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Vacuum Motor Circuit Board Single Motor 15amp 120v Q&A

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120066 Alutron Replacement?

I have the 120066 Alutron board. Which model number of your relay replaces it?

Hello, we don't have a cross reference for that. It is a central vacuum application? You need only the relay on the board? That only comes on a board.

20a 120v 60hz

Hi,on the back of my circut board it reads 20a 120v 60hz will your circut board work for me?

Yes, this board will work if your amps notation on the vacuum itself is not over 16 amps. Single motor central vacuum units are rarely ever over that number.

A General Question about a Board for Single Motors?

I recently ordered a 116765 Lamb Central Vac Motor,your part #199. What Circuit Board would I need for this motor?

This is the correct circuit board. It is generic for all single motors under 15 amps at 110-120 volts.

A General Question about Shutting Off in Couple of Minutes - Board or Motor Issue?

I have a nutone vx475 model after it runs for a while it shuts off if you wait for the unit to cool off the unit will start again and run for about 5 minutes. Is this the motor or the circuit board.

Hi, this is the motor going bad. Replace the motor and you will be fine.

A General Question for Circuit Board Information

please tell me the part number of the diode on the circuit board as mine is burned beyond recognition. otherwise please give its max voltage and current handling capacity. thanks

We do not supply replacement parts for this circuit board only the complete assembly.

A General Question for Components on Board


Yes, all those components. All of them needed to a central vacuum. It replaces many circuit boards for single motor 110-120 volt systems. It has no LED light, but it is not a neccessary thing to have any way. Some homeowners use this board to replace all the electronics in their older central vacuum.

A General Question for Diagnosing a Circuit Board

How do I know if the board is bad?

Hi, the board is bad if when you try to start the unit, you don't hear a click. A click indicates the board is good and the motor bad. No click says the board is bad. To be absolutely certain be sure you have power at the wall to the unit and then short the connection on the unit (with a little wire, you not get shocked) where the wire from the inlets in the home connects to the unit. No click = bad board.

Aerus E130G - MC 2XA 164 Board Replacement?

I have an Aerus E130G that wavers on and off when switched on by the hose or the floor pans. The filter switch is OK. When trying to figure out if it was the circuit board or motor it totally quit. Power still on, but no LED at the low volt connector. Best guess is circuit board. PN on it is MC 2XA 164. Do you have a replacement model for this and does that sound like the right part to replace?

Hello, if you hear a click when switching it on then the board may still be good and the motor dead. An electrician can simply put 110 volts directly to the motor leads to make sure. If you don't hear a click the board is gone and can be replaced with our #235S. Be sure to read the Q and A as many with your Electrolux/Aerus models have used it with success (and huge savings!!!).

Aerus Motor or Board

Aerus Model E130F. Won't turn on. Outlet as power but the reset on moter doesn't do anything, feel like button has no resistance. Am I looking at a new motor or simply a new board? Grant Newtown,CT

Hello Grant, if you don't here a click when the suction should turn on then it is the board, otherwise the motor. We have circuit board #235S but be sure to read the connection issues in the Q and A for it.

AirVac AV3500 compatible?

Will this circuit board work on an AirVac AV3500?

We don't have a cross reference but some of our customers have used it for their brands. All these boards are made from the same company and the major components are all the same. Some may have an additional LED or something but ours don't, and that light may not matter to you.

AirVac AV3500 replacement

Which circuit board can replace the Air Vac AV3500 factory board or at least provide the same function as the original? Do you have it in stock? What is the cost and shipping?

Hi, this #235S board provides the same important functions and is made by the same manufacturer. Information and sales

AirVac Compatible?

My AirVac AV 425A continues to run with the low voltage (house side) wires disconteced. Is the Vacuum Motor Circuit Board Single Motor 15amp 120v card a suitabile (functional) replacement? Ed C Corrales NM

Yes, it will work with your single motor AirVac. If you had any dumby lights these will not be supported but most folks find they didn't really need them any way.

AirVac FX3000 compatible?

will this board work for a airvac blue series model fx3000 which is 120vac

It very well may. We are surprised who buys this board for what models. Must be the great price! On some systems there is an LED light that a customer will have to live without (no big deal) when using this standard circuit board.

AirVac Red Line - Wiring Correctly

I purchased the board and installed it in my Air Vac Red line system but it is not working. The only connections I have are from line and to motor, can you tell me what the power neutral in and motor neutral connectors are for. I do not have them connected to anything. I understand the yellow low voltage connectors do not need to be utilized.

Hello, power neutral is the white from the electric cord plugged into the power source. Each motor has two wires, regardless of color, one from each motor gets plugged into the motor neutral and motor terminals or just motor and motor terminals. Click on the photo here for a good explanation

AirVac ZX600 circuit board?

What circuit board will fit an airvac zx6000 gold series 1032205. How much will it cost?

Hi, this board will work, though it may connect to the unit different. It has no dummy lights on it but that is not really needed. The motor and wire connections will be the same. Information and sales

AirVac ZX6000 compatible?

Will circuit board 235s work on an air vac model zx6000? Does this circuit board have a built in transformer? Clyde Martin

The board does have the transformer, relay, overload mini-breaker, and power inputs and outputs. It can work with any single motor central vacuum unit (110-120 volt). An electrician will have no trouble hooking it up and deciding on the best way to mount it. Please print the larger photo of the board from the website for reference.

Alutron Thermal Circuit Protection 1000

Is your 235s board the replacement for the Alutron Thermal Circuit Protection 1000 series board?

We are not sure if this board replaces the Thermal one you have.

Beam 189 Models?

I recently bought a replacement motor for a beam central vac I believe it was model 189c and now the relay board has gone out the board that i took out says it was a 15a 250vac 28vdc part #055829 Could you help me out with thr right replacement relay?

This generic circuit board replacement is the correct one for your vacuum.

Beam 189D remote problem

My Beam Model 189D will not power up remotely. Do I need a new control board?

This sounds like you may need a complete new set up. Please call us so we can continue to diagnose the problem and possibly come up with a solution. 1-800-997-2278

Beam 199 motor failure

I have a beam model 199D. It will run for about five to ten minutes then it starts to cut in and out then the mini breaker trips. Cleaned everything up, got a new hose and the problem still happens. Was wondering if the control module was bad? If so do you have the parts. The motor runs great it has about 123 on the vacuum gauge. Thank you Bryan

Hello Bryan, the motor will run fine until it finally will not start up. It will not lose suction as it dies. What you are experiencing is it actually starting to die, unfortunately. Rarely does the minibreaker go bad. These motors last for around 800-900 hours and then need to be replaced. It will continue to trip the breaker more and more until it finally gives up. Good news is it is not difficult to replace.

Beam 199C circuit board

I have a beam model 199c, and it wont power down unless I unplug the unit. Will you provide the part #, I want to order from you. Thanks, Joe from Lancaster PA


Hi, you can use or contact Beam for the exact board, but this board is made by the same manufacturer for the same purpose.

Beam 199D Board Replacement?

I have a Beam 199D, I can disconnect the low volt wiring, unit still runs, I believe it has faulty board, I think it is a 550, will this board work as replacement?

Hi, the board may connect a little different to the unit but the wiring is the same. Also, there are no idiot lights on it. The board is generic but made by the same manufacturer.

Beam 2100A Low Voltage Switch on Working

I have a Beam 2100A. Motor turns on when hose is connected. The low voltage switch does not turn motor off. I have replaced the low voltage switch and hose. No change. PC Board? Danny Salida, Ca.

Hello Danny, follow the wire to the Beam. Put short wires there and touch them together. Separate them. Does it still run? If not then there is something in the home. If so then board.

