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CentraMop - Two Jobs in One Q&A

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Questions & Answers

Beam Compatible?

will this work with a Beam system?

Yes, the CentraMop and all the other accessories on the website will work with any Beam System.

Best for Wood?

Is this the best attachment product out there for wood floors? We are building a new home and it is 95 percent wood/tile, very little carpeting. Will it damage the wood? Is there a dry product on the market you would recommend first? Thanks, Cheryl

Hello Cheryl, the Manta attachment is a large dry vacuum mop that is very popular and can be used first before mopping. The CentraMop would be helpful for quicker smaller cleanups when you want to vacuum and damp mop the wood. Use water or any floor solution allowed for your wood floors. Take a look at our Woodpecker products for cleaning the entire floor with a damp pad and good solution. All these products are here:

Centra Mop Microfiber Pads

Will you be offering replacement microfiber pads for this unit in the future? If so, at what approximate cost will this be? I have been contemplating the purchase of this item since I have a lot of wood and stone floors. I would just like to know that I'll be able to get a replacement pad if I do order it and like it. Thanks, Pete Westlake Village, CA


We have Centra Mop replacement Pads available under our number 402CMR and can be reviewed at the following link.

Ceramic, Vinyl?

Does the mop work on a ceramic tile floor? If so, will it clean the grout too? What cleaner is suggested for ceramic tile? Can I use the mop on vinyl flooring using Congoleum suggested no-rinse floor cleaner? Thanks! Sandy, Mattoon, IL

Hello Sandy, yes it works great on both ceramic and vinyl. It will not clean grout, but will however keep dirty water from it. The CentraMop doesn't push water into the grout like a regular sponge mop would. You can use any floor cleaning solutions you can use with a regular mop. The removable pad is really easy to take off and rinse out.

Cleaning and Buying Extra Replacement Pads

I have a large kitchen/DR area. Do you just keep washing out the same pad or should you buy several? Also, are they machine washable? If so, how much are the pads to have extras? Judy Garrison

Judy that is an excellent question as the pads can be removed and put in your washing machine. You can also buy replacement pads under our number 402CMR at $3.75 ea.

Dirt in Tubes, Hose, Pipes Okay?

We have a Vacuflow system. What keeps the moisture from balling up the dirt or lint residue from floors and sticking to the insides of the hose and tubes? There is tubing all over our house with our system. Does this not create a problem? Thanks, Patty

Hello, the microfiber pad is rinsed with water and then wrung out before putting on the CentraMop. There is only a trace of moisture that makes it way back into the CentraMop itself so the tubes, hose and pipes will not get balled up with the dust and debris in them. The CentraMop is really a great design and works very well. It is a compliment to any central vacuum system and will not create a mess.

Does The CentraMop Work Well With Cleaning Solution?

Is this product good for mopping wood floors with 2 in 1 cleaning + Shining solutions? I mop my wood and marble floors with a 3 in 1 solution that cleans and renovate floors, leaving them beautiful and shining. Would it be OK to apply this solution with the CentraMop Vacuum? Thank you Susan, Miami, FL

Yes, the microfiber pad will work wonderfully with any floor solution. Just dampen the pad and spray your soution on the floor, or soak the pad in the solution. This tool is not meant for full wet-mopping, only lightly wet or damp.

Dry Vacuum Countertops

We have large areas of granite countertops in our home. I am looking for a mop type attachment to use when I need to do a quick 'dry' application when these are dusty, but do not necessarily need wash & dry. Have any products been manufactured that would suit this purpose?


The Crevice Brush is your best option. You can make large sweeping passes on the counter top to vacuum up the dust. Take a look at it here:

Durability, Velcro

Contemplating this item for purchase w/ my beam system. Read reviews and noticed the word "velcro". The pads are velcroed to the attachment then? How is the velcro attached to the plastic attachment? Glue? I would plan on using this daily on approx. 1200 sf of space - wouldn't such frequent contact with moisture to the velcro on attachment cause it to breakdown quicker? Basically I am concerned over the durability factor of the components which attach the pad to the vacuum attachment. Please comment on lifespan of said product and durability. (I have 3 boys, friends, 2 dogs and messy husband)

Hello, thanks for the question. The Velcro is adhered very well to the body of the CentraMop. In fact, we will give a new CentraMop to the first person who has the Velcro come undone, even after the one year warranty! We'd like to know the answer to this question as well. Fact of the matter is we have had zero complaints about it to date and don't plan on any. We built it with longevity in mind. Enjoy!

