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12in BlackHawk Central Vac Power Brush Q&A

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Questions & Answers

Air-powered Vacuum Replacement?

Can I use this brush on an existing in home system that is air powered? I have an old T21 turbine brush (air powered) and it has about bit the dust.

Hello, yes you can replace it but you will also need an electric hose and cord channels wands. That means the kit would be more economical. Enjoy!

Beam Brush Replacement?

Will the Black Hawk Power brush work with my Beam Vac.? I have the pigtail connection.

You have options. The typical Beam vacuum replacement is here at the top of the page. But if yours terminates in three, not two, pins then you'll have to consider a new complete electric kit because the three prong is obsolete.

Beam RugMaster 045-322 Replacement

Will the Blackhawk power brush work as a replacement for a rugmaster plus electric brush model 045-322? Is the stealth a better investment? Donna Chester,.N.J.

The Stealth is the better investment and will fit your wand.....BUT the cord end on it is a different shape and will not fit into the plastic holder at the top of the wands. And since there is not a proper wand replacement the Stealth or BlackHawk is not an option for you, unless you buy the complete kit. A complete kit will fit right into your system. That said, we do have a RugMaster replacement. Hopefully it is higher quality then what you are used to. You do have 30 days risk free to try it.,48201

BlackHawk Replacement Motor

I'm helping a older gentleman with this central vac system . Apparently the motor went in the power head. His assumption. Where can I find a replacement motor. Been looking online but can not seem to find the model number L-0169 . This is on the actual electric motor itself. Thanks Bryan


We do not carry replacement motors for the BlackHawk power head. We have replacement BlackHawk power heads which you may view by clicking on the following link:

Broan CV315-B Nozzle Brush Replacement?

Will this work with the Broan CV315-B system? I need a new powerbrush. Thanks, Nancy,

Hi Nancy, if your old vacuum head had a cord and you manually had to plug it into the hose handle AFTER you plugged the handle into the metal tubes then yes, this is a fine replacement.

Broan Power Brush Replacement?

Need a power brush motor for Broan CV315-B (E149681). The motor is a Ametek p/n L-0169, 118230-58, G51039, 120v.Thanks.

Hello, the Stealth nozzle or the BlackHawk will for great for you. Try one risk free for 30-days.

Cord Too Short

I just purchased from you a 12 BlackHawk power brush for my M&S system. It fits, but the cord that runs up the metal tubing is about 1/2 inch to 1 inch too short. By jamming my tubes together I can get the 2 prongs to plug in, but they pull out all the time so the head goes on & off continuously while I'm vacuuming. What do I do now???? Sandy - Magnolia

Hi Sandy, we don't want you to use a vacuum that cuts in and out, that creates a short and jepordizes the connection. It may runion other things. Please call us so we can ask a couple questions and provide a remedy. Thanks.

CT110 Replacement?

Will this work as a replacement for my CT-110, 120v? I just need a new vacuum part as the handle, metal extension, and electric cord still work fine. Thanks, Corey

Yes, the BlackHawk or the better quality Stealth will be a great replacement.

CT12DX Models Replacement?

I have a M&S System and the carpet brush attachment is worn out, the floor brush is getting pretty worn also. The carpet brush says it's model CT12DXL (Sen-Tec). My hose has the 2 pins at top that go into the wall outlet. What do you suggest? Thanks, Sandy

Hi Sandy, the BlackHawk and the Stealth Original will fit right into your system and be excellent replacements for the CT12DXL.

CT12DX Replacement

I have a CT12DX vacuum. My beater brush does not spin. The motor still sounds as though it is fine. Any suggestions.

That brush is probably quite old and tired. Your vacuuming effort will pay off handsomely with a cleaner home if you bought a new vacuum head. We highly recommend the Stealth head. It fits right on to the nipple locking metal tubes you have and it's two pin cord can be manually plugged into the hose handle as you did before. The BlackHawk will work as well but is not nearly the quality.

CT12DX, CT12DL, CT12DLX Replacement?


