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RugMaster BM1372AA Hose Replacement Options

Hi, I'm Julita from Rockmart, Ga. I have a *very old* (from mid-'90s) BEAM Rugmaster Plus w/ a 30' hose. This is a simple question, but where would I find the model number? I found the following sequences on the bottom of the floor brush: #BM1372AA, E10071, and 4509. Are any of those the model number? Also, which is the most suitable replacement part for this kind of hose? Which brand is recommended? There are so many options around that I'm confused. Thanks.


The model number is BM13722. The exact hose replacement hose is no longer available but the industry standard, high quality replacement is the Replacement Electric Hose for Beam. Your options are really that simple because you need electricity to run the carpet brush. Seeing the age of the brush and hose and that you may need to use the adapters that come with this electric hose in order to fit it to the older Beam wand, you may consider a new complete hose and attachment kit. The compatible kits for your Beam make a huge difference, especially the Stealth and Ace.

How To Remove The Utility Valve From My Beam System?

good morning this is dick from south beloit il. i trying to replace the spring loaded outlet that is on the power unit itself in the garage. the spring broke on the existing one and will not stay shut. i have a new part #105141 it says utility with ring. i can not get the existing ring off to remove this part. what is the secret?

The original utility valve is swedged in the opening of the canister. You will need to use the force of a hammer or rubber mallet to remove it.

Ho-78 Beam Hose Replacement

We have a beam built in vacuum cleaner for twenty years. At the handle (Ho-78)the coil hose has become broken . There are holes in the plastic. How can we repair the broken piece of hose?

That part is not repairable, sorry to say. The hose and ends will have to be replaced. We have hoses here

How to Remove Tank from Wall

Please explain how to take down the central unit from the wall, in detail. Thank you. John at Fort Mill, South Carolina

To remove the tank from the wall: 1) Unplug the power cord, 2) Disconnect the low voltage wire from the tank, 3) Disconnect the PVC intake line from the tank, it should not be glued, 4) If present, disconnect any exhaust lines, they should not be glued, 5) lift the tank up about 3 inches vertically to unlatch it from the mounting bracket. That is it.

ElectraValve Repair Plug?

Ron from Johnston - I have a beam master rug master plus vacuum. The brush does not work when the hose is plugged into the upstairs wall inlet. The suction works fine but the brush will not turn on. The brush and suction work fine when plugged into all other inlets. I replaced the inlet and the brush still does not work. Is there a replacement part for the electrical plug that goes into the top of the ElectraValve inlet? Can this electrical connection be tested?

First you'll need to test that inlet plug for 110 volts. It sounds like it is no powered for some reason. If you can put the vacuum head's cord directly into bypassing the hose then try that. Let us know if it doesn't work. There are ElectraValve repair kits here

Motor Brush Change?

Can I replace the brushes on the motor of a Beam central vacuum Model 199G or do I have to take it into get serviced. The light on the side is "red" and according to the sheet that the brushes need replacing soon.Thanks Tom in London, Canada

Mechanically inclined people can replace the motor brushes. They really only need to be checked, replaced if down to 1/4". Here are instructions You'll have to be sure to get the proper brush replacement if needed. You'll have to match the correct motor to the ones here

Upgrade Inlets to 110 Volt Electric

Hello My Name is Alan - My wife's Beam sweeper is shot after 23 years of heavy use. She now has the corded hose with the low voltage inlets. She would like to switch to the 2 prong 110V hoses. What all is required to make this switch? I know i will need to run 110 to each hose inlet. Is a electrical box (or junction box) required in the wall or just a wire stubbed up to the hose inlet. Is my unit even compatible with these new heads and hoses? The head we have now is a Beam Rug Master Plus - (BM1372AA) Thanks - Alan

All hoses and heads are compatible with central vacuum powered inlets. You'll be able to add 110 only if the backing plate has openings above and below the intake hole. You'll run ElectraValve wire and plug the molded end of it into an ElectraValve cover that will attach to your backing plate. The other end goes to any junction box that has 110 volts. Here are the openings your backing plate must have and here is the ElectraValve wires and cover plates. Note that the ElectraValve wire comes with parts you will not be using such as a backing plate.,526L,526,663CW. I'm sure you'll have more questions, let us know.

