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Finding a Short in Vacuum Head or Cord or Handle

Hi, I have a Beam Electrolux 045389 Rugmaster Plus BM1393AB central vac unit. The problem I am having is in using the powerhead. When it is in the upright position it will sometimes run, sometimes not. When you lower the handle it might stay running for a few seconds and then it quits. I can use the air side to vacuum fine and suction is fine. Do you think it might be the switch in the handle?


It could be a bad switch in the handle, or it might be something else entirely. There could be an issue with the power head motor, cord, extension wand, or the internal hose wiring. To find the short tug and pull on all connections while keeping everything else still.

Difficult Bucket Release and Dust Containment Issues

Hi there, I have a Beam Serenity Central System. I have the hardest time putting the canister back onto the unit! I can get it barely hooked back onto the metal holders on the side. What am I doing wrong? Also, is there a smart way to empty the canister? Right now, it makes a huge mess because the filter bag is full of dust and when you pull the canister off the bag sheds all over.


The bottom should slide into the catches quite easily. Take some time to brush out the stops and tabs to knock off built-in dirt. When emptying the unit first put a trash bag up and over it. Then have someone else twist the bottom off into the bag and then grab the cloth filter and give it a good shake. This will keep the dust in its place in the bag.

Testing Switch Assembly and Power Head

I have a Beam central vac with a BM 1393 power head. The hose handle has a three position rocker switch which works on/off (mid position) and air only (left). When the switch is set to the right, which normally sends power to the power head I still get air, but the power head doesn't run. The light bulb doesn't go on. I think I know where the reset is on this unit. It doesn't appear to be tripped. Assuming this isn't the problem, how can I whether its the switch assembly that's faulty or the power head motor itself?


This problem could be a number of issues. It could be the switch assembly, wiring within the hose, the powerhead, a faulty connection with the extension wands, or an issue with your high voltage wiring. If you have inlet valves wired with high voltage receptacles and your Beam 1393 power head has a two prong cord, you could plug it in directly to the wall to elminate the power head as the issue. The only way to test if it's the wiring within the hose, is to have a special tool to measure continuity. If there isn't any intermittent power through the hose to the powerhead, it's usually not an issue with the extension wands. More often than not, the issue is with your switch assembly and is a simple fix. We have replacement switch assemblies, Switch Assembly for Gas Pump and Pistol Grip Style Hoses (Part #352GS and #352S) for hoses marked on the wall end cuff with the letter P within a small circle.

Beam BM1197A Belt Replacement?


We carry the Replacement Belt for Beam BM1197A; however, we do not carry the replacement screws.

Hose Handle Switch Malfunctioning?

We have a Serenity Plus system built into our house and it has worked great for the last five-plus years. Today I noticed that when I flick the switch on the handle to operate the power brush, the brush has power and spins but the vacuum suction stops. Switch back to floor mode (?) and brush head stops turning and suction resumes. Any ideas? Eric, Anacortes, WA.

Based on the information you've provided, you will need to replace the switch assembly located in your hose handle. We have a replacement switch assembly for hoses only manufactured by Plastiflex. To determine if you hose is manufactured by Plastiflex, please look on the wall end cuff of your hose for the letter "P" branded within a circle. If you do not find this branding, please contact our office to find a suitable replacement.

Sweep-n-Groom Replacement Belt?

I'm looking for a new belt for the Sweep n Groom powered head. Thx.

Yes, we carry the replacement belt for the Sweep-n-Groom (Item #48201). You may view this item by clicking here: Sweep-n-Groom Replacement Belt.

Suction Randomly Works. Smells Burnt.

I have a serenity 375 series central vac that is just over 10 years old. Just recently I've had the unit stop working after I turn off unit. then, when I restart it almost immediately, it does not restart. after about 1/2 an hour, the unit starts up again. I noticed that when this happens there is a burnt circuit board like smell from the unit. I have to problem with suction on the unit. does the circuit board need to be replaced?

Actually those are the exact symptoms of a motor gone bad. The circuit board is fine. You need to replace the motor or buy a new unit if desired. We don't have a cross reference for the 375 motor but we are sure we have it. Please access the motor and send us a photo of it to help you.

Losing Power when Pulling Vacuum Back

I have a Beam RugMaster Plus and when I pull back on the vac, it goes off briefly like it is losing power. When I push it forward, no problems but this is happening more and more.

You have a short somewhere in one of connections. With the vacuum running correctly, hold everything still and toy with each connection to see where the short is. Even test the hose as it going into the handle. Also test the switch, moving it around without flipping it.

Breaker Keeps Popping After Motor Replacement

My unit will run for 3-4 minutes then the breaker on the canister pops out. Resetting the breaker works for a few minutes then pops out again. I have replaced the motor. That did not help. I've taken the handle part for the power head and cleaned the connection. That did not work. I have cleaned the entire canister unit. Still not working. I what could be making the breaker trip on the canister?

