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RugMaster BM1372AA Hose Replacement Options

Hi, I'm Julita from Rockmart, Ga. I have a *very old* (from mid-'90s) BEAM Rugmaster Plus w/ a 30' hose. This is a simple question, but where would I find the model number? I found the following sequences on the bottom of the floor brush: #BM1372AA, E10071, and 4509. Are any of those the model number? Also, which is the most suitable replacement part for this kind of hose? Which brand is recommended? There are so many options around that I'm confused. Thanks.


The model number is BM13722. The exact hose replacement hose is no longer available but the industry standard, high quality replacement is the Replacement Electric Hose for Beam. Your options are really that simple because you need electricity to run the carpet brush. Seeing the age of the brush and hose and that you may need to use the adapters that come with this electric hose in order to fit it to the older Beam wand, you may consider a new complete hose and attachment kit. The compatible kits for your Beam make a huge difference, especially the Stealth and Ace.

How To Remove The Utility Valve From My Beam System?

good morning this is dick from south beloit il. i trying to replace the spring loaded outlet that is on the power unit itself in the garage. the spring broke on the existing one and will not stay shut. i have a new part #105141 it says utility with ring. i can not get the existing ring off to remove this part. what is the secret?

The original utility valve is swedged in the opening of the canister. You will need to use the force of a hammer or rubber mallet to remove it.

Ho-78 Beam Hose Replacement

We have a beam built in vacuum cleaner for twenty years. At the handle (Ho-78)the coil hose has become broken . There are holes in the plastic. How can we repair the broken piece of hose?

That part is not repairable, sorry to say. The hose and ends will have to be replaced. We have hoses here

How to Remove Tank from Wall

Please explain how to take down the central unit from the wall, in detail. Thank you. John at Fort Mill, South Carolina

To remove the tank from the wall: 1) Unplug the power cord, 2) Disconnect the low voltage wire from the tank, 3) Disconnect the PVC intake line from the tank, it should not be glued, 4) If present, disconnect any exhaust lines, they should not be glued, 5) lift the tank up about 3 inches vertically to unlatch it from the mounting bracket. That is it.

ElectraValve Repair Plug?

Ron from Johnston - I have a beam master rug master plus vacuum. The brush does not work when the hose is plugged into the upstairs wall inlet. The suction works fine but the brush will not turn on. The brush and suction work fine when plugged into all other inlets. I replaced the inlet and the brush still does not work. Is there a replacement part for the electrical plug that goes into the top of the ElectraValve inlet? Can this electrical connection be tested?

First you'll need to test that inlet plug for 110 volts. It sounds like it is no powered for some reason. If you can put the vacuum head's cord directly into bypassing the hose then try that. Let us know if it doesn't work. There are ElectraValve repair kits here

Motor Brush Change?

Can I replace the brushes on the motor of a Beam central vacuum Model 199G or do I have to take it into get serviced. The light on the side is "red" and according to the sheet that the brushes need replacing soon.Thanks Tom in London, Canada

Mechanically inclined people can replace the motor brushes. They really only need to be checked, replaced if down to 1/4". Here are instructions You'll have to be sure to get the proper brush replacement if needed. You'll have to match the correct motor to the ones here

Upgrade Inlets to 110 Volt Electric

Hello My Name is Alan - My wife's Beam sweeper is shot after 23 years of heavy use. She now has the corded hose with the low voltage inlets. She would like to switch to the 2 prong 110V hoses. What all is required to make this switch? I know i will need to run 110 to each hose inlet. Is a electrical box (or junction box) required in the wall or just a wire stubbed up to the hose inlet. Is my unit even compatible with these new heads and hoses? The head we have now is a Beam Rug Master Plus - (BM1372AA) Thanks - Alan

All hoses and heads are compatible with central vacuum powered inlets. You'll be able to add 110 only if the backing plate has openings above and below the intake hole. You'll run ElectraValve wire and plug the molded end of it into an ElectraValve cover that will attach to your backing plate. The other end goes to any junction box that has 110 volts. Here are the openings your backing plate must have and here is the ElectraValve wires and cover plates. Note that the ElectraValve wire comes with parts you will not be using such as a backing plate.,526L,526,663CW. I'm sure you'll have more questions, let us know.

