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Airvac AV5500 Compatible?

will this work for av5500

Yes, this kit is compatible with your AV5500, as are all our kits.

Beam Compatible?

Is this compatible with Beam Vacuum Model #189 Gloria Boca Raton Fl

Yes, this kit is compatible with your Beam 189 and all Beam models. In fact, all air powered kits are compatible. Thank you for asking.

Better than Combo Kit?

Is this kit better than the 30 ft. Basic Kit for all hardwood floors with a few, small area rugs (low pile)? Will this work with my Nutone CV-353 central vac? If so, do I need an adapter for this hose (1.5" opening)with Nutone low voltage electric outlets?

Hello, it is preference but we like the Basic Kit better for the 12 hard floor brush. The brush is a lot softer than the Combo Tool. For the carpet it is a draw. If you have any pets or stubborn hair on the carpet then you should consider a Deluxe Kit. All these kits fit right into your Nutone system - you have the 1.5 opening.

Come with Hose?

Debbie Crawford....High View, West Virginia Will this kit work with my Broan vac. system? Also, is the hose included or is it separate? It's a bit confusing with the pictures showing the hose with the parts. Thank you. I look forward to your answers. Debbie

Hi Debbie, yes the kit comes with everything in the photograph including the hose. If you need help with anything don't hesitate to call and we'll be glad to walk you through it and your options.

Compatible with Beam?

Is this compatible with a Beam central vacuum system? Thanks!

Hello, yes the Combo Kit is compatible with all Beam Central Vacuum Systems.

Compatible with Fasco Central Vacuum?

Hello. Can you tell me if this product will work with my Fasco Model 851? We just bought a house with the vac but no hose or attachments. Thank you! Kristina Mathesen, Burlington VT.

Hello Kristina, yes this kit is compatible. It is a very basic kit. If you have carpets we highly recommend an air driven complete kit or an electric complete kit. They both fit right into your system.

Compatible with My System?

Is this compatible with a non-electric Magi Vac?

Yes, it is compatible with all systems with a 1.5 inch diameter inlet vacuum hole that the hose plugs into.

Compatible? Switched?

Hi There, is this kit compatible with a Nutone cv450c (installed 15 yrs ago) and does it have a power switch on the hose handle?

Hi, this is compatible with all Nutones and other vacs with 1-1/2 inch diameter inlet holes on the wall of the home. If you want a switched hose then buy this kit Without Hose and add any Low Voltage Hose to the order. It fits in all the same vacuum ports and work with all the Air Kits such as Combo. Here is the upgraded hose

Electrolux 1590 Compatible?

Hi will this work for a Electrolux 1590?

Yes, this and all other air and electric kits with hoses fit all Electrolux models including 1590. That is because the inlets in the system are industry standard.

Filtex Compatible?

Is this compatible with the Filtex Model # B 300 BL?

Hello, yes it is compatible but if you have metal doors over your inlet then you need to use #302CT on the hose end instead of the end on the hose as it comes. It is easy to take off and put on (reverse threaded though, fyi.).

Fit My Vacuum?

will this kit work with my panasonic central vac

Hello, yes it fits into your Panasonic Central Vacuum System, into the wall ports and works with the vacuum and piping in the home.

Fit Vacu-Maid Inlets?

I have a Vacu-Maid , Mod P-125 with an 1.5 " Dia. Receiver. Can I use the Combo Accessory kit # 416C with this unit?

Yes, you can but also buy this to put on the hose if the hose is too loose in the inlet. Pull and twist the old cuff off and put this one in its place. The cuffs are reverse threaded.

Friction or Button Locking?

Is this friction fit or button fit?

Hi, this hose and wand set are friction locking. If you want the button lock then please buy a Low Voltage Hose and accessories. The Low Voltage Hose works everywhere the Basic Hose does.

Length of Hose

How long is the included hose, 30, 35 or 50 ft ?

Hi, the hose is 30 feet long but you can buy the kit with no hose and add any Basic or Low Voltage hose to it. Here is the kit,416CK and the Basic Hose and Low Voltage Hose The Low Voltage is the best because it allows you to turn the suction on and off at the hose handle and it kinks a lot less.

M & S Compatible?

Works with M&S system?

Yes, this works with all M&S Systems.

Pullman Compatible?

Will this work with my Pullman central vacuum system? We moved here about a year ago and the system was already here. Also, I am not sure the diameter of the inputs around my house. It looks prettyt old, and is 1.5" the standard? Thanks, Roger

Hello Roger, yes this tool is compatible and yes the vacuum ports you have are standard. If you have carpeting you will get them the cleanest (more than a portable vacuum too) with a new electric central vacuum attachment kit such as the Stealth or EdgeLift. They fit right into your system. Buy the corded version and enjoy the difference!

VacuMaid Compatible?

Is this compatible with Vacu-maid?

Yes. If your inlet measure exactly 1.5 inch diameter or larger you will need the Tapered Cuff Basic Hose though.

Valet Central Vacuum Compatible?

Hi, will this fit our VALET system. And how much would postage be to Brisbane Qld Thanks

Yes, this and all our accessories are compatible with you system. Please send us your address for shipping quote for overseas.

Work with My System?

will this kit work with the Air Vac AV3500 model

Yes, it will work just fine in all central vacuum systems.

Work with My System?

Will this work with a Spartan Central Vacuum System Model 851 with 1-7/16" non-electric wall sockets?

Yes, it will work with your system and any system with this measurement.

Work with Nutone?

will this work with my nutrone model cu353w

Hi, yes this kit will work with Nutone. If the inlets on your wall are basically square then you need add this adaptor But if your inlets are taller then they are wide you just need this kit and everything will fit right in.