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Vacuum Motor Circuit Board Single Motor 15amp 120v Q&A

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120066 Alutron Replacement?

I have the 120066 Alutron board. Which model number of your relay replaces it?

Hello, we don't have a cross reference for that. It is a central vacuum application? You need only the relay on the board? That only comes on a board.

20a 120v 60hz

Hi,on the back of my circut board it reads 20a 120v 60hz will your circut board work for me?

Yes, this board will work if your amps notation on the vacuum itself is not over 16 amps. Single motor central vacuum units are rarely ever over that number.

A General Question about a Board for Single Motors?

I recently ordered a 116765 Lamb Central Vac Motor,your part #199. What Circuit Board would I need for this motor?

This is the correct circuit board. It is generic for all single motors under 15 amps at 110-120 volts.

A General Question about Shutting Off in Couple of Minutes - Board or Motor Issue?

I have a nutone vx475 model after it runs for a while it shuts off if you wait for the unit to cool off the unit will start again and run for about 5 minutes. Is this the motor or the circuit board.

Hi, this is the motor going bad. Replace the motor and you will be fine.

A General Question for Circuit Board Information

please tell me the part number of the diode on the circuit board as mine is burned beyond recognition. otherwise please give its max voltage and current handling capacity. thanks

We do not supply replacement parts for this circuit board only the complete assembly.

A General Question for Components on Board


Yes, all those components. All of them needed to a central vacuum. It replaces many circuit boards for single motor 110-120 volt systems. It has no LED light, but it is not a neccessary thing to have any way. Some homeowners use this board to replace all the electronics in their older central vacuum.

A General Question for Diagnosing a Circuit Board

How do I know if the board is bad?

Hi, the board is bad if when you try to start the unit, you don't hear a click. A click indicates the board is good and the motor bad. No click says the board is bad. To be absolutely certain be sure you have power at the wall to the unit and then short the connection on the unit (with a little wire, you not get shocked) where the wire from the inlets in the home connects to the unit. No click = bad board.

Aerus E130G - MC 2XA 164 Board Replacement?

I have an Aerus E130G that wavers on and off when switched on by the hose or the floor pans. The filter switch is OK. When trying to figure out if it was the circuit board or motor it totally quit. Power still on, but no LED at the low volt connector. Best guess is circuit board. PN on it is MC 2XA 164. Do you have a replacement model for this and does that sound like the right part to replace?

Hello, if you hear a click when switching it on then the board may still be good and the motor dead. An electrician can simply put 110 volts directly to the motor leads to make sure. If you don't hear a click the board is gone and can be replaced with our #235S. Be sure to read the Q and A as many with your Electrolux/Aerus models have used it with success (and huge savings!!!).

Aerus Motor or Board

Aerus Model E130F. Won't turn on. Outlet as power but the reset on moter doesn't do anything, feel like button has no resistance. Am I looking at a new motor or simply a new board? Grant Newtown,CT

Hello Grant, if you don't here a click when the suction should turn on then it is the board, otherwise the motor. We have circuit board #235S but be sure to read the connection issues in the Q and A for it.

AirVac AV3500 compatible?

Will this circuit board work on an AirVac AV3500?

We don't have a cross reference but some of our customers have used it for their brands. All these boards are made from the same company and the major components are all the same. Some may have an additional LED or something but ours don't, and that light may not matter to you.

AirVac AV3500 replacement

Which circuit board can replace the Air Vac AV3500 factory board or at least provide the same function as the original? Do you have it in stock? What is the cost and shipping?

Hi, this #235S board provides the same important functions and is made by the same manufacturer. Information and sales

AirVac Compatible?

My AirVac AV 425A continues to run with the low voltage (house side) wires disconteced. Is the Vacuum Motor Circuit Board Single Motor 15amp 120v card a suitabile (functional) replacement? Ed C Corrales NM

Yes, it will work with your single motor AirVac. If you had any dumby lights these will not be supported but most folks find they didn't really need them any way.

AirVac FX3000 compatible?

will this board work for a airvac blue series model fx3000 which is 120vac

It very well may. We are surprised who buys this board for what models. Must be the great price! On some systems there is an LED light that a customer will have to live without (no big deal) when using this standard circuit board.

