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Vacuum Motor Circuit Board Dual Motor 12 amp 240v Q&A

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Questions & Answers

AV650 Control Board Replacement?

will this board work on a AV650


If your central vacuum contains two motors that operate on 240V at 12amps, this board will properly operate it. Please note that our circuit boards are universal, which means that they contain the necessary components to run the system, but may not be an exact replacement. This may require you to remount the board in your unit.

Circuit Board Replacement for AV-850

I have AV 850 and need circuit board. Which one do I need? Thanks

That model is usually 220-240 volt and would take this durable generic board:

Central Vac International CVS16 Replacement Circuit Board

I have a CVS16 (Central Vac International) that needs a new motor switch. Will this fit? Do you have that part?

Our information for the CVS16 shows it is a 110 volt system, not 240 volt. For the 110 volt you can use this generic board The holes for the reset buttons and low voltage contacts will not line up with the board. You will need to drill new holes in the correct position to mount this generic board.

Installed Board, Unit Running All the Time

replaced circuit board...unit still won't turn off...where should I look next

If you have an Electrolux and use our circuit board, please do not use the yellow wires. Just let them be. The connection above the filter, under the motor, will not be used and is not a problem.

Replace with Other Components?

I have a CV850 that appears to have lost the control board the unit will not shut off. The low voltage wiring in the house checks out, no shorts. Is this a common problem with these units and did I see on your web site you have the replacement boards for $25. Is the problem with one of he componets on the board such as the contactor and can you just replace that part vs the whole board. Do you have the control boards in stock and how much are they? Is there another manufacturer for a better replacement vs the original board? Have you ever replaced the board with a simple contactor and a 24 volt transformer.

Hi, the cost effective, most durable replacement is a new board. Usually it is the relay on the board that goes out (parts for boards are not available). If you don't hear a click when powering it from the hose then this is the problem. This replacement is top quality, made by the lead supplier of boards for vacuums. The cost is under $60, plus shipping. The board may need a new connection to the can, made with a drill. Thank you for asking.

Nutone CV850 Replacement Circuit Board

I have nutone cv850, What would be the correct circuit board for this unit?

Hello, this circuit board can work. Be sure to print out the larger photo of it for connection placements.

Fit Electrolux 1590?

I have an electrolux 1590. The Autron Modules E120066 is shot. Do you have a replacement? The reset switch says it is 15A.

Hello, the circuit board used to replace yours is the #235S. Please read the posts there for any concerns or issues.