Vibra Groomer III and Hose Replacement

I have an Eureka Boss CV1801 type A from the '90s. The vibra groomer III no longer works (burnt motor?), and the cord on the hose near the inlet is busted also. Which would be compatible replacements? suzanne florida

We have some powerful and affordable replacements for your Eureka system. They are completely compatible and we guarantee them for your satifaction as well. Take a look at the options here

Model 189D Vacuum Clean Head Replacement

I have a Beam Rug Master Model 189D and need to replace the cleaner head. Is there an available head that is compatible? Thanks Donna Reno

Yes, this replacement head takes the place of Model 189D. You have other options too such as a new hose and tool kit. A new hose will make your system have 27% more suction. New kits such as Ace and Stealth kit right into your system. Check them out here

EB1365BAS Replacement Vacuum and Hose

I have a very old beam power head and hose that has wore out model E(could be an B) EorB1365BAS we have low profile carpets and laminate floors-can you recommend a replace powerhead and hose? thanks JJ

Thankfully, Beam is a standard system which means you have all your options for hose and attachment replacements. We suggest you stick with an electric vacuum for the low profile carpets as they deliver the most suction to the carpet base. Here is a page to compare the compatible kits. We suggest the Ace Kit for your home.

CVAC VII Power Head Belt

I have a C-Vac VII Powerbrush, Model #1136 that goes with our Beam Central Vac system. The powerhead needs a replacement belt. Can you help? Thank you Donna Derle

We have not heard of that model but it may be a rebranded version of the often used Eureka/Rugmaster vacuum head that we sell online. If yours looks like it then it takes the belt we sell as the replacement belt.

Beam Advocate Head Replacement

I have a beam advocate power brush I need to replace. However, I cannot find beam advocate power brushes for sale. What power brushes would be a good substitute for my beam advocate? Thanks.

A direct replacement for the Beam Advocate is the Eureka made generic vacuum used by Beam under the name Rugmaster. Here it is:

Advocate Head Shorting

Brenda, Scottsdale I have a Beam Advocate central vac. The motorized power head began cutting in and out. I checked the connections on the wand that is attached to handle and power head, they were both very hot and when I unplugged both they looked like they had burned out. I can't get the attention of the Certified Beam repair person in the area. Does it sound like I should replace the two prong electrical cord or do I have to purchase a new power head and wand?

The best thing to do is replace the long cord and the wiring harness in the handle. The parts are here if you want,352GS

Low Voltage Leads (26!) to Unit - Intermittent Sometimes

We have a Beam #5190. Intermittently we get NO suction from one or more outlets. At the same time, other outlets work. The unit works well at its base location in the garage; i.e. the manual switch works and we get full suction. We do have 26 low voltage to the unit. I suspect the problem is in the circuit board. Is there a way to check out the circuit board? If not can we purchase a new circuit board? Any other ideas???? Thanks, Bob D

You have 26 individual low volt lines going to the tank? You should twist four of them to a lead to the next four and so on. Having all of them in one terminal is the problem. The board is fine if there are times and places that it works without hiccup.

Replacement Handle, Wiring, and Hose Options for Beam Rugmaster Plus

I have a BM1372 Rugmaster Plus. The hose is fine but the handle that connects to the accessories is broken in two places and no longer has suction. Can I replace just this part that connects to the accessories or do I need to buy an entire hose? Whichever I need to do, what should I replace it with? Right now I have the vacuum control handle. Thanks - Hillary, Vancouver, WA

You can replace the handle and wiring IF the cord from the power brush is two pin, not three. If three then it is obsolete and you'd need a new hose. Here is the replacement handle, wiring, and hose options for Beam Rugmaster Plus.

Electric Hose 20-foot Long?

30' hose is too long for our house. We have plenty of outlets and would prefer not to drag around a long hose. 20' would be sufficient. Options? 110v 2-prong. Beam w/ Advocate head. Mike

Sorry, but there is not a 20-foot electric hose. They come in 30, 35, and there is a really short 15-foot length too. We have the 15-foot in stock, or can get it, but we have never seen that short length work in any home. They make that short length for use in showrooms.