The breaker is tripping because the breaker is bad. It happens every so often when the motor goes out. If the breaker is on a circuit board you need to replace the board, otherwise it would be a separate breaker you can buy alone. Here are the parts you may need,251.

Burning Smell from Tank

Hi my name is Michelle from Whitby, ON. My Central Vacuum Beam model 2150 stopped to work and smell like a fire. What can I do? Thank you

The electrical smell is from the motor giving out. Most likely all you need is a new motor, but you could replace the entire unit if you want. The Beam 2150 motor and instructions are available here.

Replacement Power Head Cord - 2 Pin

Will part no. 49054 (cord) work on a Eureka BM1176 powerhead? Carol in Eugene Oregon

You can use this one It is longer, doesn't have a stop to worry about, and if your cord ends in two pins it will work. Just take a look at the shape of the cord end to make sure it matches yours.

Utility Valve Contacts or On Off Switch?

I see that there is a utility inlet on the unit in the garage but I see no connection points. Is it possible to add connection points so that I can use this inlet to vacuum out my car? Tonya, Redding, CA

There is an on/off switch on the vacuum itself so that the utility valve can be used. It should be near the wire connection.

Replacement Hose for Beam 189F

Hi, We have Beam 189F model and its hose is torn from the part it goes into the handle. Can someone help me to find a replacement hose for it? We are in Porter Ranch, CA.

There are a lot of hoses that can go with that system. All hoses fit the inlets but not all fit your carpet vacuum. Please use the Replacement Hoses for Beam Vacuum page for help or give us a call.

Loud Motor, Blue Sparks

I have a Beam 371, and the engin has been making a loud sound, yesturday there seemed to be blue sparks coming from the engin compartment! time for a new engin and can i replace it myself?

Yes, you need a new motor and you can replace it yourself. Here are the parts and there is a link to the instructions in the motor description. If you have any questions let us know.,221,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Beam+371

Beam 2500 Motor and Motor Brushes

i have a model 2500 (serenity series) with two 240 volt, 3 stage lamb motors, I need to replace the brushes but i am not sure of the part # on the brushes. cant seem to find the motor # to reference to? larry new york

We show the model 2500 taking these motors and brushes.,210X. Please take a look to compare the motors with yours to be sure the brushes will fit. Remember that after 10 years or 1000 hours, the motors should be replaced. Do not replace brushes on motors that have any wobble in the center shaft.

Hose and Power Brush for Any Beam

Beam 1197. Where can I get a new hose and power brush for this model? Alice in Palatine

We have a variety of hose and power brush kits for your Beam 1197. It is better to get a kit because it comes with the proper connection wand and you save money and get more tools as well. Choose the kit, hose length, and price range that works for you. There are electric kits that are good for homes with carpet and then air kits for homes with minimal carpet. All the kits you see here are compatible with your system, wall valves, and tank.

Electric Brush Works but Not On Hose

Good day. I have a Beam Sweep N Groom power head that just stopped working. The rocker switch on the gas pump style handle works fine. Suction comes on when this switch is turned either way however the power head does not turn on when the switch is turned on to the right, as it's supposed to. I tried plugging the power head directly into the wall hose inlet and the power head works. Power head is therefore ok and not the problem. Took all the electrical parts of the hose apart and all wires etc. seem fine. Any help is most appreciated. Vacuum system is just over two years old. Thx Rick.

There is a hidden diode fuse in the wall end of the hose. It is in the pigtail cord end or part of the two pin plug. If you can do continuity testing then you will be able to see if the diode is blown. If so replace the cord or plug. We have them in our general hose parts section.

Shorting at Vacuum Handle? Intermittent Power Brush

I have the Beam SC325C with a Serenity power vacuum head. Suction continues while the power intermittently cuts on and off to the vacuum head. I've tried to clean the power cord prongs that fit into the wand but that doesn't help the power from shutting on and off to the vacuum head. Any ideas on how to remedy the problem? Thanks!

An intermittent power brush can be the result of one of the many electrical connections from the hose end to the power brush. You need to find the short. To do that, start the vacuum and lay it down. Starting at the wall, bend, twist, pull, push and flex the hose all the way to the hose handle then do the same on the cord and connections all the way down the wands to the brush. Once you find the short you'll know what needs to be repaired or replaced.

Beam Serenity 2100 Overheating

Mary Jo, Chicago, IL: I have a Beam Serenity 2100. Recently, it has stopped running after 10 minutes or so, as if it is over heating. I use the reset button and it will run only for a few minutes more. Do I need to replace the whole motor, or is there something I can do that is not as expensive or drastic? Thanks.

It might just need to have the filters cleaned. Remove the cloth filter and hand wash with mild detergent. Be sure the cloth is completely dry before reinserting. Behind the cloth filter in the unit will be a secondary screen, be sure this is clear without any buildup.

