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19-inch Central Vacuum Chrome Extension Tube Wand Q&A

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Button Lock at Top?

i have a nutone i need a pipe with a hole in the top of the hose does 406 have a hole in it. my number is 475

The only wand with a hole at the top and friction at the bottom is this telescopic, all-in-one, wand here:

Hayden Compatible?

I have a hayden super pack deluxe. I need extension wands as my ceilings are ten feet and the one that came is not nearly long enough. Do you sell wands for this make and model? cindy port st.lucie

Hello Cindy, we have several compatible wands for all systems and brands. The plastic ones, 19 inch metal, and telescopic wands work with them. You can find them here

Ever-Star Central Vacuum

I have an Everstar Central Vac system and need a 2 piece wand attachment to replce the plastic ones that broke within months of getting them. Do you have any suggestions for what I could replace these with? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks. Anne-Maree. Sherwood Park, Canada

If your hose end is standard then these will fit,406TB. Read their descriptions to understand.

Need Plastic Friction Wands

I have an MD central vac system. I need plastic wands for the garage hose, 1-1/4 inch friction fit. which one should I order. Chuck, Oakham Ma.

Hi Chuck, you need these sturdy plastic wands, a couple of them at least

Fit AirVac?

WIll this fit M&S Air Vac AV425A?

Hi, this will fit all AirVac Central Vacuum Hoses. It is for using with hardfloor accessories.

Fit Beam?

I have a Beam Rug Master Plus, model# BM 1393, would this extension tube fit it? If not, which one do I need to replace the broken plastic extension tube? Linda Gray, Comfort, TX

Hi Linda, a couple of these wands will fit your Beam Hose or you can use these as well,406TB,406P. The telescopic ones you buy one of and the 19 inch ones (steel and 18-inch plastic you buy two of).

Upper Wand Needed for HAYDEN

I have a Hay202 central vacuum. The plastic piece that holds the prong at the top of the wand broke. May I purchase just that part or do I need a whole new wand? If I need a new wand, what part number?? Thanks, Steve AG, CA.

Hi, the part you need is 406HI toward the middle of this page

Replace Plastic Wands

I have a Filtex FX900 and need a 2-peice wand attachment! What do you have to replace my plastic one?

Hi, you can use new the 406, 406T, or 406P all found here

Flo-Master Central Vacuum Parts

I have a Flo Master Central Vacuum, but am missing the wand to connect the hose to the hand accessories. What should I order? Many thanks. Bob, Media PA

Hello Bob, thanks for writing. You'll have to browse our wands page here to see what will work. You can also call us and we will ask the right questions to help you figure it out.

Hoover S5604070 Central Vacuum


Hello Nancy, wands are tricky when it comes to electrified kits. Please call us for to get the best reference for this.

Made for Basic Hose?

We have an AirVac, model VM-110, which is about 20 years old, and we just purchased a basic hose. Once we got the hose, it became apparent that our metal wand wasn't a perfect fit. It slides off sometimes. Is there a specific wand replacement that goes with the basic hose kit?

Hello, yes part #406, the friction fit metal wand, is made for the Basic Hose. Usually you need two. Thanks.

Butler PH-722 Replacement

I have a Butler Central Vac with a PH-722. The plastic powerhead socket that the lower wand attaches to broke. Do you sell a replacement part? Regards, John from Loomis, CA

Hello John, sorry, we don't have that and don't know where to look for it. If the carpet head has no electrical cords out the back then you can replace the head with TurboCat, found on the website. If it did have a cord then consider replacing the hose and tool kit with a new electrical kit.

Wands Specific to Brand?

I have a standard Modern Day Vac System. I need to replace the wand. Which one should I order? Lynn Diamond Springs

Hello Lynn, it depends on the hose connection and type and the carpet tool and type / or the floor tool wands which many times are different than the carpet wands but both fit the same hose. Confusing? Sometimes! Maybe you want to call us when you are near the hose so we can walk you through it. When a central vac is installed it can use any number of hoses and accessories from a number of manufacturers.

Need Button Lock Version

I can't seem to find chrome wands with the button-lock design on your site. I want them to go with the 30' Low Voltage On/Off Hose with Button Lock. I don't want to take a chance with the "friction" type wands which may come apart during use.

Hello, we have two solutions for you. The first one is the best because it is button lock top but friction bottom (tools take friction not button locking wands) and it is telescopic so you can get the perfect length for vacuuming comfort. The second one is like the 19 inch chrome wand but has button lock and button lock hole. It will work fine for the hose with button lock but when attaching tools you'll have to depress the button lock to slide into the tool's neck.,406HL

Fit Basic Hose and Tool?

I purchased part #304, 50' basic hose, from your website, and I am wondering if this extension wand will fit that hose with part #401, the rug vinyl carpet tool? thank you

Yes, this wand (usually two of them together) are made for that hose and all accessories sold here. It is an industry standard fit.

Fit Beam Butler?

I have a Beam Central Vacuum unit in my home the plastic extension tube has broken off at the smaller end. Is the 19 inch Central Vacuum Chrome Extension Tube Wand appropriate for the Beam Butler power head?

This wand will fit on the hose but may not fit the electric brush neck. There is not a button lock nipple or a place for the electric cord on it.