Wall End Replacement Cord - Hose to Electrical Outlet

Hi, I need a replacement power cord for a Beam 1393 RugMaster Plus. It is the power cord that comes from the wall and goes into the part that goes into the wall plate. I tested both 1 and 2 wires, the #2 wire has a break in it somewhere according to Ohms test, it had complete resistance. Where can I get one of these wires? The hose and head aren't that old. The only marking I remember was something like 496A. I don't have it anymore because the local Beam dealer held on to and lost it. Thanks, Mike

The only replacements we have for that fit certain hoses (that Beam had used at times).

Q Replacement More Industrial

Greg, Prescott -- Our camp owns Beam Model Q hoses and power heads for our central vac system. The power heads are failing. What replacement heads other than Beam can I use (I was looking at Sebo Pro ET)that adapt to the Q hose which is still good?

The unique nature of the Q keeps you using the the Q. If you want to entertain a new hose and tool set. as we suggest, the Stealth Kit has the most industrial vacuum available. The hose fits your Beam system and you can see the kit here

Height of Bristles in New Electric Brush

I am trying to determine if the bristles are worn on my Beam Rugmaster. Can you tell me how long the bristles are on a new beater bar? Thank you, Mark - Rogers, MN

New bristles are about 1/2 inch tall from their base.

Cord for Power Head and Handle Wiring

hi i have Beam rug master central vac model E1362,the cord from the rug vacuum that connects to the hose gas pump handle burnt out,it was smoking while i am vacuuming...could i replace the cord or the switch assembly in the gas pump handle and also the cord of the rug vacuum?and if so where i could buy it? thank you and i am in ontario canada...maybe u can help me....

We have a generic cord and new hose wiring assembly here. Note that they are the new standard two pin style as the three pin are obsolete.,352GS

Convert to Paper Bag?

I have a beam model 284 can I replace the cloth bag for paper footer bags thank you Tim

Usually you cannot convert to a paper bag and even if you can you have to keep the cloth bag as a secondary filter. The only way to convert to a paper bag is if the debris line has a 1-7/8 inch inner diameter and is only about 1 inch long. We have a closed bag adapter that makes the conversion in these cases,726M

Advocate Power Brush Replacement

I use a Beam Advocate power brush on my Beam Central Vac. The power brush needs to be replaced. What are the options that will fit and what would be an equivalent option? Jim, Cleveland

The equivalent is the first one on this link. Yours and this one are the same, make by Eureka but sold under various names. The second option on the link will save you money but the quality is not the same. Do note that these have a two pin cord ending.,466

Beam Q Broken Neck

we have a beam Q. the plastic neck that is attached to the head unit and the wand is cracked. we need the replacement part for that. any help as to where to buy would be appreciated.

We do not have that part. Please go to Beam's website for help with that. We do have compatible hose and tool kits that are very powerful and durable. Checkout our Stealth Kit for Beam as a replacement if you want to go that route in the future. Our customers are very pleased with it, as you can read about online.

Beam 255 Motor and Parts

I have a beam model 255 and found the motor brushes worn out. Do you sell the motor brushes or I have to change the motor assembly? How much is the brushes or the motor assembly? Thanks

We have motor brushes but not a cross reference for the Lamb Ametek motor that is in a 255. Please send photos of the motor and we can help.

Rugmaster BM1393 Hose

We have a rugmaster model BM1393 that works fine, but the hose is starting to break (covering with duct tape until we replace). Do you have the correct replacement hose?

Yes, it is the first hose on this page Just chose the length and wall end electrical connection type.

Leaky Inlets

Robin Nagle in Barrington, IL My inlets seem to be in need of new rubber "washers" that secure a tight closure. When one inlet is being used, other inlests can be heard as if air is coming through them also. Can I purchase just the rubber washers? Thanks!

The rubber washers are not available separately. There is a gasket in the wall to that may be going old. See our video for help with both issues. Also be sure the inlet is not over tighten as it bows and the gasket doesn't sit down properly.

New to Central Vac, Need Help.

