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Bag and Filter for 56563

Michael- Gastonia, NC Need replacement bags for 56563 bag noted on older central unit, also need filter cloth that covers motor intake. Thanks

Please use the bag that most resembles yours on this page They are all quite similar and 99.9% of the time usable for many central vacuums regardless of the vac or filter size. The cloth filter may be a different issue. Are you sure it is not a foam/mesh filter? Many times that is all that is needed as a secondary filter. We suggest buying this and cutting it to size so that it fits itself up there nicely.

721 Motor Number

what is the motor model number on the Black and Decker 721?

Please send a us a photo of the motor and we will match it for you.

Model 720 Motor

Do know where I can get a new motor for my Black & Decker model #720 central vacuum cleaner? I live in St. Johnsbury, VT 05819. Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks, Kathy

Sorry, we don't know where to get that motor.

Change Motor or Brushes?

My parents have a Black and Decker model 720 built in vacuum. They need to replace the motor brushes. Do you know if they can still get them replaced or do they need to replace the motor? I would appreciate any help you can give me. Kathy St. Johnsbury, VT

Hi Kathy, by all means replace the motor. The motor is only made to last so long. Brushes can be replaced at 50-75% life but that old B and D needs a new motor.

Black & Decker Push Button Inlets

I have a Black & Decker central vacuum, model 721. It has a 1.5 diameter vacuum inlet and a button on the bottom. The original hose has a metal collar that pushes the button in. Can you tell me which hose to buy? Thanks. Joe Coram,NY

That hose is not made any longer. Read the text at the top of this valve page. You should be able to change out your inlets quite easily. Then you can use any hose or kit of your choosing....even electric.

Piping Size

I have remodeled and disconnected one of the hose connection stations. What size is the tubing, its not standard, I need to cap it off somehow.

Hi, the piping is 2 OD and only 1/16 inch thick. All Central Vacuum pipe and fittings from all central vacuum shops will work.

Attachment Kit for Type A Inlets

When we bought our house we were told that the Black & Decker central vacuum unit works, but the previous owners didn't leave any hoses or attachments. The inlets say "Type A" and measure about 1 3/4. What type of replacement kit should we buy?

Hi, please remeasure the diameter of the vacuum inlet hole. It is 1-1/2 or 1-1/4 , right? We have some great options and they fit both (you will need the adapter if you have the smaller inlets). See the Kits for Black and Decker page here for all the details and call us if you have questions.

Suddenly Stopped

Black and Decker Installed 1969. :Suddenly just stopped. A service call is about 100 dollars. Is there a checklist I can do? I tried freeing anything that might be plugging it. The vacuum stopped while having a carpet installed but I don't think that was the problem. Any suggestions ? Carole, Niagara Falls, NY

Hi, please use this guide to help find the issue:

Need Hose

I have a B&D central vac system put in in 1975.I need a new hose and the measurement on the inlet is Just under 1.5 inches and there is just a single button under the lid on the wall.I thought just a basic hose would work but it doesnt quite measure 1.5 inches.Will that work?Thanks Dennis

Hi Dennis, you have a lot of options. All our hoses and vacuum attachment hose and tool kits fit into this size inlet. At least get the Low Voltage hose. The on/off switch on the hose handle will not work because you have a single button under the port lid, but it will fit in and work much better than the Basic Hose. It has a handle, unwinds itself for less kinking, and is made better.

Replace Motor or Unit?

I have an old Black and Decker model 720 built in vacuum (25yrs). The motor has finally stopped - looks like it ran out of brushes. There's no markings on the motor - absolutely nothing! Is this the end of the road for this unit, and if so can you suggest a replacement? Many thanks, Malcolm.

Hi Malcolm, you can replace the motor (it is past needing motor brushes) and the motors these units took are right here. Just find the one that looks like yours. You can click the links and find measurements to help you choose the right one.

Replace Portable Vacuum Batteries

I am looking for a source to replace the charger and batteries for my Black & Decker Floorbuster vac - SV3000. Can you help? Thanks, James Lee

Please try Black and Deckers website. We specialize in helping central vacuum customers with discontinued BD central vacs.