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2 Mufflers Needed


Hi, you should get a sweep 90, a spigot sweep 90, a 45 or two and a spigot 45. You don't need adapters. What percent will it be quieter? It is different for every machine, but it will cut down on the most annoying part - the high pitch that is so bothersome.

20ft Exhaust Run

My existing system has an exhaust run of 20+ feet. Will the back pressure likely reduce efficiency, overheat the motor and reduce the life of the vac unit?

Hi, 20ft with no turns would probably be okay but with turns each 90 becomes 5ft more of friction. That can spell an early than expected retirement. But that may be okay for you.

Actually Quieter?

Does the muffler make the vac quieter?

Yes, it does make it quieter. Some of the loud noise from a central vacuum is the noise of the exhaust. The muffler cuts down that noise tremendously.

Affect Performance?

Does this product affect vacuum performance? Will it fit a Vacu-Maid P-125? Does it mount on the vacuum cleaner housing or at the end of the exhaust pipe? Thanks for the info.

Doesn't affect performance. Fits P125. Fits on both the canister and the vacuum pipe, your choice.

AirVac AV850 Muffler Compatibility

I have a Music & Sound Central vacuum model AV850 about 20yrs old. Will this fit and will it reduce the high pitch noise generated from the attachment end of the hose. I don't care about the motor end because it is in the garage. Vacuum suction is great so the high pitch is not associated from a clog.

The motor muffler will work with your system. It will reduce the noise from the motor, not the hose.

AirVac AVR7500 Compatible?

Our central vac is very loud in the garage. It does not have a muffler. Will this muffler fit Airvac 7500 series. Cindy

Yes, this will help cut down the high pitch loud noise on the AVR7500. But you willl need a tight 90 turn and small section of central vacuum pvc tubing. Call us for help on this order.

Are These Mufflers Directional?

Are these mufflers directional, or can they be turned either way? (marked some way to tell?) Randal Independence

No, they are not directional. They can be turned either way.

Can it Clog?


Hello Vito, no this muffler cannot clog. It will never clog from debris from the vacuum.

Can Mufflers Wear Out?

I have a Vacuflo Model 26. Can mufflers wear out over time? Jeff - Chatham, Ontario


The foam inside the muffler can wear out over years making the muffler less affective, but as motors go bad they may get louder as well. It may be the muffler or the motor.

Dirt Devil Compatible?

Will this fit the Dirt Devil line? Thank you.

Yes, this fits the Dirt Devil central vacuum.

Dirt Out of Muffler

We have some dust come out of our muffler, is there a filter kit available or what can we do to solve this.

Yes, but you'd need to change this solution regularly so that it doesn't clog up and damage the motor. We have an exhaust filter.

Double for Less Noise?

Will two mufflers in-line double the noise reduction? Are there any performance issues with this approach? Thanks. Richard Silver City, NM

Hello Richard, the mufflers help more on some vacuums than others. If there are any vents near the motor on the outside of the vacuum unit then two mufflers will not make a difference. But if the unit is sealed for the most part then two would make it quieter and the performance would be fine.

Exhaust to Outdoors?

I have a Beam 2250 with exhaust muffler that vents into my garage. The installation is about 10 years old and the garage gets pretty stinky when the vacuum is running. I'm assuming I should replace the filter that's easy. Do I need to do anything about the muffler to kill the sink there?

We recommend venting the unit to the outdoors from the muffler using the parts here, including the vent door, Changing the filter or muffler will not help for long!

Filtex Older Units Compatible?

Will this muffler work on a Filtex TS300LR? Its old, but works like a charm!

Sorry, this will not work on older Filtex units because their exhaust is not out of a single hole.

Fit with Exhaust Coupling?

I just ordered and replaced the motor for my Pullman BIV system with Lamb Vacuum Motor 115334, SKU 201. Also, ordered and received the 260-ADD Muffler and 507EX-ADD. The motor is great! However, the coupling does not fit either end of the muffler? I guess I need some help with this issue. Please help?