Beam 287 Trips Minibreaker within Seconds

I have a Beam model 287 central vacuum system that trips the 15 amp breaker few seconds after being turned on. Do I need to replace the motor or the circuit board? Costel, Knoxville

Hello Costel, this is typical for a motor that is just about to quit working for good. 5% of the time it is the minibreaker as well since it is a thermal switch and possibly overheated. Replace the motor first, that usually solves it. Here is the motor,220,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Beam+287,+287C

Beam 294 Vacuum Keeps Running

I have 1987 beam vacuum model #294 12 amps. Question: The vacuum keeps running after I removed the hose. So I unplugged the 110 plug, Then I removed the two small low volt wires from the vacuum plugged it back in. Then the vacuum starts running again.??? thanks Joe

If after you disconnect the low voltage leads and the motor keeps running, then your circuit board is bad. This is assuming the on/off switch on the canister (if there is one) is in the off position. Others in your situation have used this board as a replacement.

Beam 297C with Alutron 7528-02

I have a Beam Model 297C. My circuit board is made by Alutron no. 7528-02. Will this circuit board work in my Beam?

Many customers have successfully used this circuit board for single motor 110 volt central vacuums. We don't know exactly how but it makes sense. It doesn't have any LED lights but many times those dummy lights where ignored anyhow.

Beam 297F with Alutron A517-2 needs replacement

Steve from Lawrenceville, GA. Suspect control module is bad what do I buy to replace it? The board is for a Beam 297F, 120 V 11.2 Amp single motor (HP ?). Existing board is an Alutron A517-2 15 AMP 250 V 1 - 2 HP Thanks

We have the single motor Alutron board here that customers from every brand use because of its value It has all the correct parts you need for the vacuum to function. Please print the enlarged photo of it for installation instructions and read through the FAQs. If you want more information please call us.

Beam 371

Beam Enviro Smart model 371 Amp 10, volts 120. The vacuum will not shut off unless I unplug the power cord of the vacuum canister. I did run the test you suggested : unplugged the power cord, removed the low voltage wire from the vacuum canister, then plugged back the power cord into the wall outlet, toggle the switch on/off . It stays on. So I guess the circuit board is the issue. Will the replacement part 235S be the right size and model for my vaccum ? Thanks for your help - you web site is great. Doris, Sherbrooke, Canada

Yes, you have correctly identified the issue and this board will work for you. It is robust and made by the same company.

Beam 397C compatible?

Does this board work on a Beam 397c?

Hi, this board is nearly the same and is the same quality, made by the same manufacturer. The difference is sometimes the mounting and there are no idiot lights (which are really not neccessary). For the price many buy it and make it work.

Beam Model # 2089 ?

I would like to confirm that your 235 S will replace the board on my Beam Model # 2089 , serial # 10142187753 purchased in 2001

To be sure you get the absolute correct circuit board for Beam you need to speak with a Beam dealer. You can find their website in a Google search. Having said that, customers have used this board satifactorily in the Beam systems for whatever reason such as cost or availability.

Black and Decker Replacement?

Will this circuit board work on a Black and Decker Cat. No. 820 which is 38 yrs.old. The relay is mounted separately on the wall which is burnt out.

Yes, you can make it work as others have by using this circuit board to replace all the electric components. Print the enlarged photograph to use as installation instructions.

Breaker Tripping

I installed the 116765 Lamb Electric Central Vacuum Motor in my MS system because it kept tripping out. Now the breaker continues to trip. Do I need a need board? Dave Nashville

First double check all your wiring to make sure it is connected correctly. If it is still tripping the breaker, then replace the circuit board.

Broan CV-20

Can I wire this board in a Broan CV-20 Larry Pueblo Co

Yes, you can wire it to a CV20 central vacuum. It requires some retrofit but many have done it.

Broan CV-30 Motor Works, Hose Switch Does Not. Need New Board?

cv-30 broan (nutone) motor works, low voltage switching from handle does not will this part work roger contoocook ,nh

Hello Roger, it may be something else. Try shorting the contacting the wall port hole. Does it work? If not try short the contacts that the low voltage wire connects to at the central vacuum. Does it work? If not then you need a circuit board.

Bypassing Board, Motor Stays On. Bad Board or Motor?

I have a Vacuflo Maxum Model 100F. It will run for about 5-7 minutes and then quit. After it cools down for 10-15 minutes it will run again for 5-7 minutes and quit again. As a test, I have by-passed the circuit board and wired the motor, via a manual on/off swirch to the 120 volt supply. The unit seems to run fine, lots of suction, which leads me to believe the circuit board/relay is faulty. Do you carry a generic replacement circuit board/relay for this unit? If so, please advise part number I can use for ordering the board/relay. Many thanks, Robert, West Palm Beach, FL

Excellent testing but our experience tells us the motor is going bad not the circuit board. As the motor is going bad is heats up the board and may or may not pop the mini breaker. The board is so hot is just shuts down. We have the replacement motor and a generic board for the unit. Both are on this page (board near the bottom).

Central Vac CV7 Latching Relay Replacement?

I have a 40 year old Central Vac CV7. The low voltage control system is getting tired and I want to upgrade. It is a 12 volt DC system with a latching relay, and push button start/stop on the wall outlets. The latching relay system is getting gummed up on a regular basis and won't always start/stop the motor. What do you carry that will replace this low voltage system, without getting into the wall outlets?

Latching relays are no longer available. The push on, push off will not work with any new relay or circuit board. You have to change your inlets or create a low voltage switch such as a light switch to not replace your inlets.

Centralux E130J Replacement Circuit Board

Will this board work on a model E130J Aerus CentraLUX. Appears the holes in the canister will line up from the dimensions given.

Yes, this board will work with your system. From our experience with your brand, the holes for the reset buttons are close but don't line up exactly. There may be some slight modification needed on the position of the opening, but that will affect the performance of your vacuum in any way.

CV750 Motor Wire Split

I have a Nutone CV-750 with two motors with a total amperage draw on the data plate of 12.5 at 120v. The board is bad. It has a single mini-breaker, with one lead out of the board to the motors which is connected by a wire-nut to both motor leads (factory setup). This board would fit directly into the existing mounting holes (absent the warning LED). However, this board says it is for a "single motor vac". I would prefer not to use the "two motor" board as it requires modifying the can for mounting - but I will if necessary. Question: since the total amp draw is less than the 15 amp rating, is this "single motor board" suitable for this two motor application? ~ David, Huron, SD

Yes, you can use this board for the two motors and split the wires as the older board did. This will work since the unit draws less than 15 amps.

D&R Power Master needs circuit board

I need to replace the circuit board on my 1998 Power Master D&R Power System unit. It is has a Ametek 11-7508 motor, 12.9 amps, 120 volt. Can I use this Vacuum Motor Circuit Board Single Motor 15amp 120v board? If not, what do I need to get? Thanks, Mark in Orange CA

Mark, you can use it. Have an electrician put it in. It is quite simple do to and replaces all the components besides the motor.

Different Configuration?

My board isn't exactly the same as the picture. At the top left of the picture, it says "Power in" and the top right says "To Motor Power." I don't have those two metal connectors sticking out of the side of the board.

Hi, the electrian, with the use of the printed, enlarged photo of the #235S will easily be able to hook it up. There are only so many wires in a central vacuum with a single motor and they all have a place to connect on the new board. The system will work beautifully.

DuoVac SIL-1530 Motor Blowing-out Board?