Recently bought house with beam 775 classic. We have no hoses or attachments. What type and where would we find them? Also we have a few clogs it spears what is best way to get rid of them? And lastly the unit doesn't shut off it powers up when plugged in and only shuts off when unplugged...funny huh? The inlets appear to be non direct connect thank you for help. J

Congratulations on your new home and central vac! Beam systems are industry standard, meaning the pipe in the walls and inlets on the walls are used industry wide. Therefore, you have all options before you to use the best hose and tools for your floor types. If you have minimal carpet save money with an air driven kit. If you have carpet then clean it deep with an electric kit (with pigtail cord since you have non-110 volt inlets). When it comes to the unit issues there is a very helpful troubleshooting page to start with. The link is on the left side under the All of this is found here If you need more help or have questions please let us know.

Replacement Part for Suction Control

Looking for replacement part that controls suction on Powerhead (Model #775) Thank you.

You need help determining why the suction is not working and then you need the part. Please start here at the Start button to determine the true cause of the issue. When you know the issue look up the solutions below the chart.

Hose Switch

I need the 3 position switch thats in the handle for a beam 2100 serenity. Thanks, fred amrhein, Chanhassen 55317

Take a look at our electric hose switch. Compare the handle in the picture to yours, if they match in shape then this will work for you.

Beam Brush Roller Worn

I have a beam model BM1193 type D and the brush roller keeps skipping of the track and hanging up. Is it possible to replace the housing that accepts the roller without having to buy a whole assembly? The notch where the roller fits into the housing appears worn and will not hold the roller. The motor is still good and I can assemble it myself.

In this case we recommend replacing the brush head with a new one. The wearing on the case on the case and on the brush would require replacing both parts and overall will cost more than a replacement.

Beam Replacement Power Brush

I have a Beam PE 371. I would like to replace the hose and power brush. My hose is separate from the power cord. The power cord plugs directly into a wall outlet and then runs along the entire length of the hose and is attached to the hose with what looks like after market plastic ties. The power cord then has a two prong female recepticle on it that connects to a cord that comes off the presidents edition 2000 power brush which has the two prong male end. What type of hose, power cord and power brush should I purchase. Thanks.

We would recommend a replacement kit. This will include the hose, brush, wands and all the tools needed. With the kit you will get an electric hose, no more need to deal with an external cord running along the hose. Take a look at your options here and call us with any questions

Beam 375A Cloth Bag Cleaning

How Do I change or clean the motor filter in a Beam vacuum Model # SC375A and Serial # 107113424054? Susan Bancroft On. Ca

The cloth bag hanging down inside the unit can be removed by grasping the fabric near the edge and pulling towards the center. The rim of the bag has a flexible metal band, once pulled to the center it will be loose and can then be removed. Clean it with mild detergent and let dry. Be sure it is completely dry before reinserting.

Replacing Power Unit

I am installing a vac system and have a Beam power head hose attachment. I was given a nutone 850c unit that probably needs brushes or new motors. Will the Beam equipment work with the Nutone power unit?

When replacing the power unit only nothing inside the house is changing so all your tools will still work.

Permaglow Unit, Looking for Accessory Kit

Am moving into a house with Beam Permaglow Ready, Model 189D, "classic" Need 30' hose and attachments for medium pile rug and tile/hardwood. Do you have these parts? Cost? Thanks, Jim

Yes, we recommend our Ace or Stealth Kit for your system, carpets, and hard floors. It fits your valves and works with your system as is. Click on the Kits link for more information and for these kit options such as hose length and inlet connection style (you will probably choose the "corded" hose version). Let us know if you have any other questions.

Shag Carpet Cleaning

I need a power head to clean a shag rug. What do you recommend?


Most shag rugs and carpet are not able to take the beating of a power brush, be sure to check with the manufacturer prior to any power head use. The CT20 brush has the highest setting for rug, but still may be too much for the long fibers. We do have a Rug Tool With Tines for shag carpet here,

How To Access The Hose Fuse

I have a Beam Central Vacuum System with the Beam Rugmaster Plus power brush. The vacuum on the Rugmaster works but the power brush will not start. I have replaced the switch on the handle but this did not solve the problem. I have continunity at the wall plate but only have continunity on one of the wires on the hose. I understand there is a fuse in the wall end of the hose but don't know how to access this fuse. What is the fix for this?

