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Button Lock C Clip Q&A

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WIll This Fit My Model BCF 27 Hose?

I have a series x y Model B C F 27 BCE CCE FCE 27CE (all markings on the handle) Will this product fit? The button lock I currently have is worn out and my attachments easily fall out often.

Yes, the Button Lock C Clip will easily fit your hose to secure the attachments from falling off.

Button Lock C-clip Compatibility

will the c clip fit on the handel of my hoover platium series cycloinc canister thanks joel tillamook oregon

This clip can be inserted into any tube with a 1.25" diameter.

Not Compatible with Conductaflex 208

Your replacement button lock does not work with the Conductaflex 208. Do you have one with a longer button that protrudes far enough to catch the extension pipe?

Sorry, that is the only one we have and have heard of.

Not Long Enough?

The button clip that came rivited into the gaspump style handel of a nutone broke. Tried this c clip and it doesn't protrude enough.It fits the tube, ok. Any suggestion what to do next?

If you have tried this replacement part and it didn't work, you can replace the hose handle, in most cases, You probably have a hose handle that looks like this We have other handles here as well but it is not all of them in the industry. Call us if you have any questions.

Fit Kenmore?

Will this C clip fit in a gas pump handle of a Kenmore? Stef Ottawa, Canada

Yes, it will fit. It is tight no matter what and hard to depress at first so be prepared.

Vacuum Spring Tab Replacement?

Larry D. Back and I live in Michigan. I broke off the spring tab on the power hose to the power head. Can I order a new tab and simply drill out and rivet the new part in place ??

Hi Larry, does this product look like it would work for you? It is a stiff button, just to let you know.

Conductaflex 208 Hose

Hi, I have a Nutone Conductaflex 208, LR 44129, 120 V, 3.5A, 60 Hz vacuumhose/handle/wand/brush. It worked well for years. Now I found out that the button lock on the handle is missing, so there is nothing to lock onto the slot on the chrome/steel wand, which makes vacuuming pretty hard. I was wondering if I can replace this part and where I can go in Canada (Ontario) for it. Thanks, Ennesv

Hi, the part you can use is right here. You can purchase it online, and we will ship it to you in Canada

9/32" Hole Fit?

Will this work on a Nu-Tone central vacuum hose that is 1 1/8" in diameter and has a hole that is about 9/32" wide (probably would work best with a 1/4" button)? Linda Ebersole Knoxville, MD

Hello Linda, typically the hole is larger and the buttons have been standard for decades. We'd have to say yes it will work fine.

Fits What Size Tube?

What range of tube sizes will the button fit?

The clip fits into tubes with a 1-1/8 to 1-1/4 diameter.

Converting to Button Lock

A year or so ago I purchased a replacement hose and attachments from you that were friction fit. They really don't work as well as the original and we want to replace with the button type. I have already received the button attachment wands, but forgot that the hose itself does not have the button to make the proper connection to the wands. Is there anything I can purchase to fix this problem. Thanks, Kevin Huffman

Kevin, you can buy a low voltage hose with the button lock or you can drill a hole in your basic hose and use this C Clip. It is a bit harder to push down that what you are used to though. About the items not staying together, we don't hear that much and when we do we ask that you try putting the parts all the way together and then give them a half turn. Do this several times to start off and the parts should stay together like a charm.

Install C Clip

I just recently purchased a complete replacement electric vaccum kit. The button lock clip came loose and was lost. Do you have any suggestions on how to install this part so it stays secure? VAN ROWELL

If the button lock you are talking about is on the end of a steel tube than this product should work.