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Central Vacuum Zippered Hose Sock Cover Q&A

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24ft Long Hose

My hose is 24 feet long. Would the hose sock work for that? Thank you. Kathy Syracuse, UT

Hello, the shortest hose sock is for a 30 foot hose and is actually about 28ft long. Doubt you'd like it bunching up on you. The other style hose sock would work though, but it doesn't come off to wash and is not as protective.

40ft Hose, 35ft Hose Sock

I have a hose that measures 40 feet---will the 35 foot hose sock sufficiently cover it? Mary

Hello. This hose sock will work as best as it can for your longer hose. We recommend that you leave the uncovered part of the hose at the wall end because that is that part of the hose that moves the least.

50ft Hose Cover?

I want to order the 50 foot hose. I notice you do not offer a hose cover for 50ft.

True, they don't make them that size. A 35ft sock would still help though!

Blue Bleeding?

I want to buy some padded hose socks but am afraid the dark blue color will rub off on my white wall corners. Can you assure me this will not happen? Thank you, Jean

Great question Jean! The blue does not leak or come off or rub off the hose sock, guaranteed.

Buy in Canada?

Where can we purchase this in Canada?

Hello, we ship directly to Canada. The product is in stock and ready to ship today.

Can This Be Used With Stretch Hoses?

Will this sock work with the 7-30 foot stretch hose, like your stock #315? If not, do you have a sock that will? Clayton in St. Petersburg, FL

Unfortunately, hose covers are not avaible for stretch hoses.

Diameter Hose

What diameter hose does the sock fit? My hose is 1.6" diameter, and some socks say they only fit 1 3/8".

This hose sock style fits hoses up to 1-3/4" diameter. Usually 1-3/8" refers to the interior diameter meaning the out diameter will be larger like yours.

Doesn't Cover Entire Hose?

Why doesn't the sock extend the entire length of the hose? I have a 30 foot hose and I'm wondering if I should go ahead and order the 35 foot sock...

It doesn't cover the entire hose because it needs a place to tie on to. Also, and more importantly, the hose handle of the hose is harder to handle if the cover goes all the way up to the handle. The cover is slick and a little bulky to hold, so when vacuuming and holding the hose in the other hand it is much easier to just hold the hose without the cover.

Drag of Pick Up Hair?

Does pet hair or other particles stick to the sock? I would not want to drag dirt around as I am vacuuming.

The material is very slick, much like a sleeping bag. Of all the covers this one works the best and picks up or drags the least.

Electric Cord for 30ft Covered?

Will the sock fit over a hose with an external power cord (the power cord for the electric powerbrush)? Tim, Oak Harbor, WA

Hi Tim, this sock is perfect for hiding an electric cord along a non-electric hose. We used to do that all the time before electric hoses were popular.

Hose Sock Dimensions?

How much weight and bulk would the 35 ft hose sock add to my hose?

It will add 1 1/2 lbs of weight and less than 1/8" of bulk to your hose.

Hose Sock Fit

Hello, I read the first question on your site and found it helpful. Our hose portion is 32.5 feet long. Would the 35 foot sock be the best fit? Thank you in advance for your reply. Linda, Calgary, Alberta CANADA

Yes, the 35 foot sock will fit your 32 foot hose well.

Hose Twists

How do you keep the hose from constantly twisting?

If it is a new hose let it relax by leaving stretched out for a day. Then be sure to only make 4 or 5 loops when storing it, and store it on a hose hanger mounted on the wall. Another thing is if you have a basic hose it doesn't unwind because, unlike the low voltage and electric hoses, it doesn't have the 360-degree swivel at the hose handle. So may want to upgrade the hose. The hose sock doesn't prevent twisting or kinking. It just protects your home and makes the hose easier to slide along.

How to Wash and Dry

What are the washing and drying instructions for the Hose Sock Cover?

Wash the zippered cover on gentle cycle and dry with low heat in the dryer. Thank you for asking.

Length of Zipper

Does the zipper run the entire length of the hose? Is the reason for the zipper to make it easier to put on the hose? I have a pad -a-vac which was hard to put on the hose. I need to purchase another one for the other floor in my home. I am wondering if this one will be easier to put on because of the zipper. I will wait to hear from you before I order. Thanks! Marcie from Birmingham, Mi.

Hi Marcie, yes, the protected, high-quality, zipper runs the entire length of the hose sock. The sock stops short on both ends of the hose on purpose but works very well and is really easy to take on and off.

Non-Zippered Sock Installation

I recently bought a vacuum hose cover that has no zipper but instead has a draw string and at one end has a black pouch with a draw string. I am confused,how do I install it?

Hi, we sell that type too and it comes with a strong cardboard tube about 2-1/2 feet long. The sock is put on the tube, the hose is feed through the tube and the sock is let down onto the hose as the hose is pulled through. There is really no other way to put it on.

Other Colors?

Available in other colors?

We have blue for a couple reasons. First, we can buy in bulk and pass the savings to you. Second, our informal tests showed the blue color was preferred. Other colors looked too muddy or too much like the carpet making it harder to see and deal with when vacuuming.

Pad-A-Vac Similarity

How does your vac cover compare to the Pad-A-Vac?

Our Zippered Padded Hose cover is made by the same company as the Canada version called Pad-A-Vac.

Protect Hardwood Floors?

Is this what I would need to protect my hardwood floors while dragging the hose around when vacuuming? I have incurred scratches from my current hose without a covering?

The very smooth padded zippered hose sock is exactly for this. Read the reviews if there is any doubt. We have a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not convinced.

Protected Zipper?

How is the zipper protected?

The zipper is a very high quality one and works very well. It doesn't get snaged, stuck, or caught on the material. As the zipper closes, two stiffer peices of cloth material fold down on the zipper so it is well protected.

Quick Click Hose Sock in 10, 15, 20-foot

Do you have hose socks for the 10, 15 and 20 foot Quick Connect Modular hose sections? If not, will you be getting them in the future?

Hello, Quick Click Hose Socks are available at the top drop down menu at

Quick Click Hose Sock?

Karen, Cleveland. I see you just said you will have a hose sock for the quick click hose. Can you tell me when that will be available? That's the only reason we were hesitating on the modular hose. By the way, these questions and answers are very helpful, including a date they were asked would be even better. Thanks!

Hello, we are happy to announce the hose covers made specifically for the sections of Quick Click Hoses are now available at the top drop down menu at

Quick Click Hose Sock?

Iam looking for the sock section that will cover the quick click connections I was told it was 370QB but I find no such item Is there a coupler boot sock for the connecting hoses??

Hi, the Quick Click Hose sock sections are found on this page under the drop down menu Please call us for the order so we can also get you a boot sock for the connection.

Removal Of Hose Sock

How do I remove the hose sock from the hose, and than how to I put it on a new hose?? Frank Old brookville, ny 11545

The zippered hose sock can be removed by unzipping and sliding off. To replace it onto a new hose, just lay out the hose next to the sock and zipper it closed.

Sliding on Hose Issue?

How do I prevent the hose sock from sliding down the hose?

Tie it extremely tight about 1 or 1.5 feet from the ends. We find that customers want it to stretch farther than it is intended to.