Electric Motor?

Hello, My name is Sonia from Los Angeles, Ca. Does the Centra Mop AA-MDMP-A001-AM have a self contained electric motor?? Thanks.

Hello Sonia, the CentraMop has no moving parts and no motor. It is intended for hard floors only and the applied aggitation and the vacuum's suction cleans the floor.

Floor Type Use

I have highly polished travertine floors in hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. etc. Would the CentralMop be a good all around cleaning tool for these floors?

This tool will work well with any hard surface since it has no hard edges that can damage your polish. You can even use different cleaning solutions based on each surface need.

Hoover Wind Tunnel Compatible?

I have a Hoover wind tunnel not a central vacuum. Will this attachment work on my machine? Thank You, Jane Hendricks

Hi Jane, the CentraMop works with all portable and canister vacuums so long as the diameter of your wand is between 1-1/8" and 1-1/4". Hope that helps. Enjoy!

How Does it Vacuum?

Hello again... This is Sonia from Los Angeles, Ca. Since the Centra Mop does not have a self contained motor...How does it vacuum?? Please explain the mechanics behind this. Thank you.

Hello, the CentraMop fits on the end of a vacuum hose and wands and they are connected to a vacuum with suction. The suction travels down the hose, the wands, and into the CentraMop. That is how it vacuums. It also mops by you wetting the pad on the bottom. It works great for homes with kids or pets. You can get the hair and the muddy prints off the floor in one cleaning action.

How to Use

while mopping and the pad gets dirty, do you peel it off, wring it out in fresh water and reapply. Seems like this is like using a regular mop.

You are correct. The difference though between the CentraMop and a regular mop is you have your powerful vacuum suction working for you on the front and back side of the CentraMop pad. Plus the Microfiber pad provides a more thorough dirt removal, giving your home a deeper clean.

Moisture Enters the System?

Will this work with the CVC Galaxie System? This system says not to put any moisture/water, so not sure if this is the right product for me. Thanks Brian from Boston, MA

Hello Brian, the CentraMop will work with your system and no moisture gets into your vacuum hose or pipes. The microfiber pad on the bottom of the unit is wrung before it is attached. No water leaks out of it and into your vacuum system.

Nature Stone Vacuum Brush

We have Nature Stone in a few of our areas (not garage). Is there a durable enough brush to handle being used on such a floor area. It is only foot traffic, not grease from tire traffic. Hope there's a solution. Dennis S. Solon, Ohio

Hi Dennis, we recommend trying these brushes,402W,402WX.

Nutone CV353 Kit For Hardwood Floors

I have an old NuTone CV353 and have just had hardwood installed in the entire first floor of my home I am interested in purchasing another hose and attachments to clean the hardwood and also the area rugs. I am looking at the Centra Mop or Mantra mop but what would you suggest for the area rugs? which combination would work the best

The Manta Mop works great for dusting larger areas or hallways. For area rugs, look at This brush has retractable bristles for cleaning rugs or hardfloors. Combine that with a low voltage hose at and you'll be set to clean!

Older Version Compatible?

I bought a stealth kit and have something that kind of looks like this but works with clorox ready mop swiffer types. Do i just need the washable pad or do i have to buy this complete accesory. I'm confused now as I dont know what a "centramop" is I already thought I had one but this looks different. David Oppenheim

Hello David, this is the new and hugely improved CentraMop and their parts are not compatible. We recommend trying this new version because all you do is wet the reuseable microfiber pad and lay it on the velcro - no parts to take off and put on etc.

Portable Vacuum Compatible?

