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116 3493592C Replacement Vacuum

I have a Kenmore Central Vac system. I need to replace the powerhead Model 116 3493592C because it just can't handle dog hair. Will the Stealth powerhead attach directly to my existing system without buying a new hose, etc. How will the Stealth handle pet hair (very hairy Golden Retriever)?

Hi, the Stealth nozzle will most likely not connect directly. We could not find your model number to know exactly but Kenmore power heads usually have a different connection then the standard ones here. The Stealth does work great though and you may want to try it out. If you are not satisfied we will refund your money. You can also call us and we can ask some questions about the neck connection of the model you have to see if a new nozzle will fit or not.

2 Carpeted Rooms, Dirty Hard Floors

I have a broan cv system with electravalve inlets. I have a large home (3 levels) mainly with hardwood & tile floors with area rugs. I have 2 bedrooms with carpet. I would like another accessory kit for upstairs. I was thinking of getting the Ace accessory kit, but do not know if that would be the best system for me. I would like something easy to switch from bare floor to carpet without taking a lot of time. What would you recommend? We live on a farm tracking in a lot of dirt, mud onto tile flooring. Thank you Karen from Jamestown

The Ace Kit is the best choice for you. The Ace head will clean the carpets very well. The hard floor tool will work perfectly for the size and amount of dirt. The hard floor tool is easier in this instance than the Axis tool in the Stealth Kit because you can lift it on top of dirt that doesn't easily slide under it. Plus it is an inch less wide for more focused cleaning. The transition from carpet to hard floor is easier too since the Ace has a quick disconnect at the floor tool itself.

Ace or Hayden

Hello, for a mid-level CV system, would you recommend the Ace or the Hayden? Looking for the one with the most suction power, thanks.

Excellent question. The Ace wins this comparison. The hose itself has less restrictions to you get more suction power with any tools you use. The power brush winner is also Ace. They have the same power and suction but the ace is quieter and goes under more furniture.

AirVac Replacement Brush Weight?

What is the weight of the three main low voltage (AirVac) vacuum brushes you sell - stealth, ace and blackhawk?


The Stealth brush is 8 lbs, CT20 brush is 6 lbs, BlackHawk is a little over 4 lbs. All of these brushes are high voltage, not low voltage. The low voltage in your vacuum system is only used to turn your vacuum unit on and off.

Bought Home, No Vac Accessories

We moved into a home which already has inlet valves in all rooms but no vacuum base unit or accessories. Are these items usually compatible or interchangeable with others.

Hi, congratulations on the home and central vacuum. Yes, 99% of the systems are interchangeable and for those that are not we have adaptors for the wall end of the hose. If your inlet is plastic and the hole is about 1.5 inches diameter then any of our vacuum kits will fit right in. We suggest the electric kits if you have any carpeting. The Stealth is best then the BlackHawk and Hayden. They all come with a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee with full refund. If you have any questions please let us know.

Debris In The Motor

Circa 1995 Vantage Vac BVP-600, Cyclonic unit . Suspect debris stuck in motor fan blades and/or screen ... What is best way to access this area of unit? Unscrew top of unit? Remove plastic "plate" with metal type clip? What Company would make compatible replacement parts? Melissa St. Paul Minnesota

If debris has gotten into the motor housing and fan blades it is best to replace the motor. When you can see debris in the fan blades, then there is more further in that is damaging the motor. The fan blades on central vacuum motors are perfectly balanced and any build up on them throws that delicate balance off. The design of the motors do not allow them to be opened for cleaning and the majority of the problem cannot be removed.

EBK340-QDC Power Head?

Hi, I am interested in a central vac kit w electric power head. I found one on ebay i like it is a Wessel Werk 30' kit (with attachments etc) with the EBK340-QDC power head. Do you sell this kit or does Wessel manufacture under another name that you carry or do you reccomend an MD equivalent. I only picked this brand because the quality appears to be very good and the price $319.88 seems reasonable. Thanks Dave North Attleboro, ma

Hi Dave, you will love the BlackHawk Kit for the same price. The vacuum head is strudy, shuts off when jammed, and has a head light and cogged belt. Check it out here

Electric or Air?

