instructions to help get your system back to peak performance!

Hose Connection Burning Out

I have had a beam central vac for 7 years. Every three years, the prongs that connect the power nozzle to the hose burn out. I do use the vacuum every day/every other day, but I don't think it's being over-used. Have you every had anyone with this problem?

That is usually because the switch is not turned to the off position before you disconnect or reconnect. This causes a small short that eventually burns the connection out.

Beam 2500 Motors Not Working


Sounds like your motors have used up thier 800, or so, hours of use. They usually do not go bad at the same time though, if you are saying they are both dead. A clog will not do this. Try using our troubleshooting chart. And yes, the bag gets sucked up when turned on.

Beam 294 Motor

what would the cost be for a new motor for a beam 294 series approx. 22years old we would also need a new power head is this something would could purchase from you Thank You, Brett Gourley

The Beam 294 most likely took the 115334 motor. Please do a visual to be sure. We highly recommend replacing the hose and vacuum both. They will connect together perfectly and you will gain 27% more airflow. We suggest the Stealth Kit.

Belt for Beam BM1197

I am looking for a band (or belt) for a Beam Systems central vacuum. Specifically the electric bruch household piece, model number BM1197. Do you have this belt or band?

Please call us and we will give you directions on obtaining this belt.

On/Off Not Working

I seem to have an issue where if I manually turn the unit on in the garage it turns on and works although when I plug the hose in and attempt to turn the unit on from the wall outlets, it does not turn on.

Please work through our online troubleshooting that takes you step by step in order to solve almost all these issues.

Compare Beam

how does the Beam central vacuum system rate with other systems

Here is some information we put together on Beam Central Vacuum for comparison.

Beam Hose Switch Replacement

I have a beam 189F. The hose handle has a three position rocker switch. Is this the one? or do you have a 3 position switch?

If your hose handle accepts a three pin cord from your carpet brush you have an out of date system but you can replace the hose and it comes with adaptors. If the cord is two pin, we have the 3-way rocker hose switch. It comes as a complete wire assemply.

Collect Saw Dust?

Can this motor be used as a shop-vac? I would like to use this Beam 204 for collecting saw dust.

Yes, the Beam can be used for a shopvac. The downside is the filtration. The inverted cloth bag get clogged up over time.

Will Not Shut-Off

my central vacuum system will not shut off...any thoughts?

It is either a low voltage short in the wiring throughout your home, or it is a bad relay. Follow the troubleshooting guide to quickly find out.

Larger Motor Available?

I have a Beam model 297S and plan on replacing the motor but was wondering if there is an optional motor available with noticeably more suction?

Good question and the answer is the vacuum is made for this particular motor, from its mounting to electronics. A new motor will feel stronger. Also, have you replaced the permanent cloth filter? That will help the suction.

Beam 199C Motor

I have a Beam 199c model with serial #76864. My motor went but I cannot find the replacement motor model #. What motor do I need and what is the price? Thanks Ann Penner

Please see the Beam motor section. The 199 (all models) is the third row down and it shows the possibility of two different motors. A simple visual comparison with your vacuum motor will yield the match.

Beam 119ED Motor

I have a 240 volt Beam 199ED & need a new motor/fan. I cannot see the model in your list, is there another replacement motor to fit?

There is a cross reference here on the third row that applies to all 199 models.

TurboCat - Air Driven Brushes - Replace with Stealth?

I have a turbo cat system with hose which is broke. Would this stealth be okay to replace with my Beam system as long as I buy the pigtail. We have a 3600 square-foot house 3 rooms upstairs are carpeted (bedrooms) and then our finished downstairs with 2 bedrooms and a large family room or can the turbo cat really clean just as well. Thanks

Yes, the corded Stealth kit with either 30 or 35-foot hose will be a tremendous improvement over the TurboCat - guaranteed. The Stealth will fit right into your existing central vacuum system without any modifications. Here is a page on upgrading any system to electric tools You never have to change anything in your system.

Beam Belt

I'm looking for a belt that fits a Beam "Rug Master Plus". This looks to be close, but I believe the belt I'm needing is wider. The Model # on my Rug Master Plus is BM1393.

This is a flat belt, not cogged. Please look at the measurements online and if it is the same, it is a match.

Eureka CV1801 circuit board?

will this work on my Eureka CV1801 'D'? Thanks for the online help....I found out it was not the motor w/out electrocuting myself, Jim

It is close but not the exact replacement. It does work for all 110 volt single motor central vacuums. We've had homeowners use it without much trouble at all because of the cost savings. It works great. You can try calling Eureka for that part or do a close comparison using the photo online.