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Electric Brush Option for Plush, Dense Carpeting

Beam central vacuum system. Too much suction for new soft nylon carpet. Cannot push forward, can only pull backward. How do I decrease suction?


Most electric hoses will have a bleeder valve located near the hose handle. If you have this feature, by opening the valve you will be able to decrease suction to your carpet. Another option is to replace your electric carpet brush with the newly redisgned Response II CT23 Brush with Wand #489T, which allows easy cleaning for high density pile carpets, such as nylon and other plush carpets.

General Motor Replacement Instructions

how do you remove the motor on a beam serenity plus unit in order to replace it


We do not have specific motor replacement instructions for Beam Serenity Plus system. However, please review the following general guidelines on how to replace central vacuum motors:

How to Replace Most Central Vacuum Motors
(Professionals are recommended to perform this procedure.)
NOTE: Lamb Ametek Vacuum Motors are in nearly all central vacuum brands. The motors sold here are new, genuine Lamb Ametek replacement motors.

  1. Unplug the vacuum unit from the wall. If it is hard wired turn off the circuit breaker.
  2. If the motors are on the bottom of the unit take the unit down, remove debris bag, and turn the unit over. Disconnect the low voltage wires, if needed. They are small wires that follow the PVC pipe to the unit.
  3. Gain access to the motor compartment. (If motors are on the bottom, there is usually one screw on the bottom and/or one to three screws on the side.) Usually the motor shell will not come completely off but can be moved enough to easily access the motor(s).
  4. Notice the two or three wires coming from each motor. Disconnect each of the motor wires, or cut them in the middle where you'll later splice the new wire using a wire nut.
  5. There are usually two or three bolts, screws, or springs holding the motor down. Remove.
  6. Lift the motor out. There may be a gasket so lift with some force. If the motor has an exhaust port, slide it off or unscrew the bolt. Save it or buy another Motor Exhaust Coupling #507EX .
  7. If needed, clean off the old gasket from the motor compartment and place the new gasket on the motor with the sticky side on the motor. PLEASE NOTE: if your original gasket is not a thin foam pad they REUSE your original gasket no matter what.
  8. (Before anything is done with the motor check to see if it compressed in shipment. Reach a finger in and spin the fan. Listen for any scraping. To correct, use a screw driver to push the seam of the motor shell down a hair.) Place the new motor where the old one was taken out.
  9. Screw, bolt, or reattach the mounting.
    ***Do not use excessive force or the motor fan housing will move causing the fans to hit the housing when spinning. The seam on the side can be tapped down with hammer and screw driver if needed.***
  10. Connect the motor wires. There will be two blacks or a black and a white. The motor will run the same no matter if colors match or not. So don't worry if there is not a white wire to match a white (or black for black), just connect them. Splice the new wires to the old with wire nuts, or use connectors to plug the wire directly on. The green wire is a ground and if your new motor has one you need to connect it to a bolt somewhere on the unit.
  11. Plug the vacuum in and turn on the manual switch (or use the hose in the home after connecting the low voltage wire to the unit). The motor(s) should start up right away. Unplug it again.
  12. Close the motor compartment and put the vacuum back on the wall (if taken off). Connect the low voltage wire back if removed.
  13. Plug it in. Test it again.
  14. If you have any problems or questions don't hesitate to call our customer service toll-free at 1-800-997-2278 Mon-Thurs PST.

Motor Ran Longer After Running Shorter

I have a Beam Solaire that was installed about 6 year ago. For about 6 months, it has been shutting off after about 10 minutes of use. If I unplug, then plug it in - it will run for about 5 minutes. The time gets shorter and shorter between plugs. I have ran the main cord to another extension in our house and this still happens. I have put other appliances (refrigerator) into the main vacuum outlet and it works! We have brought it to a repair place. They ran the unit for 40 minutes with no problem. Help! I love to vacuum and need it to work.Thanks.


That is a bad motor. The reason it ran for 40 minutes is because the motor was jarred so much in travel. The motor brushes repositioned themselves. When you get it home it will run for less and less time. Replace the motor and you will be fine.