Can a bad motor blow out a control board? My DuoVac SIL-1530 just stopped working while my wife was using it. It would click but not turn on ... so I thought the motor had gone bad. However, after replacing the motor (lamb 117500-12 purchased here) it still just clicked w/o turning on. so I got a new control board and attached it to the new motor and it worked. I turned it on for just a few seconds twice. I tested my old motor by applying 120v ac to it from a cord plugged into the wall and it worked. So I decided to put the old motor back in. I turned it on an it worked for a fraction of a second and then quit. The new control board was dead. I even put the new motor back in but it would not turn on. What could cause that? Is the old motor blowing out my control module? OR ???

Sounds like the old motor was blowing out the minibreaker - with vengence. Rare but it can happen. Since the mini is on the board the board needs replacing again. Don't use the old motor! (Need we say.)

Eirola CV800b Cutting Out

I have an Eirola CV800b system. 18 years old. I works great for a while but cut out after about 15 min and pops circuit breaker on the unit. If I tape the CB in it will still cout out and back on. The Motor is strong, the filter is clean. Is the Curcuit board the problem? will this one work?

Your Eirola Central Vacuum is probably cutting out because the motor is going bad. They are strong to end but one day just don't turn on...all there will be is a click. The click means the board is fine and the motor is bad.

Electrolux (Centralux) E 130A Circuit Board

I have an Electrolux (Centralux) E 130A and the motor kept running once disconnected in the wall outlet in the house. The the circuit breaker on the circuit board did not trip but the motor burned out. I changed the motor and the vacuum still does not work. The next step I want to perform is to change the board. Will this board work on the E 130A? If so, any other suggestions/ changes to make? Jim

Yes, this is the board you want. Also, ignore the yellow wires, don't connect them to filter/motor connection if you had them on your last one. To save money using this board you'll have to forego the filter-in status.

Electrolux - ALUTRON # LR-66153 Series 3000 Replacement

I have a Electrolux built in Vac. and it has a ALUTRON # LR-66153 Series 3000 board in it. Is the correct board to replace it? Note my low voltage plug in is more than 2" below the reset button and off to one side, there is a screw about 2" below that helps hold the board in place!?

Hello, we know that this board is used by many since it is an Alutron board as well, made for the single motor machine, and costs 5x less. The board is held in place only by the minibreaker screw on and if the black tower doesn't align you can hacksaw it off the board or create a hole for it, plugging up the older hole with some bonder/filler. If you have any more questions just let us know.

Electrolux 1590 - No Yellow Low Voltage Wires

I have an electrolux 1590 and the circuit board does not have a low voltage thing on it. Instead it just has a plastic tube like thing to screw the thing onto the housing. What do i do when installing this board? Just connect all the other wires as shown and disregard this? Should I cover it with a piece of tape?

Yes, you can completely ignore these wires. Tie them in a knot, cut them off, or black tape them to get them out of the way. Don't connect them to filter/motor connection if you had them on your last one. To save money using this board you'll have to forego the filter-in status.

Electrolux 1590 - Replace Alutron Board

We need to replace the circuit board in an Electrolux 1590 central. The current model is...Alutron, 15A, 120V, 0.5 hp,E120066, 3315-06-06-00. Which replacement board would I use and how much is it? Thank you G. Joyce

Hello, the board in question is the board that can be used. It is made by Alutron as well. Please read the entire Q and A section regarding the many Electrolux customers who used this board.

Electrolux 1590 circuit board?

I have an old electrolux central vac model 1590. I have tested the existing board and found no electrical output to the motor. Is this the correct circuit board for my vacuum?

Hi, we sell a lot of these for your model. Please read through the Q&A page and look for a link to a wiring diagram. It is really quite simple to hook up and the mounting fits one connection which is good enough.

Electrolux 1590 Circuit Board?

I have an Electrolux 1590 central vac that is about 15 years old. Will this circuit board work for it?

Yes the circuit board we sell and that is seen near the Electrolux Motor section will work fine. Be sure to use the PDF wiring diagram and read the Q & A on Electrolux.

Electrolux 1590 Motor Stays On Sometimes, Sparks Too

Our electrolux central vac model 1590 from 1989 will come on when the hose is plugged in, after a period of time you can unplug hose and unit will not turn off without unplugging the unit but other times it will turn off by unplugging the hose. Now the motor is arching and kicking the house breaker. Does this sound like the circuit board or the motor going bad? The unit was not used for 4 or 5 years. thanks Mark Thompson

Hello Mark, interesting issues. Sounds like the motor for sure and maybe the circuit board because of it staying on. Do a test. Next time it stays on, disconnect the low voltage wires from the unit (looks like telephone or speaker wire). If it stays on still then it is the board but if it turns off then it is something else. There is a temporary short in the wiring somewhere in the home.

Electrolux 1590 Not Shutting Off

I have a electrolux central vac model 1590 that doesn't turn off w/hose is disconnected the electrical cord must be unplugged to turn off. It appears to be the relay Would you have the replacement part and number. Thanks

It may be something else. Take a moment to go through the easy to use troubleshooting guide.

Electrolux 1590 Relay Failing

What is the voltage on the low voltage side on an Electrolux 1590 Central Vac system? Also, does some one make a relay system that is industrial strength and can be mounted on the wall. (Separate from the vac.) I have had to replace my relay circuit card a few times now. The problem has been in the relay. They keep failing over time. A very heavy duty transformer with a very heavy duty relay that has a 110V cord and plug for the input line and a 110v outlet to plug the vac into would be great. This would also need to be enclosed. I could mount this on the wall next to the vac. Then if it does fail. I could simple replace the whole transformer and relay assembly without dismantling the vac. Thanks Carl

Carl, usually the reason for this is the low voltage wire they ran was too thin. It needs to be at least 20 gauge if not 18. Anything thinner will have a weak signal that chatters the relay and causes its early failure. Telephone wire or thin single stranded wire is not acceptable. The best, easiest and most cost effective way to overcome that, if you have this issue, is to install a low voltage power booster at the power unit. Here it is It is really easy to hook up and the benefits are fabulous. By the way there is virtually no voltage, only 14 amps, on the low voltage wire run.

Electrolux 1590 reset switch

I have an electrolux central vacuum. Model # is 1590, Do you carry the reset switch control unit. The number at the back of my unit is 3314 060600 A D9. If you have the unit. How do I order this unit and how much. We live in Vancouver, Canada. Much appreciated for your help. George Nahm

Hi, the switch control is separate from the circuit board, correct? We sell universal ones here: It has two connectors on the back. If you need the circuit board then use the 235S and read the Q and A for help.

Electrolux 1590A Replaced Motor - Breaker Still Pops

I have read all of the questions/answers so it certainly seems as though this board will work on my Electrolux 1590A/Model E117A. I have already replaced my motor through a purchase from you as one of your answers indicated that a unit that pops the breaker is a sign of a soon to go motor. However, the breaker still "pops." So what should I do now? If I try the board may I return it if the condition persists? Gary St. James

Yes, you may return it. In 5% of the motor failures the minibreaker, which is thermal, will go bad and continue to pop. This board, with the help of it's Q & A and comments is the board you need.

Electrolux Afuera Board Replacement?

I have a Electrolux "Afuera" that the suction won't respond with the wand switch. Have to go turn on the motor at the unit in the garage each time to use it. I would like to replace the board, is this 235S the correct one ? Also why is everything so Black and sooty in the motor/circuit board area ? Thanks, Carl, Tucson, Az.

Let's make sure the issue is the board. Run through this help chart to discover the issue and solutions. If it is the board then this one can be used as a replacement. It will save you money but may need a bit of retrofit. Many owners use it as such. The black soot is carbon dust from the vacuum motor brushes. If it is getting worse then the motor is probably going to die soon.

Electrolux Always On

Have a electrolux central vac. Normally, it is on when hose is plugged-in and off when hose is unplugged. Now it stays on even when we unplug the hose. What should we do?