I have 2 silentmasters and 1 beam system. MY brush is UltraTP210. Is this electric or low voltage? I need a replacement, but I don't know which kind. Please help me with my choice.

Hi, the Ultra TP210 (all TP210 models) are air-driven, not electrical. The electric brushes work a lot better, in our opinion. They let in a tremendous more amount of air to the floor since the air is not passing through a small hole and turbine. To have this type of brush you also need an electric hose which means you'd be best off buying a new electric kit. The hose will have an 8ft electrical cord sticking out the wall end that plugs into a nearby electrical outlet. All the electric kits fit both the SilentMaster and Beam vacuum systems and wall inlets. Start here and let us know if you have any questions

Hayden vs BlackHawk

What is the overall difference between the Hayden 418C and the Blackhawk 420GC30? As I find there is a big price difference and wondering what the difference is in performance, reliability, breakdowns etc?

Hi, the Hayden nozzle has three height adjustments which makes it more versatile and better for thicker carpets. The foot release from the nozzle also makes it really convenient. For the BlackHawk you should buy an extra set of plastic or metal wands because it is a hassle to remove the wand from the brush in order to use the hard floor brush. That is a minor detail but important. The Hayden also costs more because it is heavier duty. Yet it is older technology. The BlackHawk will automatically shut down when jammed, the Hayden tends to break more belts. So depending on the thickness of your carpet, make your decision (if about 1 inch blunt cut then choose the Hayden). Thanks for the great question. If you need anything else please let us know.

Inlet Valve 1750

I just moved into a house that has a Hoover central vacuum, but I am unable to find the model. The wall outlets has the description as Inlet valve assembly model 1750. Use only with superhose I or II. It has a small power outlet just above the vacuum hose hole, that says 125V 7A 60Hz. My question is - what do I need (hose, attachment kit, others) to start using my central Vac? I have carpet and ceramic tile floors.

Hello, you can use any of our Electric Kits. Choose the "Direct Connect" style to properly fit your inlets. That is the reference to SuperHose. You will then be able to control the suction and electric power brush. The kits come with a set up for cleaning the hard floors and the carpets. You don't have to buy an electric kit but they will keep your home the cleanest in our opinion. You can, instead, buy an air driven kit that doesn't utilize the electricity to run the carpet brush. Those kits will fit your system just as well. Start with looking at the kits here and let us know if you have any questions.

Kenmore - Replacing Power Brush, Hose, and Attachments.

kathy kingman kansas I have a kenmore model 116.57181 with a 1.5in opening in the wall. the exisitng unit has a pigtail for the powerbrush. I would like to replace the hose powerbrush and attachments. which of your products do i need? thanks

Hello Kathy, good question, you did your homework. You have a couple options and none require any change to your system. The Stealth is a powerful high-end kit and we have other electric kits as well. If you want Stealth be sure to buy on with 8ft cord . Stealth has incredible cleaning, shuts-down automatically saving the belt from every breaking, and is quiet. The Stealth is adjustable, durable, and wide. All the kits come with the hose and attachments. Compare them here

Low Voltage System, Non-Electric

I moved into my house about 10 years ago and it has a central vac system that I haven\'t used. This is my first experience with a Central vac system and the attachments I\'ve been left with don\'t fit/work together. I would like to find attachments that are compatible with my system. On the unit it says Supervac by Spartan but the inlets say Nutone. It is a low voltage - not electric system. I would like tools for carpet as well as hard floor surfaces, crevice tool, duster brush, and hose sock. Can you help? Thank You, Anne

You have some great choices. All the Electric Kits here will work with your system. Simply buy the "pigtail" version of the kit.

These kits cover the carpet, hard floor, and other surfaces. Let us know if you have any questions or need help ordering.

Need Power Vacuum Port?

Thanks for your reply. I have the style plate that starts the power unit motor when opened. There are no holes for power connections. Can I still upgrade to the powered outlet or is it low voltage at this type of plate?

You have low voltage ports (turns on the vacuum suction) and not 110 volts too. Buy an electric kit such as the Stealth and be sure to get the one with cord in the description. So what you will do is plug the hose into the vacuum port and then the 8ft cord into a nearby electrical outlet. You will only be moving the hose, not the cord, around the home while cleaning. The cord comes out the wall end of the hose and is not connected to the handle end. The wires are hidden for 30ft inside the hose. All central vacuum systems can now 'come to life' with an electric kit. Enjoy!