Vibra Groomer III and Hose Replacement

I have an Eureka Boss CV1801 type A from the '90s. The vibra groomer III no longer works (burnt motor?), and the cord on the hose near the inlet is busted also. Which would be compatible replacements? suzanne florida

We have some powerful and affordable replacements for your Eureka system. They are completely compatible and we guarantee them for your satifaction as well. Take a look at the options here

Model 189D Vacuum Clean Head Replacement

I have a Beam Rug Master Model 189D and need to replace the cleaner head. Is there an available head that is compatible? Thanks Donna Reno

Yes, this replacement head takes the place of Model 189D. You have other options too such as a new hose and tool kit. A new hose will make your system have 27% more suction. New kits such as Ace and Stealth kit right into your system. Check them out here

EB1365BAS Replacement Vacuum and Hose

I have a very old beam power head and hose that has wore out model E(could be an B) EorB1365BAS we have low profile carpets and laminate floors-can you recommend a replace powerhead and hose? thanks JJ

Thankfully, Beam is a standard system which means you have all your options for hose and attachment replacements. We suggest you stick with an electric vacuum for the low profile carpets as they deliver the most suction to the carpet base. Here is a page to compare the compatible kits. We suggest the Ace Kit for your home.

CVAC VII Power Head Belt

I have a C-Vac VII Powerbrush, Model #1136 that goes with our Beam Central Vac system. The powerhead needs a replacement belt. Can you help? Thank you Donna Derle

We have not heard of that model but it may be a rebranded version of the often used Eureka/Rugmaster vacuum head that we sell online. If yours looks like it then it takes the belt we sell as the replacement belt.

Beam Advocate Head Replacement

I have a beam advocate power brush I need to replace. However, I cannot find beam advocate power brushes for sale. What power brushes would be a good substitute for my beam advocate? Thanks.

A direct replacement for the Beam Advocate is the Eureka made generic vacuum used by Beam under the name Rugmaster. Here it is:

Advocate Head Shorting

Brenda, Scottsdale I have a Beam Advocate central vac. The motorized power head began cutting in and out. I checked the connections on the wand that is attached to handle and power head, they were both very hot and when I unplugged both they looked like they had burned out. I can't get the attention of the Certified Beam repair person in the area. Does it sound like I should replace the two prong electrical cord or do I have to purchase a new power head and wand?

The best thing to do is replace the long cord and the wiring harness in the handle. The parts are here if you want,352GS

Low Voltage Leads (26!) to Unit - Intermittent Sometimes

We have a Beam #5190. Intermittently we get NO suction from one or more outlets. At the same time, other outlets work. The unit works well at its base location in the garage; i.e. the manual switch works and we get full suction. We do have 26 low voltage to the unit. I suspect the problem is in the circuit board. Is there a way to check out the circuit board? If not can we purchase a new circuit board? Any other ideas???? Thanks, Bob D

You have 26 individual low volt lines going to the tank? You should twist four of them to a lead to the next four and so on. Having all of them in one terminal is the problem. The board is fine if there are times and places that it works without hiccup.

Replacement Handle, Wiring, and Hose Options for Beam Rugmaster Plus

I have a BM1372 Rugmaster Plus. The hose is fine but the handle that connects to the accessories is broken in two places and no longer has suction. Can I replace just this part that connects to the accessories or do I need to buy an entire hose? Whichever I need to do, what should I replace it with? Right now I have the vacuum control handle. Thanks - Hillary, Vancouver, WA

You can replace the handle and wiring IF the cord from the power brush is two pin, not three. If three then it is obsolete and you'd need a new hose. Here is the replacement handle, wiring, and hose options for Beam Rugmaster Plus.

Electric Hose 20-foot Long?