Hello, go through this guide to find the exact issue and solution

Electrolux Board?

I had my house power get spiked by a falling tree and it fried all electronic appliances that were connected including my Electrolux central vac. I was told it would probably be the circuit board. Would it be this one to fix it?

Hello, please read the posting below about Electrolux. For the most part this is the board, there are just somethings to consider. Thanks.

Electrolux E117A PC Board

Looking for a pc board for a Electrolux E117A Central Vac. what is the part number and do you carry it?

Hi, our #235S board is very popular for all Electrolux central vacuums. It is made by the same OEM and is around six times less expensive. Read throught the Q and A and comments to understand the little issues that make this board work with your vacuum

Electrolux E130-A Low Voltage Issue

Electrolux E130-A Our vacuum turns off after a few minutes but will work when the carpet attachment only. The two wires going into the Circuit board turns the motor on when connect together with a jumper wire,is it the circuit board? I already ordered the 15 amp circuit board, read also to ignore the yellow wires - correct? The unit is 7 years old, we would like a stronger unit, what can it be replaced with(only the motor/canister/hose)? Thanks

The circuit board may solve the issue, and yes ignore the yellow wires. For the amperage available, you have as strong a machine as you can get right now. Be sure the filtration is clean. The other possibility for the low voltage issue is the hose switch may be bad. When you short the contacts inside the 1.5" diameter wall port hole does the suction turn on? If so, then it is the switch on the hose.

Electrolux E130A Always On, Yellow Wire Question

I have an E130A. The unit will not shut off even if you pull the hose out of the outlet. It will shut off only if you unplug the motor. Will replacing my circuit board with the one above (15 amp, 120 volt) solve the problem? It looks very similar to the one above except that the yellow wire on the one above on the right of the plug is labeled as W1 on my board and I don't have a wire there - mine is in W3. My board says it is a 20 Amp 120 volt 1/2 hp model.

Hello, this board will work as a replacement, ignore the yellow wires, you don't need them for the vacuum to work and when connected to the terminals near the filter (only some vacuums have this), the connection will cause the new board to always run. That aside, you have to do one more test on your vacuum. Pull a low voltage wire from the vacuum unit (looks like speaker or phone wire). See if the vacuum always runs with one of the two wires out. If so then replace the board. If not then the issue is a short in that wire somewhere in the home. For instance a nail could have been put into a wall that perfectly penetrated the wire.

Electrolux E130A circuit board

I do not see the transformer on this board that i can see on the existing board for my Electrolux E130A. Is it still the right board?

Hi, yes, it is there and it is the correct board (as far as a high quality yet inexpensive one).

Electrolux E130A Cuts Out, Trips Circuit Breaker

I have an Electrolux E130A and the motor keeps cutting out and tripping the circuit breaker on the control board. Changed the motor and same problem. I want to change the board. Will this board work on the E130A? If so, any changes to make? Dan A.

Yes, this circuit board will work for your E130A but the wires connected to the sensor under the motor will have to be bypassed. No biggie, just make sure to empty your vacuum regularly because I think it was an automatic kill if your unit filled all the way up. (If you buy from MD with your email address we send you reminders to empty your unit every 4 months).

Electrolux E130A Cutting Out

Hi I have an e130a my vac started cutting out in the middle of use.Then randomly will work again some times in a few minutes sometimes it takes quite a while .The motor may run for only less than a minute or as long as a couple minutes before cutting out.I took it apart and its little wire mesh filter up by the motor was completely pluged,I cleaned it and it still does it it is 9 yrs old,the motor seams to run and coast smoothly. Does it have an automatic reset on it ? the reset has never been it a motor or board .Your advise would be awesome Thanks Dave

Certainly keep the wire mesh clean! After 9 years and about 800 hours, the motor will go. The motor may go without tripping the reset. The motor would be bad, not the ciruit board 99% of the time. We sell lots of motors for Electrolux and circuit boards too. Maybe get both and be sure to read the QA on Electrolux.

Electrolux E130A Install - Yellow Wires

Bought a circuit board for an Electrolux E130A. The two yellow leads must be plugged-in,(24v relay at the bottom of the motor?), before it works; but then the hose connections do not work now, always worked before; hence no remote; only way is to unplug the unit. Oh, the motor is also new. Please advise. Thank You.

Hi, please do not connect the yellow wires to anything. The connection to the leads under the motor/filter are not necessary and will cause the unit to always be on. This will resolve your issue. If not please let us know.

Electrolux E130A motor & board installed but still running

I just purchased a new motor and circuit board from you and have installed them in my Electrolux e130a. Now when I plug the unit in it wont power off. I do not have an on/off switch just the reset on the unit. I have unplugged the low voltage wires that connect to the outside of the unit from the house but it continues to run. Does this sound like the circuit board I received from you might be bad? Thank you, Brian

Hi Brian, please disconnect the yellow wires from the motor/filter connection and wind them up and do not use them. You will forego the "filter is in" sensor but our clients don't mind that for the quality and price of the new board.

Electrolux E130A Replacement?

HI I have Electrolux e130a with a dead circuit board. Is the "Vacuum Motor Circuit Board Single Motor 15amp 120v" on this page the right part to order? Any idea how much machining is required to make it fit into the existing canister? Cheers!! Greg

Hello Greg, you got it right, this is the board you need. And it fits right in for the most part, no machining is needed as far as we know, but if there is it would only be for a single small hole. Also, ignore the yellow wires, don't connect them to filter/motor connection if you had them on your last one. To save money using this board you'll have to forego the filter-in status.

Electrolux E130F compatible?

Will the part #235s work on my Electrolux E130F? Tim

Hello Tim, yes this is a good option. Read the Q and A and Reviews. Lot's of owners use it for the price and quality. It requires a bit of reading. You will not use the yellow wires, ignore the connection near the motor/filter, and only one anchor to the outside of the can is needed with the new one.

Electrolux in Canada

I have an Electrolux Central Vacuum Model 1590 it now runs wide open then testing that I have done indicates that it is the circuit board. Do you ship to Canada? If so, please advise cost, including shipping and availability. Thanks Carlo J. Bevilacqua

Hello Carlo, the product is in stock and we do ship to Canada. The price will be the US price and the shopping cart will calculate the tax and shipping.

Electrolux Will Not Shut-off

My Electrolux Central system will not shut off, unless unplugged at the source (in the garage) How can I test to ensure that it's the board - not a problem somewhere in switch wiring that follows the vacuum pipes?

To test any central vacuum, disconnect the wire coming from the home (from the same place the piping comes out). When this low voltage wire is disconnected and the unit plugged in it should not turn on and should turn on/off manually with the switch on the unit (if available). If is does come on all the time replace the circuit board. If it only turns on via the unit's switch, it is the low voltage wire in your house - it is shorted - or a piece of metal is in one of the wall inlets that is shorting the contacts in the inlet hose hole.

Eureka Board Replacement?

Hi, I need to replace the circuit board on my Eureka model CV1802. Will this board work as a drop in replacement? Thanks.

Hi, this board is the same for the needed electronics, minus any idiot lights which are basically useless. It may mount differently but for the price and convenience it is very popular for your model. It is made by the same company yours is made by.

Eureka BOSS Model #ECV2001B Breaker Tripping

I have the Eureka BOSS Model #ECV2001B. The breaker is tripping and takes several minutes to be able to reset. Checked for loose wiring, that is not it. Any suggestions? Jay, Grimsby

Hi Jay, that is usually a bad motor. It will only get worse and then you will know. Rarely does the breaker go bad.

Eureka CV1004D

I have a Eureka cv1004d. AC cord has three prongs. Three leads coming from motor. Will this board work?