New to Central Vac

Redwood City: I just moved into my first house with central vac and would like your recommendation on the best kit for our house's surfaces. It is a mix of hardwood floors (shared areas) and a thick 1" wool carpet (bedrooms). Thanks!

Hi, to protect that high carpet and clean it well, we suggest the Hayden Attachment Kit because it adjusts the heighest of any nozzles. All the kits have the extra tools for a great starter kit for a lot of surfaces including hard floors and you can get any of the specialized accessories for any of the kits as you see the need. Also, any of the kits will fit into the system you already have with the home. If for some strange reason it won't we'll quickly help you find the solution.

Older Vacuflo Issues?

I have an old Vacuflo system from the late 80's. The hose and air driven power head are due for replacement. I am considering either the Stealth or BlackHawk. Will I have any problems with either of these fitting my current wall plates. Thanks Perry

Hello Perry, great question. If your "VACUFLO" inlets have holes above the main hole then the on/off suction control on the new hose handle will not work, however, the on/off for the electric vacuum head will work. The hose in all these kits will fit into the port hole but being proprietary valves they will not control the suction. We do make affordable and easy-to-install adaptors to make the inlets standard ones so you can control suction. You can read about that here Our suggestion is to buy the Stealth or the BlackHawk and then make the adaptor decision. Thanks for asking, enjoy!

RPM and Amps

Could you please provide a comparison of the performance specs (ie. rpm etc.) between Stealth (I & II) and Ace. I'm not asking you to fully detail all the specs for each, I would rather that you specifically state the differences between these units. Thank you. Joe Camarata Palos Verdes Peninsua, CA

The Italian made Stealth has attention to the highest quality in everything from the plastics, bolts, bearings, motor components, and throughout. Both Stealths RPM is 5000. The Ace is 6000. Stealths amp draw is 1.2 and the Ace is 2.4 because the Stealths have a more effecient motor and take less electricity. Those are some specs that hopefully help.

Sidekick Parts Available?

Sidekick is intermittent, model #1562. It is 23 years old and won't take a load as it did in the past. I took it apart and cleaned out the hair accumulation, but that didn't really help. Can I get a new motor or will a newer Sidekick work with my hose end? Thanks!


Sidekick is not something we can help you with and are quite sure is no longer around. You can ask If you hit a wall consider another universal brand for your vacuum such as the Stealth, Ace, or Complete 360 kits here.

Stealth Better?

so this is made by md but is the Stealth better?

Hello, MD puts these fantastic electric kits together using excellent products. Central vacuum owners educate themselves with our literature and website and make the best decision for an attachment kit. The BlackHawk Kit would be for someone who only has a room or two with carpet and wants to save money. The Stealth Kit is for those who need to cover a lot of ground and want the best money can buy. Hope that helps!

Stealth Edge Cleaning and Height

Does the Original Stealth have edge cleaning abilities? If not, how close to the baseboard will the Stealth clean? What is the profile of the Original Stealth?

Hi, one side of the Stealth nozzle has a super close 1/4 clearance from the side to the roller brush. The other side of the Stealth is one inch to the roller brush. The Stealth will beat the carpet nearer the edge of your walls a whole lot closer, especially if you use the one edge with 1/4 clearance. The height of both brushes is 3-1/2 but the front of them is less than that so you can get under some furniture to some degree if the clearance is less than 3-1/2 .

Stealth or BlackHawk More Powerful?

I have a Beam system and I want to buy the electric kit but can't seem to figure out which of the two heads would give more power. I know the Stealth has more attachments but is the head really all that more powerful? Thanks, Peggie

Hi Peggie, since both are electric powered they really do have the same go-at-it power. The cost is more the difference in the nozzles then the extra parts in the kit. The Stealth is much quieter, more durable, fits under more things, has 10 adjustable heights, and is made in Italy. BlackHawk, make in China, has a light, shuts off when jammed as the Stealth does, and is really good for the price. If you can, buy the Stealth for longevity sake, if not the BlackHawk will serve you very well.

