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Finding a Short in Vacuum Head or Cord or Handle

Hi, I have a Beam Electrolux 045389 Rugmaster Plus BM1393AB central vac unit. The problem I am having is in using the powerhead. When it is in the upright position it will sometimes run, sometimes not. When you lower the handle it might stay running for a few seconds and then it quits. I can use the air side to vacuum fine and suction is fine. Do you think it might be the switch in the handle?


It could be a bad switch in the handle, or it might be something else entirely. There could be an issue with the power head motor, cord, extension wand, or the internal hose wiring. To find the short tug and pull on all connections while keeping everything else still.

Difficult Bucket Release and Dust Containment Issues

Hi there, I have a Beam Serenity Central System. I have the hardest time putting the canister back onto the unit! I can get it barely hooked back onto the metal holders on the side. What am I doing wrong? Also, is there a smart way to empty the canister? Right now, it makes a huge mess because the filter bag is full of dust and when you pull the canister off the bag sheds all over.


The bottom should slide into the catches quite easily. Take some time to brush out the stops and tabs to knock off built-in dirt. When emptying the unit first put a trash bag up and over it. Then have someone else twist the bottom off into the bag and then grab the cloth filter and give it a good shake. This will keep the dust in its place in the bag.

Testing Switch Assembly and Power Head

I have a Beam central vac with a BM 1393 power head. The hose handle has a three position rocker switch which works on/off (mid position) and air only (left). When the switch is set to the right, which normally sends power to the power head I still get air, but the power head doesn't run. The light bulb doesn't go on. I think I know where the reset is on this unit. It doesn't appear to be tripped. Assuming this isn't the problem, how can I whether its the switch assembly that's faulty or the power head motor itself?


This problem could be a number of issues. It could be the switch assembly, wiring within the hose, the powerhead, a faulty connection with the extension wands, or an issue with your high voltage wiring. If you have inlet valves wired with high voltage receptacles and your Beam 1393 power head has a two prong cord, you could plug it in directly to the wall to elminate the power head as the issue. The only way to test if it's the wiring within the hose, is to have a special tool to measure continuity. If there isn't any intermittent power through the hose to the powerhead, it's usually not an issue with the extension wands. More often than not, the issue is with your switch assembly and is a simple fix. We have replacement switch assemblies, Switch Assembly for Gas Pump and Pistol Grip Style Hoses (Part #352GS and #352S) for hoses marked on the wall end cuff with the letter P within a small circle.

Beam BM1197A Belt Replacement?


We carry the Replacement Belt for Beam BM1197A; however, we do not carry the replacement screws.

Hose Handle Switch Malfunctioning?

We have a Serenity Plus system built into our house and it has worked great for the last five-plus years. Today I noticed that when I flick the switch on the handle to operate the power brush, the brush has power and spins but the vacuum suction stops. Switch back to floor mode (?) and brush head stops turning and suction resumes. Any ideas? Eric, Anacortes, WA.

Based on the information you've provided, you will need to replace the switch assembly located in your hose handle. We have a replacement switch assembly for hoses only manufactured by Plastiflex. To determine if you hose is manufactured by Plastiflex, please look on the wall end cuff of your hose for the letter "P" branded within a circle. If you do not find this branding, please contact our office to find a suitable replacement.

Sweep-n-Groom Replacement Belt?

I'm looking for a new belt for the Sweep n Groom powered head. Thx.

Yes, we carry the replacement belt for the Sweep-n-Groom (Item #48201). You may view this item by clicking here: Sweep-n-Groom Replacement Belt.

Suction Randomly Works. Smells Burnt.

I have a serenity 375 series central vac that is just over 10 years old. Just recently I've had the unit stop working after I turn off unit. then, when I restart it almost immediately, it does not restart. after about 1/2 an hour, the unit starts up again. I noticed that when this happens there is a burnt circuit board like smell from the unit. I have to problem with suction on the unit. does the circuit board need to be replaced?

Actually those are the exact symptoms of a motor gone bad. The circuit board is fine. You need to replace the motor or buy a new unit if desired. We don't have a cross reference for the 375 motor but we are sure we have it. Please access the motor and send us a photo of it to help you.