You can follow our instructional video for accessing and testing the hose fuse at

Beam Replacement Carpet Brush

I have model B1500 and the carpet brush attachment stopped working. I need to find a replacement. The wand and hose attachments are still in good shape. Is there a replacement that will work with what I already have?

You can find your compatible brush options here, All of our brushes use a standard 2-pin cord for power connections.

Beam CT14DX Disassembly

Hi - I have a Beam Central Vac power head model CT14DX. Need to get to the belt but can't get the top cover off. I re3moved the rubber guard and got access to the side release slots. The top lifts a little but can't get it off. Are ther screws or something holding it? Thanks for your help. Gary

Yes, there are screws that hold the top cover to bottom housing. They will need to be removed before you will be able to access the belt.

Beam 1176 Replacement Brush

Hi - I would like to replace a beam 1176 with a stealth unit without the hose, current hose is a 2 prong beam series X.Y BcF27 BCE. Any electric power units to replace that model which would be compatible with the hose thanks Eric New York

All of our electric carpet brushes use a 2-pin connection and will be compatible with your Beam system. Take a look at what we offer at

How to Change Filter

HOw to change filter on the collection canister of the Beam Classic III?

To change the filter, remove the bottom bucket, grab a top edge of the filter and pull inward until the filter edge flexes and the filter falls down. Wash it and replace it when it is completely dry.

199D Compatible Parts?

Hello. I have an older Beam system Model#199D. I'd like to order a replacement hose as well as some other attachments, but I don't see that model among your model list on the website. Can you please let me know what items will work with my model and if you carry them? Thank you. Jennifer A Burnsville, MN

All the products from our Beam front page here are compatible with your model. Thank you for asking.

Rugmaster 1393 Needs Service

I need to have the brush roll replaced on my Beam Rugmaster Plus Model 1393. I'm located in Olympia, Washington. Is there a local vendor who can replace the part? In reading on-line it states not to do it yourself. Thanks.

You can find a local dealer using our Dealer Locator at the top of the website.

Beam AP900 Replacement?

Jodi - Ambler, PA I have a Beam AP900 - I need to replace the power brush(i think it is called that) - do you have a replacement for it?

If your vacuum looks like the ones on this page then these are the proper replacements. Please read the description of each for any fitting notes you need to look into first. If these are not right for you please let us know by sending a photo or calling us.

RugMaster Hose Replacement Options

I have a RugMaster Plus, Model BM1393 and I need to know what hose to use. Our old hose doesn't work anymore. Please give us the part number or model number. Thanks, Ray

The hose you need is the electric one here and comes with some adapters because the Rugmaster was sold in a couple different wand and cord ends.

RugMaster Hose Handle?

I have a Beam Central Vac Model 697C. The hose handle which fits the Rug Master Plus Electric Brush Model 045-322 has cracked. Can I just replace the handle and what is the model number? Thx. Bob, Ocala

We replacement hoses for Beam RugMaster but not hose handles. If your hose connection has three prongs that is obsolete by the way. Let us know how else we can help you.

Cuts-Out Pulling Backward

Our Beam Advocate has less power now and when pulling back quickly, it will turn off. It will turn right back on however. There is plenty of suction. The belt seems a little sloppy.

The connection from the cord to the hose handle is sloppy. You'll need replace the hose wiring assembly most likely. But if your cord ends it three prongs, you have an obsolete cord and handle connection. You'll need to buy a new hose and brush kit. If there is only two pins on the cord end then this part should fix it Be sure the prongs are clean from the nozzle cord.

Unclog Pipes?

We have a 189D Model Beam (10 years old) in our house. Just recently we are not getting enough suction from the inlets within the house. When I take the hose into the garage and hook it up (as if to sweep out the car) it has the normal suction. If there is something clogged in the lines of the do I go about unclogging the lines. There is minimal suction now within the house from all inlets. In the garage...maximum suction as is should be. Please advise. Don - Mercer

It sounds like a clog. Use the solutions under #3 here

Wiring Diagram?

I have a Beam Rugmaster Plus 2100. I am trying to find the wiring schematic for the belt motor. Is there an online schematic I could view to replace this motor. I put the new motor in and the belt doesnt turn. I installed the old motor and the same thing happened. I think I have my wires mixed up.