No Suction Due to Filter?

Hi I have on old beam 191 Beam. Does'nt have the suction anymore. My husband checked and it doesn't look like we can replace the filter. Is this possible. I know it's old but I would rather fix then purchase another. Thank you for your help.


To first isolate the true issue with your system - which is not the filter - please follow the steps on our Troubleshooting Flowchart. In regards to replacing your filter it should be cloth with a compression ring with weighted center. Pull the edge inward or lift with tool to flex the ring and the filter will fall out.

Beam 775 - Fluctuates Momentarily

Our unit's power seems to fluctuate momentarily every so often like someone is flicking the power switch very quickly. It doesn't turn off completely but drops off intermittently without any pattern. Suction is good throughout the house and the issue doesn't seem to be related to any attachment or to any outlet used throughout the house. I've checked all the power inputs and they seem secure. We replaced the hose about 20 months ago when that stopped working due to a short, but this problem has just popped up. We have a Beam model 775.


The symptoms you described is generally an indication of a faulty relay which is generally located on a circuit board. We recommend replacing the board with our Beam Single Motor Circuit Board #235SB.

Muffler Options for Beam and Other Central Vacs

I purchased and had installed a Beam central vac. The installer refused to vent outside as he said was not necessary. Very noisy and I see in the manual there is an optional muffler. Can u tell me where this muffler can be purchased? I looked on line to no avail, your advise is appreciated.


Most installations can have the exhaust vented. That is too bad. Independent dealers for Beam are not associated with our MD brand and they all of their opinions. The noise should be cut down using a muffler. We have these Muffler Options for Beam Central Vacuum. Please look them over and call us if you have questions.

Dust Pan Options For Beam 190

can I get a replacement dust pan for my Beam 190 ?, the old one has corroded over the years but all other parts appear to be in good/reasonable condition. Many thanks in anticipation. David , Coleraine

We carry two dust pan options for your Beam 190: VacPan and Vacusweep.

Bean 199F Puts Off A Burnt Smell And Trips The Breaker

beam 199f unit turns on for a couple seconds puts off a smell and trips breaker when u reset it it will do same thing does it need new motor is it worth it because it is 21 years old thanks tom edwardsville il.

This generally indicates that your motor is failing and needs to be replaced. Please review the two motor options for your Beam 199F unit. Replacing the motor is the most cost effective solution as opposed to replacing the entire unit.

How to Replace Cloth Filter

Please walk me through the installation of a new filter bag on a beam classic 750a. Thanks

The instructions are quite basic. To remove the filter, grab a side of it and pull toward the center. The outer stiff rim of the filter bends in and the filter drops out. If too difficult, start to lift the rim off the side with a screwdriver. In the same manner, you can place the rim of the new cloth bag where it was originaly removed by bending the rim in and letting it snap into place.

My Beam Rugmaster Plus Is Not Working

Jessica from Jacksonville, FL I moved into a home with your Central Cleaning System Model 2100 installed in 2000. It works great except just recently, as I was using the Beam RugMaster Plus vacuum attachment on carpet, it no longer created the motorized loud sound as it had before. Instead, it made the sound as if I had the suction wand attached. It still works fine using that attachment, but I need to get the carpet vacuum back to working. Advice? Thank you!

The issue you described is generally the result of an electrical failure in your hose. We recommend that you check the following:
  1. If the inlets are Supervalves (110v valves), plug the power brush directly into the valve. If the power brush works, the problem is in the high voltage lines in the hose - likely a blown fuse in the hose, but also look at #14.
  2. Check brush for bad neck tilt, switch, or reset button.
  3. Put power directly to brush motor to see if the motor is bad.
  4. Check cord connections from hose to brush.
  5. Check to see that Supervalves/Electravalves have 110 volts.
You may view additional Troubleshooting Tips by clicking here: Troubleshooting Flowchart

Remove Filter with Screw Driver Help

I have a 12 year old Beam. I am trying to empty and clean the cloth filter. I have been reading above on how to take out the filter by pulling hard towards the middle - it is not working. It will not budge. There is a lot of debris inside my bag and I believe this may be overheating the motor - help.