Hi, the muffler fits on the motor exhaust coupling with a small connector piece of 2 outer diameter vacuum tubing.

Galaxie GA100 Compatible

Is the muffler compatible with a Galaxie GA 100

The muffler will fit any 2 inch diameter vacuum tubing.


What type of glue should I use between exhaust port and a muffler? Thanks.

We suggest no glue. That way you can take it off when repairing the vacuum or replacing it. The fit is tight so you will be okay.

Hayden Compatible?

I just got a motor from you to replace our existing one in a Hayden Super Vac 6000+. The new motor sounds much different from the previous one. Will this muffler help reduce the sound if installed at the end of the piping of this hayden central vac?

Hi, yes it will help with the noise. We suggest using one.

Hoover Compatible?

will this fit the Hoover built-in system?

Hello, yes this will fit Hoover.

Inside or Outside Sound Suppression

Does it muffle the sound of the central vac in the house or outside the house? My neighbours are complaining that it is too loud.

Hello, this will cut the noise down for the neighbors -- not completely but it will help with the noise of the vacuum machine in your garage or basement.

Installation Angle Options

can a muffler be put inline on a horizontal run of pipe, versus vertically ?

Yes, the muffler can be put in at any angle - up, down, sideways, etc., it doesn’t matter.

Installing Muffler

Can you be more specific how exactly install a muffler? Is the special part (not PVC type) between muffler and exhaust pipe? Thanks...

Picture the muffler like a long PVC coupling connector. Each end fits into central vacuum PVC tubing (2 OD), or an exhaust port on a central vacuum (usually 2 OD). So, you can use 90s, 45s, etc. to make the muffler go any direction you want, or be as close or as far from the vacuum as you want. We caution running an exhaust run too long though (over 15ft or so) because it starts to create back pressure (regardless if you use a muffler or not).


how long is the muffler?

The muffler is 13-1/2" long.

Motor Coupling Doesn't Fit

Hello again, Neither end of the coupling/reducer fits the muffler. The coupling/reducer has two ends with different dimensions. Larger end: 2" ID, 2-3/16" OD. Smaller end: 1-7/8" ID and 2-1/16" OD The coupling/reducer's larger end fits my vacuum exhaust however; your muffler will not fit the smaller end. The muffler ends are both the same size. 2" ID and 2-3/16 OD. Therefore, with the only available coupling/reducer end is the smaller one: 1-7/8" ID x 2-1/16" OD. And will not fit your muffler. Did you send the wrong coupling/reducer? Realistically, at least one end of the coupling/reducer should fit your muffler and it does not. Please help! Sincerely, Jane Hernon

Use a short piece of pipe to span between the larger end of the motor exhaust coupling and the muffler. You can use central vacuum pipe or 2-inch outer diameter SCH40 pipe (called 1-1/2 SCH40) from a hardware store.

Motor's Exhaust Tube is Exposed

The installation of the replacement motor was a lot easier than understanding the muffler installation. Why is there a piece missing? Why does the muffler and coupling not fit together? If the pieces all fit together or all the parts were included, then the installation would be almost as simple as the motor installation. Do you have visual drawings showing the fitting process and the availability of the parts needed to accomplish the installation? I really would appreciate it. If not, oh well, Thanks anyway!

Hi, I understand the frustration. A lot of central vacs have their exhaust vented outdoors. Usually the pipe for the vent connects to the motor coupling. The main reason we offer the coupling is for those buying a new motor who are in this situation - they don't have to try to take the old coupling off the old motor. Most vacs that don't have a coupling have an exhaust port on the vacuum unit that connects directly to a muffler or the vent pipe (a muffler can easily be fit into a vent pipe). What happened in your case is odd. Your motor vents itself directly out the unit without any port on the vacuum cannister unit. In this case, when a muffler is desired, a small piece of central vacuum pipe or any 2-inch outer diameter pipe would be needed to connect the muffler to the motor coupling.