Will this mop-vacuum work with a portable vacuum? If not, is there a similar product that will? We have a Kenmore Progressive. June, Parker

Hello June, yes the CentraMop works with portables, canisters and central built-in vacuums. The greater the vacuum power the better it will work!

Primary or Secondary Floor Care?

Before you use this attachment, should you do a complete vacuum of the area first to get up the debris? Is this process just a secondary step after a full vacuum?

Hello, we use it as the first tool on a floor. It vacuums the debris and cleans the ground in grit with its wetted cloth. There would be times to use it second. Maybe if there is so much debris a standard bristle tool would be better off going first. Bottom line the CentrMop works great as a first run in most situations!

Travertine, Deep Grout

I have chiseled-edge (jagged) travertine floors with wide and fairly deep grout lines. Even though they have been recently cleaned and resealed, the grout lines get dirty very quickly. (It's a sanded grout.) After vacuuming the floor, I damp mop with a mild travertine floor cleaner and water. However, my cotton cleaning cloths shred or wear out quickly (I use them with a Cuban mop, which is a T-shaped mop used with a towel or cleaning cloth.) Do you think the CentraMop Vacuum Accessory with microfiber pads would perform any better? Any other ideas would be appreciated. Thanks, Kay in South Florida.

Hello Kay, the CentraMop is probably not going to work as good as other solutions for the jagged tile and deep grout. The tool is really excellent for less drastic terrain.

Upright or Canister Vacuum Compatible?

Will this product work with the Hoover Widepath Tempo upright vacuum as accessory?

Hi, it will work with all regular vacuums that have a hose with a round end that has a diameter between 1-1/8 to 1-1/4 inch.

Use it Dry?

Do you have to wet the pad? I use a swiffer vac on my laminate every day but it has to be charged and only vacuums about 10 minutes. I like how much fine dust is picked up by the swiffer cloth and I was wondering if the microfiber cloth would do the same thing. I don't know if damp mopping the floor everyday would be very good for it. Thans Shawna from Calgary

Hi, you can really benefit from dry use of the microfiber pad. It will pick up the dust as you are used to. Sometimes you can wet it for that extra grime to come off but by no means do you have to do that regularly. Thank you for asking.

Use Regular Water?

Mary, Las Vegas I have about 2000 sq. feet of tile. Do you use plain water and how often do you have to ring out the pad? Thanks.

Yes, use regular water and ring it out as little or as much as you think is needed. You can also use floor cleaners if you want.

VacuMaid Compatible

I have a central vacmaid system that was installed 12 yrs ago. We have wood, marble,tile, granite and carpet. Will this work with my existing system? Also, when should the vac head be replaced for carpet? Jo Pt. St. Lucie

Yes, the CentraMop and all our accessories work directly with all VacuMaid Systems. The vacuum head should be replaced with it completely fails, usually. We suggest replacing it with an entire new electric kit such as Stealth, Ace, or BlackHawk.

Vacuuming Milk?

On the promotional video they were mopping up milk, I am wondering if that wouldn't burn out my motor or make the pipes gunky.

Hi, great question. The vacuum should never be used to vacuum up milk or any liquid unless you have a pre-inlet valve separator. The video shows that the Centra Mop with a wetted pad on the bottom can mop up a small amount of liquid as it also loosens and grabs the grime on the floor. In actually no liquid gets up into the hose or the pipes at all.

Water Goes in Pipes?

I am concerned about sucking water into my central vacuum system and ending up with mildew and the resulting odor and health issues taht go with it. Is this a possible problem? If not, why not? Dotti

Hello, no the CentraMop is for damp mopping, not suctioning spills. The amount of water on the wrung out microfiber pad will not affect your hose or pipes. It is a fantastic attachment for what it does.

Work on Slate?

Most of the floors in our home are slate, which tends to be somewhat rough. Will the centra mop work on this type of floor, or is there another tool you would reccomend?

Using a bristle brush about 12 inches long will be the best way to remove the loose debris from slate. The application of liquid should be done with a tool other than one on your central vacuum. The texture of the slate will diminish the effectiveness of the CentraMop. Thank you for asking.