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Muffler End or Pipe End Usage?

We have an AirVac ZX6000 using disposable bags that is installed in the garage. It has an upright exhaust pipe with the muffler at the end (combined height of 5ft. 7in). Can we use this filter bag with the muffler as well. What is your recommendation for installing this filter bag?


You can use this exhaust filter at the end of a pipe or muffler. Just be sure to read the description online for the diameter it fits on. If you have that diameter you can put the exhaust filter on the muffler.

Muffler Available?

our office has central vac and the exhaust is to the outside. Our neighbors complain about the noice, is the a muffler type attachment we could get? Thank you.

Yes, the muffler is here https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=260. Read the descriptions to see how it fits.

Electrolux Compatible?

Would this Centra bag be compatible with my older Electrolux 1580 (or 1590)? As it is, I am not sure if my Electrolux is a cyclonic type...! jay in newton

Hi, you can use this with Electrolux models because the filter inside already grabs most of the debris.

Change to Internal Disposable Bag Filter?

do you have a filter that can be used with a bagless cyclonic system? We have an old Panasonic unit that has a hard shell plastic filter that fits over the exhaust pipe, but it is cracked and no longer works. Without a filter, the exhaust is simply too thick to use the vacuum at all.

Hi, there is not one available because it would be a liability to the manufacturer. The best possible solution would be to convert your unit into an internal disposible paper bag filter. Read the last section on the right side of the table on this page https://builtinvacuum.com/help/vacumaid/motor.html. Regardless of your brand the same theory/possibility exists.

Dual Exhaust, Dual Filters?

i have a m&s av525a central vac. it has a dual exhust. Do i need two filters

Yes, you need two filters.

Exhaust Filter for Central Vacuum

Aloha. I just installed a replacement BEAM central vacuum unit for my neighbor (she purchased it and had it shipped here.) The previous installation had dual "mufflers" each terminating in a make-shift air filter of some kind of white material that looks similiar to a large "Scotch-brite" pad that was duct-taped into a closed-end cylinder on each. They are very dirty. Is there some kind of add-on air filter attachment specifically designed to filter the exhaust air when the installation does not allow venting to the outside? Thank you very much for your assistance. Rob Adams

Hi Rob, the product here is made for this filtering application https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=723EF. Glad you found us! For Hawaii orders please call in.

Dimensions and Stress

Thanks for your quick reply to my questions, however you didnt answer either question. How large is the bag (inches), also, does putting this on the exhaust in anyway put stress on the vac's motor? Thanks

Sorry, the overall dimensions are 11.5 long, 4.5 wide, and 4.5 tall and tapers all the way down. And yes, the will create back pressure but not stress the motor - unless it is not removed for a new one before it goes too clogged or brownish colored. Instructions come with it.

Exhaust Outdoors or Use Centra Filter

how large is this bag? i was considering running a pipe outside the house but this looks like a better idea. does it put stress on the vac motor?

Hello, if your vacuum doesn't have a paper or cloth filter internally then you can't use the Centra Filter. It would fill up too fast and hurt the motor. If you do have internal filtration you can use the Centra Filter and be sure to check it monthly.

Fit Oreck?

will these fit oreck canister

Hello, They fit on a 2 inch opening and we doubt that is the size of the opening on Oreck but a simple measurement will tell.

1305 108 00 Bag

I don't know the brand name, but do you carry a number 1305 108 00 bag in the central vacuum system? Thanks

Hello, please provide us the brand and model number and we'll let you know what we have. We don't have a cross reference for the number you give, sorry.

Work with SilentMaster?

Would these work on MD Silent Master?

Yes you can use them with the SilentMaster and any MD made unit with exhaust ports. You will find that there is no dust though. If you are trying to get rid of the smell of the vacuum exhaust then you should run the pipe it out of the garage or basement.

Bags for RV 2000 Maxum by HP Vacuflo

i need replacement filters for RV 2000 Maxum by HP Vacuflo...please inform me of the correct item from your list above...if you don't carry it,I'd appreciate knowing who does...thank you Mrs Poole

Please contact Gary's Vacuflo at 503.775.2042.

VSI Filter


Assuming you mean the brand VSI, the cloth filter goes in from the top and a paper filter sits inside it. See this section of the VSI Filtex page for more information.