Losing Power when Pulling Vacuum Back

I have a Beam RugMaster Plus and when I pull back on the vac, it goes off briefly like it is losing power. When I push it forward, no problems but this is happening more and more.

You have a short somewhere in one of connections. With the vacuum running correctly, hold everything still and toy with each connection to see where the short is. Even test the hose as it going into the handle. Also test the switch, moving it around without flipping it.

Breaker Keeps Popping After Motor Replacement

My unit will run for 3-4 minutes then the breaker on the canister pops out. Resetting the breaker works for a few minutes then pops out again. I have replaced the motor. That did not help. I've taken the handle part for the power head and cleaned the connection. That did not work. I have cleaned the entire canister unit. Still not working. I what could be making the breaker trip on the canister?

The breaker is tripping because the breaker is bad. It happens every so often when the motor goes out. If the breaker is on a circuit board you need to replace the board, otherwise it would be a separate breaker you can buy alone. Here are the parts you may need,251.

Burning Smell from Tank

Hi my name is Michelle from Whitby, ON. My Central Vacuum Beam model 2150 stopped to work and smell like a fire. What can I do? Thank you

The electrical smell is from the motor giving out. Most likely all you need is a new motor, but you could replace the entire unit if you want. The Beam 2150 motor and instructions are available here.

Replacement Power Head Cord - 2 Pin

Will part no. 49054 (cord) work on a Eureka BM1176 powerhead? Carol in Eugene Oregon

You can use this one It is longer, doesn't have a stop to worry about, and if your cord ends in two pins it will work. Just take a look at the shape of the cord end to make sure it matches yours.

Utility Valve Contacts or On Off Switch?

I see that there is a utility inlet on the unit in the garage but I see no connection points. Is it possible to add connection points so that I can use this inlet to vacuum out my car? Tonya, Redding, CA

There is an on/off switch on the vacuum itself so that the utility valve can be used. It should be near the wire connection.

Replacement Hose for Beam 189F

Hi, We have Beam 189F model and its hose is torn from the part it goes into the handle. Can someone help me to find a replacement hose for it? We are in Porter Ranch, CA.

There are a lot of hoses that can go with that system. All hoses fit the inlets but not all fit your carpet vacuum. Please use the Replacement Hoses for Beam Vacuum page for help or give us a call.

Loud Motor, Blue Sparks

I have a Beam 371, and the engin has been making a loud sound, yesturday there seemed to be blue sparks coming from the engin compartment! time for a new engin and can i replace it myself?

Yes, you need a new motor and you can replace it yourself. Here are the parts and there is a link to the instructions in the motor description. If you have any questions let us know.,221,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Beam+371

Beam 2500 Motor and Motor Brushes

i have a model 2500 (serenity series) with two 240 volt, 3 stage lamb motors, I need to replace the brushes but i am not sure of the part # on the brushes. cant seem to find the motor # to reference to? larry new york

We show the model 2500 taking these motors and brushes.,210X. Please take a look to compare the motors with yours to be sure the brushes will fit. Remember that after 10 years or 1000 hours, the motors should be replaced. Do not replace brushes on motors that have any wobble in the center shaft.

Hose and Power Brush for Any Beam

Beam 1197. Where can I get a new hose and power brush for this model? Alice in Palatine

We have a variety of hose and power brush kits for your Beam 1197. It is better to get a kit because it comes with the proper connection wand and you save money and get more tools as well. Choose the kit, hose length, and price range that works for you. There are electric kits that are good for homes with carpet and then air kits for homes with minimal carpet. All the kits you see here are compatible with your system, wall valves, and tank.

Electric Brush Works but Not On Hose

Good day. I have a Beam Sweep N Groom power head that just stopped working. The rocker switch on the gas pump style handle works fine. Suction comes on when this switch is turned either way however the power head does not turn on when the switch is turned on to the right, as it's supposed to. I tried plugging the power head directly into the wall hose inlet and the power head works. Power head is therefore ok and not the problem. Took all the electrical parts of the hose apart and all wires etc. seem fine. Any help is most appreciated. Vacuum system is just over two years old. Thx Rick.

