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Actual Weight of Hoses

All the hoses are listed as "lightweight", but could you provide an approximate weight, eg: for a 30 foot hose? I notice mention of possible flexing or kinks, so they are probably much lighter than the cumbersome, wire-reinforced hose that came with my vacuum, but I'd appreciate any details. - Rob, Campbell River

Great question Rob. The Basic and Low Voltage 30ft hoses are 7 lbs and the Electric is 8-1/2 lbs. Of course, when you are using the vacuum the majority of that weight is sitting on the floor. You are not carrying it around. If you are used to the wire reinforced hoses it will take a bit of time to get used to the pliable ones. But it is totally worth it.

Old Home, Needs Upgrade

Our house was built in 1988 and a Central Vacuum unit was installed. Model number P-125. We moved into the house in 2000 and never have used the system because the hose was to big and bulky. There are no other accessories to the unit for the floors (wand, carpet, hard wood/tile) and now I would like to purchase some new and more user friendly items. Could you please tell me which items that I need to have to get my unit up and running. Thank you for your help. We have carpet, hard wood, tile, and stained cement in our home. Carrie ~ Oklahoma City

Excellent idea Carrie! First, take a moment to go over the system's health using this Meanwhile, choose an Electric Kit from this page here The complete kits all fit your system, just buy the 8ft pigtail cord version of the kit on the kit's home page. All these kits are compatible without doing a thing to your system. The newer hoses are easier to manage so your patience has paid off. If you need any help figuring this out or making a choice please don't hesitate to call.

Kenmore Hose with Cord

Hi I currently have a separate hose and electrical cord. I need to replace the hose. Would the low voltage or basic hose be compatable with the separate electrical cord? Would it have the attachment to connect the cord with my kenmore power head? Thanks Camille Bicknell

Camile, there are a few considerations here such as the diameter of the inlet in the wall and if you need an adapter if it is 1-1/4". Also, if you'd like to buy an electric hose so you don't have to use the hose and cord which is cumbersome. We have a direct replacement that fits the cord and wand you have and a more modern hose (that requires adapters) for the Kenmore PowerMate vacuum head. You can read up on those hoses here Please take a look and give us a call so we get the correct item for you. Thanks.

Loosing Suction

Our central vacuum system 16 years old, suction is almost not there, and switch also need to be replaced. I don't know, weather to get it fixes or buy a new hose? And why suction has gone down? where coul be the problem as far as suction goes?

Hi, if the hose is over 6 years old or so then replace it. If you want a switch please send us a photo of the hose handle. The loss of suction is usually a clog in pipes or filtration. Use our helpful chart for this here

Garage Hose Needed

I have a silent master system and was told I could add the garage hose kit. I looked at the kit and only need a hose. But unsure which one.

Hi, if you only need a hose for the front utility valve on a SilentMaster or MD unit then the Basic Hose is what you need. You can find it here The on/off switch for the suction is on the right back bottom side of the unit. Be sure to stretch the hose out before plugging it into the unit so it is easier to handle.