AirVac Red Line - Wiring Correctly

I purchased the board and installed it in my Air Vac Red line system but it is not working. The only connections I have are from line and to motor, can you tell me what the power neutral in and motor neutral connectors are for. I do not have them connected to anything. I understand the yellow low voltage connectors do not need to be utilized.

Hello, power neutral is the white from the electric cord plugged into the power source. Each motor has two wires, regardless of color, one from each motor gets plugged into the motor neutral and motor terminals or just motor and motor terminals. Click on the photo here for a good explanation

AirVac ZX600 circuit board?

What circuit board will fit an airvac zx6000 gold series 1032205. How much will it cost?

Hi, this board will work, though it may connect to the unit different. It has no dummy lights on it but that is not really needed. The motor and wire connections will be the same. Information and sales

AirVac ZX6000 compatible?

Will circuit board 235s work on an air vac model zx6000? Does this circuit board have a built in transformer? Clyde Martin

The board does have the transformer, relay, overload mini-breaker, and power inputs and outputs. It can work with any single motor central vacuum unit (110-120 volt). An electrician will have no trouble hooking it up and deciding on the best way to mount it. Please print the larger photo of the board from the website for reference.

Alutron Thermal Circuit Protection 1000

Is your 235s board the replacement for the Alutron Thermal Circuit Protection 1000 series board?

We are not sure if this board replaces the Thermal one you have.

Beam 189 Models?

I recently bought a replacement motor for a beam central vac I believe it was model 189c and now the relay board has gone out the board that i took out says it was a 15a 250vac 28vdc part #055829 Could you help me out with thr right replacement relay?

This generic circuit board replacement is the correct one for your vacuum.

Beam 189D remote problem

My Beam Model 189D will not power up remotely. Do I need a new control board?

This sounds like you may need a complete new set up. Please call us so we can continue to diagnose the problem and possibly come up with a solution. 1-800-997-2278

Beam 199 motor failure

I have a beam model 199D. It will run for about five to ten minutes then it starts to cut in and out then the mini breaker trips. Cleaned everything up, got a new hose and the problem still happens. Was wondering if the control module was bad? If so do you have the parts. The motor runs great it has about 123 on the vacuum gauge. Thank you Bryan

Hello Bryan, the motor will run fine until it finally will not start up. It will not lose suction as it dies. What you are experiencing is it actually starting to die, unfortunately. Rarely does the minibreaker go bad. These motors last for around 800-900 hours and then need to be replaced. It will continue to trip the breaker more and more until it finally gives up. Good news is it is not difficult to replace.

Beam 199C circuit board

I have a beam model 199c, and it wont power down unless I unplug the unit. Will you provide the part #, I want to order from you. Thanks, Joe from Lancaster PA


Hi, you can use or contact Beam for the exact board, but this board is made by the same manufacturer for the same purpose.

Beam 199D Board Replacement?

I have a Beam 199D, I can disconnect the low volt wiring, unit still runs, I believe it has faulty board, I think it is a 550, will this board work as replacement?

Hi, the board may connect a little different to the unit but the wiring is the same. Also, there are no idiot lights on it. The board is generic but made by the same manufacturer.

Beam 2100A Low Voltage Switch on Working

I have a Beam 2100A. Motor turns on when hose is connected. The low voltage switch does not turn motor off. I have replaced the low voltage switch and hose. No change. PC Board? Danny Salida, Ca.

Hello Danny, follow the wire to the Beam. Put short wires there and touch them together. Separate them. Does it still run? If not then there is something in the home. If so then board.

Beam 287 Trips Minibreaker within Seconds

I have a Beam model 287 central vacuum system that trips the 15 amp breaker few seconds after being turned on. Do I need to replace the motor or the circuit board? Costel, Knoxville

Hello Costel, this is typical for a motor that is just about to quit working for good. 5% of the time it is the minibreaker as well since it is a thermal switch and possibly overheated. Replace the motor first, that usually solves it. Here is the motor,220,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Beam+287,+287C

Beam 294 Vacuum Keeps Running

I have 1987 beam vacuum model #294 12 amps. Question: The vacuum keeps running after I removed the hose. So I unplugged the 110 plug, Then I removed the two small low volt wires from the vacuum plugged it back in. Then the vacuum starts running again.??? thanks Joe

If after you disconnect the low voltage leads and the motor keeps running, then your circuit board is bad. This is assuming the on/off switch on the canister (if there is one) is in the off position. Others in your situation have used this board as a replacement.