Sorry, we don't have that diagram. Please try or a dealer from there.

Beam Rug-Master Belt

I have the Beam Rug Master Plus central vac system. I need a belt for it and can't seem to be able to find it. I think it is a E51550 series . Where can I get one. Thanks Gloria Johnson, St Paul, MN

We have the Rug-Master and belt replacement here,48201.

Suction but no Electricity to Brush

Bob, Spokane. I own a Beam Serenity Plus it clogged and stripped the running gear and belt drive. I ordered a Sebo ET-2 it starts the vacum but not the beater bar. Is their a compatibility issue, do I need a new hose or is there something else to look at?

Could be the fuse in the hose went bad when the brush got jammed, or the Sebo may have it's own on/off button you need to press. The fuse is molded into the plastic of the cord or prongs on the wall end of the carpet. A continuity test is needed to diagnose it.

Attachments Needed for Beam 294

We purchased a home with an old Beam 294, with no attachments. What are some options for a basic kit to get started? Thank you! Marcy Olympia, WA

Marcy, congratulations on the home and central vac! Any of the Electric or Air Kits will fit your system. Based on your floors and budget please pick one of these here Call us if you want any help.

Convert Hose to Direct Connect

Is there a simple way to convert a pigtail Beam hose to a direct connect hose?

Hi, this is basic but involves small parts. Here is the conversion kit

Beamco Grand - Single Prong Inlets

We have Beam Grand Central model #GC-102, the outlets have 1 prong. We would like to purchase an additional hose and carpet attachment. Are there attachments available for this older model?

Hi, you actually have a Beamco product, not a Beam product. The Beamco products are very unique and really only sold in the NW. You will have to look in the yellow pages there to find help because no one has a hose that is compatible with the system. We are sorry for that and there is really no way to convert into an industry standard style.

Replacing RugMaster Vacuum

We have a Beam rug master plus, bought the house 5 years ago it was here then, the beater brush does not work now. Do we need a whole new vacuum or can you replace the brush or belt, which ever is in need of replacing?

Hi, the original RugMaster brush is still available but we recommend moving your system up to better technology. These days good vacuums never break belts, even if you go over a large tube sock. The brush will automatically shut down protecting the belt and internal parts. New brushes have become quieter too, especially the higher end ones. We do not stock the RugMaster but with a phone call we can point you to a vendor. They are about $200 just for the old style head. However, it may be a great time to invest in the cleaning tools that that really make a difference. Take a look at the Stealth kit here There are also other kits on the page which are good as well. They all fit directly into your system without any modifications. Take a look and let us know if you have any further questions.

New Home, No Hose or Tools

Just moved into a house that has Model 2100, and no Hose or hook-ups included. What is the cheapest hose, and parts that I need to get me going? Thank you so much!

Hi, you can buy any of this beginning hose and tool kits. They all fit. The less expensive ones are toward the bottom. If you want something better for carpets then buy one toward the top, the nozzle brush actually rotates to groom the carpets. If you want the best then buy an electric powered hose and nozzle found there

Hose for Garage

The vacumn unit in the garage has a utility inlet, but my hose has an electric connection on it and it won't fit. Is there a separate hose that will fit in this unit so I can vacuum my car?

Hi, you can buy any of these garage kits. They all fit your Beam Vacuum. Or you can buy any Basic Hose, all the way up to 50ft long. Kits: Hose:

Rug Master Hose Handle 045-322

Hi my name is Diane from Maple shade NJ. Do you sell replacement control handles (3way switch) for the Beam Rugmaster Plus Model 045-322 pigtail connection?

Hi, we sell the new entire hose which gives you more suction and updates you to the standard now used. It comes with adaptors to make the whole thing come together. We recommend a new electric hose for Beam because when the RugMaster dies you will be set up for the brushes now available which are a whole lot better. Brushes such as Stealth, EdgeLift and BlackHawk. Here is the hose: (first type listed) and be sure to choose the length and wall connection type.

