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UPS or POSTAL? User Behavior?

Do most Canadian online shoppers use UPS or the postal Service? Elaine

We see that 66% use UPS. Less use Postal. Having all the fees and taxes paid ahead of time is helpful and the delivery is quick.

Beam 297 Replacement Relay

Bruce, Thornhill Ontario, I have a beam model 297 which is running all the time even with the wire removed from the sensor for connecting the hose to the outlet. I think it needs a new or repair to the relay. How much is a new relay?

You can find the replacement relay here,

Excellent Shipping, Product, & Service from MD

I would like to thank you for a great service, my purchase was well packaged and arrived in Canada safe and sound. The motors were very good quality at a very good price. Shipping was also a very good price and arrived in the time frame quoted. Overall a great experience for which I thank you all and I look forward to dealing with you again in the future. Regards. Steve, ON CANADA

Thank you Steve! It is a pleasure serving our Canadian customers.

Replace 7694-01 Motor in Canada

I have a Vacuflo Model 360, serial no 308x898, which is about 17 years old. When vacuuming last week a small piece of fabric got picked up. In a panic my wife shut the system off. When she turned the system back on there was no response. I checked the breakers and they were not tripped. The reset button was out, so I pushed it in and turned the system on. There was a slight response but it died again. When I checked again the reset button was out. I am assuming the motor has diedand I have removed it from the housing. The replacement part number I was given when I called HP Products in Ohio was 7694-01. The number I see on your web site is 117507. Is that the same motor? My dead motor was not bolted in but sitting on 4 rubber cylindrical pads. Can I pay on a CC in US$? Rich, Surrey BC Can

Hi, that motor number is nowhere to be found in our research here at MD in California. We have been selling the 117507 motor for the model 360 for years. If the motor looks like yours then it is. You can click on the details for a larger photo and dimensions. And yes, you can choose Canada Checkout in the shopping cart and pay with your credit card. Here is the Vacuflo Motor Page again

Bank Fees - Exchange Rates Covered?

The price qouted on a product is $144.00. Will I be charged an exchange rate fee as the Can. $ is .85 cents? Bill Brockville

Hi Bill, our price online - the total price for UPS shipment - is guaranteed not to incur additional charges for shipping and taxes and brokerage fees. It does not cover any bank fees or exchange rates that the bank or credit card company may or will apply. For the USPS shipping option, all the taxes, fees, brokerage, and bank/credit card fees will be coming to you via channels other than us. We hope that our price for high quality, new product encourages you to buy from MD Manufacturing, Inc. Have a great day.

Why Not Stealth?

Oct'2008. What prohibits you from selling the Stealth kit to customers in Canada? NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) removed most non-tariff trade barriers restricting US-Canada trade. Is the Stealth available from any dealers in Canada? Thank you. Dave in Ontario

Lindhaus in Italy has an agreement with TipTopParts in Canada as the exclusive for the PB14E that we call Stealth. Would you consider the EdgeLift or BlackHawk? They get great reviews.

Older Filtex Central Vacuum in Canada

I have an older model SB300L (hard to read on the vacuum). I believe it was installed around 1979/80. I need a new replacement hose as the current one broke off at the cuff(?) and at the metal on the opposite end. Can you tell me what style of hose I need to purchase? I also need a new tool, the one with the brushes and rubber all around it. The plates are metal if that helps. I thank you for any information. Melanka Moore, Port Coquitlam,B.C. Canada

Hello Melanka, first choose one of these lengths,303TC of hose. They fit into the metal door inlet ports. Then choose the wand and some accessories (all the accessories sold fit this wand).,401,400,402W,402D. And here are all our accessories as well

Why GST Higher than 5%?

Jim, Calgary AB Canada... The GST tax rate dropped from 6% to 5% effective 2008/01/01 Your checkout still uses 6%

Hi Jim, the tax is actually over 5% but not 6%. The additional tax is one that UPS adds because the entry/brokerage fee and any duty fee is taxed. Thankfully it is not a huge tax and MD pays down the entry/brokerage fee and shipping in most cases to help lighten final cost. That lightening depends on each order. When we offer POSTAL shipping, all fees will be accessed when the product is received. With our UPS shipping all fees are paid at time of checkout.

New Products, Great Prices

Are the products new? How come they are a lot less money than they are in Canada? Brian, AB

Hello Brian, yes the products are all brand new and the prices are a fantastic deal compared to prices in Canada. In fact, the quality on many products is even better from MD compared to imported overseas products. We encourage Canada customers to take advantage of these low prices and excellent discounts on brokerage and shipping fees. You'll find that even with the fees you will save a lot of money!

Brokerage Fee $0.00?

Why is the brokerage entrance fee $0.00? Am I going to be charged for that at delivery? Thank you Sony in ONT

Hello Sony, on some orders we pay the brokerage fee up front. That may amount to a lower or no brokerage fee for you! Be assured that the brokerage fee will be paid through your online order, through MD, even if is says $0.00. You will not be charged later or at delivery for this or any other fee - guaranteed.