Take a screw driver and put it under the stiff outer rim causing it to flex in. Get it to flex in more and it will fall out. Time and dirt has stuck it hard to the sides so that is why it is so difficult. Also, to let you know, bags with two layers need to be replaced when dirt is caught in the middle. We have a variety of diameter replacement filters here. Measure the diameter of the unit from the bottom with the bucket off.,710b,710k

One Inlet Not Working

we have a Beam Rugmaster plus, 14 years old. when we plug it into the wall plug in the living room, the vacuum turns on but the unit in the basement does not. when we plug it into the wall unit in the hall, the unit in the basement works. This appears to be a problem with the wall plug responding to the unit. how can we fix this problem? SJM

If there is not good contact with the vacuum hose to the two metal contacts inside the inlet hole then the vacuum will not turn on. Inlets do go bad and need to be replaced at times. The contacts should feel sturdy, not easily pushed in. There is a spring behind them for proper pressure. Here are inlets for your system if you determine you need them

199D Replacement Unit Ideas

Have a Beam model 199D, how old can this unit be? We inherited the home and cannot find any records of purchase, and family member guesstimate is 8+ yrs. Unit seems small for 2300sf and considering an upgrade. A professional opinion is appreciated.

That unit is going to be about 20 years old and should be replaced with one of today's more efficient, more powerful and quieter vacuum units. Any brand is compatible with your system so you are not limited. We suggest the Flo-Master C650 that is available through dealers. More information can be found here

A Detailed Help for Filter Removal

Hello, I have read several answers here on how to remove the cloth bag filer but cant exactly understand how to remove one. Do you have any video or diagram that explains the same. To remove the bag grab up top near a side and pull hard directly inward ( I don't understand what to push or pull hard directly inward) . The stiff outer lip bends in and the entire thing falls out immediately ( what is the stiff outer lip). Appreciate a bit more detailed explanation on this...thanks...Nish...Hamilton

Sorry about that. The cloth filter is sewn around a metal ring. That metal ring is pushed up all round the circumference of the tank. To remove the cloth and ring the ring must flex inward creating a gap which then relieves the pressure of the circumference and the entire filter just drops down. To get the ring to flex inward you usually only have to give a good tug toward the center of the tank while holding the cloth. If that doesn't work then get a screw driver under the ring to help the ring flex inward as you pull inward.

No Suction, Unit Alone

My beam central vacum which is 20 years old has no suction motor sounds fine but its a if there is a blockage. I have all the pipes removed so it just the canester. Bag seems fine any ideas. Brian from Campbellford, Ontario, Canada

Remove the center weighted filter and clean the secondary filter/screen. Put the bucket back on without the filter. Test again. Also remove the exhaust line, if there is one, as it can be clogged.

Dirt and Dust from Exhaust?

my beam cannister is located in the garage and there seems to be a lot of dust, dirt at the air exhaust, adding dirt , dust, to my garage, what gives ? unit runs great. Alfred

Consider routing the exhaust line to the outside wall. Use central vacuum pipe and elbows along with a exhaust vent all available here

Dead - Green Light On - MiniBreaker Won't Reset.

Beam 189D was working fine early in day. Removed hose from wall and unplugged rotor cord. Came back later replugged in. Nothing happened. Green light is ON on the canister. Tried turning the on Manual/Auto switch on the canister but nothing happens. Tried pushing in reset button & it won't stay in. Turned circuit switch on and off. Outlet works with other appliance. Mike t

It sounds like the motor went bad. They usually will come back on but it could be that the minibreaker also failed along with the motor which happens now and then. If the minibreaker was able to work you could know for sure if it was the motor. If you sniff near the motor and smell burnt electrical then the motor is bad. The green light means nothing.

