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Only Works When Bypassing Hose

Stealth mod PB14E ! Motor not spinning wth switch on handle in pos 1 or 2 .Could this be the circuit brd hph118 gone faulty? Motor will spin if connected directly to 120 volt supply Thanks Dennis

Are you saying the brush works correctly when you bypass the hose? Then the wall end of the hose needs to be replaced most likely. There is a diode molded into the plastic that goes out like a circuit breaker. Here are the parts,352CP

Red Light On, Brush Not Spinning

Alan Pocatello, Id Stealth head motor operates intermittently. Model PB12e. The miniswitch is fine. If you toggle the power switch a dozen times, 10 or 11 times the green light never comes on... but the red one does. One or two times out of a dozen tries, the green light comes on and the motor runs for a while. A "while" is between a 10th of a second and a minute wigggling wires makes no difference. May I assume a bad board? Thanks

That sounds like the clogged bearing holder issue and is easy to fix. See the Stealth Help Videos here under Stealth Vacuum Service Help. If the red light is always on then it is the issue and basically you remove the extension side of the roller brush and clean out the metal housing it sits in.

Stealth No Power

I have no power to my Stealth head just after I took the cover off to clean the roller area. I hear my mini switch click when I depress the gray level and move the hose connection slightly back & forth. I've removed and re inserted all the screws to make sure the black cover is secure over the brushes/roller. I have plugged the unit into the vacuum wall outlet & tried different hose handles. Still no power. Is there anything else I can do to see what is broken before I order parts? Which parts should I order and are any returnable if I find I do not need them? Thanks, Char, Ridgway, CO

You can follow the troubleshooting videos for the Stealth power brush here, videos #1 and #2 for power issues. All items are returnable within 30 days of purchase for a refund.

Stealth Circuit Board

What does the circuit board do? Mine looks a little different -- no grey cubes. I do have a 10 ohm resister reading about 20,000+ ohms of resistence. Could that be causing the motor not to run (I've checked the switch -- it is good). The LED's haven't been working for a while, but now the motor won't run. (What are the lights actually supposed to indicate -- what measurement directs the lights?)

The circuit board controls the power supply to the motor and monitors resistance from the brush roller. If resistance is too high, then the board shuts off the motor to protect it from overload. The blocks could be different colors, the function is the same. The lights only indicate if the sensor is registering resistance from the motor. If they are not working at all, but the motor is running, then it's time to replace the board.

Bad Board?

Any trouble shooting tips for this board? I have 120v in but nothing out to the motor. Marilyn, Amboy

Hi, first hot wire the motor to be sure it works. Check the mini switch to see if it is stuck. It is a blue component near the neck to the side of the motor. It is what turns the vacuum off when the wands are in the upright position. If all that checks out well then the board is bad.