There is a hidden diode fuse in the wall end of the hose. It is in the pigtail cord end or part of the two pin plug. If you can do continuity testing then you will be able to see if the diode is blown. If so replace the cord or plug. We have them in our general hose parts section.

Shorting at Vacuum Handle? Intermittent Power Brush

I have the Beam SC325C with a Serenity power vacuum head. Suction continues while the power intermittently cuts on and off to the vacuum head. I've tried to clean the power cord prongs that fit into the wand but that doesn't help the power from shutting on and off to the vacuum head. Any ideas on how to remedy the problem? Thanks!

An intermittent power brush can be the result of one of the many electrical connections from the hose end to the power brush. You need to find the short. To do that, start the vacuum and lay it down. Starting at the wall, bend, twist, pull, push and flex the hose all the way to the hose handle then do the same on the cord and connections all the way down the wands to the brush. Once you find the short you'll know what needs to be repaired or replaced.

Beam Serenity 2100 Overheating

Mary Jo, Chicago, IL: I have a Beam Serenity 2100. Recently, it has stopped running after 10 minutes or so, as if it is over heating. I use the reset button and it will run only for a few minutes more. Do I need to replace the whole motor, or is there something I can do that is not as expensive or drastic? Thanks.

It might just need to have the filters cleaned. Remove the cloth filter and hand wash with mild detergent. Be sure the cloth is completely dry before reinserting. Behind the cloth filter in the unit will be a secondary screen, be sure this is clear without any buildup.

Beam Replacing Hose Handle Switch

I havce the Beam Advocate. The handle plug at the power head has been shorting out. I assume I need the hose and the plug. The Female plug two holes is blackened, the male plue shows some possible arching. Can I order both parts and replace myself or is better to take it to a professional beam dealer?

If your hose is under warranty, it's best to have the dealer replace the parts so they can cover the cost. If out of warranty you can purchase and replace the parts yourself without much trouble.

Power Issue With Electric Hose

My Serenity Plus Powerbrush had been turning off and on (like it had a loose wire.) Now the motor for the suction will suddenly stop when the powerbrush is engaged, and then will resume when the power to the brush is turned off. I can either vacuum or use the powerbrush...but not at the same time. Both outlets give the same result. Any ideas?? Marilyn Foresthill

Most likely this is an issue with the switch in the hose handle. There are two seperate power lines in the hose and switch, one for the suction and the other for the brush. When the switch is not functioning properly you can get issues like this. Take a look at our electric hose, if the handle looks exactly the same you can use our replacement switch found here,

No High Voltage In Vacuum Hose

My power head for my Beam central vac system is not working. there is suction from the hose but the lights and poiwer head will not turn on. Any idea what may be causing this?

Most likely you have a blown fuse in the hose that needs to be replaced.

Brush Will Not Turn On

I have a Beam Rug Master Plus. The suction appears to be fine but when I turn the power on the brushes are not spinning so there is no difference when I turn it on or leave it off. Is this normal? if not how can I fix it?

You may have a blown fuse in the hose that is not providing power to the brush. Try replacing the fuse first, this should fix the issue.

Rug Master Plus BM1393 Not Performing On Rug

I have a Beam "Rug Master Plus" BM1393. It no longer picks up my dog's fur from our oriental rugs. It does get it off of our berber. Do I need to have the rug master serviced or is there a do-it-yourself fix? Thanks

The bristles can get worn over time and not reach as far as they used to. While operating on the berber carpet, the wheels allow the brush to ride lower into the fibers and clean better. On an area rug it doesn't ride so low, try adjusting the height on the brush.

Can't Feel Suction Under Carpet Brush

Carom - Camas I have a Beam Rug Master Plus. The powerhead does not have much suction - the brushes are clean and turning freely. The suction is full force if I turn on the vaccum and disconnect the hose from the handle of the powerhead. There is not a clog in the powerhead or handles. Any idea what the problem may be?

You actually will not feel much suction around the brush because that is such a wide area. When the brush is on the carpet the suction is there, and powerful, because it is nearly sealed to the floor. You should be able to hear the suction if you disconnect the power to the handle so the brush is not running.