Beam Replacing Hose Handle Switch

I havce the Beam Advocate. The handle plug at the power head has been shorting out. I assume I need the hose and the plug. The Female plug two holes is blackened, the male plue shows some possible arching. Can I order both parts and replace myself or is better to take it to a professional beam dealer?

If your hose is under warranty, it's best to have the dealer replace the parts so they can cover the cost. If out of warranty you can purchase and replace the parts yourself without much trouble.

Power Issue With Electric Hose

My Serenity Plus Powerbrush had been turning off and on (like it had a loose wire.) Now the motor for the suction will suddenly stop when the powerbrush is engaged, and then will resume when the power to the brush is turned off. I can either vacuum or use the powerbrush...but not at the same time. Both outlets give the same result. Any ideas?? Marilyn Foresthill

Most likely this is an issue with the switch in the hose handle. There are two seperate power lines in the hose and switch, one for the suction and the other for the brush. When the switch is not functioning properly you can get issues like this. Take a look at our electric hose, if the handle looks exactly the same you can use our replacement switch found here,

No High Voltage In Vacuum Hose

My power head for my Beam central vac system is not working. there is suction from the hose but the lights and poiwer head will not turn on. Any idea what may be causing this?

Most likely you have a blown fuse in the hose that needs to be replaced.

Brush Will Not Turn On

I have a Beam Rug Master Plus. The suction appears to be fine but when I turn the power on the brushes are not spinning so there is no difference when I turn it on or leave it off. Is this normal? if not how can I fix it?

You may have a blown fuse in the hose that is not providing power to the brush. Try replacing the fuse first, this should fix the issue.

Rug Master Plus BM1393 Not Performing On Rug

I have a Beam "Rug Master Plus" BM1393. It no longer picks up my dog's fur from our oriental rugs. It does get it off of our berber. Do I need to have the rug master serviced or is there a do-it-yourself fix? Thanks

The bristles can get worn over time and not reach as far as they used to. While operating on the berber carpet, the wheels allow the brush to ride lower into the fibers and clean better. On an area rug it doesn't ride so low, try adjusting the height on the brush.

Can't Feel Suction Under Carpet Brush

Carom - Camas I have a Beam Rug Master Plus. The powerhead does not have much suction - the brushes are clean and turning freely. The suction is full force if I turn on the vaccum and disconnect the hose from the handle of the powerhead. There is not a clog in the powerhead or handles. Any idea what the problem may be?

You actually will not feel much suction around the brush because that is such a wide area. When the brush is on the carpet the suction is there, and powerful, because it is nearly sealed to the floor. You should be able to hear the suction if you disconnect the power to the handle so the brush is not running.

Brush Slows, Part II

Add on to Brush Slows Down-Why? We did take the unit apart. There was a minimal amount of dust, so tiny in the roller bush area. But the belt had some areas where it was knicked off and there was alot of the black residue from the belt on the unit parts. I don't know if the brush slows down or not, it just "sounds" sluggish, in spurts.

If the belt is cogged then replace it. Also, did you clean the bearing or brushes on the brush roll ends? Other than that you may have to replace it.

Brush Slows Down - Why?

Have a Beam Rugmaster Plus Powerhead. Bgt 1998. When vacuuming, it goes along just fine, then sounds like going to stop, sounds slow and sounds low. This occurs randomly during vacuuming. It never shuts off, but sounds like it is slugish. Does the powerhead need a new motor? Motor says 112797E E51550 120V 60HZ 26159-7 5403-12. Joyce- Des Moines

That sounds like the roller brush end bushings are packed with hair and dirt. Did you try cleaning the ends off the roller brush?

Beam Serenity Plus Model 2875 Cannot Remove The Canister

The cannister in my Beam Serenity Plus model 2875 will not twist off to clean. Does the power need to be disconnected to be able to remove the cannister? Tom Fresno

There may be buildup behind the filter canister. The power not need to be disconnected to remove it. Try twisting back and forth until it is free enough to remove.

Stops Immediately

We have a Beam Serenity model 2100 installed in the home and when the hose is inserted into the wall it turns on for a few seconds and then shuts off on it's own. Turning the handle's power switch off/on restarts the unit only to have it once again stop after a few more seconds. The canaster is clean. What could be causing this stopping issue? Thanks.

That is most usually a bad motor. Replacing the motor should solve the issue. Motors last for about 800 hours (7-12 years) and then need to be replaced. Most commonly they act as you describe. The new motors can be found here

VacPan Leaking, Unit Motor Smells.

