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Belt for Stealth Vacuum Cleaner Q&A

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Red Light Staying On

The red light staying on fixed my Steath. Thank you so much. Vaun Day

This is any easy fix. The bearing housing on the extended side of the roller is packed with a thin layer of debris. Remove the bottom guard and lift that side of the roller brush up. Remove the metal housing and scrape the inside edge. We have a video of it here for your help as well. Clean Stealth Roller Brush Bearing.

Belt Replacement

Good Evening..You list this belt as Vacuum Cleaner Part#49026. However, when I explode your picture, it reads Dayco Isoran 318 RPP3 6. Ironically, that number "318 RPP3 6" matches my Carpet Cat house turbine vacuum belt. We broke the belt that I had on it and to me the measurements sure to appear to match up and be the same as this one you have listed. Do you have any belts for a Carpet Cat vacuum #8925-C. It's a pretty old vacuum that came with the house when we bought it. Thanks so much!

We have no record of a central vacuum accessory by the name of Carpet Cat. If the dimensions fit your old belt, then it will work for you. The markings on the side of the belt can change depending on the manufacturer but still have the same specifications.

Replacement Belt

do you carry a belt that has these # 70S3M312 PZ E4S2N 16102 035 thanks wayne

We carry many belts for a variety of carpet brushes and tools. We do not record the numbers printed on the belts as this can change over time and across manufacturers. Contact our customer service department at 800-997-2278 for assistance is finding the right belt for your tool.

Red Light Staying On

my red light stays on my stealth and i have adjusting the carpet hight and it does not go to green thans robin in fmn nm

Usually that means there is a hair build up and it is easy to fix. Turn the Stealth over and remove the 3 or 4 large screws. Remove the brush plate. Lift the roller brush end opposite the belt up out of the housing. Pull off the metal brush holder. Notice the small ring of dirt and hair built up where the brush roll sits in the metal holder. Scrape it clean, reassemble and you are good to go. For homes with long hair this may be a scheduled maintenance. For homes with excessive long hair, consider the smaller Stealth brush head that is available alone or in a kit. The smaller version never has this issue.

Pirelli 241438 Belt?

I bought some inlet covers from y'all last year and, once I found you on the web, man, they were perfect and you ... well, we, couldn't believe the increase in suction along with a commensurate decrease in noise. Now, though, I need a new belt. I think one of yours is the ticket, but I'm not sure. The old, broken one is Pirelli, with (what I think is) a P/N of 241438. Unfortunately, the tear occurred right through the number. However, when I lay it against a ruler, it comes out at about 12.25 linear inches. Is that enough for you to help me spec' a replacement? Thanks so much, Steve in Memphis

Hi Steve, we can't be sure of the belt replacement. We try to give all the measurements crucial for you taking a risk on it though. We are so glad for your prior successes and hope you do nail down the correct belt.

TurboCat Belt Replacement?

My name is Jim I have a carpet cat air operated power head the belt I need is a #134472OR .It is 1/4" wide & 6 1/4" when laid flat& measured. It is 12 3/4" in cicumerance.

Hi Jim, actually the belt you need is right here

Belt for BlackHawk 420C

I'm looking for a replacement belt for the B2-102MD central vacuum system for a customer. The power brush unit is a 420C. Would the Stealth Belt work for this unit? Kathy Central Distributing Fresno, CA

Hello Kathy, that is actually a BlackHawk and we have had two versions and two belts. This will help,466BL

Vacuum Belt For Whirlpool 7500

My name is Sandy and I have a Whirlpool central vac (which they do not make anymore)but I have bought other parts through here. I need a belt for the power brush for a 7500 with a 14" dual-edge cleaning with a 3 pile hgt. adjustment drive brush. Which one do I buy. By the way, I'm from Massachusetts.

Good Morning Sandy, Please contact our offices at 1-800-997-2278 (M-TH 7-5 PST) for more information.

How Often?

How often do you need to change the belt?

Hello, the Stealth brush only needs it's belt changed if it ever breaks. We have only one recorded belt break in over a decade so don't plan on changing it any time soon! Take care.

Easy-Flo "The Edge" Belt?

I'm looking for replacement belts for an Easy-Flo "The Edge" powerhead. (Model #650S) It uses a belt that looks like this one (the Stealth) but I wanted to be sure before ordering it. Can you tell me if this is the right belt for my powerhead? Thanks. Al

This is most likely not the belt you are looking for. Please contact us or do another search for EasyFlo to find a different vendor.

Almost Like this Belt

The belt I need to replace is 1/4" wide, and looks like this one, but my head is not a Stealth. Its about 6-1/8 when flattened on itself. and the cogs are 1/8" wide. On the belt itself are the legends: MBL 70S3M312 PZ Z2S2D 28061 062 I don't know what all of those mean, can you suggest the proper belt, please? And thank you for your great service

Yeah, that's a tough one and why we detail our belts. Please try a descent vacuum shop in your area. Sorry!