Yes, this board will work because the ground wire from both goes where it is connected now and not on the board.

Eureka CV1801 circuit board?

will this work on my Eureka CV1801 'D'? Thanks for the online help....I found out it was not the motor w/out electrocuting myself, Jim

It is close but not the exact replacement. It does work for all 110 volt single motor central vacuums. We've had homeowners use it without much trouble at all because of the cost savings. It works great. You can try calling Eureka for that part or do a close comparison using the photo online.

Eureka CV1801 J

Will this work on my Eureka CV1801 J? Thank you. Randy

We know folks with Eureka and Beam units buy this circuit board and it is working for them!

Eureka CV1820B Replacement Circuit Board

I have a Eureka CV1820B and the motor runs all the time. The reset switch used to fix the problem but not any more. Now I have to unplug. Is this the correct board and will this board fix my problem? Is it possible I need a new reset switch? I followed your instructions troubleshooting my problem. Thanks. Jay

The unit staying on is a bad relay not disconnecting power as it should. This board will work perfectly for your system.

Eureka ECV2001B Clicks But No Motor Action

Once the vacuum did not shut off so I tapped the switch and it stopped. Now the Vacuum switch clicks but motor does not start. Eureka, Commercial Duty Mod. ECV2001B. 120V-12 amp. Does not trip breaker. Is it the circuit board? What board do I need /price? Thanks Glen

Actually Glen, the motor is officially dead. The breaker doesn't always trip. Slap the unit hard and the vacuum will probably start and work for a white because the motor brushes reseat them selfs on the armature. It looks like we don't have a good cross reference for your model so please call us when you have access to the motor. Thanks!

Evolution Central Vacuum

Hi, my Evolution 402988 central vacuum can not be turned off unless I unplug the power cord. The control board is LR90671 with Model MC-2X 15A 1/2 HP. Should I replace the board above with Single Motor 15amp 120v? Thank you. Edwin Sun

Yes, you can retrofit this board into your system. The electrician can use the larger photo as the guide. Did you troubleshoot the system already using

Filtex - Replace or Fix Electronics

I connected power directly to motor wires and the unit did run. Before I buy a new board I would like to know how switch functions. There are 2 blue and 2 yellow going to switch.In center position which is off both are open. In up position switch locks and only yellow is closed while blue remains open. In down position switch must be held as it is spring return blue will be closed and yellow open if released both are now open. Switch has 6 lugs with up being lock position left side of switch has 2 yellows on left side of switch on top and center lug and two blue wires on right side on center and lower lug. Board # 7577-02 F8 780474 949 If switch is bad I would like to order switch if board is bad I would like to know price of board versus new unit.

Filtex units are excellent but the company, support, and parts are long gone. The best answer, if you want to keep your unit, is to replace all the electronics with a simple circuit board. An electrician can retro one in within an hour. Use the large photo of the product as the wiring guide. New holes may have to made on the unit for the on-board low voltage connection and reset button(s). Choose the board that best fits the number of motors and overall amps. Here are the boards:

Fit all Hoses?

So glad I found you! I have an old central Kenmore vacuum system in need of a hose. It has the 1.25 diameter and is the kind that the suction starts when you open the inlet. It looks like I need the Metal Stub Tube to convert it to 1.5. My questions to you are: 1. can I use the low -voltage hose with the button lock and the switch on the hose? 2. what is the longest hose I can get for it? Thanks so much!

Hi, we are glad you found us! Yes, you need the adaptor for your 1.25 inch diameter inlets. It fits all hoses with a plastic body end. Using the low voltage hose is a great idea. It has a comfortable grip, 360-degree swivel for less kinking, and is made better than basic hoses. We sell the hose up to 50ft long and you can check them out here

Frigidaire Compatible?

Frigidaire Central Vac(Gallery)FGCU315SG 12 Amp Alutron GL1 2.2 for 1/2 HP 15Amp 250V Single Motor..I need the entire circuit board. Which one do you have that will work? I was told now it is Beam or Electrolux? I would like to order the board from you and a new handle assembly as well. Thanks

Yes, this is the correct generic Alutron board for all single motor 110 volt units such as yours. Thank you for asking.

Galaxie Compaitible?

Will this board work my galaxie 100 thanks david mass

Hi David, yes, this board will work in your Galaxie. Please read the online questions and answers for anything you may have a question on.

Hayden 2400 - Need LED Light? Yellow Wires?

I bought this for a Hayden 2400 because my husband tested the unit and says this is the problem. However, we don't know what the 2 yellow wires are for (ours doesn't have this). Also, our motor circuit board had a small circuit board in the middle which attached with green wires to the vacs "efficiency" sensor light. So my question is, can I use this board?

Yes you can use this board. The lights on the old board simply turned on after so many hours - it really didn't measure efficiency. The yellow wires can be ignored, they are used by some machines by connecting to the unit's on/off switch.

Hayden 3600 Replacement Circuit Board

I have a Hayden 3600 with a bad board. I replaced the relay module without success. i now need to replace the mini breaker, definitely bad. In looking for a mini breaker I find out that if the breaker is bad the whole board needs replaced. Is this accurate and why? Thanks Ed in Vero Beach

Circuit boards for vacuums are not designed to replace the individual components. So if one part goes bad, in this case the breaker, then you will need to replace the board. With the printed circuits on the board, if something goes bad it tends to damage the fine prints on the board.

Hayden 3600 Replacement Circuit Board

HI, I have a Hayden 3600 central vacuum. I need to purchase a new control board. Will this board fit the 3600. Just making sure. Thanks Ed Miller, Vero Beach, Florida

Our circuit boards will work with your system, but will not operate the indicator lights.

Hayden Premier compatible?

Can this part work for Hayden Premier Central Vacuum? Does it have the connection to LED? What is the dimensions from center hole of Breaker to DC switch? Thanks

Hello, it will work but will not give you the idiot light. That light is not dynamic and not necessary in our opinion.

Hayden Supervac 6000 Compatible

Is this board also compatible with a Hayden Supervac 6000?

Yes, this board will work with the model. If your unit has any bag sensors, the board will not operate them.

Hayden Supervac Premiere compatible?

I have a Hayden Supervac Premiere; the unit cuts on and off. The motor when directly powered is fine. Is this circuit board, [the single motor 15 amp 120 v] the correct replacement? In the pictured board I don't see a second small board mounted on the large one pictured. The capacitors and diodes on my main board are fixed to a smaller modular board that plugs into a receptacle on the main board.

It is not the exact replacement, but for the price we've had many use it.

Hayden VacTrack Failure

I have a Hayden SuperVac 6000, 5yr old. The VacTrack warning light failed to blink when full. We discoverd this when system started to pulse when turned on. Cleaned the unit/filter, but still pulses without getting to full speed. Breaker was not tripped. Outlet unit it plugged into works normally with other appliances. Could this be a motherboard problem (sensor failure)? If so, which motherboard is appropriate? Or is this a motor about to fail or brushes that need to be replaced?

That sounds like a board issue, and 99.9% not a motor or motor related issue. Try flipping the on/off switch on the unit 7 times to see if it resets, then try 10 times. If the same issues then replace the board with our It is the same board, same manufacturer, minus the "idiot" lights. It may need a little retrofit for installation which is not a big deal.

Health-Mor Compatible

Will this board work on a Health-Mor Model V 3000, serial VD 01761?

It most likely will fit. Alutron makes nearly all circuit boards for central vacuums and they basically all the same - at least all the major components are the same.

Home Breaker Pops, Vac Turns Itself On.

