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Vacuum Motor Circuit Board Dual Motor 18 amp 240v Q&A

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Filtex FX900


Yes, this board is for large two motor 240 volt units. It will have to be retrofitted in most likely, but totally doable. Ask an electrician to do it and use the large photo as the wiring guide.

Manual Switch Wires

I purchased your 236L circuit board for my Nutone CV 850. Am I correct that the new board does not have leads for the on/off reset switch on the side of my unit? If so, no problem as I can unplug the unit if I want to turn it off. Thanks Dave

The yellow wires coming off the board are for the manual switch on the side of the unit.

Air Vac FX9000 240volt Replacement Circuit Board

I have a Air Vac FX9000 serial#A032668 which is a dual motor 240V unit. One motor burned up so I went ahead and purchased two motors from you guys and installed them. The suction didn't seem to change so I checked out the unit again and only one motor operates. I feel like it is the circuit board because when I swap leads the other motor runs. My circuit board has two 10 Amp breakers and has a #0223 on the unit. The other numbers on a white sticker are 957D-S3, 102 and 780478 and AM3403. Can you tell me which circuit board I need to purchase to replace mine? Thank You, John Memphis

We do have a generic board that will work for your system. The holes for the breakers may not line up with the new board, you may need to make new holes. The correct board can be found here,

Wiring Question

On the 236L circuit board there are two prongs on top (p7 and p1) and two prongs on bottom (p2 and p9). The drawing on your site notates that these go "to motors". We have a dual motor 240v...which motor wires go to which prongs?

The wires do not matter, they can be switched and everything will be perfectly fine.

SilentMaster S5

I have a silentmaster s5 with dual motors 240v. My circuit board has 2 18amp breakers. Is the 236L the proper replacement? Thanks, Ryan

If the unit is 240 volt then yes the 236L is correct. 240 volt units have a cord that has one plug horizontal and the other vertical, besides the ground. If one leg is "L" shaped then you have 110 volt and need 235L board.

Nutone CV850 Circuit Board

Hello Need Circuit board for Nutone CV 850. 2 Motors, 240 V. Which is the right board? Does it fit in the metal casing? Thanks, WB

You need the larger 240 volt board Use the enlarged version of it as a guide for installation. Your electrician will have no problem installing it.

AirVac AV850 Board?

We have an M&S(AirVac) AV850A 220/240V 10A, but contains(2)110 Volt Motors. My circuit appears to be bad. Is this the correct board to replace my board ? I can make it fit properly if necessary. Thanks Frank

You can use this board with but only the following instructions for this model. Bring the power source to L1 and L2. Connect one side of one motor (doesn't match which motor or side) to Motor P2, connect the other wire from that same motor to either of the wires from the second motor, and connect the final wire (second wire of the second motor) to Motor P7. That simple!

Large Dual Motor 240 volt Board?

Is the 236L the board I need to replace the one in my Beam 697D? If not which one do I need? Thanks J Bussen St. Louis MO

Yes, you can use this generic board made by the same manufacturer or you may be able to get the exact replacement by calling Beam directly.

Beam 2500 Circuit Board

I have a Beam Model 2500 and need a control board. You recomended a model 236LX in a response to another question, however, I could not find this part on your site. Will it work in my machine, and do you carry them? I included a picture of the back side of my board.

The #236L is the board that can replace your board. It only has one minibreaker so you will have to cover one of the holes in your can. Otherwise it is a straight fit.