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Sock Ends Before Hose

Why does the hose sock stop before the ends of the hose? Doesn't the hose need to be covered all the way down to each end of the hose itself for the best protection? Maybe I need to order the longer hose sock?Marcie from Birmingham Mi.

Hi Marcie, there are only a couple of feet of exposed hose on both ends. The sock relaxes after installation and stays in a comfortable, effective place on the hose. The entire center of the hose is covered, protecting it and your home as it is slithered around from room to room. The ends of the hose are not the culprits for wear and tear. If you want to get the longer cover for the 30ft hose that would be fine. If it is too long just twist the sock a couple of times and it will shrink down.

Standard Hose Sock Application.

How do I remove the hose handle to put on the non zipper hose cover. The little T pin slid out but the hose just spins in the handle - Jan.

Apply the hose sock over the wall-end of the hose, not the handle. It will go right on without having to disassemble the hose.


You say by twisting the hose sock it will shrink down in case it is too long. What kind of material is this made of? Is it washable?

Yes, the material is washable and is made of the same material as a typical sleeping bag. What is meant by twisting is like putting on your socks, pulling them up and then turning the top around the leg. No one would do that but it would make the sock move down the leg a bit. We are not talking about a lot twists, in fact at our home the sock itself has rotated around the hose several times by itself. The zipper is not running along one side of the hose but stays twirled like a barber shop red and white pole. The sock does a great job and we'll always have one on the hose.