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Broan Cloth Filter

We have new home with a Broan CV40D central vac unit but not sure how to install the cloth filter. Where does it go?? Can't find an owners manual.

The cloth fiter on your Broan is an inverted cloth bag, different than this one. The inverted bag has a weight in the middle that hangs down from the top of the unit with a flexible metal band in the top rim. Pull one side of the rim towards the middle and feed into the rim inside the unit. Once one side is in place, allow the band to return to round and sit above the rim. We don't carry the correct replacement for your model, it is wider than our product.

Flomaster Bags

I have a Flo Master bag with the numbers APC PAP 081 2001 065. What type of bag should I order. Daniel F. Byron 8082 Planting Fields Place Las Vegas,NV 89117-7622 702-528-6493

Flomaster bag replacements are listed by model number, found on the back of the unit near the power cord,

Central Vac International CV7 Replacement Bags

My new condo has a CV7 central vac unit that needs a new cloth bag and filters, as well as replacement hose and attachments. I believe from website that the paper filter bag needed is #722, can't tell for sure which cloth bag required. thanks

Yes, the part #722 is the correct replacement bag.

Thomas Replacement Bag

I have a 25 year old Thomas central vac. The filter bag has holes in it. Is there a replacement bag for this older model?

We have no information on Thomas filter bags. You can compare the dimensions of your existing bag with the products that we offer to see if something matches at

Cloth Bag for FX Models?

I have a model FX 657A what kind cloth bag is I need ?thanks Can I buy on line?

The only bag available is a different one then this and it may not be the right size. Others were available but now sold out and are no longer made. It was made for several brands so don't let that confuse you. Please do some measuring to see if it fits.

Modern Day MD Part?

I purchased a house that has a MD model B2. I have no manual for the unit. Is this unit made to use with just the cloth bag, or should it be used with both cloth and paper bags; like 720H-5 bags ?

Yes, use the 720H-5 bags, a support, and a lower filter. The manual is here and we are available for any questions.

FloMaster Bags

I have a Flo Master Model M-33. I need replacement bags. Which of those available are right for this machine? Can I order from this site? Ken Davis, CA

Hi Ken, it will take an open bag or closed bag as seen in this link. The bottom product you will see is the support cloth bag for both style paper bags.,723MF-5,710

Okay to Wash?

I read upper Q&A not to wash the cloth bag... what happen if I just did? Vaccum not working properly and saw pile of hard mud/ dust on cloth bag, so washed it and get pieces out. Hang drying now... Do I need to buy a new one now?

It is not recommended to wash but if you do be sure to COMPLETELY dry it out. You will be fine.

Beam Cloth Bag

Ray Tonganoxie Ks How do you rmove the cloth filter bag, we Beam, Thanks

The center weighted cloth bag is removed by pulling the top side to the center. The rim flexes and the bag falls out. The bag you need is

AstroVac Filtration

we have had an astro central vac model C-MK X in our home aprox 25 years ago , but never used it as we had a filter queen and another good conventional vac. our question is we dont know what type of filter is required . do we utilize a weighted cloth bag , and a paper bag ? Our astro central vac works well. we just dont know what, if any filters are to be used . any info would be greatly appreciated . thanks fred

The AstroVac is cyclonic and doesn't use a cloth or paper bag. There is a screen or mesh filter up just below the motor that needs regular cleaning. Be sure the unit is exhausted outside because lots of dust will be present.


Thank you for your prompt answer below. Do I need to wash the cloth bag periodically? Linda West Bloomfield

Please do not wash the cloth bag, only shake it clean every few years if that.

Can't See the Cloth Bag

We had a MD model B2 installed today and I didn't see this cloth bag in it - just a paper bag. Should it have had a cloth bag also? Linda West Bloomfield, NY

Hello Linda, the paper bag must sit inside this cloth support bag. When installed you can't see the support bag and that is just fine.

How to Remove

how do i remove the cloth bag.

Remove cloth bag by grabbing it near the edge of unit and pulling it. The stiff outer rim of it will flex in and the bag will fall out.

CV30 Filter Replacement?

I have a cv30 broan central vac unit wich has a weighted cloth filter/bag is this what i am looking for ?

No, it would be one of these depending on the diameter of yours,711B.

Centralvac Int. CV11 Support Bag?

We have a CV11 Unit and need to replace the cloth support bag. will this work? There are no markings at all on the cloth support bag we have.

Not sure if this is what you need. What other measurements/descriptions do you need? We don't have a cross reference at this time.

852SVDM Bag?

This kind of looks like the filter bag we need for our unit model #852SVDM. Is this the right one for this model #? Thank you. Penne

AirVac Filter 112996 or 226117

I have M&S central vacuum system model av600 and need to replace the filter (part #112996) I do not see this model or part number, what is the replacement filter for this model?

The AV6000 does take an inverted cloth filter with a weight in the middle. The bag is the same as our bag #711B.

Beam Filter?

I have a model 199d what filter do you recommend? Will the above filter work?

The Beam 199D should take the permanent Cloth Filter 710B. Check the measurements given before purchasing. To remove filter pull from the side inward.