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Which Will Work With My Vacuflo 260?

Ted Tesmer I have a central vac system model 260. serial number 048Z737 & I'm missing the vacuum cleaner that fits into the hose Do you any of them? Thank you

Our TurboCat and TurboCat Zoom will work great with your Vacuflo 260.

TurboCat vs Zoom

Hi! I would just like to know what the power and cleaning difference is between the TurboCat power head and the TurboCat Zoom. Thanks!

Hello, the cleaning difference between these two brushes is minimal. The real difference is the design of the newer Zoom brush. It is an update to the tried and true TurboCat (aka: TL2000, T210, TurboCat V, VM179B, VM179, Ultra TP210, etc.). Our customers seem to believe they clean equally as good and work, for all intensive purposes, pretty much the same. The Zoom does have a different style belt that seems to last longer, as well as some improved engineering all around. The choice is yours.

Use Original Hose?

Do I need to order the entire kit for the TurboCat Zoom? The original hoses I have are old but work with my original air driven vaccum head. b harris goodlettsville Tn

Your original hose will work, but new hoses will work better! They have 25% or more air flow and weigh less.

TP210 Won't Push Forward.

One place shows that the proprietary brush is not available on the TP210. We brought one electric model home and could not even push it. What does this mean? My husband even had trouble. It would go backwards just fine but not forward. Carol at Edmond

The turbine brushes glide across the floor supported in the front by the the rotating brush. First check to make sure that the brush is spinning with the vacuum on and that air is moving through the hose. If the brush roller stops turning, then the brush bristles will drag on the carpet. You may have something stuck in the turbine preventing rotation and stopping the brush. See if you can turn the brush roller by hand easily. If not, then clear the airway into the brush and try to vacuum agian.

Best for Thick Carpet

Which of the TurboCat brush models does the best on thick pile? We now have Ultra TP210 and new thick carpet. Carol at Edmond, OK

Thank you for writing. The original TurboCat does better on thick pile carpets, in our opinion. And its performance has a lot to do with the power of your vacuum unit. Be sure to clean the filter well for best results. Did you also see you can have an electric power brush and hose with your system without changing a thing? All you need is a new, complete, electric kit. These will clean the best and are not dependant on your suction. Read more about it here or let us know if you have any questions.

Electric or Air?

Which is a better system, electric or just forced air Jeanne, Incline Village, NV

Air will save you money and be okay for homes with basically clean carpets, or minimal carpets. Electric costs more but cleans deeper and the brushes are a lot quieter. More air gets into the carpet with an electric system. The air is not having to go through a turbine and small hole, but instead travels with basically no restrictions straight into the carpet.

Weight of TurboCats

The weight of the Zoom is listed as 4.7 lbs. How much does the original Turbocat weigh?

Hi, the weight of the original TurboCat is 4.5 lbs.

TurboCat Original vs Zoom

What the difference between the turbo cat original and the turbo cat zoom?

The TurboCat has been the standard in air-powered brushes. It was long overdue for a new look and some upgrades. The differences have been positive. There have been less returns on the newer brush compared to the old, and less failures. For the specific upgrades please read through the tabs on their webpages.