30' hose is too long for our house. We have plenty of outlets and would prefer not to drag around a long hose. 20' would be sufficient. Options? 110v 2-prong. Beam w/ Advocate head. Mike

Sorry, but there is not a 20-foot electric hose. They come in 30, 35, and there is a really short 15-foot length too. We have the 15-foot in stock, or can get it, but we have never seen that short length work in any home. They make that short length for use in showrooms.

Wall End Replacement Cord - Hose to Electrical Outlet

Hi, I need a replacement power cord for a Beam 1393 RugMaster Plus. It is the power cord that comes from the wall and goes into the part that goes into the wall plate. I tested both 1 and 2 wires, the #2 wire has a break in it somewhere according to Ohms test, it had complete resistance. Where can I get one of these wires? The hose and head aren't that old. The only marking I remember was something like 496A. I don't have it anymore because the local Beam dealer held on to and lost it. Thanks, Mike

The only replacements we have for that fit certain hoses (that Beam had used at times).

Q Replacement More Industrial

Greg, Prescott -- Our camp owns Beam Model Q hoses and power heads for our central vac system. The power heads are failing. What replacement heads other than Beam can I use (I was looking at Sebo Pro ET)that adapt to the Q hose which is still good?

The unique nature of the Q keeps you using the the Q. If you want to entertain a new hose and tool set. as we suggest, the Stealth Kit has the most industrial vacuum available. The hose fits your Beam system and you can see the kit here

Height of Bristles in New Electric Brush

I am trying to determine if the bristles are worn on my Beam Rugmaster. Can you tell me how long the bristles are on a new beater bar? Thank you, Mark - Rogers, MN

New bristles are about 1/2 inch tall from their base.

Cord for Power Head and Handle Wiring

hi i have Beam rug master central vac model E1362,the cord from the rug vacuum that connects to the hose gas pump handle burnt out,it was smoking while i am vacuuming...could i replace the cord or the switch assembly in the gas pump handle and also the cord of the rug vacuum?and if so where i could buy it? thank you and i am in ontario canada...maybe u can help me....

We have a generic cord and new hose wiring assembly here. Note that they are the new standard two pin style as the three pin are obsolete.,352GS

Convert to Paper Bag?

I have a beam model 284 can I replace the cloth bag for paper footer bags thank you Tim

Usually you cannot convert to a paper bag and even if you can you have to keep the cloth bag as a secondary filter. The only way to convert to a paper bag is if the debris line has a 1-7/8 inch inner diameter and is only about 1 inch long. We have a closed bag adapter that makes the conversion in these cases,726M

Advocate Power Brush Replacement

I use a Beam Advocate power brush on my Beam Central Vac. The power brush needs to be replaced. What are the options that will fit and what would be an equivalent option? Jim, Cleveland

The equivalent is the first one on this link. Yours and this one are the same, make by Eureka but sold under various names. The second option on the link will save you money but the quality is not the same. Do note that these have a two pin cord ending.,466

Beam Q Broken Neck

we have a beam Q. the plastic neck that is attached to the head unit and the wand is cracked. we need the replacement part for that. any help as to where to buy would be appreciated.

We do not have that part. Please go to Beam's website for help with that. We do have compatible hose and tool kits that are very powerful and durable. Checkout our Stealth Kit for Beam as a replacement if you want to go that route in the future. Our customers are very pleased with it, as you can read about online.

Beam 255 Motor and Parts

I have a beam model 255 and found the motor brushes worn out. Do you sell the motor brushes or I have to change the motor assembly? How much is the brushes or the motor assembly? Thanks

We have motor brushes but not a cross reference for the Lamb Ametek motor that is in a 255. Please send photos of the motor and we can help.

Rugmaster BM1393 Hose

We have a rugmaster model BM1393 that works fine, but the hose is starting to break (covering with duct tape until we replace). Do you have the correct replacement hose?

Yes, it is the first hose on this page Just chose the length and wall end electrical connection type.