Beam Hose -Need Suction On/Off

I have a Beam Central Vacuum that is about 13 years old. It is a direct connect and I would like to up grade my hose so I can have an on off switch at the hose. My hose has a 1/2 inch metal band around the hose where it connects to wall. Can I still use the low voltage hose with the on off switch on handle? My attatchments are friction fit.


You mentioned direct connect - that usually means you need an electric hose as opposed to a low voltage hose. Does your power head have a cord attached that plugs into the hose handle? If so, you will need a Direct Connect Beam Electric Hose. If your power head operates with only the suction of the vacuum, you can use a Low Voltage instead. The low voltage hoses have an on/off switch at the handle as does the electric hose options.

Stealth Head to Beam Hose?

From Chris, Conway, WA: I have a Beam electric brush head Model B1500 and would like to upgrade to a Stealth II brush head. Can I use my existing hose? Thanks.

Hi Chris, we wish it did fit! But the Stealth cord terminates in a different style that will not fit into the plastic holder at the top of the metal extension wands. And they don't make a new top wand, or complete wand that matches the cord end to your style hose. Now, if your current electric cord doesn't attach into a plastic holder at the top but you have to manually plug it into the hose handle then a new Stealth head would work. But if you have the first issue you'll need to get a complete Stealth Kit (actually saves money). One good thing though, is you can use your old hose as a basement or garage hose where the vacuum unit is located.

Stealth Head Replace BM1197 Vacuum Nozzle?

Heather New Freedom, PA I have a Powerhead Model BM1197. Will the 12" stealth powerhead fit the hoses I currently have? We have non-plush carpets and dog hair! Thanks

Hi Heather, the cord on the stealth is shaped differently so it will not fit the plastic holder at the top of the metal tubes. The cords can we swapped but that is a hassle. Do think it is time to replace the hose? If so we have excellent electric kits that fit right into your system. The hose is more powerful and easy to work with.

Cord Repair

I need to fix a frayed electrical cord on my Beam Rugmaster. However, it is right at the location that the cord goes into the housing. I would like to get the cord out to determine if it needs to be replaced or can be patched. How do I go about getting the cord out of the housing? Thanks, Dan Connelly

Remove the screws from the bottom of the unit to access the electric components. If there is some slack you may be able to reuse the wire, otherwise you can buy a new cord here:

Older Beam, New Hose?

I have a 25 year old Beam Central vacuum Model #190. Can I use the Low voltage vacuum hose with the shut off at handle or only the basic hose?

Hi, yes the Low Voltage and Basic hoses will fit right in and work correctly. Also, you can use any electric kit and the hose with the pigtail cord fits right in as well. The 8ft cord is then plugged into the nearest electrical outlet. This is awesome for grooming carpet. Start here if you are interested

RugMaster Parts or Replacement?

We have two Beam BM1393 RugMaster Plus units. We have broken the plastic inlets on the sweeper head so that the extendable wand no longer attaches to the heads. Is it possible to replace just this part? If so, what's the part number. More importantly, is this a good repair, or is there a sweeper head that is superior to these units that I should be considering? One option would be to purchase one new head and the parts to repair the others.

Hi, the RugMaster head has been around for a long time and served well but technology has moved on. The RugMaster head is available still but for more money than newer better heads available today. The issue is our vacuum heads will not fit the older RugMaster hose that is also outdated. The best solution, in our opinion, is to replace the kit with a new electric one such as EdgeLift or Stealth here:

Replace Beam Rugmaster Plus and Hose

I have a Beam Rugmaster Plus model 199c. I need to replace the hose and the carpet brush attachment. Please advise me on what I need to purchase to replace hose and carpet brush. Thanks.

Hello, the hose and electric brush are the most expensive parts of a complete new attachment kit. You will save money and get more parts buying a complete new electric kit. And all the parts will fit together just fine. The vacuum ports on your wall are industry standard so you have all your options for a new kit. Start here and determine what is best for you. We recommend the Stealth or EdgeLift. This kits all fit the Beam System

Fix or Replace?

Our Beam RugMaster Plus (model BM1393) seems to need a new belt or something. The beater bar doesn't turn when we use it on carpet, no matter how flat or plush. (How does the "self-adjusting height" work? I haven't been able to figure that out.) Do you know what we need and how or where we can get it? Thanks! Jenny, Eden Prairie

Hello Jenny, we offer a complete upgrade to the hose and tools. We have powerful electric kits with lifetime belt warranties at If you want to try to fix your older model then we suggest contacting Thanks!