I am working on a Beam Central Vac system. The kitchen toe kick pan assembly leaks when closed. It can be heard when the system is running. Is there a replacement part that can be easily changed out without removing the cabinet. Beam Mod #2100A Serenity Central Vac has a hot smell when it is running. Not quite an electrical smell but similar. There is a very fine dust in the filter bag and canister. The exhaust is extremely warm. Is this normal. If a replacement motor is required, what is the part number...Don from Santa Rosa Beach Fl

The VacPan should be replaced. In fact, we are working on getting a VacPan repair kit very soon which will make this a lot easier. Regarding the motor, it sounds like it is going bad. You can replace the motor now or later. Here is the motor,221,how2mtr

117478 Motor Alternative?

Alicia, CA; we have a Beam Serenity Plus Model 2875A and suddenly wont turn on, I pushed the reset button, works for 3 sec and pops right out. we opened the unit, when motor runs to those 3 seconds has very poor suction and motor smells like burn wire. I think my husband can change the motor but my question is, our motor reads "Lamb electric 117478-12" and I found some on line that sell cheap but the numbers are different 119432-13; 116336-01; 116114-00; Would any of these work, if they have the the same 120v & 50/60 Hz.?

You will need the 117478 motor. It is what your machine was designed for in all aspects. Buying the motor and replacing it will resolve your issues and get you vacuuming for many years to come.

Blackened Connections

I have a beam advocate mod-900 power unit.The connection plug {two prong)between the wand and power unit is shot due to arcing, black and melted . Can I replace just the wand cord and power unit? John Phila PA

John, the cord is blackened but not the receptacle holes? Does the cord have two or three prongs? If two then you can possibly just change the cord, or change the entire head. Take a look at these products,482. You can also replace the entire kit with one of these

Rugmaster Light Bulb

Replacement light bulb for a Beam Rug Master Plus, Model # BM 1393 Type AB, Do you have a part number so I can order? Thanks Larry


Clog in Brush, Spitting Dirt.

Beam Rugmaster Plus. It runs but is not picking up. It is instead spitting out dirt. It is plugged all the way into the wall and the hose suction is fine when the head isn't on. I can't hear the beaters running either. We replaced the belt, but still not working right. What should we do?

When the switch is flipped to the other side the suction is most likely not working. We see this happen sometimes and the switch assembly needs to be replaced. See our part #352S, 352GS.

Button Clip Missing on Wand

I have a Beam Serenity Plus system that is 4 years old and my home is 75% hardwood. The wand that attaches to the power head does not stay in tact at the power head. I don't know if the problem is with the recepter at the power head or with the plunger in the wand. It seems that niether part is avalable seperatly. Please advise. Paul N.J.

The carpet brush will not stay on the wand? There should be a button that pops into a hole in the head's neck. We well buttons here if that is all you need

Near Loss of All Suction

I have a Beam 2875A central vac. Our house has about 8 hose inlets and all appear to have about 20-30% of their normal suction. Even the hose connection on the unit itself has minimal suction which leads me to believe it is not a clog. I cleared the dust receptacle and the filter per the Owner's Manual instructions. It was a minor improvement. Any ideas on what may be wrong and how to fix it?

Either the unit is a fault or the piping has been broken somewhere. A sealed system will increase the motor speed when under load, does yours increase when testing the unit with all the ports closed? If not you have a huge leak most likely. It can also be the motor or mother board but usually they do not slow down, they just stop working. If you smell a burnt smell then it is the motor. Take a look and let us know what you find.

Brush Stops on Carpet

I have an Advocate AP900 and it turns off as soon as the brush makes contact with the carpet..Is it the motor? Thanks, Joe

Joe, the brush completely turns off? Or it is on but not spinning? If the first then it is probably the motor, if the second then it is probably a broken part in the unit. Either way, our recommendation is to replace the brush.

Intermittent Issues

Intermittent issues with my Bean Advocate power brush. The red LED comes on and the unit slows/stops. In doing some additonal work it would appear that it may be the connector between the the power brush unit and the wand(two prong). The problem appears to be in the spring like cord that runs from the top of the wand where the handle (where the switch is) to the base where the power floor unit plugs into. Would a connector problem between the power brush and the wand cause the LED to go red? Do you sell this spring like cord male on one end; female on the other? Thanks. Jim

Hi Jim, it sounds like the motor is the issue. Turn the unit on, open the utility valve, and without any hoses see how it runs. We need to isolate the unit to nail this down.

Will Not Shut Off

I have a Beam System model 189F. The vacuum system is working great except for one won't shut off. I have to unplug the motor to get it to turn off. The green indicator light tells me that the power unit is functioning properly.

Hi, please use this guide to easily find the problem Let us know what you find.

Short in the Hose or Nozzle?

