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BlackHawk Power Brush Accessory Kit Q&A

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Questions & Answers

Can I Purchase The BlawkHawk Separately?

Can I purchase just the head on this model?


Yes, the BlackHawk Electric Powerbrush Head #466 is available for purchase and can ship within 24 hours (during normal business hours).

AirVac AV425A Compatible?

Just to be sure ... I have an 18 year-old M&S AV425A system with electric power brush. Need to replace the attachments & hose. I'm looking at the BlackHawk kit. Is the BlackHawk backward compatible with this system?

When purchasing a kit, only the wall connection needs to match. The hose that will come with the kit has a standard wall connection diameter 1.5". If the inside diameter of your wall inlets is 1.5", then it will work just fine.

Beam Compatible

I have a Beam Serenity Plus with Advocate head. Is this compatible?

So long as your hose uses a standard 2-pin connection for the power brush cord, it will work just fine for you.

DynaVac 800 Replacement Kit

I have a DynaVac 8000 which is missing all the attachments. Would the Blackhawk kit be a good choice (combination of hardwoods, oriental rugs and carpet) and how can I tell whether I need to order the direct connect or pigtail version? Thanks, Gary South Natick, MA

The Blackhawk is the lowest price option that will work with your system. The kit will include another tool for the hard surfaces in your home. To determine whether you need direct connect or corded, just look at your inlets in the wall. If there are two small holes just outside of the larger hole, then you can use direct connect. If there are no other holes outside the large hole, you will need a corded hose.

Eureka Replacement Hose And Brush

I have a Eureka Victory can model# UMC-18, power brush model # CV1373 type BB. purchased in 1995. I need a new hose and power brush. what do you have that is compatible? thanks trisha

All of our hoses and brushes are compatible with your system. You can choose from an air-only kit or electrically power. Hose and brush kits can be viewed here,

Kenmore Compatibility With Blackhawk

I have a Kenmore central vac system that is probably older than I. I'm looking to get a new hose and probably the Blackhawk. I understand that I will need the attachment to be compatible for my hose 1.25in on the standard outlet. But my question is if I want to use my original attachments, will they fit into the new hose that I purchase with a 1.5in head or do I need to get new attachments as well? Thanks, Shannon in Bloomingdale, IL.

The hose that comes with the Blackhawk kit will fit any tool or attachment with a standard 1.25" opening. With the kit you also get a tool set that can replace your old attachments. We also have an extensive collection of specialty tools available to do any job!

Nutone Hose and Brush

We installed a Nutone Central Vac System in 2004. The power switch on the hose stopped working plus my son broke our electric power brush. The person who installed our system said that he could get me a Hayden or something else manufactured by MD. I am totally confused after looking at your site and others. Should I just stay with the Nutone or sets that work with the Nutone? I wanted to spend between $350-$400. The BlackHawk looks good. Is this similar to the one I had? How do I know? As you can tell, I am totally confused. Please help! Thanks, Melissa

The BlackHawk is similar to the Nutone brush. You can view a comparison between the kits that we offer at This chart will show the features and related costs of the kits. Purchasing the hose and brush alone only saves about 40 dollars. Getting the complete kit can also completely avoid any compatibility issues that may come up.

Explaining the Cord on a Corded Hose

Gina-Chicago I have a 9 year old turbo cat, Ultra TP210 that doesn't have direct connect.. Does the pig tail connect from the base or near the handle? do I then have 8 feet of cord near the working end or the base?

The BlackHawk kit will be an excellent upgrade from your TurboCat. Yes, you need the kit that includes the pigtail cord. The cord is on the wall end of the hose. When you vacuum you don't have to deal with a cord and a hose, only a hose. See the photo here

VacuMain P-125 Replacement Brush

Hi, I have a 20 year old VacuMaid model P-125 with a sweep and groom II powerhead. Everything works great except my powerhead is worn out. Will the Blackhawk powerhead fit my hose and wall unit. My powerhead has an electric cord that comes up the metal rods and caonnects to the hose with a 2 pronged connection. Thanks, Joaunee at in Burley, Idaho

It should work just fine with your hose. One thing to check is to measure the distance between the center points of the prongs on the cord of the old brush. The BlackHawk will have a distance of 5/16" from one point to the other.

Filtex M&S FX675A Hose and Vacuum Needed

I have a 1994 M&S model #FX675A central vac with the motor still working but the power brush does not. Also the hose is falling apart( holes in it!). Do you have a hose and power brush unit or kit that will work in the old smaller size direct connect hose outlets? If so which one is correct?

Hello, we have what you are looking for. The inlets you have should be industry standard meaning the diameter of the wall port is just under 1-1/2 inches. If there are two small holes above or below that then you have industry standard direct connect inlets. All our Electric Kits will fit your valves. We have a variety of them and the best way to get started on which is best for home and budget is right here Please contact us if you have any questions.

Vacuflo Compatible?

I have a vacuflow fc650. Will this work with my unit? Thanks - David

Hello, your system was installed with one of two type of inlets. If your wall inlets have 4940 on them then you are limited to proprietary air-only Vacuflo products. If they are not 4940 then you have a world of options including the BlackHawk kit with corded hose. If you want to see what the 4940 inlet looks like click here We also sell, on that page, the adapter kit you can use at each inlet to convert it to non-4940 valves, allowing you to use this and any other kit.

Hose Length

How long is the electri hose?

The hose is available in the kits as 30ft or 35ft.

Hayden Hose Compatible?