Stealth or CT20 for Lots of Hair

Hello, I am interested in a new electric kit for my 20 year old Air Vac AV525A system. The actual system has been gently used due to our daughters preferring to use a portable upright because my central vac hose is shot. We have lots of hair (3 girls) but no pets. Mostly hair and dust. Carpeting throughout upstairs and half of downstairs. Hardwood and tile the other half of downstairs. I am looking at the Stealth and CT20 but not sure - both have features I like. Can you please recommend? The Stealth is made in Italy - where is the CT20 manufactured?


The Stealth really is best for hair as it lifts hair off the carpet very well and rarely gets wrapped around the brush roll. The CT20 is made in China. The Stealth is in a class all its own and worth the extra money. Take a look at the close up photos under features in the Stealth page.

Stretch Hose Kit?

I want to buy a new hose and possible a new head unit. I saw the shrinkable hose, will that work on my system? Also what is a direct replacement for the CEN - TEC CT14DX. Thanks

Hi, we don't recommend using the Stretch Hose in your regular deep cleaning routine for a couple reasons. One is that the further you go the more resistance it has and that can become weary on your muscles. It is better for quick cleanups. The other is it is not as durable as more expensive hoses. Leave a stretch hose nearby for fast vacuum needs and it will less likely get stepped on, whereas you can step on a regular hose all day and leave no damage. We suggest a new electric kit or air kit if you have minimal carpet. The direct replacement for your brush is here,480I

Suggest Electric Kit

I have an older system in the house I recently bought. It only has air, no power. I want to get a carpet brush that I plug into a regular wall outlet. Could you recommend one that will work with my system? My inlet valve is just an air hole, with a contact switch to turn the system on when the door is opened. Thanks, David G Wheaton, IL

Hello David, you have the right idea. You will not be disappointed buying an electric kit for your older system - it will bring the vacuum to life! Simply choose any Stealth or BlackHawk Kit that has a corded hose. Depending on your older system you many need an adaptor that simply stays on the wall end of the hose. If you have a Kenmore you need #302-1.25ST. For Filtex metal doors you need #302CT, for some Vacuflo and Nutone or Broan the hose fits but may be a bit tight. Simply remove a little plastic off the friction fit elevations. If you need any more help please let us know otherwise start looking here

Thick Carpet Stalls Vac, Need Higher Adjustment

Hi, I've ordered from you before and we have since installed new carpet. We have a Beam central vac. The new carpet is not very long but it is super soft and thick. The installer said that we needed a vacuum without a strong beater or it would wear out our carpet quickly. I have vacuumed with our normal powered beater brush attachment and it was extremely hard to push so I'm beginning to believe the carpet installer. Any suggestions on which attachment we should maybe switch to? We obviously want our carpet to last a long time. Thanks

You should try the Ace. It adjusts up the highest of all the vacuums. You'd need the kit though as it will most likely not fit your hose wand wands.

Vantage Central Vacuum

I have a Vantage vac BVP-500, what manufacturer has the replacement hose and attachments for this unit? Is Vantage vac stuff still available?

Hello, there are very few Vantage vacuums out there; we are glad you found us! Usually the wall inlets are standard which means any electric or air kit works with it. Just measure your inlets to see if the hole is about 1.5 inches in diameter. If you have wall to wall carpet you'll want to consider an electric kit, most likely with a corded hose that also plugs into a nearby electrical outlet. If you have any questions please let us know.

What Powers the Nozzle?

We just bought a new house that came plumbed with piping for the central vac. The outlets only have one wire...should there be two wires...where does the return come from? How is this one wire connected and what does it do? What is used to power the power head?

Hi, congratulations on the home and central vac! The single wire turns the suction unit in the garage or basement on and off. When the wire is shorted through a hose handle switch or touching the two small contacts in the wall port hole the suction starts. A nozzle is powered when you have an electric kit with a pigtail electric hose. The wires are all hidden in the hose and at the wall end of the hose an 8ft cord extends to plug into the closest electrical wall socket. There are also air turbine brushes available which spin solely on the power of the air coming through it. These are good for minimally carpeted homes whereas the electric kits are best for wall to wall carpeted homes.