Hello, I have a Beam 2725. When I try turning the vacuum on (both with the hose and the manual switch on the unit) the fuse on my home circuit breaker blows. I read about the vacuum's breaker in other questions but I think this is a different problem. I'm assuming I need a new circuit board though, since previously, the unit used to randomly turn it self on. I can't tell if it's a motor issue since I can't turn the unit on to listen for a click. Does this sound like a circuit board issue? Will this board work for my model?

Both of those are kind of unique issues and very well may point to the board. Start with replacing it and if the issue continues that it is one or both of your motors. You need this board

Hoover Generation 3 Motor Arching

Hi I have a Hoover central vac Generation 3 model. The motor arches when it runs, but it does its work like no problem. I do not like the arching, but should I worry? thanks Ben. Vancouver Canada.

Hi, the arching is normal. As the motor ages the arching is bigger. Eventually the motor with stop working. There is usually nothing to worry about until the motor stops working, but if you want, you can change the motor, or maybe just the motor brushes.

Hoover Generation III Control Board Replacment

I need a replacement circuit board for an old hoover generation 111 central vacuum. With the low voltage disconnected the motor continues running The board is an Alutron E120066 has 2 other numbers 3518-06 08 and 27135008 What would the cost be for 1 replacement posted to Canada Toronto L4J0A1


We do not have the original board but this control board is used by many in your situation. Using the large photo as a wiring reference and by retrofitting the board into place you will be as good as new. The cost for shipment to Canada is calculated based on a street address during Canada Checkout. Please give it a run online to see the cost and options.

Hoover Replacement?

The circuit board for my Hoover central vac needs replacement. The hoover model number is S5573-011. Will your circuit board 235-S work?

Hi, yes this circuit board with run your vacuum perfectly. For the price and quality you will not find a better match. You may have to be a little creative for mounting it in the unit but as you can tell, many customers have not let that deter them.

Hoover S5260 board #mc2xe146 replacement?

yes i have a hoover s5260 central vacuum # on my control board is mc2xe146 do you have a board that will work . what is the price single motor. thank you bob

Hi, please contact for this exact part. Our circuit board will work fine and be easy to install for an electrician. It most likely will mount differently and may require a small hole to be drilled.

Hoover S5620 compatible?

Hello. I have a Hoover S5620 and it keeps on running with the low voltage wires unplugged. It will turn off with the on/off switch on the unit. I guess I need a new circuit board. Which board that you sell will work? Thanks! Terry. BC Canada

Hi, this relay will work with all Hoover single motor central vacuums. It is a great deal and of excellent quality. The connections it has is all you need to run the vacuum. It may, however, mount differently then your does now. But for many the quality and cost motivates them to make it work. We do ship to Canada - choose Canada Customers checkout in the cart under Google Checkout.

Hoover S5673 Board Replacement?

I have a Hoover S5673. will this circuit board work without any modifications. chad Melvindale MI

Hi, the wiring will work but the connection to the unit may need some creativity.

Kenmore 116.500 - Replace Touch Plate Relay and Transformer?

From the comments it looks like I can use this unit to replace the Touch-plate relay 1500B and transformer in my 40 year old but very good Kenmore 116.500 central vac system (12amp). Am I right? Any special connection concerns? Last year I bought a replacement motor for the unit and it's great. Better workmanship than the original. Thanks. Pete Rhinebeck, NY

We know that customers have done this. We officially recommend a new vacuum unit or an electrician to do this. As you can see by clicking on the photo of the board it is clearly defined where everything goes. There may need to be a hole drilled for the minibreaker to do into on the side of the unit, but that maybe optional.

Kenmore Model 116.40521 Replacement Circuit Board

I have a Kenmore Central Vac model 11640521, serial # 4D4 069029 120 V 60 Hz. Will your board work with my unit? Thanks. Paul Rome

Yes, our boards will work for the unit. You can view the correct board at Enlarge the photo for wiring directions.

Kenmore S107-34430 Circuit Board

Hello, This is Jeffrey MacLean from calgary, alberta. I was just wondering if this circuit board is acceptable to replace the Kenmores model S107-34430 circuit board? your help is much appreciated.

We don't have the proper way to cross reference this but if it is for a single 110/120 volt motor then it will work properly.

Large 240 volt Board?

Which circuit board can replace the Air Vac AV625 factory board or at least provide the same function as the original? Series K921031 240 vac 13amps & 60HZ. Please I need help!! Do you have it in stock? What is the cost and shipping?

The board you need and that will retrofit into your vacuum is the #236L here Use the larger photo of it as the wiring guide.

Low Voltage Connections

My vacuum connection just has a dry contact closure switch to turn on the system. Do I connect the two wires to the yellow wires or the round threaded connector? In the picture of the board the right terminal is labeled Low Voltage In. Does the left terminal provide the low voltage output to run through the dry contact switch closure? Thanks. Mark, Springfield, MA

Connect your low voltage wires to the threaded connector or the yellow wires, they do the same thing.

Low Voltage Connections

Hi, So which is the low voltage line and where is it located? Thanks, Thomas, Tulsa.

The low voltage connects can be make on either the yellow wires or the black tower connections.

Low Voltage Dead, Buy New Board?

Jim, Philadelphia I have an electrolux E130-A. The main motor run but I have no low voltage to run the carpet attachment. i believe I should have 24v low voltage. Is taht correct and will this board solve this issue?

This board puts out 24v for the low voltage wire connection. If your wire connection will not start the unit when shorted across the two connections, but you are sure the motor does work, then this board will fix the issue. Use the wiring guide on the Electrolux Motor page.

Low Voltage Issues

I have an MS AV3500. The unit works fine but some of the inlets have stopped working. In fact, the inlets in half of the house work fine but half have suddenly stopped. Is this a circuit board problem ? Thanks, Jerry in Memphis.

If some inlets are still working then the circuit board is fine. The inlets that are not working do not have a connection back to the unit, there is a break in the wire connection. Follow the wire from the unit until the line splits off to the inlets that are not working. At that split there is a problem, check the connections.

Low Voltage Options. Mounting Options

I have an Electrolux 1590 installed in 1995. My board utilizes the leads from a motor cover mounted 24V jack to the circuit board to control the motor power on-off operations. Will the yellow leads provided with the board connect to this existing jack or will I need to drill a 3/4" hole below the reset switch in my vacuum motor cover to allow access the the control board intergal jack? The pdf reads to me that either set may be used for the 24 volt control circuit. Also will the housing require drilling of a 3/4" hole in the vacuum motor cover for this intergal jack to properly mount the card? Phil, Chesapeake

Thank you for the question. The yellow wires or the black tower can be used for the low voltage connection. Either one or both, it doesn't matter. If you don't use the tower you can hack saw it off in order to make mounting easier. Otherwise leave it and use an existing hole or make a new one in your tank. The tower and the minibreaker come with nuts that hold the board to the side of the can. If the tower is sawed off then just the minibreaker and nut will hold the board on, which is fine.

M&S AV45000 compatible?

I have an M&S Central Vacuum System Model # AV4500. Will this circuit board fit and work with the system/motor? If it works, I will place the order. Thanks, Edward

Yes, this board can be used with your model. It will work fine but you may have to be a little creative to attach it to the vacuum unit canister.

MAGNUM Industrial Equipment Model 80000R

My central vacuum system is 23 yrs old. I have no information on it except what is on the housing itself. I believe the motor is shot and I need to replace the motor. But I would like to also replace the relay, transformer and re-set switch with your board. Is this doable? What I have is a MAGNUM Industrial Equipment canister with Model 80000R motor that is 120 volts at 14 amps at 60 Hz AC. I do not know the make of the motor. Can you help? Jim Ball

We don't know what motor went into your Magnum but if you send us a photo of the motor we can tell you. Yes, our 235S circuit board can be used to replace all the electronics. Not difficult.