I have a hayden central vac system that is 7 years old. Will the Blackhawk power brush work with this system and my Hayden hose? My original Hayden power brush is not working, but the hose is fine so I'd like to just replace the head. Are there other brands that you may recommend as well? thanks

Your replacement options are the Hayden and the Ace here, as long as you are using your Hayden Hose. If you are considering a new hose then any of the complete electric kits are compatible.

Electrolux Compatible?

I have a electrolux central vacuum system over 20 years old. Will the BlackHawk power brush work with this or do I have to by the hose, too?

You will have to buy a new complete Electric Attachment kit such as the BlackHawk. The vacuum head alone will not fit your hose and wand set up. The hose in the complete kit will fit your vacuum inlet valves. Thank you for asking.

Hardfloor Brush Included?

I don't see an attachment for bare wood and tile floors with the Blackhawk. Will the electric head with brush unplugged work or do I need a separate attachment for bare floors?

The BlackHawk Kits come with a 12" hard floor brush with wheels. It is a great tool and gets the job done fast. The kits do not come with a secondary wand so please buy two plastic wands or a nice metal telescopic wand #406TB. Otherwise you'll have the hassle of disconnecting the head and cord from the wand to transition to hard floors.

Nutone ER110 Central Vacuum Compatible?

I have a Nutone model ER110, probably 35 yrs old. Will this work for me?

Yes, the BlackHawk with pigtail cord hose will work with your system and be a great complement to it. All of our electric kits with pigtail will work. You may have to scrape off a little plastic on the hose end if the fit into the wall valve is tight. This is real easy to do.

Direct Headlight?

Just bought a Blackhawk kit and hooked it up to our older Vacumaid. Works like a charm (the rocker switch doesn't do anything when switched to the right because the vacuum comes on when the hose is inserted in the original outlets - figured that one out!) however the light is shining off into the blue. Is it supposed to be shining on the floor in front of the beater bar? Can I aim or redirect it? (The kit came without instructions) Thanks! Ken

Hi Ken, the headlight lens has defracting lines on it to help direct light toward the floor. Our experience, even with high end central vac heads is the light is helpful in basically dark situations. Try it under a bed to see how it does help.

Connect Directly to Vacuum Unit?

I have a Nutone Scovill model 350. 115-120V, 60Hz, 11amps. I have mounted it in my shop, and have not run pipe into the house. For now, all I need is a shop vacuuming system. I need 30 ft of hose. Does the 30 ft basic garage kit for Nutone vacuums fit my needs? Don't know the year. Just bought this at a garage sale.

Yes, the basic garage kit will work with that unit. The unit has a inlet on it that is 1-1/2" wide and there is an on/off switch on the side of the case. You can use a BlackHawk Kit if you have carpet to vacuum. Buy the kit with an "8ft cord" in the description.

Pullman Vacuum

We have a 35 year old Pullman BIV Model 205P2. I would like to replaces all the attachments as they are really worn out. The unit still runs like a charm. What would you recommend for a very basic replacement set? What are the benefits of using electrics attachment in comparison to the basic? Janet Fairburn, GA

Hi, if you have any carpeting in your home then the BlackHawk Kit, our entry level electric kit, will do wonders. The carpet brush does a superior job, in our opinion, compared to air driven brush heads. Electric are a lot quieter as well. But more than that, they have a lot of contact with the carpet, spin consistently, and the suction from the vacuum reaches down deep into the carpet. This is a very good purchase for your older Pullman vacuum and the kit with the "8ft cord" will fit right into the vacuum ports in your home. All sales have a 30-Day Refund if you are not completely satisfied. If you have any further questions please ask them again online. Thank you.

Does Hose Power Suction Vacuum Head?

Don, from Long Island.....I have a 10 year old central vac unit with just an air driven brush, the Ultra T210 (this might be a Turbocat, but hard to find any information on the unit) with a low voltage hose that has an on/off power switch. I'd like to upgrade to an electric kit, but am unsure what hose unit would fit. Do the hose kits you sell with the pigtail turn the Vac pressure on/off as well as the power brush? I have a large house, hardwood on 1 floor and carpet and tile on the other, but am unsure of what power brush would best suit my purpose.

Hi Don, excellent questions. The pigtail electric hose in the electric kit will turn on and off the suction pressure and the electric nozzle. It is wonderfully powerful and convenient. The hose will fit right into your ports. There is nothing you need to do other than choose the kit, hose length, and then experience the deepest cleaning yet. An electric kit is the number one way to take full advantage of any central vacuum.

Replace Central Vacuum Accessories in 1.5 inch receptacle?

I have a Central Vac for which I need a new hose and brush. The hose receptacle is 1.5 inches. Will the Blackhawk kit work for me. Margaret, Kelvington, Sask. Canada

Hello Margaret, yes the BlackHawk central vacuum attachment kit will fit right into your system and work perfectly with it - guaranteed. The Black is a good unit and the hose is our best available. Enjoy!

Work with Older Systems?

Hello I have an ancient central vac (probably 30 years old) will this work with my unit.

Hi, yes, the system used standard inlets so it will fit. If it is too tight a fit (as it will be on some older Nutone or Vacuflo systems, mainly) you can easily file plastic from the two friction ridges to get the perfect fit. This new kit will make your system come to life and utilize all its vacuum energy. Enjoy.

Fits All Direct-Connect Brands?

I have a 4 year old "direct connect" Central Vac System. Just recently, the powerhead unit stopped working. I was wondering if your blackhawk kit, especially the "direct connect" version, would fit with my current system? Thanks, Terry

Hello Terry, yes, the direct connect wall ports are universal so any of our direct connect kits would fit perfectly into your system.