Cloth Filter Removal

I have a whole house vacuum Beam model 153 with the cloth bag..for the life of me I cannot figure out how to remove it for cleaning... Please help!......Terry from Daytona Beach

To remove the bag grab up top near a side and pull hard directly inward. The stiff outer lip bends in and the entire thing falls out immediately. You don't have to take it out to clean it. Use a shop vac to clean it, you are looking at the dirty side of it. The other side is "clean".

Beam V185 Accessories

We have just moved into a home with Beam model V185. We do not have hoses, manual, or anything else to go with this and I don't see this model on your web site. We would like to be able to use this vacuum. Can you let us know where we can find some information and the correct hose and attachments? Thanks. Diane, Lincoln, CA

We don't have the original manual for your system but we do stock a large selection of accessories, kits and hoses that are compatible with your Beam system. Take a look at all your options here,

Beam Unit Has Clog In The Wall

Hi, I have a beam installed in my garage. I think the pipe from my house to the garage has a partial blockage. The suction is very poor in the house but when I use the vacuum direct from the garage the suction is very good. Conclusion - blockage somewhere underground. How easy is this to fix?

You will need to contact a local central vacuum repair technician to remove the obstruction. You can find your local dealer for service at

Filter Style Change Available?

We have Beam Model 183 Central Vac System and would like to know what, if anything, is available to replace this Inverted filter system with something that perhaps is contained for collecting. We are finding that to empty this container is very messy and dirty. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Sorry, the inverted, center-weighted, cloth filter is not replaceable with a closed filter bag. You have to change the entire unit to one of these alternative units: These units use the same pipe and wire and work with your system and tools. Meanwhile, the best way to clean your unit is by using trash bags to keep down the dirt. Dump the bin into a large trash bag while it is completely inside it. And use a bag around the bottom to shake out the cloth filter.

Beam 100 Not Turning On

We just bought a place that has a beam central vac. Don't know how old it is but it says it is a model 100. It was working but once in awhile it would stop but would start up again. Now it won't start at all. It does not seem to have a manual start or reset button as newer models must. When I put a dime on the contact points on the wall plug in I can see a small spark so there must be power there. I checked the breakers and the plug that it plugs into has power. Any suggestions

You most likely have a bad motor in the system that needs to be replaced. Compare your motor to ours here, this should be the proper replacement for your model.

New Motor Much Louder

Hi. This is Kevin from Orlando, Florida. In 2009 I purchased a house built in 2004 that had a Beam Serenity Plus, model 2725. Since I have had two other houses with central vacs, I am familiar with the amount of noise produced when they are running (all units are/were in the garage). My current unit ran much quieter than the others, but recently the motor died and was replaced by a technician from my home warranty company. The new motor sounds like something is wrong - it is extremely loud and sounds like it needs lubricated. It is so loud that it can be heard in the farthest room from the garage. The tech says it's brand new, but I know that this unit is way too loud. Although it has the same suction power as the old motor, I'm just not convinced it is a normal noise. Any thoughts?

It may have been installed incorrectly. If the new motor is tightened down too much, it compresses the fan housing and the blades can rub against the outside. This creates a drastic increase in the level of sound coming from the motor.

Beam Will Not Turn On

We have a Beam central vacuum EHCAPNA? And the kick start stopped working, then tht ehose stopped working, and we found a clog in the kickstart, so we removed it, emptied the canister and now we can not get it to turn back on. We reset the cicuit breaker it's on, and there was no issue there. Unplugged anf replugged. And the green light comes on for about 15 seconds and then turns off. Any ideas please??

With the green light turning off, there could be an issue with the circuit board in the unit. Try the manual switch on the side of the unit to see if it will turn on that way, if not you'll most likely need to replace the board.

Beam 697C Replacement Bag

Beam 697C Ultra. 220Volt I need to purchase a replacement motor and would like to know if I can or should also replace the filter element at the same time. Unit is 12 years old.

The cloth bag can be replaced. It may be needed, you will need to inspect the cloth for any holes that may be developing. You can find the replacement bag here,,710b Just choose the appropiate diameter of your unit.