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Hose Coupler

Does the coupler go INSIDE or OUTSIDE of a 1.25 inch ID hose? If inside, are both ends of the coupler tapered?

The coupler will go on the outside of the hose. The threading you see in the picture is on the inside of the coupler, so it must go over the hose.

Hose Extending

I am looking for a coupler that will couple 2 end cuffs together (the part that fits in the wall outlet, as a temporary extension of our 2 hoses. The cuffs are both 1 3/8" outer diameter and 1" inner diameter. Can this coupler fits over the 2 hose ends? (And, as you suggest in another answer, I would plug the metal end into the wall outlet to use the extended hose.) Or should I get the item 302SC slip hose, although it doesn't look right, because it looks like 1 end of the 302SC is bigger than the other, while both emy hose ends are equal size. from Pat, Seattle

The hose coupler will connect two, basic hoses together to make one longer hose. If this is only a temporary connection, you may want to use the slip coupler. With the slip coupler only one end has the threading to lock onto a hose end. The other side of the coupler is smooth so another hose can be inserted, used, then removed quickly.

1.25 Diameter Hose

I own a sears shop-vac and recently purchased a 30 foot hose for it. Can I use your coupling to attach the original hose to extend my reach even further? Both hoses are 1.25 diameter.

Yes, since it is that diameter you can use this to bring two hoses together.

Fit Hose with Hole?

i purchased the hose below and my mother in law hung it over a light bulb in her closet and melted small section. is there some kind of splice i can use to cut out the small bad section and put it back together again?

Hi, all you need is this hose coupler. Since you do not have an on/off switch you can cut the hose and put it back together using this product. If you want, use some rubber cement to hold it on better. Remember the threads are usually reversed threaded so no righty-tighty .

Fit 1-1/4 Inch?

I can't seem to get the exact diameter measurement of the hose end as either a 1-1/4 or 1-1/2". It is from a Beam model 190 and I want to fix two breaks with couplers. Is your 1-1/4 the right size??? Thanks, Al Ross

Hi Al, yes this will fit your size hose.

Broken Electrical Hose

My hose split into two parts. It has the on/off switch. Can I use the coupler to reattach? If not, what can I do to avoid a new $200.00 hose? Jay Rubenstein

Hello, that is one of the worst things that can happen because there really is no way to fix it. Sorry!!!

Reattach Spliced Hose?

I have a 30 foot hose with a 12 inch section that has been crushed. can i cut the damaged section out and reattach with a coupler? - this hose is used only for the garage.

Yes, this is perfect for that.

You May Not Need a Coupler

I would like to couple two hoses together. One end is 1 3/8 (the one that goes into the wall usually) and the other end has a button lock with a curved metal end 1 1/4. Do you have something that will work? Kim Rossi

Try sticking the curved end directly into the wall end of the other hose. This is usually all you need to do! Some of us do this when we need a longer hose and it works great, no air lose.

1.25 and 1.5 inch Ends

I would like to couple to individual hoses together periodically for long range use. Need a coupler with a 1.5 inch recepticle and a 1.25 inch receptical on the other end. Will this coupler work or do you have something that will work? Paul Ryan

Hmmm. Sounds you don't need any coupler because two hoses will fit together, 99% of the time, end to end with the ends on them. Give it try!