My serenity powerhead cuts on and off quickly and irradically as I vacuum. Suction never stops. I assume I have a short. Should I try to open it up myself? Would a repair cost be high enough that I should just buy a new powerhead? Thanks! John

It may not be the power head. Usually it is either the connection from the two pin cord into the handle or the contact points inside the handle where the hose enters. Plug everything in and have it running. Hold the handle still while you yank, pull, twist, and turn the hose, cord, handle, etc to find the short. If it is the two pin cord then replace the hose handle wiring harness. If it is the hose entrance then unplug from the wall, take apart the hose and bend the metal connect points. Also remove the metal brass rings and lift the metal contacts under them with a tiny screw driver. Be sure to do all this with the hose unplugged from the wall.

Beam 294 Turns Off in 10

I have a beam model 294. It will shut off after vacuum for about ten minutes. After I hit the reset button on the motor it will run again for about ten minutes. Is there a replacement part I can order to fix this problem? David Illinois

Hi David, the motor is going bad. It is best to replace it sooner so other components are not damaged such as the minibreaker. You can find the motor and instructions here

Some Inlets Not Working

I have a Beam Serenity Ultra, Model 2150 110/120 v olts I believe. There is suction in the basement and there is no suction up stairs. When the hose is plugged into the basement outlet, there is suction up stairs but to only one outlet.(there are 2) My question is, are there suppose to be 2 hose hook ups to the main filter/power source. There is only one hose hooked up to the unit, it has on conection spot in the front for use in the garage and a steel pipe cuff on the top of the unit without anything attached to it. Is there something missing or there an easy solution to getting the suction upstairs.

The pipe towards the top is the exhaust. There is only one intake connection and then it branches out from there. You propably have a clog. Contact the installer and have them use solution #3 here

Beam Services & Repairs

I have Beam Cental Vaccuum, Model SC325A, it does not start on I suspect the circut board need replaced, do you seel that. Thanks

Our circuit board can be made to fit Beam systems, since the critical components are exactly the same. However you miss out on things like dummy lights. Many people use our generic board because the price is so much better, and then they do a little bit of handy work to make it fit their system.

Bad Relay - Why?

I have a beam serenity 2900. The relay on the motor controller circuit board has gone bad (the vacuum would stay on after the remote switch was turned off). I suspect its undersized for the job. Has the factory issued a replacement board with a higher rating on the relay or a replacement board? Bob in Surf City

Hi, we sell replacement parts and accessories for Beam. Their relays have not been an issue. Usually using too thin low voltage wire (22 gauge or thinner) chatters the relay and kills it, sometimes not. We sell the same manufacturers board for a single motor unit here: It is the first product on the page. It is compatible and works very well.

Turning Suction On and Off Issues

My 6 year old Beam 2900 will not start when I plug in a hose and close its switch. I get the same behavior at every hose outlet. I've found that if I switch a hose on (and it doesn't start) and then go to the the main unit and flip the manual switch and turn it on, the unit runs and then stops as expected when I switch off the hose. Also, I've discovered that when the hoses can't seem to start the vacuum motor, if I connect and switch on a hose AND then toggle a light switch on the same circuit the vacuum is on, sometimes the vacuum comes on. Weird huh! Do a have a bad connection on the low voltage switch to the main unit? Or, is the main circuit board bad? If so, what board would you suggest? I have a 2 motor unit. Dave Eagle, idah

It sounds like the low voltage signal it not strong enough to turn it on but to turn it off (from the hose). Use foil to short the too small contacts inside the 1-1/2 diameter port hole. You should find that it turns the vac on and off as you short it. If that is the case then most likely the issue is the hose and it needs replacing. Rarely will the transformer put off less current. Plus since it is at every port and some ports are closer to the unit but has the same issue, that points to it being the hose.

Growling Sound in Motor

Scott,Calgary I have a beam 371 B model. The vacuum turns on but when turning it off, it makes a heck of a racket. Is it the motor or it there any bearing not part of the motor assembly. I don't want to order a motor and then find it wasn't the motor at all. Thanks.

Hi, yes that would be the bearing in the motor. There really is nothing else that makes noise in the unit.

High Pitched Squeal from Motor

My Beam 199D makes an intermittent high-pitched squealing noise. Any advice?

Hi, there is nothing you can do about this. Let the motor run its life and replace it. But if it is a new motor then you can fix it. When it was being shipped it got compressed. Tap on the metal seam with a hammer and screw driver and the lower metal section with move down away from the fans. It just needs a little movement.

Circuit Board

I have a BEAM Serenty Plus (model 2900) which will not turn off. Its the 240 Volt, 120 Amp, duel motor model. Troubleshooting says I need a new PC board...any luck you carry one/can order? Thanks...Jim, Colorado Springs

Hi Jim, it keeps running with the low voltage wire disconnected? We have a generic PC board for single motor central vacuums here It is made by Alutron who makes the board in your machine now. It works like a champ and is a great price. The connection to the vac unit may be a bit different but it works. The connection to the motors and power cord will be the same.

Replace Hose Cord?