MD Model K, S44, M85

is this the correct board for md model k 115v 60 hz 15.8 amp

Actually it uses one leg of the larger board in order to supply enough amps. It takes this board This is true for our K, M85, and S44.

Motor Tests Fine? Try Long Test

hi we have a eureka boss central vacuum system it says on sticker CV 2002B UMC-18 input 120V/6HZ output 20A 120VAC husband tested motor it works says he htinks it is the circuit board i hope it quit working one day while i was vacumming tried another outlet did not make difference and tried my old hose that does not have switch on the handle to turn the motor off and on so knew it wasn't the hose or inlet do you have a circuit board for this central vac thanks Anita,Wanless,Manitoba Canada

The motor may work but actually be bad. Have him test if for 10 minutes because jarring the motor gets it to work for a bit. Usually when the board goes bad it is always stuck "on".

No Click, Motor Tests Okay

We have a Electrolux E130G. The unit ran tehn when shut down would not restart. The power head runs and ther is 120V at the wall outlets. When shorting the control wires, the unit does not turn on. The green LED light where the control wires enter the circuit board is on (green). There is no spark or click when I short the control wires. I have wired the motor directly to 120V and runs ok. I am assuming it is the circuit board. Thanks. Roland, Brookfield, MA.

It is going to be the circuit board or motor. The motor has to run for 15 minutes to truly know if it is bad or not. If it stops during testing then it is no longer good. Not hearing a click from the board, however, usually means the issue is with the board, not the motor. Purchase this board as the replacement and note that you will not be using the yellow wires or connecting to the filter sensor (which is not a problem).

Nutone 1000C Relay Board

I need the control circuit boards for a Nutone 1000C, 240 volt central vac unit. Do you have?

Hello, we may or may not have that product. Please call use for more help.

Nutone CV-353W compatible?

Will part #235S fit a Nu-tone CV-353W ? thanks Mike

Hi Mike, an electrician can use this board with its online wiring reference photo to retrofit the board or electronics in a single motor unit.

Nutone CV-653 circuit board?

Would this replacement board work on my Nutone CV 653?

Yes, this circuit board will work.

Nutone CV353W 44227

will this work with a nutone CV353W. It has a part number of 44227 on the PWB which has power black, power white, and low voltage connections Wayne Punta Gorda

Hi Wayne, yes, this will work with your Nutone Model. It will fit all your wires but may need to be mounted differently. Not a huge deal for the price and quality of this standard central vacuum circuit board. Please print out the enlarged photo of the board to use as your instructions.

Omar BV-34-SV compatible?

Will this circuit board be an adequate replacement for the relay in my Omar's BV-34-SV Central Vacuum System? -- Fred

Hello Fred, this relay is not made for Omar's but it can be made to work. Please use an electrician.

Premier Motor 117500 Compatible?

Would this board work with Lamb Vacuum Motor 117500-12 PREMIER Part#203P

Hi, yes this is the correct board for this motor. The board can work in any application, it may just need some attention for how you attach it to the unit. This will be simple for any electrician. The wiring diagram we provide is online, simply click on the photo to enlarge it, then print it.

Pullman Holt BIV-105 compatible?

Will this work with Pullman Holt BIV-105 unit?

We suggest hiring an electrician, but we know some customers have used these boards for machines MD doesn't manufacture.

Pullman Vacuum Board

I have a pullman holt biv-205 will this work? Thanks Greg from walkerton in.

Greg, you would need the one for two motors, Most likely you will have to do some work to get it right but the board is made by Alutron, as the one you now. Please check.

Replace Board or Parts on Board?

Hi. Found your excellent web site. Have a BEAM model 2087EB serial no 10036176994. The circuit board is made by Alutron GLI 2.1 Canada 15A 250V 50Hz/60Hz. The board has stopped working for the low voltage, still works to start engine at central. Is there any boards to buy, or is it better to try to replace the relay ? Can send pictures. Thanks Robert from sweden (note 250 V !!!)

The best thing, and really the only thing, to do is replace the entire board. We have not seen anyone successful at replacing components on a circuit board. Thank you for asking.

Rest Button Tripping

carl texarkana centrallux unit # 130 a runs fine at times and then trips rest button on the unit. NOT BREAKER. after a cooling off period the button can be pushed in and unit will run for a while. is it the motor or circuit board??

This is the motor overheating the board. Replace the motor and you will be fine. Rarely does an overheating motor ruin the board.

Runs without Hose, without Low Voltage Wires

Peter - Dayton,ME I have a 25 year old 1590 that will not shut off when you pull the hose. I have also disconnected the control wires and still doesn't shut off. I saw a similar question above and you didn't seem to think it was the relay, but it only has a relay, transformer and a circuit breaker in it, what else could it be but the relay. Will the circuit board above work in the unit.

Peter, you are correct, the board here will fix the issue. The relay is stuck and the new board will resolve it. Please use the wiring diagram link on the motor page to install it.

Sears Central Vac

I have a sears model 1164053280 central vac and the relay is bad. Will the all in one relay transformer circuit board part # 235s work in this system. Thanks Tim Coughlin west warwick RI

Yes, this board works as a relay/tranformer/minibreaker/low voltage connection replacement for all single motor 110-120 volt Sears Central Vacuums. It may need a retrofit to get it in but it is well worth it. Use the large photo of the board as the wiring diagram.

Sears Kenmore New Relay Not Functioning Correctly

Well, I just finished wiring this into my old Sears Kenmore. But, I discovered that the relay does not function like my old one which operated off touch plates at the plug in stations --touch once, turns on; touch again, turns off. Now the vacuum stays on only as long as the relay circuit is closed. I presume that's the way it is supposed to work but I had guessed otherwise. Anyway, it's operating. But what do you recommend for switches at the stations since I obviously have to have power to the relay all the time in order to keep the vacuum running? Pete Rhinebeck, NY

Hello Pete, you have a latching relay system in your house that is no longer available. Since you have installed the circuit board you now have an updated system. In order to make your system work correctly you will need to change your outlets to industry standard.

Sears Model 116.500 Relay Replacement?

I have a sears model 116.500 that is 43 years old. The motor has been replaced once and works fine, but relay switch does not appear to be working. I have the touch plate that turns unit on and off when pushed. I read the two comments below about this model, but am not clear whether this board will work on my unit by replacing the touch control and relay switch. Also, can you give me the dimensions of board and the electrical specs. of the motor? I would have to build something to put the board in. I am looking at my options to fix the problem. My local Vacuum shop told me that I would have to replace the unit and wiring to current standards. I think he is trying to sell me another system. Dave, Riverview, MI

Hello Dave, if your wall plates require you to touch them to turn them on and touch them the exact same way to turn them off then you have a latching relay system. You will need to replace the wall plates and install the #235S circuit board (easy for an electrician to do). If the wall plates come on when the hose is inserted or the lid lifted, and off when disconnected or shut, then all you need is the board. The specs for the board are here

Simple Circuit Diagram

can i ask for a simple circuit diagram of a simple vacuum?tnx!;-)

Here is one with a separate relay and transformer For the really easy ones see the blown up photo of this circuit board:

Troubleshooting A Low Voltage Short

how do you troubleshoot a short in the home? unit runs all the time and i replaced the circuit board. Craig, Danbury, CT

Try disconnecting the low voltage wires from the unit. If it still runs without the wires attached, then the issue is with the unit. If the unit does not come on, then follow the wires along the pipe to each inlet and check all the wire junctions. You can also disconnect one inlet at a time and test the unit to determine if the problem is with a bad inlet. If you're not able to locate the issue, you may want to consider having a vacuum technician inspect the system.

