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Diameters Top and Bottom

Hi, I have a eureka central vacuum. My extension wand that I use with a brush to do my hard wood floors continously collapses onto itself. Will this replace my metal extension wand that measures 1 3/8 inches at the top (where it attaches to handle) and 1 1/4 inches at bottom, where it attaches to wood floor brush? Thanks, Kim

The bottom measurement is okay but the top measurement on our wands and all standard wands is 1-1/4" inner diameter. Is the measurement of the hose handle stub tub also 1-3/8"?

Replace Plastic Wand?

Will this wand replace the plastic wand that came with my MD Stealth central vacuum? Julie, Salem, VA

Yes, this is an excellent replacement for the plastic telescopic wand in any central vacuum power kit.


warren, bethel ct....I have a turbocat for the floor and a std central no electric wall connect, my hose has a button on end, will this product work?

Yes, this is the proper wand for your application.

What Is The "Extension" Called That Connects The Hose To The Tools?

I need the extension, or what ever you call it, that goes from the end of the flexible hose into the beatter bar or regular hardwood floor unit. What is that called??

It's called an extension wand. You can view all of the wands we offer here,

Electric Wand Vs. Standard Wand

Will this wand replace the metal telescopic central vacuum wand with high voltage cord?

No, this telescopic wand has no cord attached or clips to hold one. There is also no bracket at the top to hold the cord of a power brush in place. To operate with a power brush safely and properly, there needs to be holders for the electrical cord connections.