My puppy chewed thru the power cord on my hose (it is a pigtail cord). Can I purchase a replacement for this? I have popped off the cover and it looks quite simple to fix. I just cannot locate the cord. Kim Columbus

Hi Kim, you can replace it with this but beware that they changed the electrical connection and it requires a little more time.

Switch and Inlet Door

I have a Beam 294. The switch on the hose quit turning on and off the unit, so I have to walk to the garage to turn it on and off. Do I need to replace the hose with the built in button switch? which part is that? Also, the round doors on my wall recepticles are broken. How do I know which ones to buy to replace them? Thanks Chuck Wallace Orlando, FL

Hi, if your hose handle looks like this one then the switch under it is for you,352GS. The vacuum faceplates are here

Unit Clicks, No Suction

I have a Beam 199F Power Unit,120 volts. This unit will not go on. The green light is on. I can hear the switch being made when I plug in the hose in the garage intake. Nothing happens though. My invoice says Lifetime Warrenty. Is this covered? The unit is 10 years old. If not, does it sound like the 24volt relay? Is there any service in Michigan? Bob

Hi, Bob, you need a new motor. The LifeTime refers to the manufactured parts, not the consumables such as the motor. We have the motor for it and it is not hard to replace. Here is the cross reference for the motor you need. There are two possibilities, just measure the height of yours and buy that same one.

Removing the Belt

How do I remove the belt from the carpet brush?

Hi, remove the screws from under the vacuum and pull the vacuum sections apart. The belt is there to remove.

Cuts Out, Blackened Connections

We have a Beam Serenity Plus power unit and the power head keeps going on and off. I noticed that the two prongs that connect to the hose were black, so I used steel wool to clean it off. It seemed to work better for awhile then it started happening again and I noticed the prongs were black again. Does this sound like a problem with the power unit, hose or wiring in the pipes? The problem seems to be an issue in all outlets, not just one. Thank You, Rick Wheaton, IL

Hi Rick, the problem is the connection. The prongs and the holes they go into are shorting out. Usually that is because the user doesn't turn off the switch before disengaging but sometimes it happens because the fit is not snug enough which causes arching. The holes, the internal wiring unit in the hose handle needs to be replaced. We sell that here:

Carpet Brush Spitting Debris/ Dirt

I have the Beam Advocate motorised carpet brush.Every thing works, but will not pick up any thing. It just throws it.It seems to me that I am losing all or most of my vacuum around the extension handle and swivel handle. Are there like O rings or seals that need replaced. Dan C. Holts Summit, Mo. Unit was in the house when purchased, Aprox- 2yr.old


The brush and/or wand is clogged or possibly, your suction is not functioning even though it sounds like it is on. Check for clogs and physically see if the main power unit is functioning as normal. If it is not, then your Hose Switch Assembly needs to be replaced.

Suction Not Coming On

Marie, Auburn, CA We just moved into a house with a beam Central Vac. It has the Beam Butler Floor Attachment which works on the carpet switch, but does not work on the bare floor switch. We bought a hard wood floor attachment, but the tube it uses has no electric connection, and just pushing the hose into the wall connection does not turn the unit on. What do I need to do?

Hello, sounds like the suction never comes on but you think it does with the carpet brush sound. Use this trouble guide to find the exact issue

Melting Gaskets?

Need new gaskets for the outlets. I am in Florida and they seem to melt.

Hello, are you speaking of the vacuum wall ports? There is a gasket on the hinged door. It melts? Please clarify and call us if you can.

Beam B1500 - Stealth Replacement?

I purchased a beam system in early 2002. I have a b1500 power head.This head has been very unreliable.I have had several wire connections burn out,or break.head light will flicker at best. I have now gone through my second motor in power head. The dealer who I bought unit from said last motor was new style upgraded model.This one lasted about two years. Dealer is telling me, what I need is newer style power head!!!! System is flawless except this MAJOR problem!!!!! Can you give any direction?


We feel your frustration. Fortunately, we have a GREAT upgrade for you! Our Stealth Power Brush is highly rated by our customers and has a wonderful track record. The Stealth Brush has a LIFETIME Warranty on the Belt, 5- Year Warranty on the Motor and a 3-Year Warranty on the remaining brush components. You can read what our customers love most about this fantastic brush here . You have the option of purchasing the brush alone or you can opt to purchase the complete Stealth Kit. We guarantee that you will love this product or your Money Back! Test Drive the Stealth Today for 30 days by clicking here or call us today at 1-800-997-2278 (M-TH 7-5 PST).

Suction Switch Not Working

I have a beam central vac that came with the house I bought. Guessing the unit is 9 years old. Have had a repair man come to fix the electrical last year, then have had work done on the hose. Now the hose will only suck if it is inserted sideways in the inlet. Any suggestions

Most likely your switch is bad. A wire rarely breaks in the hose, but the wire connections within the hose on the ends can come off.