Electric Hose Extension?

I currently have a 30ft pig-tail corded hose (Beam) but need a little length for one room. I don't really want to carry around a lot of extra hose when not needed in most rooms. Do you have an extension that would work with a powerhead? If not could you tell me if I add an extension plug the pigtail into the wall with an extension cord would I still be able to get electricity to the power head?


You can use a 12' Hose Extension with your 30' pigtail hose. Simply, add an extension cord in order to use this extension with your existing powerhead.

Plastic Wands Needed

My Beam central vac is 7 years old. i need new plastic wands for it and cannot find them on your site. Could you tell me how to purchase them? Shirley

Hello Shirley, the wands section is a link at the bottom left of this page Thanks for asking.

Old System Needs New Kit

We have beam central vacuum system which is very old, probably about 36 years old. Could we replace power kit, system including basic hose? from kie j Park,Mt.Top,pa

Hello Kie, yes, your older Beam is still industry standard to you can buy and attachment kit from basic to corded electric. It will really be a boost to your system.

Replacing Unit Only

I need to replace my unit have beam 2500 is the unit ALL i HAVE TO REPLACE WILL the outlets work with a new system

Hello, yes, that is all you need to replace. Any built-in vacuum system can have any new vacuum unit and it will work just fine. They all have low voltage connections and an intake from the home. A larger unit that would take a 30 amp circuit would need new wiring and socket but you can use any unit that goes up to 20 amps because you are most likely on a 20 amp circuit. Also consider the way the new unit empties. Some empty from the top and some the bottom. Buy one that is best for your space and then best in performance, filtration, and quietness.

Upgrade 189, Lots of Hair

I believe I have a Model 189. I am going by the picture in the brochure that I have. There was no model number given on the receipt I have. We purchased it in April of 1999 for a total cost of 942.85 BEFORE tax. What would be the least expensive way to upgrade and get better suction? We have 5 dogs that live in doors, all who shed. Thank you Elaine L. Lawrenceville, GA. 30043

The best thing to do is keep your expensive Beam unit and buy the best attachment kit in the industry - the Stealth Kit. It is electric and customers rave about its ability to pick up hair, especially the 12 Stealth for those with really bad hair issues. The suction from the vacuum you have is plenty to pick up everything the Stealth grooms out of your carpet. Also, if you need a new motor for the Beam, we have the motors. Call us if you don't know the exact motor you need, but the Beam page will help you if you know the model number. Here is the Stealth Page

New Hose and Attachments

I have Beam 189D model (serial # 9852179484) for about 6 years. I have universal inlets and I need new hose and appropriate tools. What types of hoses could I buy?

You have universal inlets so you can buy any hose and any hose/tool kit you want. We highly recommend the Stealth Kit. It is quiet and electric and has excellent customer reviews.

New Higher Rated Carpet Brush

I have a Beam model 361. I need a replacement carpet brush. It is in series with the power and seperate from the transformer (pushes into the side of the can) could you advise me of the model no. that I need for this higher rated carpet brush?

Sure, the Stealth Kit is the best kit bar-none. Many Beam dealers even use it! The hose will fit right into your inlets on the wall. If you inlets state they have 110 volts you will need a 'direct connect' kit. If not you need a 'corded' kit. The kits come with a 30 or 35 foot hose as well. Please see our Stealth Page or give us a call toll free.

TurboCat - Air Driven Brushes - Replace with Stealth?

I have a turbo cat system with hose which is broke. Would this stealth be okay to replace with my Beam system as long as I buy the pigtail. We have a 3600 square-foot house 3 rooms upstairs are carpeted (bedrooms) and then our finished downstairs with 2 bedrooms and a large family room or can the turbo cat really clean just as well. Thanks

Yes, the corded Stealth kit with either 30 or 35-foot hose will be a tremendous improvement over the TurboCat - guaranteed. The Stealth will fit right into your existing central vacuum system without any modifications. Here is a page on upgrading any system to electric tools You never have to change anything in your system.