Yes, this will fit into your metal tubes. The cord end will fit the two holes in the hose handle. If the cord end is clipped into a plastic channel at the very top of the metal tubes it needs to be this style:

CT14DX Replacement?

Will the blackhawk replace the CT14DX? Thanks Eleanor Northford, Connecticut

Hi Eleanor, sorry but the BlackHawk will not work where the CT14DX was used. Even with new wands it will not work. You have two choices. Replace the CT14DX with the same nozzle here (known as Hayden),480I or buy a complete BlackHawk attachment kit The kit will fit perfectly into your vacuum wall inlets.

CT18DX Replacement?

What brushes will replace model number CT18DX?


Hi, our CT20 is a direct replacement for the CT18DX. We sell it in a kit here or alone here It is made by the same manufacturer and is high quality.

CT600 Replacement?

hi; i am looking to replace a ct600 powerhead. will this work. thanks, todd

Yes, this will replace the CT600 Power Brush. Thanks for asking.

Dust Care PB11 Replace BM1372?

will the Dust Care PB11 Replacement Cord work with model BM1372? Larry Franklin, Tenn

Hello Larry, you have two options for replacement here,466. That includes the PB11 and the BM1372 power brush vacuum head replacement.

Eureka Replacement?

Will this Blackhawk work to replace the Eureka CV1375 unit? Ours just quit running after I bumped it lightly into a baseboard. It is 12 yrs old and works off a Pullman Central Vac unit. The unit has a 4', two-pronged plug that fits into the hose handle.

It very well may fit. The shape of the two pin end is key. See the Stealth brush under "carpet brushes" for an enlarged view. It has two slanted edges and and may have a different overall shape. The concern is it may not fit correctly into the holder at the top of your metal wands. If there is not a holder for the cord end then this brush will replace yours.

Eureka VM1375

I have an old Eureka VM1375 power unit that has seen better days. Will this BlackHawk work as a replacement head?

Hello, this replacement may very well work. First issue is the connection. It has a neck that receives a metal tube with a locking nipple on it. Second issue is the end of the cord and this only matters if the end fits into a plastic connection at the very top of the metal tubes. Does the cord end look like this (it is near behind the neck in this photo). It has two slanted sides and bows out before attaching to the cord.

Frigidaire BM1193 Replacement?

Will this replace a Frigidaire Central Vacuum Model BM1193? Thanks, Dave

Hello, usually this will not fit as a replacement for this model. Please call us for options and help.

HAY300 Replacement?

Will the BlackHawk replace the M&S model: HAY300

Hoover Quadraflex Replacement?

Hi, I have a Hoover Generation III at home, can 12in BlackHawk Electric Central Vac Power Brush fits my old hose,handle and wand which model is Hoover Quadraflex powermatic.Thanks Jeff

Most likely will not fit. The Hoover power head connection to the wand was usually different. Our power head connections are standard.

Jet Clean Replacement?

Will this replace the Broan Jet Clean, E149681, 120V-60Hz-1.5 AMPModel # CV315-B Deborah Gray Clarksville, TN

Hello Deborah, yes the BlackHawk or Stealth will replace it if your nozzle's cord terminated in two metal pins that you had to manually plug into the hose handle.

Light Bulb Replacement

I have a BlackHawk PB11 and need a light bulb for the powerhead. Do you have?

There have been a couple versions of BlackHawk. We carry one bulp that went into one of them here For the others please take the bulp to a hardware store where they should have the replacement in the lighting section of the store.

Nutone 599 Brush Replacement?

My name is Pat and I live in Port Hope ON Canada. Is a replacement Motor Driven Power Brush Head available for the "Nutone" Model 599 Motor Driven Power Brush Vacuum? If a replacement is available, can you please let me know what the cost would be. Thank you. Pat Stephens

Hi, the first three brushes here (Stealths and Blackhawk) are wonderful replacements for the 599. They fit right in.

Nutone Electric Vacuum Replacement?

Will this Blackhawk Power Brush work as a replacement for a Nutone Model 500 Power brush? The brush I have connects to an electric hose with a short two pronged plug. The hose has a 6 foot pigtail which plugs into a regular household outlet.

