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Power Head Not Turning On

The vacuum runs when plugged in but the motor does not run. We think it may be an electrical connection problem but are not sure. Any suggestions??

The suction turns on but the vacuum head doesn't spin? That is usually the wall end of the cord. The two pins or the pigtail cord depending on the vacuum hose you have. If you can test continuity that will tell you. We have instructions and parts here https://builtinvacuum.com/hoses/electrichoses-tech.html

Turns Off Right Away

My vacuum was disconnected at the tank part everything inside the walls wern t touched.Now all I see is a tube coming out from the wall and 2 wires. and when I plug the vacuum in at the tank it switches on then goes off rite away.Can you tell me whats missing thanks Will LA,CA

The tank needs a new motor and maybe circuit board. Or you can buy a new tank, any MD made tank will do but we suggest you call a dealer for help. The tube and wire simply need to be routed to the tank and you are set.

Centra Clean Motor for 10017

I have a 20 year old Centra Clean No. 10017. the motor turns on but it doesn't turn over. i think it needs a new motor. can you tell me which i should purchase and how much it would cost? Elise Innisfil, Ontario

Hi, our cross reference here shows other models besides what you mention. Please take a look. https://builtinvacuum.com/help/centraclean/motor.html.

Old Style Foam Filter for CentraClean

I own a 30 year old Centra Clean built-in vacuum system. I need to replace the cylindrical foam rubber filter that fits over the air intake cylinder inside the main unit below the motor. Are replacements available? Is there a parts supplier in Toronto? Thank you

Hi, we have foam filters here with a 2-inch diameter inner hole. If worst comes to worst you can make your own by bending straight foam around the tube (if we understand you correctly). https://builtinvacuum.com/bagsfilters/cloth-mesh-foam.html. We have great shipping to Canada.

Shutting Off While Vacuuming

I have a CentraClean CP 5000. It keeps shutting off while I am vacuuming. I have to flip the switch off to keep it from tripping the reset button on the unit. After doing this a few time (3-4) during cleaning the reset triggers and I have to wait a minute and then go out and push the reset button. Why?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, this is the classic symptom of a bad motor. It is quite easy to replace the motor. See the motor page link here https://builtinvacuum.com/help/centraclean.html.

Centra-Clean Model CL-120 Motor

Kevin from Toronto, Ontario, Canada I have a Centra-Clean Model CL-120 where the motor may have stopped working. Can I get a replacement motor for it? I can't even find if the manufacturer is still around. thanks.

Hello Kevin, you can get a replacement motor for but we don't have a cross reference. Is there a 6 digit number on the motor in the unit that starts with 11?

Cloth Filter Replacement

I have a cpx 5000 with cloth filter? Do you have replacement for this? Thanks

You can measure yours and compare it to our inventory . There are only several of these that are used in many brands and models.