Repair or Replace Rugmaster

I have a Beam rugmaster plus powerhead that isn't working the beater bar slows down and doesn't rotate all the time. It's not clogged with anything and power seems to be fine. Is this a belt problem or something else? Also I'm going to need an additional unit for the lower level of our home. Are the other power brush/hose kits from Beam compatible with my current system?

Hello, the beater may need and new belt and the bushings on the roller ends cleaned. The new heads may or may not fit. Please contact Beam directly for that at If the parts do not fit and the beater cannot be fixed and you are considering a new hose and tool set, we highly recommend the Stealth or EdgeLift. They work incredibly well and fit right into your existing system.

Need Circuit Board

My unit won't shut off and I need to replace the PC board. Do you have those? Jey Asbury,NJ

Hello Jey, we have #235S that fits most Beam single motor systems. It is made by the same Alutron company but may be slightly different. You can use ours to save money and for convenience.

One Inlet Not Working

I recently purchased a home with the Beam system in it. One of the inlet plates does not work. When I plug the hose into it, nothing happens. All of the other inlets work fine. A very good system! Can you give me suggestions on what to check? Thanks Madra Thomas

Hello Madra, see if there is a click at the Beam when you try to start it. If so then it will not work so you will have to insert the hose 90-degrees to the right or left. Also, use some foil to test the two metal contacts inside the 1.5 diameter hole. If putting the foil on the contacts makes the vacuum start then it is the problem just discussed but if it doesn't start then it is the inlet that is the problem and needs to be replaced. We have Inlet Valves under Browse Products.

Need Lamp Relay / Fuse

ie. Beam Central Vacuum What is the P/N and where can I order the relay(looks like a little lamp bulb)that turns the flourescent lamp on.? Thanks,

Hello, please try another online search for Beam Central Vacuum. Sorry, but we don't have that.

Pipes in Wall Clogged

My daughter was being helpful and vacuuming her bedroom ... we don't know what she sucked into the system, but the something is stuck in the pipes (the hose is not plugged). What are your suggestions for figuring out what is in there, where it is, and how to get it out? Thanks.

Hello, we have a list of helpful ideas for this found at Click on solution #3.

Power Nozzle Older Model

We have an older model (18 or so years) beam and the power head is no longer working. The head does not plug into the hose. Do you still make replacements for this?

Hello, it sounds like you have a carpet brush without an electric cord? If so search for TurboCat on the website and it will replace it perfectly. If it did have a cord you should consider replacing the hose and tool kit with a new electric kit such as Stealth II or EdgeLift.

Replace Motor in Beam Power Brush

My beam 190 power brush is getting slow. I think the motor may be failing. The motor numbers are E51550 26159-7 5403-12 I took the cover off and it looks easy to replace.

Sorry, we do not have these motors.

Shorts Out with Any Attachment

When I use my power brush (model B1500), it shorts in and out. This happens occasionally when I'm using my hardwood floor brush attachment too. Thanks, Kirstin Georgia

Hello Kirstin, sounds like you have a hose with a switch on the handle. Somewhere in all the connections in the hose there is a problem. You can replace the switch on the hose, but that is about it. If you don't want to buy another hose you may be able to insert the hose into the vacuum inlet 90-degrees left or right from the way you are used to inserting it. That will override the switch and turn the vacuum on upon insertion.

Power Head Not Working

I have a electric powerhead model # BM1393.When I turn on the toggle switch to have the brush work for vacuuming a rug it works sometimes and sometimes it does not start the brush spinning. Thank you, Harold Franze

Hello Harold, we can walk you through troubleshooting it if you call us toll free. It is easier than spelling it all out here. Looking forward to your call.

Belt for 379A Beam

I need a new belt for my model 397A. How do I go about ordering one and how much will it cost. Do they ever change the belts - I would like to know if I should get a supply of belts now. I just moved in and the house is only 5 years old. I don't know how often I should expect to replace them.

Sorry, we don't have the belt for that, please search for a Beam Dealer online.

Prong Broke on Hose

one of the prongs on the hose broke off. can I just replace the prongs? or do I have to replace the entire hose?

You can replace the prongs on the wall end of the use using this It is a little tricky because they changed the wire connection type. The parts are small but you can do it.

BEAM Model BM 1372 Belt

The belt for our BEAM Model BM 1372 Type AA was replaced by a (authorized?) serviceman - which cost $100.00. Do you have a belt that will fit this central vac? It is a flat belt, not cogged, 5/8" wide, 7 1/2" diameter.