The BlackHawk cord is 2-prong and about 40 inches long. The neck connects to a metal tube with a button lock nipple on it. If these things match up then it is a replacement you can use. The Stealth electric carpet brush head would be an upgrade from the BlackHawk if you wanted to get the best available.

Nutone Hose Compatible?

Hi, I have a nutone system. The motor in the power brush is burnt. Instead of replacing the motor I want to get a better power brush but the hose is OK so I do not need the whole kit. Would a MD brush fit onto my Nutone hose? Thanks, Bryan

We have a Eureka/Beam brush that will fit right in and work very well.

Nutone Vacuum Replacement?

Hello! I have a 10 year old Nutone Central Vac. The "Motor-driven power brush, Model 599" no longer picks up, although there is ample suction in the connecting tube. I assume it needs to be replaced. What do you suggest? Thanks! Diane from the state with the idiotic NPD Governor who soon will be impeached. Springfield, Illinois

Hi Diane, the BlackHawk would be a great replacement. It would be my first choice because of the quality for the low cost. It fits the set up you already have. Most older Nutones just need an electric head with a 2-pin cord that is manually plugged into the hose.

Pin or Prong?

Is the BlackHawk cord a standard 2-prong lamp cord type plug, or is it the pin type connection? I am trying to replace a power brush made by Eureka and it plugs into the cord on the hose. The metal tube does have a locking nipple, so I think that will work. Thanks, Andy.

The slat type for vacuum nozzles is out of date. They all come with the two pin connection now. Call us for more information and help.

Rainbow Vacuum Carpet Brush Replacement?

Will this Blackhawk Power Brush work as a replacement for a Rainbow D4se vacuum

If the brush's power cord ends in two pins and the brush neck receives a steel tube with a metal button lock, then yes.

Replace Cord?

Can I replace the electric cord on my black hawk electric brush, model # ct-210? Puppy chewed the cord!


Royal Brush Replacement?

Would this replace a Royal Deluxe Power Team electric brush? Carol, Amboy

The key to know if the replacement will work is two-fold. First, does the cord end look like the end of the new brush? You can see the end better by looking at the photo of the Stealth nozzle photo blown up. Second, does the neck of the brush receive a metal tube into it with a metal button lock nipple. If yes to both then this will work.

Smart Carpet Brush Replacement

Will this work to replace the "electric powerbrush" on my Smart central vacuum system? The current attachment has an electric cord as well as connecting to the wand. Thanks. Ruth, Charleston, SC

Compare the plugs on the end of the cord coming out of the carpet brush. If the ends look the same, they will connect just fine with your system.

Sweep n Groom Replacement?

Will this replace my Zenex model E1386 electric Sweep N Groom head? The plug end looks the same........same length cord?

Hi, if the cord end is the same then yes it will replace it and the cord is long so it will fit your application. Also take a look at this replacement

Sweep n Groom Replacement?

My Sweep 'n Groom power head will stop running if too much pressue is place on it. It is 14 years old, had used a lot. Should this be replaced, (the hose is fine), or is it a belt issue? Two dogs and two cats require frequent vacuuming. If it needs to be replaced, what would the compatible item be?

We'd love to see you in a new hose and tool kit. You will increase your suction and have better equipment. All of our Electric Kits are exact replacements and do so much better with the hair. If you want to replace your brush we have one available but only if your vacuum nozzle cord ends in two pins not three (obsolete).

VM-454 Brush Replacement?

I need to replace my M&S VM454 electric brush system. The hose works fine and has an electric two pin attachment. Will the Black Hawk work? What is the difference between the Black Hawk and Stealth?

The Stealth is better all the way around. Does the two pin cord sit in a channel at the top of the metal tubes? if so you need a hose or complete kit for that matter. Or you can get the Hayden head,480I, it fits your hose.

Wessle-Werk EBK 290 Replacement?

Will this Blackhawk replace a Wessle-Werk EBK 290. My hose is type A.B. 27

Yes, the BlackHawk will replace your brush and fit into the metal extension tube with the metal nipple connection.