Turns On and Off when Using

When the unit is running it will occasionally shut down and then start up again. Have changed the bag with no change. The LED on the outside of the unit is constantly blinking green even after I change the bag. When I hit the reset button the LED goes from Orange to RED then it goes back to blinking green. Is the motor shot or is it the circuit board?? If it is the board will this one work?

Intermittent issues would be the motor, not the circuit board or other component, 99% of the time. Your unit is an older model and is most likely due for a new motor.

Unit Always Runs

Hi, I have VCP Inc. central vac unit, model #8150, serial #10022151367 and 11 amp. The unit turns on right away after it's plugged in to the wall plate. The on /off switches don't work now. What could be the problem and what part should I buy? Thanks, Thomas. Tulsa, OK

If you have disconnected the low voltage wire from the unit and it continues to run then replace the relay with this one. If it stops then the low voltage in the home is shorting somewhere.

Unit Will Not Turn Off

I have a Nutone CV450W unit. It will not turn off after disconnecting the hose or the on/off switch on the side of the unit. It will only turn off after unplugging the unit. Do I need to replace the circuit board? Jack Upper Freehold N.J.

First try to disconnect the low voltage wires coming from the inlets to the unit. This will determine if the problem is the unit not turning off, or a short in the wires telling the unit to not turn off. If the unit still stays on, then the relay on the circuit board is bad and you will need to replace the board.

Vacu-Maid P-125 Bad Circuit Board or Motor?

I have a Vacu-Maid central vac P-125. Will the 235s circuit board fit and work in the P-125 and solve my vacuum problem? My vacuum trips the breaker on the circuit board after the unit is on for 10-15 minutes. I replaced the motor in 6/05.

You actually have a bad motor. We have the motor in stock and ready to ship. Go here for the correct motor.

Vacuflo 260 Circuit Board

I need a circuit board for the Vacuflo 260. Which will be a suitable replacement?

The #235S is the replacement board for Vacuflo 260. Use the large photo as the wiring guide and hopefully the low voltage black tower and minibreaker will line up with existing holes in the tank. If not you will have to make a new hole.

Vacuflo 360 Circuit Board

need price on circuit board for vacuflo model 360 please e mail me

You can find the correct circuit board for your system with current pricing at

Vacuflo 560 Mini-breaker Keeps Popping

Hello, My Vacuflo 560 keeps tripping the mini-breaker after 10 minutes or so of operation. The mini-breaker and motor have been replaced within the last 60 days but the problem persists. Before any parts were replaced, I isolated the unit from the house plumbing and it still tripped so I can rule out clogs. What's left that could cause the mini-breaker to keep tripping? Mike - Richmond, VA

Hello Mike, did you put a 15 amp mini-breaker in? If so, would there be any reason for the unit to be overheating? The minibreaker is a thermal breaker as well. How about your exhaust run, is it clear? We have seen plants and animals make there home there and create back pressure and heat. Check it out.

Vacuflo Model 360 Problem With Circuit Board?

Will this particular board work in a Vacuflo Model 360? My system will not shut off unless unplugged from the power source, and I checked all the outlets for problems and obstructions, It must be the circuit board? - Thank you!

If the vacuum will not shut off unless you unplug the power cord, it may not be the circuit board. First you need to run a test. Remove the low voltage wire from the vacuum canister (looks like speaker or telephone wire). Now plug the canister back into the wall outlet. If there there is an on/off switch on the canister toggle it. If it stays on then it is the circuit board, if it can turn off then the issue is the low voltage wire shorting out somewhere in your home.

Vacumaid Breaker Pops After Installation

Having trouble wiring new circuit board. I have a VacuMaid single motor unit that I bought the 15 amp 120v circuit board for. I changed it out exactly as the other one was on the unit and when I go to plug it in it immediately pops the breaker. I switched the wiring around and still get the same thing each time I attempt to plug the unit in. I even tried to hook the previous circuit board and it does the same thing. It was not doing this when I took the original circuit board out. I am perplexed. Any idea why this would happen? Brian Tampa, Florida

Hi Brian, vacuum motors that are old will often act differently when disturbed. The initial assessment would be the motor is bad and needs to be replaced. You can wire the motor directly and see if it works or works for long without stopping, grinding, or smelling burnt. Then you will know what is going on.

Vacumaid P-125 No Power

I have a Vacu-Maid P-125 that just suddenly quit working. I was vacuuming downstairs when I noticed a lack of suction. I checked another outlet in the next room and it was clogged. I cleaned that out but when I plugged the hose back in nothing happened. I went to the unit and cleaned it out, it was not that full. It still will not work no matter where I plug the hose in. I cannot find any reset button to try. Any ideas? Thanks, Rick in Gig Harbor, WA

Check the main breaker box for the house to ensure there is power to the unit. Then look for a reset button right around where the power cord goes into the unit. Then look for a manual switch on the side of the unit, if not there then jump the small wires that run from the house along the pipe. That connection on the unit is what turns the unit on. If all that does not work, you may have a burned out motor that needs to be replaced. You can find the correct replacement here,

Vacumaid P110 Relay

Hi, I have a very old Vacu-maid P110 unit, Class 2 circuit and the relay/coil is kind-off going bad, it wouldn't turn off when the unit was plugged in to the power outlet. I looked at the wiring and it has the old style transformer and no circuit board. I noticed that the coil/relay was stuck and once I touched the contacts on the relay, the vacuum turned off. I took out the coil/relay out and cleaned it and now it's working fine, but the point of contacts on the relay are pretty worn out. This is the information I got from the relay/coil Detrol 22096-70, 30A RES 1-1/2 HP 240V AC, 1701X coil 24VAC. I would like to know what part I need to get if in case the relay goes out completely? Also, do I have to buy a new board and bypass the old transformer? Any wiring diagrams? Thanks.

You can use our generic relay at If you wish to replace the transformer and relay with a circuit board you can use this generic board here You will need to drill holes in the side of the unit for the reset button and low voltage contacts.

Vacumaid P125 Circuit Board

I have a Vacumaid P125. You gave me great advice last week. Motor is fine. I need to replace the circuit board. Please tell me if you sell the board. I'd like to purchase it. Thanks, Joe Roswell, GA

We don't carry the direct replacement circuit board for the Vacumaid systems. We do have a generic circuit board that will work fine. The holes for the reset buttons will not line up, but you can make new holes for them to go in. The holes will not affect the performance of your system at all. The board can be found here,

VacuQueen V1000 Replacement?

Will this board work for a VacuQueen V1000? The motor keeps running after unplugging the hose. Troubleshooting has isolated the cause to the relay board. Charlie Mauck, Niceville, FL

Hi Charlie, this board can work with your unit. It is made by Alutron, who makes the majority of all the boards for central vacuums. It is not the exact same physically but the same for running the vacuum. You can make it work in your system if you want to as many others have.

VC 353 compatible?

Is this circuit board compatible for VC 353? Thank you.

It very well may, our customers use it for many of their 110 volt single motor central vacuums.

Will This Work With My Easy Flo 1550?

Will this circuit board work with an Easy Flo EF-1550?

Yes, this board will work with your Easy Flo RF1550 central vacuum system. Please note that modification to the unit (such as drilling an additional hole) may be required for proper mounting.

Zenez Relay and Transformer Replacement?

Hi, I have a Zenex 275 and replaced the motor w/ a Lamb 116119, but now the motor runs all the time. It has a standard transformer and relay, can I replace both with this circuit board? Thanks Claude, Westminster, MA

Yes, you can have your electrician easily retrofit this board into the machine replacing all the components, except the motor. Use the large photo as a wiring guide.