Sorry, we don't have that belt. Sorry it cost so much money last time! Doesn't seem right but we want to make sure you know that if the brush is tired you should consider a replacement hose and tool kit like our 5-star rated Stealth Kit at

Unclogging the Hose

We have a Beam model 189D that is 9 years old. We think we have something stuck in the hose that is inhibiting proper suction. We have tried to blow it out and suck it out and we cannot gain the usual suction. Is there any special way that we can unclog our 30 foot hose, or do we need to purchase a new hose. If you have any suggestions for us we would appreciate. We use this vaccuum almost daily and we love it. Thank you. Susan Harrin

Try putting the hose backwards into an inlet or into the Beam Central Vacuum itself. Have someone on the other end put their had over the end to build up suction and let go, doing it repeatedly.

Beam RugMaster Issues

I have a Beam system with powered outlets and we use the RugMaster Plus electric power heads for our hardwood and carpets. All of our carpets are low, dense weaves, but the carpet mode seems to have too much suction! Either that, or the brushes are too long and when you let the head all the way down and flat onto the carpet, the powerful suction causes the brushes to grind to a halt. I have to continually lift the head off the carpet and try to keep it in constant motion in order to keep the brush moving. The belt is fine. What am I doing wrong? Thanks alot, Carlos

Sounds like you need a brush with infinite adjustments, not 2 or 3 height settings. That way you can get the right depth and clean efficiently. Our Stealth Hose and Attachment Kit is the only infinite adjusting brush on the market...and that is just the beginning of all it's great features. Please check it out and read what customers are saying about it at

TurboCat Zoom and Hair

On a weekly basis (as expected) hair keeps winding up on the outside of our Turbo Cat Zoom brush. However, the brush slows or slops completely because hair also gets tightly coiled onto the metal rod inside the brush head. I am able to pop the roller out to clean the outside but it is increasingly difficult to remove the rod from the roller to clean because of how tightly coiled the hair debris is on the inside. Is there an improved brush head which won't allow hair inside it? I don't like having to struggle with cleaning the brush each week. Thanks for your help.

We highly recommend upgrading to an electric attachment kit. It cleans much better and has a lot less problems. Worth the money. An electric kit with corded hose will fit right into your existing wall valves and work with your system. The Stealth Kit is the best and most popular. There is no improvement you can make on the TurboCat itself. If you want to check out the Stealth please go here

Power Brush Not Spinning

I have a Beam power rug master. model BM1372 aa. I turn it on and the brushes are not it doesn't sound like the motor is running. I removed the motor and check to see if the motor work, put power to it and it does.Put the motor back in. I can hear the vaccum sucking but brushes will not turn. Vaccum works fine with other attachments just when I attach the power head,brushes will not turn. Any suggestions?

Since your motor does run when connected to 110 volts it has to be the rollor brush bushing are clogged with hair and stuff. Clean them out and it should work. Also look for a minibreaker on the unit that may have popped. (You probably already looked for one.)

Carpet Brush Broken

My main unit on my Serenity is working fine, but my rug unit when turned on does not turn or go forward to vacuum. Is this a belt and if so, how would I fix this problem?

Sounds like a belt or motor issue. Taking it to a regular vacuum store may be a solution.

House Keeper Destroys Vacuum

I have a Beam 19; my house cleaner has destroyed the power head with on/off switch by dropping it too many times. It is currently held together for suction by duct tape. The hose is fine, but I need a whole new handle with electronic on/off. Is this available? If so, what is the part number?

We highly suggest a long term solution to the abuse issue. Our Stealth Kit i s commercial grade. It holds up to wear and tear. It has a lifetime belt warranty, much stronger material, all for your ease of mind. It fits right into your system without changing one thing.

Hose Connection Burning Out

I have had a beam central vac for 7 years. Every three years, the prongs that connect the power nozzle to the hose burn out. I do use the vacuum every day/every other day, but I don't think it's being over-used. Have you every had anyone with this problem?

That is usually because the switch is not turned to the off position before you disconnect or reconnect. This causes a small short that eventually burns the connection out.

Belt for Beam BM1197

I am looking for a band (or belt) for a Beam Systems central vacuum. Specifically the electric bruch household piece, model number BM1197. Do you have this belt or band?

Please call us and we will give you directions on obtaining this belt.

On/Off Not Working

I seem to have an issue where if I manually turn the unit on in the garage it turns on and works although when I plug the hose in and attempt to turn the unit on from the wall outlets, it does not turn on.

Please work through our online troubleshooting that takes you step by step in order to solve almost all these issues.

Beam Hose Switch Replacement

I have a beam 189F. The hose handle has a three position rocker switch. Is this the one? or do you have a 3 position switch?

If your hose handle accepts a three pin cord from your carpet brush you have an out of date system but you can replace the hose and it comes with adaptors. If the cord is two pin, we have the 3-way rocker hose switch. It comes as a complete wire assemply.

Beam Belt

I'm looking for a belt that fits a Beam "Rug Master Plus". This looks to be close, but I believe the belt I'm needing is wider. The Model # on my Rug Master Plus is BM1393.

This is a flat belt, not cogged. Please look at the measurements online and if it is the same, it is a match.